Natsuki's Story

Nov 2nd, 2017
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  1. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  2. Part One: The Strongest Cheerleader
  3. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  4. Akira: hh! HaaaaAAAAAAH!!
  5. Kaede: I, It's not working...!
  6. Akira: Ku...! I think there's just a bit more left to go but...
  7. Natsuki: Alrighty! Then I'll...!
  8. Akira: Wait!!
  9. Natsuki: Heh?
  10. Akira: Your soul gem! It's dangerous for you to use any more magic!
  11. Natsuki: No way...!
  12. Akira: It's okay! Leave this to me!
  13. Natsuki: Hold it!!
  14. Akira: Heh?
  15. Natsuki: Your soul gem's! Also almost at its limit!
  16. Akira: Uuu...! Y, You're right... This is bad, what should we do...
  17. Kaede: Umm... I, I...
  18. Natsuki: Ohh, you have a point! Looks like you're still good as far as your magical energy goes! We're counting on you to deal the finishing blow! Pretty please!
  19. Kaede: Heeeh!? Eh, um, uhh...I...
  20. Akira: ...Are you scared? Of fighting.
  21. Kaede: ...Yes.
  22. Akira: ...Then I'll!
  23. Natsuki: Hold it! It's dangerous!
  24. Akira: But...!
  25. Kaede: A...Au...
  26. Natsuki: Hey you
  27. Kaede: Y, Yes...!
  28. Natsuki: It'll be okay. If it's you, you can do it. Even if you're not alone, okay? If that happens, we'll follow you up with all our might!
  29. Kaede: O, Okay...
  30. Natsuki: Fufu, looks like you're still nervous.
  31. Kaede: U, uu...
  32. Natsuki: Look me in the eyes. I guarantee that you'll...definitely win.
  33. Kaede: ...! ...O, Okayy!!
  35. Natsuki: Alrighty--! The superstar is off--! The witch is shaking in its boots--!! C'mon! You too!!
  36. Akira: Ah, u, uh yeah...! Fight--! Ah...G, Girl--!!
  37. Kaede: (...I will...definitely... win...!!) Here I go...!!
  39. Natsuki: Do your best, girl! Last one, girl!
  40. Akira: Push it, push it, girl---!
  41. Kaede: (I'll finish it off...with my attack...!!)
  43. Kaede: I...I defeat, ed it...!?
  44. Natsuki: Yes! Victoryyy--!!
  45. Akira: That was amazing! Amazingg! See, you can do it!!'s right, your names! 'Mind telling me what it is?
  46. Kaede: It's A, Akino Kaede...!
  47. Akira: Yeah, Kaede-chan!
  48. Natsuki: I'm Utsuho Natsuki.
  49. Akira: Yeah, Natsuki-chan!
  50. Natsuki: Just call me Natsuki. So?
  51. Akira: OK, Natsuki right? I'm Shinobu Akira!
  52. Kaede: A, Akira-san and...Natsuki-san...
  53. Akira: But man, your encouragement was amazing--
  54. Right?
  55. Kaede: Ahh! Y, Yes! It was! Really...! Because you encouraged me, Natsuki-san...I did my best...!
  56. Natsuki: No, no, it was nothing! That attack earlier was all you, Kaede-chan!
  57. Kaede: T, That's not...! Usually... I really don't think I could have pulled attack like that last one, and...! I... this experience has really given me confidencee! Seriously...thank you very muchh!
  58. Natsuki: I, I'm telling you, I haven't done anything that deserves that much praise...!
  59. Akira: No, we're telling you, that cheer was amazing! That would definitely power me up--
  60. Natsuki: ...Really? Fufuu, thanks! Well~, I wouldn't just cheer for show after all-- seeing as I cheer a lot every day!
  61. Kaede: Natsuki-san... are you... a cheerleader?
  62. Natsuki: Yeahh! I think I had a picture on my phone...seee!
  63. Kaede: Wow....!
  64. Akira: T, That's cuute...!!
  65. Natsuki: Eh? R, Really...? I don't think it is, but...
  66. Akira: ...This outfit!
  67. Natsuki: Wait!! Whaaaahey!
  68. Kaede: Ayaya...
  69. Natsuki: But I didn't expect that you'd be interested in cute things like this, Akira.
  70. Akira: Heh!? N, No! Not really! It's not like that...!
  71. Natsuki: you wanna come over to my house?
  72. Kaede: Heh?
  74. Akira: don't have any ulterior motives but...
  75. Kaede: What...?
  76. Akira: were talking about your usual attacks are usually helplessly bad so...I was wondering how you usually manage to exterminate witches...
