MagiReco - Character Side Story - Hozumi Shizuku

Jan 7th, 2018
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  1. MagiReco - Character Side Story - Hozumi Shizuku
  3. -----------------------------------------------------
  4. Part 1: The Only One I Can Depend On
  5. -----------------------------------------------------
  7. Girl A: Hey, have you seen this, Shizuku?
  8. Hozumi Shizuku: What?
  9. Girl A: Here, look! Isn't this the cutest thing ever?
  10. Hozumi Shizuku: Yes, it's cute.
  11. Girl A: I knoooow, right!
  12. Girl B: It's super cute~
  13. Girl C: Hey, I wanna see that, too~
  14. Girl A: I so want one! Look...
  15. Hozumi Shizuku: ...
  17. Hozumi Shizuku: No one bullies me.
  18. Hozumi Shizuku: I do fun things. I watch funny TV shows. My new teacher is nice. I enjoy buying cute things.
  19. Hozumi Shizuku: I have friends to share all of that with.
  20. Hozumi Shizuku: I get to walk home after school with a group of friends, without really needing to say anything.
  21. Hozumi Shizuku: And yet... I wonder why I feel like this.
  22. Hozumi Shizuku: I hang out with my friends. I go to karaoke with my friends. I laugh with my friends.
  23. Hozumi Shizuku: But I feel like I'm not "me". Like this body is not my own and I'm on the outside looking in...
  24. Hozumi Shizuku: All of a sudden, I would be assaulted by that strange sensation.
  25. Hozumi Shizuku: "Shizuku", "Shizuku", they say. These people in front of me keep calling my name with confidence.
  26. Hozumi Shizuku: And I don't understand why.
  27. Hozumi Shizuku: Why I feel disgusted every time I hear it.
  29. Girl A: Shizuku! See you tomorrow!
  30. Girl B: Bye, bye, Shizuku!
  31. Hozumi Shizuku: Yes, see you tomorrow.
  33. Hozumi Shizuku: My friends, my teacher, my neighbours, my dad, my mom.
  34. Hozumi Shizuku: I don't have an issue with any of them.
  35. Hozumi Shizuku: But my footsteps are unsteady, like I'm walking on a trampoline that has no bounce anymore...
  36. Hozumi Shizuku: The problem lies within me.
  37. Hozumi Shizuku: "What do you like to do?" "What are your dreams for the future?" ...I never know what to say when they ask me those questions.
  38. Hozumi Shizuku: In 5 years, in 10 years... Where do I see myself? What will I be doing?
  39. Hozumi Shizuku: It's like my future is covered in a dense fog. I can't even see it anymore.
  40. Hozumi Shizuku: "I like music, and it's my dream to work at a record company."
  41. Hozumi Shizuku: If I ever manage to say something like that, would I be able to walk on solid ground once again?
  43. Shizuku's Mother: Shizuku-chan, tend the café, please.
  44. Hozumi Shizuku: Yes, I've got it.
  46. Hozumi Shizuku: (I can't find my footing anymore.)
  47. Hozumi Shizuku: How can I help you...
  48. ???: It's been a while.
  49. Hozumi Shizuku: (Except when I'm around him.)
  51. ---------------------
  53. Hozumi Shizuku: What's this? A picture?
  54. ???: A picture of a small island called Aoshima.
  55. ???: They say there are more cats than people over there.
  56. Hozumi Shizuku: Really? Amazing.
  57. Hozumi Shizuku: (I call him "Fuunii". Of course, that's not his real name.)
  58. Hozumi Shizuku: (He goes by "Fuuten no onii-san", so I call him "Fuunii".)
  59. Hozumi Shizuku: (He's Fuunii.)
  60. Hozumi Shizuku: (He says he's looking for a place where he can belong.)
  61. Hozumi Shizuku: (He likes to travel all over Japan and overseas.)
  63. Hozumi Shizuku: I feel like myself when I'm with him.
  64. Hozumi Shizuku: I feel put together, I feel right... I wonder if he's also looking for a place where he can find his footing.
