Doghead Men

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  3. 9th century monk asking if Dogmen have souls. lol.
  5. The Book of Enoch and various pagan (Greek, Hindu, Egyptian, Native American, Shinto, etc.) mythologies talk of beastmen and other odd humanoid creatures. Such as the Antpeople who saved the Hopis with a cave system during the deluge.
  7. I'm pretty fond of the idea that we and other such creatures were genetic experiments performed by the Elohim/Anunnaki. The Tablets of Enki have some rather striking parallels to the Old Testament, and even predates the OT.
  9. I think these genetic experiments were carried out until the time of Atlantis, which may be where stories of centaurs, minotaurs, satyrs, mermaids, etc. come from.
  11. There is even a resemblance between the cyclops people of Greek lore, and stories of Nephilim. And perhaps even a link with the Norse tales of collosal trolls.
  13. We humans are in a quarantine of sorts. There are large swathes of land that ordinary people will never be allowed (or able) to examine. From nature reserves, to Antarctica, to underground tunnel systems, to coastal ruins and sea floor ruins, to whatever is on the moon and Mars. Iirc one Nordic country has a large section of land banned from the public and even NATO, which is said to be a region in which trolls dwell.
  15. YouTube algorithms work in overtime to bury channels that discuss such information. Even when the information comes from our own government. God knows google does it for their search engine, too. This mass censorship and information suppression doesn't work without a global conspiracy --- which, conveniently, we have ludicrously ample evidence for.
  17. Btw --- I think I found out the significance of Sirius. It is not Nibiru; rather, it is Nibiru's original home star. Nibiru is caught in an orbit between Sol and the Sirius star systems. Incidentally, I'm pretty sure scientists announced a 12th planet in our system a while back which has a 3,600 year orbit. Which happens to match Nibiru perfectly. I'm no astronomer, however there are reports from amateurs of spotting this body in the direction of the Leo constellation.
  19. Who the hell needs mythologies or fictions when real life is infinitely more fascinating? Well, I guess those things are supplemental due to the stranglehold on testable information, but if we were given free reign to study and piece together the real truth, we wouldn't need those stories as much.
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