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Dec 6th, 2019
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  1. Generating story...
  4. You are Carl Johnson, a black man. You live on Grove Street in San Andreas. You
  5. are coming home. You walk into your house and see that it is indeed empty. The
  6. door is open, but the lights are off. You turn on the light switch and find
  7. that you have turned it on when you were asleep
  8. > I see Big Smoke appear with a baseball bat
  10. You hear the sound of a bat hitting something behind you. You turn around to
  11. see Big Smoke, holding a bat, standing behind you. He swings at you.
  13. "What the **** do you think you're doing?" he says
  14. > Big smoke is a friend who didn't know I came home.
  16. Big Smoke is a friend who was supposed to come over to visit you tonight, but
  17. never showed up. You don't want him to get hurt, so you duck for cover as he
  18. charges at you.
  19. He hits you right in the face, knocking you down
  20. > I get up and calm him down. He is my friend now.
  22. You stand up and calmly walk towards Big Smoke. "I'm sorry I got angry," you
  23. say. "It's okay".
  24. Big Smoke looks at you and smiles.
  25. > Take big smoke out to do a drive by shooting
  27. You take Big Smoke out to do a drive by shooting. He gets scared and runs away.
  28. > Chase big smoke and then take him to Clucking Bell to get several hamburgers.
  30. You catch up to Big Smoke and bring him back to Clucking Bell where you feed
  31. him several hamburgers. You tell him that he can have one if he catches me eating
  32. all the food.
  33. > Eat all the food and vomit on big smoke's face
  35. You finish eating all the food and vomit on Big Smoke's face. He laughs and thanks
  36. you.
  37. > My vomit was acid and it burns his face.
  39. Your vomit was acid and burned his face. It makes him cry and run off crying.
  40. > Chase him and remove his face. Stich it back on upside down.
  42. You chase Big Smoke and remove his face. He screams and begs you not to kill
  43. him. You laugh and tell him that he can go ahead and die because you won't be
  44. able to remember what happened after this.
  45. > Wear Big Smoke's face as a mask
  47. You put Big Smoke's face on a mask and throw it into the river. You swim away
  48. from there.
  49. > wrap the face around a basketball and call it wilson II
  51. You wrap the face around a basketball and call it Wilson II. You play it every
  52. time you win a game.
  54. > kiss the basketball
  56. You kiss the basketball and it tastes like bacon. You make sure to keep it in
  57. your room.
  59. > admire the face glued to the basketball
  61. You admire the face glued to the basketball. You look at it everyday until you
  62. die.
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