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#OperationGreenRights n1.3) Right to online demonstration

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Aug 2nd, 2012
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  1. n1.3) Right to online demonstration: the temporary suspension of a site's service or the spread of its databases hasn't to be considered a violent action and it don't produce an irreparable damage. For this reason, ddos, deface and any other technique that means a demonstration of dissent online has to be considered lawful. Computer tools of dissent are like a virtual flashmob. The violation of databases causes light and temporary damages for the employees of the broken agency but it allows to concretely solve the industrial secret and state secret problems, providing knowledge to every human being. By this reasons the violation of a database hasn't to be considered as a violent action but it helps the growth of common knowledge. We can consider the violation of databases like the boardings that environmentalist ships do against fishing boats, these can bring some temporary discomfort, but haven't to be considered illegal.
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