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  1. smackdown phase 1
  2. chapter 1
  3. joe coffey(c) vs triple h
  4. ricochet(c) vs tyler bate
  5. legacy(c) vs jobbers
  6. scurll and dunne vs diy
  7. daniel bryan vs el generico
  8. ken shamrock vs big damo
  10. chapter 2
  11. joe cofefey(c) vs cesaro
  12. ricochet(c) vs low ki
  13. legacy(c) vs tm61
  14. the shield vs jobbers
  15. luke harper vs alexander wolfe
  16. will ospreay vs andrade almas
  18. chapter 3
  19. joe coffey(c) vs will ospreay
  20. ricochet(c) vs kevin owens
  21. legacy(c) vs diy
  22. luke harper vs jobber
  23. pentagon and harris vs bulelt club
  24. chad gable vs big damo
  26. chapter 4
  27. joe coffey(c) vs eric young
  28. ricochet(c) vs jobber
  29. legacy(c) vs diy
  30. luke harper vs triple h
  31. the shield vs bullet club
  32. big damo vs will ospreay vs chris hero vs cesaro #1 contender for the world title
  34. chapter 5
  35. joe coffey(c) vs big damo
  36. ricochet(c) vs triple h
  37. legacy(c) vs diy ladder match
  38. alexander wolfe vs lio rush
  39. tm61 vs edge and christian
  40. chad gable vs chris benoit
  42. chapter 6
  43. joe coffey(c) vs bid damo last man standing match
  44. triple h(c) vs ricochet vs luke harper
  45. diy(c) vs lio rush and tyler bate
  46. bullet club vs tm61 #1 contender match for the tag titles
  47. kevin owens vs el generico
  48. chris hero vs cesaro
  50. chapter 7
  51. big damo(c) vs daniel bryan
  52. triple h(c) vs kevin owens
  53. diy(c) vs bullet club
  54. pentaogn jr and husky harris vs legacy
  55. ricochet vs luke harper
  56. ken shamrock vs chris benoit
  58. chapter 8
  59. big damo(c) vs andrade almas
  60. triple h(c) vs cedric alexander
  61. diy(c) vs bullet club tornadoe tag
  62. the shield vs legacy
  63. alexander wolfe vs jobber
  64. cesaro vs chris hero
  66. chapter 9
  67. big damo(c) vs chad gable vs will ospreay
  68. triple h(c) vs luke harper steel cage match
  69. bullet club(c) vs diy 2 out of 3 falls tornadoe tag match
  70. scurll and dunne vs edge and christian
  71. daniel bryan vs husky harris
  72. ken shamrock vs joe coffey
  74. chapter 10
  75. big damo(c) vs ken shamrock
  76. triple h(c) vs daniel bryan
  77. bullet club(c) vs el generico and alexander wolfe
  78. lio rush vs ricochet
  79. dragon gate vs jobbers
  80. chris hero vs cesaro 30 min iron man match
  82. chapter 11
  83. ken shamrock(c) vs big damo vs joe coffey
  84. daniel bryan(c) vs jobber
  85. bullet club(c) vs pentagon jr and husky harris
  86. marty scurll vs pete dunne
  87. dragon gate vs ec
  88. chris benoit vs andrade almas
  90. chapter 12
  91. ken shamrock(c) vs alexander wolfe
  92. daniel bryan(c) vs el generico
  93. bullet club(c) vs kings of wrestling
  94. triple h vs ricochet
  95. chad gable vs luke harper
  96. tm61 vs legacy
  98. chapter 13
  99. ken shamrock(c) vs triple h
  100. daniel bryan(c) vs chad gable submission match
  101. bullet club(c) vs jobbers
  102. kings of wrestling vs the shield
  103. kevin owens vs lio rush
  104. eric young vs chris benoit no holds barred
  106. chapter 14
  107. ken shamrock(c) vs triple h 2 out of 3 falls match
  108. daniel bryan(c) vs chad gable 30 min iron man match
  109. bullet club(c) vs kings of wrestling
  110. tm61 vs dragon gate #1 contendership
  111. alexander wolfe vs pentagon jr
  112. will ospreay vs big damo
  114. chapter 15
  115. ken shamrock(c) vs chris benoit
  116. daniel bryan(c) vs lio rush
  117. bullet club(c) vs dragon gate
  118. marty scurll vs chad gable
  119. joe coffey vs luke harper vs husky harris
  120. the shield vs kings of wrestling no holds barred match
  123. chapter 16
  124. ken shamrock(c) vs johnny gargano
  125. lio rush(c) vs pentagon jr
  126. bullet club(c) vs dragon gate vs the shield vs kings of wrestling
  127. tm61 vs jobbers
  128. kevin owens vs jobber #1 contender match for the north american title
  129. ricochet vs will ospreay
  131. chapter 17
  132. ken shamrock(c) vs triple h steel cage match
  133. lio rush(c) vs kevin owens
  134. kings of wrestling(c) vs jobbers
  135. dragon gate vs bullet club vs the shield
  136. marty scurll vs alexander wolfe
  137. chris benoit vs big damo
  139. chapter 18
  140. ken shamrock(c) vs chris benoit
  141. kevin owens(c) vs lio rush vs cedric alexander
  142. kings of wrestling(c) vs dragon gate
  143. will ospreay and ricochet vs eric young and andrade almas
  144. el generico vs cody
  145. chad gable vs jobber
  147. chapter 18
  148. chris benoit(c) vs ken shamrock last man standing match
