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Jun 13th, 2016
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  1. Changes in MPC-BE
  3. Splitters and source filters
  4. Added support for multiline tags in ID3v2.
  5. Fixed reading ID3v2.4 tags.
  6. Built-in filters sources can now work with HTTP / HTTPS independently.
  8. ShoutcastSource
  9. Fixed playback MPEG Version 2 Layer 3 streams.
  10. Added support for opening M3U and XSPF playlists. Improved support for PLS playlists.
  12. DTS AC3 Source
  13. Added support for DTS Express.
  15. UDP/HTTP Reader
  16. Added playback from standard input (stdin).
  17. Corrected shutdown of the filter.
  18. Reduced memory usage and waiting delay.
  19. Added support for opening streams with content-type "video/mp2t".
  20. Fixed a bug due to which the playback could stop.
  22. AviSplitter
  23. Added support for AAC audio tracks with ID 0x706D.
  25. AudioSplitter
  26. Fixed playback of TAK files.
  27. Added support .dtshd files (labeled 'DTSHDHDR' at the beginning of the file).
  29. MPEGSplitter
  30. Improved handling of invalid data at the beginning of MPEG files.
  31. Display a name of the service in the name of the program.
  32. Optimization of opening files.
  33. Fixed and optimized playback of HDMV and DVB subtitles.
  34. Added support for Teletext subtitles.
  35. Improved support for files that are downloaded and their size and duration are increased.
  36. Added support for Opus.
  37. Improved support for .ssif files.
  38. Added support for H.264 MVC streams for 3D Blu-ray discs (3D viewing requires LAV Video Decoder and madVR).
  39. Fixed incorrect determination of the duration for long records.
  40. Added support for DTS Express tracks.
  42. MatroskaSplitter
  43. Added "DESCRIPTION" tag support.
  44. Added support EBML elements with an unknown (not specified) length.
  45. Includes support for opening files from HTTP resources in tandem with File Source (URL).
  46. Added support for H264 MVC streams.
  47. Improved algorithm for finding the actual fps.
  48. Added support for exporting "STEREOSCOPIC3DMODE" properties.
  49. Added support WebVTT subtitles.
  50. Extended "A_QUICKTIME" format support, is now available 'ima4' and others.
  51. Added QDM2 sound support.
  52. Improved support for RV20 for the FFmpeg compatible decoders.
  53. Fixed rewind (does not work correctly on some files).
  54. Added support for "ALBUM" and "RATING" tags.
  55. Fixed and optimized playback of HDMV and DVB subtitles.
  56. Added support for DTS Express tracks.
  57. Optimized search engine after rewinding.
  59. MP4Splitter
  60. Fixed missing audio after rewinding some files.
  61. Fixed playback of some ALS tracks.
  62. Improved network streams.
  63. Added support for Windows Media Video 7 (WMV1), Canopus HQ, Canopus HQX, CineForm, Sorenson H263 (FLV1) and MagicYUV video streams.
  64. Fixed definition covers in JPEG format 'JFIF' and 'EXIF' segments.
  65. Optimized data reading.
  66. Improved support for DTS-HD tracks.
  67. Fixed work with RAW AAC data.
  68. Optimized to work with very short blocks of sound.
  70. OggSplitter
  71. Added support for "ALBUM".
  72. Added support for the VP8 video.
  73. Fixed Vorbis tags reading.
  75. MpaSplitter
  76. Increase the lookup length of ADTS header.
  78. RawVideoSplitter
  79. Added support for RAW MPEG-4 Visual. Filters "MPC MPEG4 Video Splitter" and "MPC MPEG4 Video Source" removed as non-working and more unnecessary.
  80. Added support for C420p10 format for Y4M files.
  82. RealMediaSplitter
  83. Fixed crashes on some files.
  85. MPCVideoDec
  86. Added additional check HEVC profile (older versions x265 recorded incorrect information in the header).
  87. Fixed conversion YUV420P10/16->NV12.
  88. Added information about the input format in the status.
  89. Added support for decoding of Canopus HQ and HQX.
  90. Added support for VP9 DXVA2.
  92. Fill in DXVA2_ExtendedFormat information about BT.2020 for madVR.
  93. Added the ability to transfer HEVC HDR metadata in the renderer.
  94. Removed the options "Standard" and "Preset".
  95. Improved compatibility with the WM ASF Reader.
  96. Added partial support for decoding CineForm and MagicYUV (FFmpeg does not fully support these codecs).
  97. Improved DXVA1 decoder.
  98. Changed priorities for output formats. Now preserve color resolution is more important than the color depth. For Intel GPU YV12 priority is now higher than the NV12.
  99. Added new IDs for graphics Intel Skylake to the list of cards that support 4k decoding.
  101. MpaDecFilter
  102. Added ability to switch between devices with SPDIF/Bitstream support to the device without such support.
  103. Fixed fast and slow playback modes.
  104. Fixed problems with playback in case of AC3 encoding the source with a frequency different from 44100/48000 Hz.
  105. Adjusted priorities of selecting a suitable output format.
  106. Improved output data bitstream for DTS-HD.
  108. AudioSwitcher
  109. Do not limit the sampling rate in the Audioswitcher if used MpcAudioRenderer or SanearAudioRenderer.
  110. Added the ability to connect to MultiChannel ASIO Renderer.
  111. Windows XP limit the maximum frequency of 96 kHz.
  112. Fixed allocation of initial buffer that eliminates the problem of playing some WMA files.
  113. Fixed error when connecting to the AC3Filter.
  114. Fixed a rare hang when switching tracks.
  116. MpcAudioRenderer
  117. Added interface IAMStreamSelect, that allows quickly and without changing the settings (only for the current session) to change the current audio device.