  77. Kaede: Ah... I'm in a team... so usually, I fight alongside the other two people in my team.
  78. Natsuki: I see, so that's what it was--which means, those two are pretty skilled, aren't they--
  79. Kaede: Skilled, huh...
  81. Rena: Ahh---geez--this seriously pisses me off! I'm never gonna forgive you!!
  82. Momoko: Rena! Calm down!!
  84. Kaede: T, That's...true...they're kinda amazing, in more ways than one...
  85. Natsuki: M, More ways than one...!?
  86. Akira: So? Today you're not with those two?
  87. Kaede: Ah...well...those two went off on their own to a tour...
  88. Natsuki: Tour? What's that? Some kind of match?
  89. Kaede: other...
  90. Akira: Kagurasaka36! I see, they went to an idol live concert, huh.
  91. Natsuki: there's idol groups like that out there, huh?
  92. Kaede: I, I guess so. I don't know a lot...about it but...
  93. Natsuki: Anyway, you really do know a lot! You like 'em, don't you!? Cute things!
  94. Akira: Nn!? No...! I'm telling you, it's...!
  95. Natsuki: Well--, I guess I'll have you tell me in great detail-- Here! We're here! This is my house.
  97. Natsuki: Hey--, I brought some guests with me--
  98. Kaede: Ah, e...excuse us...!
  99. Akira: Excuse me!
  100. Natsuki's Brother: Ohh--, c'mon in.
  102. Natsuki: Here, head on in, head on in--
  103. Kaede: Excuse me...!
  104. Natsuki's Brother: He---y, we've only got tea, but I brought you guys some.
  105. Natsuki: Ohh--, thank you--
  106. Kaede: Wow---, thank you very much...!
  107. Akira: Thank you very much. Ah, Onii-san: Natsuki-chan's a super cheerleader, isn't she?
  108. Natsuki's Brother: Oh, you knew that Natsuki does cheerleading?
  109. Akira: Today, she gave us one! An amazing cheer!
  111. Natsuki: ---!?
  112. Akira: It's okay! I won't tell him about the magical girl thing!
  114. Natsuki's Brother: That's right. Natsuki's cheer can even cure illnesses.
  115. Kaede: A cheer that...cures illnesses...?
  118. Natsuki: Onii-chan doesn't know about magical girls...or anything like that...
  119. You see, I... became one in order to cure Onii-chan's illness...or sum it up, I became a magical girl in order to let Onii-chan go out on the grounds.
  120. Akira: ...What do you mean?
  122. Natsuki: The day before the finals of the prefectural championships...Onii-chan, who was the ace of the baseball team, suddenly collapsed from a fever.
  124. Natsuki: Onii-chann...! Onii-chann...!!
  126. Natsuki: Our baseball team was barely getting by with just the 9 of them, so if Onii-chan became unable to play, it'd mean the same thing as a loss. Of course, it's not like we didn't consider that we could beg someone to come in and sub for him but...being able to appear as a full team that had fought together for all that time meant a lot to us...
  128. Kyuubey: If you become a magical girl, I'll grant you any wish.
  129. Natsuki:! Make me...a magical girl!! Make me a magical girl and...grant my wish now!!
  131. Kaede: So that's what happened...
  132. Akira: ---!! So? What about the game? How'd it go?
  133. Natsuki: 4-3...
  134. Kaede: (Gulp...)
  135. Natsuki: ...and we lost.
  136. Akira: ...Oh.
  137. Natsuki: Don't make that kind of fa--ce! I don't regret it at all. That I became a magical girl. It was my dream for all of us to fight together...after all.
  138. Akira: Of course...seeing as you've been...cheering for them from the sidelines for all that time.
  139. Natsuki: I've been there ever since I was a player~so my feelings are even stronger.
  140. Kaede: A player?
  142. Natsuki: After all, my dream came true. I wouldn't regret it or anything!
  144. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  145. Part Two: As Long as You Have Friends
  146. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  147. Kaede: A player?