  149. kevin owens(c) vs chad gable
  150. kings of wrestling(c) vs jobber
  151. will ospreay vs ricochet #1 contender for the world title
  152. alexander wolfe vs el generico
  153. tm61 vs bullet club
  155. chapter 19
  156. chris benoit(c) vs ricochet
  157. chad gable(c) vs jobber
  158. kings of wrestling(c) vs tm61
  159. diy vs bss
  160. marty scurll vs lio rush
  161. will ospreay vs triple h vs big damo
  163. chapter 20
  164. ricochet(c) vs chris benoit vs ken shamrock
  165. chad gable(c) vs kevin owens ladder match
  166. kings of wrestling(c) vs tm61
  167. dragon gate vs bullet club tornadoe tag
  168. bray wyatt vs daniel bryan
  169. eric young vs big damo
  171. chapter 21
  172. ricochet(c) vs seth rollins
  173. chad gable(c) vs chris benoit
  174. kings of wrestling(c) vs legacy
  175. pentagon jr vs bray wyatt casket match
  176. neville vs christopher daniels
  177. kevin owens and el generico vs tjp and eddie edwards
  179. chapter 22
  180. ricochet(c) vs big damo
  181. chad gable(c) vs marty scurll
  182. kings of wrestling(c) vs the wyatt family
  183. bray wyatt vs daniel bryan stretcher match
  184. kor vs ken shamrock
  185. austin aries and christopher daniels vs dragon gate
  187. chapter 23
  188. ricochet(c) vs andrade almas vs johnny gargano
  189. chad gable(c) vs marty scurll submisison match
  190. wyatt family(c) vs kings of wrestling falls count anywhere match
  191. ken shamrock vs kor vs seth rollins vs will ospreay elimination match to determine #1 contender to the world title
  192. kevin owenw vs tjp
  193. tm61 vs jobbers
  195. CHAPTER 24
  196. ricochet(c) vs ken shamrock
  197. marty scurll(c) vs chad gable 30 min iron man match
  198. wyatt family(c) vs bullet club
  199. tm61 vs edge and christian
  200. eddie edwards vs el generico first blood match
  201. seth rollins vs will ospreay
  203. chapter 25
  204. ken shamrock(c) vs ricochet ladder match
  205. marty scurll(c) vs cesaro
  206. wyatt fmaily(c) vs kevin owens and el generico
  207. andrade almas vs kor #1 contender match
  208. pentagon dark vs johnny gargano
  209. eric young and big damo vs jobbers
  211. chapter 26
  212. ken shamrock(c) vs andrade almas
  213. marty scurll(c) vs jobber
  214. wyatt family(c) vs edge and christian
  215. bray wyatt vs kevin owens casket match
  216. pentagon dark vs chad gable first blood match
  217. british strong style vs dragon gate
  219. chapter 27
  220. andrade almas(c) vs chris benoit
  221. marty scurll(c) vs kevin owens
  222. wyatt family(c) vs jobbers
  223. el generico vs daniel bryan #1 contender for the ic title
  224. ken shamrock vs kor #1 contender for the world title
  225. eric young and big damo vs bullet club
  227. chapter 28
  228. andrade almas(c) vs kor
  229. marty scurll(c) vs el generico no holds barred falls count anywhere
  230. wyatt family(c) vs will ospreay and ricochet
  231. pentagon dark vs jobber
  232. tm61 vs austin aries and christopher daniels
  233. chris benoit vs seth rollins
  235. chapter 29
  236. andrade almas(c) vs kor 3 stages of hell (normal fall, no dq, steel cage)
  237. el generico(c) vs tjp
  238. wyatt family(c) vs ricochet and will ospreay tornadoe tag match
  239. bray wyatt vs chad gable
  240. johnny gargano vs cody rhodes
  241. dragon gate vs british strong style
  243. chaptr 30
  244. kor(c) vs ken shamrock
  245. el generico(c) vs kevin owens
  246. will ospreay and ricochet(c) and chad gable and pentagon dark vs the wyatt family in a survivor series elimination match where the winners team will win the tag team championships
  247. seth rollins vs chris benoit
  248. tjp vs eddie edwards
  249. eric young and big damo vs tm 61
  251. chapter 31
  252. kor(c) vs finn balor
  253. el generico(c) vs chris benoit
  254. the wyatt family(c) vs johnny gargano and jobber
  255. bray wyatt vs ken shamrock
  256. randy orton vs cody
  257. tm61 vs apollo 55 (ricochet and ospreay)
  259. chapter 32
  260. kor(c) vs andrade almas iron man match
  261. chris benoit(c) vs el generico
  262. the wyatt family(c) vs eric young and big damo
  263. ken shamrock vs bray wyatt last man standing
  264. daniel bryan vs aj styles
  265. kings of wrestling vs angels (daniels and aries)
  267. chapter 33
  268. kor(c) vs bray wyatt
  269. chris benoit(c) vs daniel bryan
  270. eric young and big damo(c) vs the wyatt family tornadoe tag match
  271. chad gable vs pentagon dark steel cage match
  272. cody vs kevin owens
  273. tjp and eddie edwards vs jobbers
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