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  1. Items on the ground: 10 17, Seraphic Holy Staff Of Magic, Small Axe Of Valour, Brave Metal Cover Of Eternity, Resolute Fortified Circlet Of Domination, Grace Hood Of Nature Resistance, Valorous Grace Shoulderpads Of Intelligence, Adventurous Rigid Blouse, Strong Sentinel Binding Of Vitality, Courageous Sage Armor Of Magic, Intrepid Ghostwhisper Cinch Of Energy, Adventurous Sentinel Sash Of Assault, Audacious Fortified Pants, Tenacious Sage Pants Of Fire Resistance, Ghostwhisper Slippers Of Vitality, Metal Shoes Of Strife, Immortal Amber Band Of Magic, Elegant Amber Band Of Nature Resistance, Divine Volcanic Ring Of Eternity, Honors Volcanic Ring Of Slaughter, Volcanic Ring Of Sorcery, Great Amber Neck Of Sorcery, Immortal Volcanic Necklace Of Intelligence, Honors Volcanic Necklace Of Domination, Great Volcanic Necklace Of Refinement, Ruthless Ceremonial Kit Shield Of Eternity, Bloody Buckler Of Power, Dragon Ceremonial Kit Shield, Dragon Ceremonial Kit Shield, Courageous Grace Grips Of Wisdom, Lionhearted Fortified Gloves Of Assault, 3 Vampire Meat, 10 Patch Of Fine Fur, 6 Shiny Fish Scale, 7 Tooth, 3 Hard Spider Leg Tip, 2 Reptile Eye, 24 Sinew, 39 Eye, 28 Large Fang, 12 Raw Cotton Flowers, 4 Tin Ore, 3 Light Wool Fleece, 18 Wool Fleece, 39 Light Leather Scraps, 5 Copper Ore, 16 Giant Thirstywood Wolf Meat , 2 Lesser Mana Potion, 5 Smooth Leather Scraps, Baked Bread, 8 Gawynn's Pear, 3 Raw Leather Scraps, 50 Ruined Leather Scraps, 5 Minor Mana Potion.
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