  65. Hozumi Shizuku: I know I'd never be able to tell him about my selfish feelings. And despite that...
  66. Hozumi Shizuku: I want to know more about him.
  67. Hozumi Shizuku: And just that is enough for me.
  69. Hozumi Shizuku: So... about his travels...
  70. Hozumi Shizuku: I wonder what kind of story he'll tell me this time.
  71. Fuunii: Hellooo.
  72. Hozumi Shizuku: Fuunii...! Welcome back...!
  73. Hozumi's Father: ...Where do you wanna take a seat...
  74. Hozumi Shizuku: ...
  75. Hozumi Shizuku: ...You want to go to the table in the back?
  77. Fuunii: Yeah, it's fun. I liked it.
  78. Fuunii: But... I didn't get the feeling that I could stay over there... for the rest of my life.
  79. Hozumi Shizuku: I see.
  80. Fuunii: Are you going to inherit this place in the future, Shizuku?
  81. Hozumi Shizuku: I don't know.
  82. Hozumi Shizuku: Maybe it will come to that... I really have no idea...
  83. Fuunii: I see... Then come search with me.
  84. Hozumi Shizuku: ...Eh?
  85. Fuunii: It'll be just the two of us.
  86. Fuunii: Let's find the place where we can spend the rest of our lives together.
  87. Hozumi Shizuku: ...!
  89. ---------------------
  91. Fuunii: I see... Then come search with me.
  92. Fuunii: Let's find the place where we can spend the rest of our lives together.
  94. Hozumi Shizuku: I'm so happy... so happy.
  95. Hozumi Shizuku: I might find my dream if I go with him, couldn't I. And even though my hazy future might remain unclear...
  96. Hozumi Shizuku: I wouldn't be alone with him.
  97. Hozumi Shizuku: I might stop feeling like I'm walking on a trampoline that has no bounce anymore.
  98. Hozumi Shizuku: He elevates me, like a floating soap bubble. So let's head to new places yet unseen.
  100. Hozumi Shizuku: Yes, you've reached Hozumi.
  101. Hozumi Shizuku: Yes, that's me.
  102. Hozumi Shizuku: Yes, yes. Yes.
  103. Hozumi Shizuku: ...Eh?
  105. "Do you happen to know Kasugai-san?"
  106. "Kasugai-san was in an accident... You're the only ones we found on his contact information..."
  108. Hozumi's Father: Don't go...!
  109. Hozumi's Father: There's nothing you can do now.
  110. Hozumi Shizuku: So why...?! Why are you stopping me?!
  111. Hozumi Shizuku: I don't care, please let me go...!
  112. Hozumi's Father: You're not related to him, I can't let you do something reckless.
  113. Hozumi Shizuku: ...Let me go! Please let me go...!
  114. Hozumi Shizuku: You won't even let me know if he's dying?! This may be the last time I see him...!
  115. Hozumi Shizuku: I can't be... alone...
  117. Kyubey: I found you, Hozumi Shizuku.
  118. Kyubey: Do you want to make a wish?
  120. ---------------------
  122. Kyubey: Do you want to make a wish?
  124. Hozumi Shizuku: Yes! Yes, I do...!! I do want to make a wish!
  125. Hozumi Shizuku: (Is this a dream, an illusion... I don't care.)
  126. Hozumi Shizuku: (Doesn't matter, it's my only chance...)
  127. Hozumi Shizuku: I want to see him...!
  128. Hozumi Shizuku: Take me to where he is right this instant!!
  129. Kyubey: Your wish has been granted. You have now made a contract with me.
  131. Hozumi Shizuku: Ahh...!
  132. Hozumi Shizuku: ...Fuunii...?
  133. Hozumi Shizuku: Ahhhhh!!
  134. Hozumi Shizuku: Fuunii! Fuuniiiii...!
  136. Fuunii: "It can't be... Shizuku? ...Hahah, I see... This must be a dream..."
  137. Fuunii: "In my final moments... God... is showing me what I wanted to see..."
  139. Hozumi Shizuku: Ahh...!
  140. Hozumi Shizuku: That's wrong...! You're wrong...!
  141. Hozumi Shizuku: You're not dreaming...! This is not a dream...!
  142. Hozumi Shizuku: I... am right here with you...!
  144. Fuunii: "I understand... I'm glad... Now... I can... rest in peace..."
  146. Hozumi Shizuku: Whaaat?! Open your eyes...!
  147. Hozumi Shizuku: You can't do that! You can't die! I made a promise with you!
  148. Hozumi Shizuku: We're going to find the place where we can spend the rest of our lives together...
  149. Hozumi Shizuku: We'll search together for... "the place where we belong"...!
  150. Hozumi Shizuku: Isn't that what you always said...!!
  152. Fuunii: "Yes... I used to say that... Shizu... Thank you..."
  154. Hozumi Shizuku: Fuunii! Fuunii!!
  155. Hozumi Shizuku: Fuunii!!
  156. Hozumi Shizuku: Fuu...
  157. Hozumi Shizuku: You lied to me...
  158. Hozumi Shizuku: Don't leave me alone...
  160. Hozumi Shizuku: In 5 years, in 10 years... Our lives are excessively long.
  161. Hozumi Shizuku: But when a crisis cuts through it as if with scissors, that's when you realize your life is nothing more than scraps of paper.