  148. Natsuki: Heree! See!? This album!
  149. Kaede: Uwaaaa---! This is, Natsuki-san, is that you...!? Your hair's so short! You were so suntanned, you became black!
  150. Natsuki: Fufuu, that's right. Each and every day, I would go with Onii-chan to baseball practice...even on the way home, we'd go play catch with Dad. When I was in elementary school, I really was The Baseball Boy~
  151. Kaede: You're look like a boy...
  152. Akira: But...why would a tanned Baseball Boy like this become a cheerleader? You were that into it, and never thought that you could keep playing baseball like that?
  153. Natsuki: Of course I did! I was all for continuing!
  154. Kaede: Then, why...
  155. Natsuki: I realized my strength wasn't enough. It's like I hit the wall.
  157. Natsuki: Sensei! Here's my registration forms!
  158. Teacher: Baseball club...? Oh--I get it, you want to be the manager, don't 'cha!
  159. Natsuki: ...Heh? No, that's not rightt! It's a registration form...for me to become a "player"!
  160. Teacher: Oh~... I see, I see...Well, I guess a girl could play in the little leagues but...
  161. Natsuki: ...Huh.
  162. Teacher: I'm sorry. In the middle school baseball clubs, a girl can't be part of the team as a player, you see. If you want to be the manager, we'll welcome with you open arms but...
  163. Natsuki: No way...
  165. Kaede: I see...
  166. Akira: The gender wall, huh... well, you can't do anything about that.
  167. Natsuki: That's right.
  168. Kaede: Hmhm...
  169. Akira: .............Are you thinking that if it were me, I'd be able to do something about it or what?
  170. Kaede: Heh!? Wha, What are you saying!? I didn't think anything like that at all!
  171. Akira: Pfft! Ahahahaaa! Sorry, sorryy! Kaede-chan, you know, you make me want to tease you so...
  172. Natsuki: I totally get what you're saying--!
  173. Akira: Right?
  174. Kaede: W, Why's that...geez...
  175. Akira: Ah! But! What about that?
  176. Natsuki: Huh?
  177. Akira: Sandlot baseball! You know~...the shopping districts and whatnot like to make a bunch of teams and stuff. Did you ever consider going out for those?
  178. Natsuki: You're right on the money! I did enter!
  179. Kaede: Then, you're still...?
  180. Natsuki: Nope, I got in of course. But it wasn't fun at all so I soon quit.
  181. Akira: Eh--- why'd you do that?
  182. Natsuki: You see, I might've been a Baseball Boy but even I wondered why it wasn't fun, you know? But Onii-chan...took me along to watch the members from the little league era play...and there, I got my answer.
  184. Natsuki: Honestly, at first I didn't want to go watch my old friends play. It would have been the first time I've seen them since I quit baseball would be hard for me to watch everyone play baseball with everything they've got, without me standing out there on the grounds...
  185. Akira: Well that's...anyone would think that way...
  186. Natsuki: But you see...
  188. Natsuki: Go for it--! The batter's scared out of his wits--!! R--U--N--!! Gogogogo...! Youuuuuu did it--!!
  190. Natsuki: Before I knew it, I was absorbed in cheering for everyone...
  191. Though I wasn't even out on the grounds, it was way more fun than when I was playing for a sandlot baseball team. And then I realized. It's not that I just wanted to play baseball. I just loved being able to fight alongside the ones I love, you see.
  192. Akira: I get it.
  193. Natsuki: At first, I worried about things like, no matter how much I cheer for them, could you really say I'm "fighting by their side? and a lot of stuff like that but Onii-chan and everyone on the team...told me that because Natsuki yelled, we were able to win. That got rid of the muddy feelings in my hearts and as their supporter...I started thinking I'd fight by their side.
  194. Akira: Your brother was there're all really good friends, aren't you?
  195. Natsuki: Yep. These are friends I can brag about.
  196. Kaede: Natsuki-san's feelings...I think I can sympathize...that there's meaning in...being able to fight because everyone's there...
