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Feb 9th, 2016
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  1. Do you have a semblance of self-control?
  3. >YES
  4. Don't visit /smtg/, /pg/, or Megaten threads on /v/.
  6. >NO
  7. Use filters and werk tyme. This probably won't save you from everything and you will miss out on some discussion, but it's better than nothing if you're too weak to avoid threads.
  9. Words and phrases to consider filtering: Asahi, Flynn, Isabeau, Dagda, YHVH, Krishna, Miroku, Maitreya, Nanashi, Hallelujah, Toki, Gaston, Navarre, polytheist, monotheist, IVF, Final, Odin, Inanna, certain nicknames/memes (e.g. monkey) - obviously not an exhaustive list.
  11. Werk tyme: a function of some 4chan extensions like appchan x and 4chan X (and maybe the inline one but who the fuck actually uses that?) that will hide images from all posts without actually filtering the post. This lets you browse without worry of someone posting an untagged spoiler image.
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