  162. Hozumi Shizuku: In 5 years, or maybe even tomorrow, my hazy future might not be there anymore.
  163. Hozumi Shizuku: I don't know where I'll be when my end comes.
  164. Hozumi Shizuku: But even so, I will find "the place where I belong".
  166. Hozumi Shizuku: I don't know if I'll be here tomorrow... I have to find that out for myself.
  168. -----------------------------------------------------
  169. Part 2: A Shared Fate
  170. -----------------------------------------------------
  172. Hozumi Shizuku: A beautiful place...
  173. Hozumi Shizuku: That's what I wanted to show you, Fuunii...
  174. Hozumi Shizuku: (A heart-warming place, a wonderful scene filled with people's laughter...)
  175. Hozumi Shizuku: (However...)
  176. Hozumi Shizuku: (This is not "the place where I belong".)
  178. Hozumi Shizuku: When I became a magical girl, I received the ability to "connect spaces".
  179. Hozumi Shizuku: I can use my power to travel all over the world in the blink of an eye.
  180. Hozumi Shizuku: But this power has a limit, like one would expect. I can't actually choose the destination.
  181. Hozumi Shizuku: Since I got this power...
  182. Hozumi Shizuku: I've been in towns that retain the looks of past eras. Rural villages surrounded by nature... Distant northern countries. Nearby southern islands he once visited.
  183. Hozumi Shizuku: I've seen many places. Just like him. I've followed in his footsteps. But I have not yet found "the place where I belong".
  185. Hozumi Shizuku: ...!
  186. Hozumi's Father: ...Are you going out?
  187. Hozumi Shizuku: ...Yep.
  188. Hozumi's Father: ...I see.
  189. Hozumi Shizuku: ...
  191. Fuunii: Shizu... ...Thank you...
  193. Hozumi Shizuku: If I ever find "the place where I belong", would the regret disappear?
  194. Hozumi Shizuku: I have to do it before the days of my calendar become scraps of paper.
  195. Hozumi Shizuku: I must find "the place where I belong".
  197. ???: Good work, as always. Yes, here is today's payment.
  198. Hozumi Shizuku: Thanks.
  199. ???: Do you really need that much money?
  200. ???: If you join us, you could earn so much more.
  201. Hozumi Shizuku: I...
  202. Hozumi Shizuku: I have no interest in joining your cause.
  203. ???: Well... alright. Let me know if you ever have a change of heart.
  204. ???: Okay, I will contact you again later.
  205. Hozumi Shizuku: I understand.
  206. Hozumi Shizuku: ...
  207. Yachiyo: Hey, who are you?
  208. Hozumi Shizuku: Hmmm?!
  210. ---------------------
  212. Hozumi Shizuku: And you are...
  213. Yachiyo: I am Nanami Yachiyo.
  214. Yachiyo: As you can see, we're magical girls as well.
  215. Tsuruno: I am Yui, the str...
  216. Yachiyo: That's enough of an introduction.
  217. Tsuruno: Whaaaaaa! Fiiiine...!
  218. Iroha: Tsuruno-chan...!
  219. Yachiyo: Now that you know our names, can you tell me yours?
  220. Hozumi Shizuku: Hozumi... Shizuku...
  221. Yachiyo: Shizuku-san?
  222. Yachiyo: Before we met...
  223. Yachiyo: you were talking to someone else...
  224. Yachiyo: What relationship do you have with that magical girl?
  225. Hozumi Shizuku: ...She... wants me to join their group...
  226. Hozumi Shizuku: However... I'm not sure what their plans are.
  227. Hozumi Shizuku: If you want information, I know nothing.
  228. Hozumi Shizuku: ...I have the ability to "connect spaces".
  229. Hozumi Shizuku: That person is aware of it.
  230. Hozumi Shizuku: Sometimes they want me to work for them.
  231. Yachiyo: What kind of work?
  232. Hozumi Shizuku: They want me to connect certain places together.
  233. Hozumi Shizuku: That is what I do.
  234. Hozumi Shizuku: I receive an assignment, I connect the places...
  235. Hozumi Shizuku: And I get money as compensation.
  236. Yachiyo: "Connect spaces"... Why are they doing that...
  237. Hozumi Shizuku: Even I don't know what they intend to do...
  238. Hozumi Shizuku: As part of the arrangement, I never ask the details.
  239. Yachiyo: Sounds suspicious...
  240. Yachiyo: That's cause for concern.
  241. Yachiyo: You shouldn't let people you don't know use a power like that.
  242. Yachiyo: If your actions...
  243. Yachiyo: end up causing a disaster...
  244. Yachiyo: What will you do then?
  245. Yachiyo: If you aren't prepared to take responsibility for your actions, you'd do well to terminate your involvement with them.