  197. Natsuki: Oh! You get it?
  198. Kaede: Yes. ...Honestly, I...wanting to save the world and...exterminating witches and stuff like that...I'm not capable of thinking of doing anything that big...That's's not like I'm a magical girl because...I have some big goal in mind or anything...but...because team of two will fight together with me...ahh, how do I say this...I'm glad I gave it my all or something...I guess that's how I feel or uh...
  199. Akira: ...................
  200. Kaede: H, Huh...? Did I...say something...wrong...?
  201. Akira: No, you said really good things. I'm jealous that the two people on your team has someone who thinks of them that way.
  202. Natsuki: Yeah, I feel the same way as you do, Kaede-chan. Being a magical girl is the same, like with baseball... I think that because I have friends there, I can do my best.
  203. Kaede: ...! What a relief...
  205. Natsuki: Back when I first became a magical girl, something like what happened today took place.
  206. Akira: Something like?
  208. Witch: *@*!@#**!@#!!!!
  209. Kako: Himyaaa...! W...What should I do...!
  210. Witch: !)($*!@$*!@*!!!!
  211. Kako: I have to...I have to do this...! My hand's...shaking...stop...!
  212. Natsuki: Ohh!? So there was someone in here before me!
  213. Kako: Fueeh...You...are...
  214. Natsuki: Uh, I'm Utsuho Natsuki! Like you, I'm a magical girl!
  215. Kako: Ah...I, I are, aren't you... If you're here that means...this is...
  216. Natsuki: ...You okay? Your face is completely pale...
  217. Kako: Ahh, I, I...
  218. Natsuki: .... It's okay, leave this to me, okay? Fuu....!
  219. Kako: Ahh! P, Please wait!
  220. Natsuki: Heh?
  221. Kako: Um...I...want to do my best!
  222. Natsuki: Your best?
  223. Kako: If I...If I run away right now...I think I'll keep running from now on...! That's why I...!
  224. Natsuki: Got it. Then, I'll cheer you on with all I've got. So that you'll be able to give it your 100%, okay?
  225. Kako: ...! Thank you very much...!
  227. Natsuki: Show me something goood--! You can do it! You'll definitely do it!
  228. Kako: ...whew.....Here I go!!
  230. Akira: So? What happened? How'd it go?
  231. Natsuki: Same as today. In a big victory.
  232. Akira: That's our girl!
  233. Natsuki: No, no, the one who defeated it was her. But, back then I thought that magical girls and baseball are alike, my yells transfer power.
  234. Kaede: But, that amazing...For her to be that determined not to run away...
  235. Natsuki: You were amazing today too, Kaede-chan?
  236. Kaede: If I...didn't have you there to encourage me, Natsuki-chan...
  237. Natsuki: In the end, you did your best so I think it's amazing enough.
  238. Akira: Right, right.
  239. Kaede: T, Thank you very much...
  240. Akira: Natsuki, no matter if you're a cheerleader...or a magical're a supporter who'll support anybody.
  241. Natsuki: Right, on top of that, I'm a mana.
  242. Kaede: Mana?
  243. Natsuki: I'm the manager of the cheerleading club and the baseball club, both at once.
  244. Akira: Ohhhh--, you really are the perfect example of a supporter of everyone, huh?
  245. Natsuki: Right?
  246. Akira: But you know, the baseball club's seniors are going to graduate soon, aren't they? Things'll get lonely.
  247. Natsuki: Well, yeah--...
  248. Kaede: Ohh! I, It's already this late!
  249. Akira: Uwaaah! You're right! We've been here for too long, huh!
  250. Natsuki: Ohhh, I wasn't paying attention! Sorry, I'm sorry! Let me see you guys out!
  251. Akira: Thank you--
  252. Natsuki: Ahh!
  253. Kaede: Heh?
  254. Natsuki: Akira, want me to lend you a cheerleading uniform?
  255. Akira: Heh!? N-No, not reallyy! It's finee! Stopp!
  256. Natsuki: Eh--, I thought that you wanted to try wearing onee!
  257. Akira: No I don't! I don't at all!
  258. Kaede: Fufufu.
  260. Natsuki: When the word "graduate" came out, it almost gave me a heart attack. It really...will be lonely.
  261. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  262. Part Three: A Yell for the Future
  263. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  264. Akira: Yoo! We meet again!
