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  1. channel_formats:
  2.   # This is the format which will be used for GLOBAL chat/channels.
  3.   # This is also the format used when you have modify_chat.enable: true, but use other plugins to handle chat.
  4.   global: '{permprefix}{townytagoverride}{townycolor}{group} {townyprefix}{modplayername}{townypostfix}{permsuffix}&f:{msgcolour} {msg}'
  5.   # TOWN channel types.
  6.   town: '{channelTag} {townycolor}{permprefix}{townyprefix}{playername}{townypostfix}{permsuffix}&f:{msgcolour} {msg}'
  7.   # NATION channel types.
  8.   nation: '{channelTag} {towntagoverride}{townycolor}{permprefix}{townyprefix}{playername}{townypostfix}{permsuffix}&f:{msgcolour} {msg}'
  9.   # DEFAULT channel types.
  10.   default: '{channelTag} {permprefix}{playername}{permsuffix}&f:{msgcolour} {msg}'
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