  246. Hozumi Shizuku: ...
  247. Hozumi Shizuku: ...I need the money... so I can find "the place where I belong"...
  248. Yachiyo: "The place where you belong"...?
  249. Hozumi Shizuku: Always... The place I'll always yearn for...
  250. Hozumi Shizuku: The right place to be, you know...
  251. Hozumi Shizuku: I believe... I can find peace of mind... in "the place where I belong"...
  252. Iroha: In... "the place where you belong"...
  253. Hozumi Shizuku: That's why I will not terminate my involvement with them.
  254. Yachiyo: I see...
  255. Iroha: Yachiyo... san...!
  256. Yachiyo: !
  257. Iroha: Um... Uh... We could... keep talking at our house...
  258. Yachiyo: Our house?
  259. Iroha: Shizuku-san...! I'd like to invite you to our house...!
  260. Yachiyo: Iroha...
  262. ---------------------
  264. Yachiyo: If the number of people keeps increasing, it's going to start feeling a little cramped in here.
  265. Hozumi Shizuku: Pardon my intrusion.
  266. Felicia: Welco... Who is this girl?
  267. Sana: Welcome back. A-Are you a guest...?
  268. Yachiyo: If you want to know someone's name, you have to introduce yourself first.
  269. Felicia: Yes, yes...
  270. Felicia: I'm Felicia. And you?
  271. Hozumi Shizuku: I'm Hozu...
  272. Tsuruno: She's Hozumi Shizuku-chan! We've invited her to have dinner with us!
  273. Felicia: Hmmmm.
  274. Yachiyo: Forgive her, she's got the manners of a child.
  275. Hozumi Shizuku: It's fine...
  277. Hozumi Shizuku: Can I open the drawers? Which plates do you normally use?
  278. Yachiyo: You are a guest here. You don't need to help out.
  279. Hozumi Shizuku: I see... I'm sorry.
  281. Felicia: Why are watching this drama, you've seen this already.
  282. Tsuruno: I want to see it one more time!
  283. Felicia: Are you so stupid you need to see it twice to understand it?
  284. Tsuruno: What was that!?
  286. Yachiyo: ...Well, it can be hard to relax over there.
  287. Hozumi Shizuku: It's fine...
  288. Yachiyo: If only they were all like you, Shizuku-chan.
  289. Hozumi Shizuku: ...
  291. Tsuruno: Thanks for the fooood!!
  292. Sana: Thanks for the food.
  293. Felicia: A hot pot agaaaain...
  294. Yachiyo: Don't eat it if you're going to complain.
  295. Felicia: Fine, I'll eat, I'm eating.
  296. Iroha: S-Sorry... I was the one who told her that we should make a hot pot today...
  297. Yachiyo: We have nothing to apologize for.
  298. Sana: W-Wow...! I love hot pots...!
  299. Iroha: I love... eating warm food with everyone...
  300. Iroha: I feel like... I'm making progress finding "the place where I can belong"...
  301. Sana: A "place where you can belong"...?
  302. Yachiyo: (Iroha...)
  303. Iroha: ...
  304. Hozumi Shizuku: ...
  305. Hozumi Shizuku: Thanks.
  306. Hozumi Shizuku: ...It's warm.
  307. Hozumi Shizuku: It's delicious.
  308. Iroha: ...!
  310. Tsuruno: I've eaten aaall I can eat! My stomach can't handle anymoooore...!
  311. Sana: Well... if you eat that much...
  312. Iroha: Um... Shizuku-san...
  313. Iroha: If it's okay with you... Would you like to stay the night...?
  314. Hozumi Shizuku: ...Eh?
  315. Yachiyo: Aren't your parents going to be worried?
  316. Iroha: Right...!
  317. Iroha: That's true...
  318. Hozumi Shizuku: ...They won't be.
  319. Iroha: ...Eh?
  320. Hozumi Shizuku: Even if I don't return, they won't be.
  321. Hozumi Shizuku: Even if I return late at night, even if I return the next day...
  322. Hozumi Shizuku: They don't say anything to me anymore...
  323. Sana: ...
  324. Yachiyo: Alright, so be it. Do you want some pyjamas?
  325. Iroha: ! Eheheh...!
  326. Hozumi Shizuku: Eh... Ah, yes...
  328. ---------------------
  330. Hozumi Shizuku: Excuse me...