  265. Natsuki: Akira!
  266. Akira: Anyway...let's take care of this, shall we!
  267. Natsuki: OK! Let's go!
  269. Akira: Fuu! And today's witch hunt is over! Good work!
  270. Natsuki: Yeah, good work! Fuu~...
  271. Akira: ......Did something happen?
  272. Natsuki: Heh?
  273. Akira: So--mething tells me...I just thought, you're not as cheerful as you usually are today.
  274. Natsuki: Ehh? You think?
  275. Akira: ...Well, you don't have to force yourself to tell me.
  276. Natsuki: ........... You see, I'm...scared that things will change.
  277. Akira: .......
  278. Natsuki: The other day, just like you said, Akira...the seniors retired and they're completely in study-for-exams mode.
  279. Akira: Yeah.
  280. Natsuki: Well, they still meet up from time-to-time anyway...and play baseball and stuff while wearing their school uniforms...but... then they say "it's time for cram school" and with that...When I see them head just made me realize that they're all going their separate ways soon...Even though we've been together for all this time...I couldn't imagine a future without all of them there...So when I see them doing their best in the face of the exams, I just have this feeling that I'm being left behind...
  281. Akira: Natsuki...
  282. Natsuki: Of course, I hope that they all get in the schools they want, and I do think to myself "do your best!" and stuff, but...But, it's really getting lonely and I can't take it. I'm...lonely...and I started to think, if only...we could stay the way we are...the way we are...forever...
  283. Akira: ..........
  285. Akira: Natsuki, I wonder what kind of mom you'd become
  286. Natsuki: Huh? Mom?
  287. Akira: Right. Natsuki, you have a brother right? Makes me think...if I'm gonna have kids, I want a boy and a girl, one each, don't you?
  288. Natsuki: Hmmmm...well...I, guess? Truth is, think that I'm glad Onii-chan's there...
  289. Akira: Is that so. I wonder, what about your team, Natsuki? What kind of dads will they become?
  290. Natsuki: Dad? Hm...Fufu, that's so far in the future I can't imagine.
  291. Akira: Right. But you know? Everyone will become an adult someday. First a high schooler, and then they'll study with everything they got...they might even do great at baseball club their best at love...And then next they'll go to college...and several years later, they'll get conflicted on the crossroads like you are now. It might be a lo---ng ways off from now but you see, one day, everyone will get married, have kids...and then when you reunite for the first time in a while, you can all say "hey, you've really aged--" and stuff, right?
  292. Natsuki: Fufuu, that makes me laugh for some reason.
  293. Akira: You don't wanna see a future like that? Don't you wanna try meeting and seeing everyone as adults?
  294. Natsuki: Everyone...once they become adults...?
  295. Akira: Right, everyone in the future.
  296. Natsuki: ...I...wanna see. I want to see them. I want to try meeting...everyone in the future...
  297. Akira: Yeah, me too. I'd like to see what you're like, Natsuki, when you're a mom. ...It is scary that things will change, don't get me wrong. But, to not change would'd never know what the happiness in the future will be like. With all that in mind, Natsuki, do you want to keep everyone as they are "now"?
  298. Natsuki: I...
  299. Akira: Natsuki, you're their Goddess of Victory after all. Not just in terms of baseball. Cheer them all on in life, too.
  300. For their bright future.
  301. Natsuki: Cheer for...their future...
  303. Natsuki: Yoo! I'm butting in--!
  304. Akira: Ohhh, Natsuki!
  305. Natsuki: Let's take care of this in a jiffy today too!
  306. Akira: ...! ...OK! (Looks like...she's recovered)
  308. Natsuki Tadaaaaa! Here, this! It's a present from me!
  309. Akira: An omamori [1]...? You're giving this to me?
  310. Natsuki: Yep!
  311. Akira: But, why are you giving me this to me all of a sudden? "Barrier"... "Safety"...I've never heard those words before, but...