  118. Optimization and adjustment reinitialize the device. Added a mechanism for restoring a playback in case of loss of the device.
  120. VideoRenderers
  121. Slightly reduced load then downscaling frame using a shader interpolation.
  122. Using a shader "Simple averaging" for a strong downscaling in SyncRenderer.
  123. Fill DXVA2_ExtendedFormat only when using EVR / madVR.
  124. Fixed calculation of the size of the video in VMR9 renderless.
  125. Adjusting the graph scale in statistics.
  126. Improved madVR, adds the ability to disable Aero.
  127. Improved definition of connecting and disconnecting the output devices in a multi-monitor configuration.
  128. Added displaying information about the player memory consumption and loading Video Engine (VID Usage) in the statistic.
  129. For EVR-Custom added to the mix in the format D3DFMT_A2R10G10B10 for the input format P010 (works on Win8.1 and newer).
  130. Rewritten support "Rotation" flag is now the turn of the frame is carried out independently of the other strains.
  131. Built-in video renderers no longer support ISubPicAllocatorPresenter and ISubPicAllocatorPresenter2 interface.
  132. Fixed handling of resizing and the aspect ratio of the video frame in EVR-Custom and Sync renderer.
  133. Fixed crash EVR-mixer on Nvidia graphics cards on the float at the surface of the frame size 1920x1088 ('Integer division by zero' in nvd3dumx.dll).
  135. VSFilter
  136. Fixed use default style.
  137. Corrected display of the font selection dialog.
  138. Corrected display of the color selection dialog.
  139. Fixed output PGS/DVB subtitle if the subtitle resolution less than the resolution of the video.
  141. Subtitles
  142. When you open a file, reset the subtitle delay not only for the ISR, but for VSFilter/XySubFilter.
  143. Small optimization.
  144. Added basic support WebVTT subtitles.
  145. If forced using default style is rewritten not only the style, but also ignored the effects mentioned in the subtitle line.
  147. YouTube
  148. Added support for links such as "".
  149. Added support for the format WebM with separate streams of video and audio.
  150. Added ability to disable the built-in parser YouTube pages (required for 3DYD YouTube Source Filter).
  151. Added support 3DYD YouTube Source filter.
  152. Improved filling data on the video in the playlist.
  153. Removed the old built-in download files. Now sources filters alone download data without creating a temporary file.
  155. Player
  156. Fixed menu commands "Movie -> Set aspect ratio".
  157. Added the ability to resize the preview window.
  158. Added support High DPI and DPI Per Monitor.
  159. Fixed crash when calling windows file associations with administrative rights.
  160. In the FS mode, the D3D use switch the display mode to record in the register.
  161. Fixed display of available subtitles renderers.
  162. Added the ability to download fonts from the folder "fonts" located near the current video.
  163. Added option "Add similar files to playlist".
  164. For Windows XP, disable DXVA2 interpolation selection as unsupported.
  165. The download window subtitles added sorting by language and file name.
  166. Added option "Pause the video playback when minimized".
  167. Added support for "Press and Hold" for devices with touch screen for easy access to the context menu.
  168. Added support for gesture control.
  169. Added ability to use "*" in the last folder in the path of subtitles and audio tracks.
  170. Added keyboard shortcuts "Repeat forever".
  171. Fixed display for RLE8 and RLE4 media type in PinInfo window.
  172. Improved work with file associations in the Windows 8/10.
  173. Fixed condition button "Play/Pause" after clicking "Boss" button in the pause state.
  174. Added support for changing the activity of the buttons AUD / SUB on the toolbar.
  175. Do not switch the window to the foreground when using /add switch (provided that in the current playlist of the player already has files).
  176. Fixed missing item "Other PCM/ADPCM" in the list of built-in audio decoder.
  177. Removed "Real Script", "RatDVD" and "Indeo Video Format" group.
  178. Added extension .y4m (YUV4MPEG2) in "Raw Video" group.
  179. Added extensions .mxf and .ivf in "Other" group.
  180. Extension .divx moved to "AVI" group.
  181. Removed extensions .wvx, .wax, .wmx as unsupported formats from "Playlist" group.
  182. In the panel "Information" in "Description" field show only the first line (in the file properties show full).
  183. Added support for WPL playlists (Windows Media Player Playlist).
  185. Updated German translation (by Klaus1189).
  186. Updated Japanese translation (by Socket774).
  187. Updated Dutch and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) translation (by beter).
  188. Updated Ukrainian translation (by arestarh1986).
  189. Updated Basque translation (by Azpidatziak).
  191. Updated libraries:
  192. ffmpeg git-n3.1-dev-1426-g9486de5;
  193. jsoncpp git-1.7.2-16-g43203f1;
  194. libflac git-1.3.1-186-gfdc1ccf;
  195. libpng git-v1.6.23rc02-1-gee3c4e4;
  196. Little-CMS git-2.7-60-ge342f44;
  197. MediaInfo git-v0.7.85-25-g993690e;
  198. Speex-1.2rc2-9-g9172c7e;
  199. ZenLib git-v0.4.33-11-g4bdc103.
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