Apr 23rd, 2019
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  1. Name:Celestia 3.0
  3. Gender:Male
  5. Race:Goo Pony
  7. Class:Knight
  9. Combat Talent: [Plush Protection]: passive; Celestia lives in a life-sized plushie that keeps him safe from enemy attacks. Celestia's Cavalier minion cannot make actions when he's not inside, given it's inanimate. However, as long as Celestia is within his minion, he cannot be targeted until the minion is destroyed.
  11. NonCombat Talent:[Monster in the closet]:passive; Celestia Hides inside a life sized that makes others believe Celestia is only the cavalier minion as long as he is inside giving a +2 to any stealth related rolls.
  13. Hit/Wounds:5/5
  15. Skills:
  16. (Free Racial):Goo: passive; Being made of goo and slime has a load of benefits. You're able to fit through small areas, you can squeeze through cracks, and you can store things inside yourself. You can choose to form yourself as a pony, stay in a more blobby shape, or swap between them at will. In combat you have DC-1 to free yourself from grapples and other physical binding and restricting effects.
  18. (Racial):Gelatinous: passive; You take greatly reduced physical damage, but are more exposed to the elements. Weapon and untagged attacks deal 1 less hit of damage to you, but spells do 1 hit more.
  20. [Skill:(automatic) "Bubble" learned. Roll to launch a harmless bubble in a direction.] (Horizon)
  22. (Class):
  23. Pure Bonus (Non-Combat Only)
  24. Grappler: passive; Trained in melee and close quarters combat, you overpower foes easily in such situations. You have +1 to all rolls when making non-combat actions to grapple, subdue, restrain, or in any way preventing a target from moving with your own body. You can apply this bonus in combat to remove an enemy from combat without killing them, but only when they’re the only enemy in their zone and helpless, or on very low health.
  26. Free Skill
  27. Slam: recharge 1; Crush an enemy with your body, dealing damage. Crits on 9+.
  29. Suppress: recharge 1 after letting go, weapon; Renders target helpless. After success, can keep taking automatic actions to keep the target pinned. If this action is not taken, the target gets up.
  31. Cavalier: locked, passive; The exotic warrior. The fabled fighter. The knight and their trusty steed. There are many tales of the lone master, or a duo with their companion at their heels, having the strength of armies. You are one of those. When learning this skill you must choose whether you are the lone knight, or have minion who aids you. You also can pick 3 of the Doctrines listed below.
  32. - Knight & Minion: You have a powerful minion that aids you in combat. They have 4 Hits, 4 Wounds, and all Doctrines from Cavalier apply to them. You can only have one Cavalier Minion. If your minion dies, you may find another creature to take as your minion, and you can choose a new set of Doctrines for them.
  33. -(Animal Husbandry) Adorable
  34. Adorable: passive; No matter the size of your horns, no matter what sour expression you may have on your face, no matter how old, experienced, or battle-scarred you are, you’re still a big puffball on hoofed legs. No one can resist giving you attention, which helps you get your point across to most anyone. You have +1 on all social rolls.
  36. -(Animal Husbandry) Tough
  37. Tough: passive; Earth ponies take 1 additional hit before becoming helpless as well as 1 extra wound once they become helpless, for a total of 6 hits and 6 wounds without other modifiers. They can also lift, carry and move heavier objects than unicorns and pegasi.
  39. -(Animal Husbandry) Tribal Training
  40. Tribal Training: passive; Your fighting style is primitive and unpredictable. All damage you deal and you take is lowered by 1.
  42. Inventory: Child's Backpack, Shield, Celestia plush.
  45. Shield
  46. Go on the defense by wielding a shield that can withstand any attack.
  48. Guard: passive; A shield always helps stave off attacks, even if it’s not readily held up. All counterattack damage you take is lowered by 1.
  50. Brace: weapon; Rush to a close by ally’s side and help them stand against an attack. When an ally would take any type of damage, you can use this to cut that damage in half on success. You can also use this on yourself, but only against enemy attacks and not counterattack damage.
  52. Trait: Overly Affectionate, Soft Biggot
  54. Description: A mass of tentacles that has one eye bearing a cyan color that hides itself within a plush resembling Celestia to walk around in the presence of other creatures safely.
  56. Story:
  57. A creature was summoned from the otherworld within a nobles house where it quickly hid from sight leaving the summoner thinking they didn't succeed.
  58. The creature hid upstairs in a closet, finding a tight space within the dark to not be found.
  59. "Celestia" Was called in the dark.
  60. A filly had walked into the closet grabbing the object the creature was residing in, and carried it to the bed where it was held tightly in the filly's grip.
  61. "I am scared" the filly whispered.
  62. The plush hugged her back.
  63. "I am here for you little pony." The creature told her sweetly with affection.
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