  312. Natsuki: Well that's 'cause they're handmade by me!
  313. Akira: --!! Really!? So embroidered this??
  314. Natsuki: That's right!
  315. Akira: Heeeeh~....that's amazing~! Hahaa, hence the strange words like "barrier safety"...
  316. Natsuki: Perfect for a magical girl, right?
  317. Akira: Ahahah, yeah! But seriously, why do this all of a sudden?
  318. Natsuki: I also made omamori for...everyone else in the baseball club. Ahhh! Of course, I put "pass for sure!" on theirs though!
  319. Akira: I see.
  320. Natsuki: These omamori are supposed to be a reflection of my determination or uh...
  321. Akira: Determination?
  322. Natsuki: My determination to not fear change cheer for everyone's future with all I've got.
  323. Akira: ...I get it.
  324. Natsuki: Thanks.
  325. Akira: Eh?
  326. Natsuki: Because you listened to what I had to say, Akira...and because you taught me a lot...that's why the uncertainty in my heart has been split in two.
  327. Akira: Really? ...Well, you're welcome.
  328. Natsuki: I guess I kinda get how you feel, far as your admiration for girls goes.
  329. Akira: Eeeh? Natsuki, I can't believe you're saying that to me either.
  330. Natsuki: Ahaha. That's right! I have one more omamori for you, Akira!
  331. Akira: Heh?
  332. Natsuki: Heree!
  333. Akira: "Bond forming"... What's this...? This of all things is really out of the blue but...
  334. Natsuki: Heh? You don't like it? Stuff like this is su-per girly!
  335. Akira: Whoa! That's...! I'm telling you, I...!
  336. Natsuki: Aww, you don't have to blush~
  337. Akira: I'm telling you, you have the wrong idea---!!
  339. Momoko: Omamori? ..."Barrier"..."Safety"...Ohh, I get it! It's the magical girl version of the ones that say "Traffic Safety"! What an interesting girl! You should introduce us to her next time!
  340. Kaede: Yeah...! She's a really nice person...! I'm sure you and Rena will like her too...!
  341. Rena: There's something embroidered on the front and the back but...
  342. Momoko: "Hill"... "Thank you"[2]... W, What is...this...
  343. Kaede: H, Hill...uh...Oh! That! I think it's supposed to be that...! The idol you guys like...!
  344. Momoko: H, Huh...!?
  345. Rena: Are you talking about...Kagurasaka36, by any chance...?
  346. Kaede: Ah! Th, That's it! I'm sure that's gotta be it!!
  347. Rena: No, no....that's completely different...! How do you make a mistake like that...!
  348. Momoko: Oh come on--, don't nitpick over a blessed omamori!
  349. Rena: But she's not even from a shrine or anything, right? We don't know if this thing even contains any blessings...
  350. Kaede: It's no...t like...that's true...?
  351. Momoko: Ahh--, Kaedee! You don't have to worry, okay? Rena's just jealous that you made friends without her knowing about it!
  352. Kaede: ...Huh?
  353. Rena: Idi!! You're wr, you're wrong!! What're you telling her!?
  354. Momoko: There there, don't blush!
  355. Rena: I'm not blushing!!
  356. Kaede: Fufuu! Fufufuu!
  358. Natsuki: Hey, hey, Onii-chan! Have you ever heard about Sakamichi-thankyou...?
  359. Natsuki's Brother: Saka...huh?
  360. Natsuki: Eh--you don't know? I'll tell you♪
  361. It's this recently really popular idol group!
  362. Natsuki's Brother: Huh---...Sakamichi, huh...Are you sure you're not talking about Kagurasaka36?
  363. Natsuki: ...Huh? It's not...Sakamichi...thank you...?
  364. Natsuki's Brother: Haa? It's not 39, it's 36. So you are talking about Kagurasaka36.
  365. Natsuki: Not 39...but 36...? No way---!! Oh no, oh no, how embarrassing--!
  366. Natsuki's Brother: Ha...haaaa...!?
  368. Natsuki: I want to send everyone a yell in a loud voice.... for a bright future for everyone.
  369. =====================================================
  370. [1] =
  371. [2] = The word for hill/slope is "sakamichi". "sankyuu" = thank you or one way of saying the numbers san-kyuu (3, 9).
  372. Basically, as you're about to find out, the omamori Kaede got says "sakamichi sankyuu", but it's supposed to say "Kagurasaka sanroku".
  373. This is also a reference to the actual idol groups: and
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