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  1. BotW FAQ:
  3. Q. Is Switch or Wii U version faster?
  4. A. The Wii U version is a lot faster actually, it depends on the category you do but it can be up to minutes faster. The reason for me running on Switch version is because it's the version I have and I just care about getting a good run, not just saving time because of version differences.
  6. Q. Why are you playing in German? Are you German?
  7. A. I'm playing in German because of the voice acting being faster for speedruns. I am Swedish.
  9. Q. Why are you dying in the shrine of ressurection before the run starts?
  10. A. This makes the game load faster, saving around 5 seconds when you start a new run.
  12. Q. How are you doing that double jump?
  13. A. It's not really a double jump, just looks like it. I'm doing a shield jump and it kinda acts like a double jump.
  15. Q. How did you not take fall damage?
  16. A. If you try to throw a weapon and switch weapon or shield with the correct timing your falling position will change to wherever you did this, and if you do it close to the ground it means you won't take any damage at all.
  18. Q. Why are you whistling all the time?
  19. A. If you hold down the whistle button and tap B you can sprint while regaining stamina. The speed of the sprint won't be as good as the normal sprint, but still faster than just walking.
  21. Q. Why are you falling on your shield and tumbling around on the ground?
  22. A. I need to do this to remove a glitchy state that Link is in after shield jumping. If I don't do this I won't be able to stasis launch or bomb boost properly, it just won't let me fly away.
  24. Q. What determines if the horse is good or bad?
  25. A. What I'm looking for is a Horse with 3 spurs instead of the normal 4. If the horse has 3 spurs it'll be a speed 4 horse which is one tier higher than the 4 spur horse which is speed 3. This faster horse saves up to 2½min in the run and is worth to give a few tries for.
  27. Q. What are you doing with the bow on the horse/how are you regaining your horse stamina?
  28. A. If you hold target, A, bow and then finally press X you'll quickly jump up from the horse and then land on it again, this makes it so you'll get all your dashes back. I usually use a audio cue for when to do it.
  30. Q. Why are you doing shrines, are they really needed? (All Main Quests)
  31. A. I need to collect orbs so I can get heart containers for the Master Sword later in the run. (It's a main quest to get it)
  33. Q. Why Heart Container upgrades instead of stamina? (All Main Quests)
  34. A. See above. You can switch upgrades but it's a waste of both time and rupees.
  36. Q. Why do you get the fairy fountain? (All Main Quests)
  37. A. As you can see below there's a main quest for it (Find the Fairy Fountain). You need to find it and take a picture of it.
  39. Q. Why is Pineapple Pizza so good?
  40. A. It just is, but I'm glad you agree that it is!
  42. Q. What are all the Main Quests?
  43. A. I'll post a list of all the main quests below:
  44. Follow The Sheikah Slate
  45. The Isolated Plateau
  46. Seek Out Impa
  47. Find the Fairy Fountain
  48. Locked Mementos
  49. Free the Divine Beasts
  50. Reach Zora’s Domain
  51. Divine Beast Vah Ruta
  52. Divine Beast Vah Rudania
  53. Divine Beast Vah Medoh
  54. Forbidden City Entry
  55. Divine Beast Vah Naboris
  56. The Hero's Sword
  57. Captured Memories
  58. Destroy Ganon
  60. About Donation Goal:
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