dA conversation

fire219 Jun 7th, 2016 66 Never
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  1. * OrangeredStilton is looking for work
  2. <OrangeredStilton> Morning, guys
  3. <ZLSA> hi OrangeredStilton
  4. <OrangeredStilton> The layoffs finally caught up with me
  5. <Psycix> o/
  6. <Psycix> OrangeredStilton: What? You lost your job?
  7. <JonathanD-work> OrangeredStilton: sorry dude
  8. <OrangeredStilton> Psycix: One of them, at least
  9. <Psycix> OrangeredStilton: Unannounced? What happened?
  10. <OrangeredStilton> Psycix: The company's been running out of money for quite some time, and now they're down to 0
  11. <Rokker> Psycix: probably the chinese
  12. <Rokker> Always blame the chinese
  13. <OrangeredStilton> So, anyone need a remote webdev?
  14. <Psycix> Heheh
  15. <R-GiskardReventlov> OrangeredStilton: only if the webdev comes with a remote
  16. <dnsmcbr> OrangeredStilton: dA?
  17. <Rokker> I'm dying
  18. <OrangeredStilton> dnsmcbr: dA. They're going down to skeleton crew
  19. <Rokker> Slowly
  20. <dnsmcbr> OrangeredStilton: Daaaaaym
  21. * olex ( has joined
  22. <blacktronics> dA
  23. <blacktronics> ???
  24. <OrangeredStilton> DeviantArt.
  25. <blacktronics> oh
  26. <blacktronics> they ded?
  27. <OrangeredStilton> Not dead, but in need of cash.
  28. * yoshibot has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  29. <blacktronics> you been remote webdevving for DeviantArt?
  30. <OrangeredStilton> For approaching five years
  31. * yoshibot (~quassel@ has joined
  32. <OrangeredStilton> And I may get to pick it back up, if cash starts coming in
  33. * FastLizard4|zZzZ is now known as FastLizard4
  34. <blacktronics> Tell me when that is
  35. <JonathanD-work> see? never trust deviants
  36. <dnsmcbr> OrangeredStilton: rip free trips to LA
  37. <JonathanD-work> stay on the straight and narrow kids
  38. <blacktronics> and I will tell you everything I hate about DA
  39. <blacktronics> JonathanD-work is in a trelelel mood today
  40. <OrangeredStilton> dnsmcbr: I know, rite
  41. <OrangeredStilton> blacktronics: Tell me now, I'm not involved any more :P
  42. <JonathanD-work> OrangeredStilton: how were they funding the place, ads?
  43. <blacktronics> nono I want you to fix it
  44. <ZLSA> JonathanD-work: nope, entirely "core" I think
  45. <blacktronics> There is no need now
  46. <OrangeredStilton> 50/50 actually
  47. <ZLSA> oh btw sorry OrangeredStilton, I use adblock
  48. <blacktronics> ^
  49. <OrangeredStilton> ZLSA: Yeah, same, don't worry
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