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  1. Hello! We are a Western <color=#3582ff>Euro</color><color=#f3fc46>pean</color> server! However that does <u>not</u> mean we don't accept people outside of Europe, we are open to everyone, but be aware that your ping will be above the norm for most of the Europeans on the server.
  3. <u><color=#ed3f28>Rules:</color></u>
  4. 1: <color=#ed3f28>Don't</color> use hacks.
  5. 2: <color=#ed3f28>Don't</color> Teamkill
  6. 3: <color=#ed3f28>Don't</color> abuse the intercom, or micspam in spectator mode.
  7. 4: <color=#ed3f28>Don't</color> be abusive. (mainly verbal)
  9. If your interested in joining the discord, to get updates about the server and to meet the community, feel free to join our discord with this link! <color=#47ed25><b></b></color>
  10. If you want to report someone, you can do that in the discord too!
  11. In case you need to contact the owner, his discord is: Solid#2012
  13. If you own an SCP:SL server and you are interested in partnering with us, just contact Solid or the other staff members on discord!
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