  331. Yachiyo: Don't worry.
  333. Tsuruno: Eh~... We don't have any more graaaapes...
  334. Tsuruno: ...What, Feliciaaa! Why did you eat all the grapes on your own?!
  336. Felicia: I've been eating ice-cream and I had permission to do it.
  337. Sana: (W-What should I do...! I ate some of the grapes, too...)
  338. Tsuruno: You usually eat all my grapes, Felicia.
  339. Tsuruno: The grapes always disappear so fast!
  340. Iroha: O-Okay, okay...! I'll go shopping again tomorrow...!
  341. Iroha: Should I buy some ice-cream while I'm at it? Hm?
  342. Tsuruno: No! I won't allow that!
  343. Tsuruno: I didn't get to eat any grapes.
  344. Tsuruno: So Felicia's gonna have to deal with my frustration!
  345. Felicia: Shut uuup.
  346. Felicia: If you wanna fight, let's do it after eating.
  347. Felicia: My ice-cream is melting.
  348. Tsuruno: What?! So it was you...!
  349. Sana: I-I'm sorry! Tsuruno-san...!!
  350. Tsuruno: What?! Why are you apologizing...?
  352. Yachiyo: Sorry you have to deal with this... It's so noisy inside.
  353. Hozumi Shizuku: ...This... is like a family...
  354. Yachiyo: ...
  355. Yachiyo: You're right, I do think we are like a family.
  356. Hozumi Shizuku: ...
  357. Yachiyo: You're a magical girl, so surely you understand how it is?
  358. Yachiyo: Our lives are always at risk...
  359. Yachiyo: So we cooperate together, we nestle together...
  360. Yachiyo: That's the only way to live.
  361. Yachiyo: By sharing our loneliness with one another.
  362. Yachiyo: Just like how all magical girls share the same fate.
  363. Hozumi Shizuku: (A shared... fate...)
  364. Hozumi Shizuku: (Magical girls...)
  365. Hozumi Shizuku: (We share a common fate... I guess that means... we will all...)
  366. Yachiyo: That's what I think, at any rate...
  367. Yachiyo: Iroha must think the same, seeing as how she invited you to our house.
  369. Iroha: Tsuruno-chaaan...! You'll come with me! Yes?
  371. Hozumi Shizuku: ...
  373. Tsuruno: Ah! Right, right!
  374. Tsuruno: We can buy some really cheap energy bars tomorrow!
  375. Tsuruno: It's decided! We'll buy that, yes?!
  376. Felicia: Energy bars... But those aren't grapes.
  377. Tsuruno: I am done with grapes!! Because you always eat them all, Felicia!
  378. Sana: I-I'm so sorry...!
  379. Tsuruno: Seriously, why...
  380. Iroha: W-Well, energy bars sound good! Right?
  382. Hozumi Shizuku: For these kids... this is "the place where they belong"...
  383. Yachiyo: ...
  384. Yachiyo: I just wish they weren't so noisy.
  385. Yachiyo: You can stay as long as you want.
  386. Hozumi Shizuku: Yachiyo-san...
  388. Hozumi Shizuku: I've been looking for "the place where I belong" for so long.... I wonder if this is it...
  390. -----------------------------------------------------
  391. Part 3: My Journey Continues
  392. -----------------------------------------------------
  394. Hozumi Shizuku: (Is it "here"... ...Is it "this house"?)
  395. Hozumi Shizuku: (No...)
  396. Hozumi Shizuku: (Iroha-chan, Tsuruno-san...)
  397. Hozumi Shizuku: (Felicia-chan, Sana-chan and Yachiyo-san...)
  398. Hozumi Shizuku: (This is "the place where *they* belong".)
  399. Hozumi Shizuku: (They rely on each other here.)
  400. Hozumi Shizuku: (But "the place where *I* belong"... was located beside someone important to me... wasn't it...?)
  402. Fuunii: ...I'm glad... Now... I can... rest in peace...
  403. Fuunii: ...I... finally found... Shizu... Thank you...
  405. Fuunii: "I finally found the place where I belong."
  406. Fuunii: "Shizuku, thank you. Now I can rest in peace."
  408. Hozumi Shizuku: (Ahhhh!! Fuunii's "place where he belonged"...)
  409. Hozumi Shizuku: It was... with me...?
  410. Hozumi Shizuku: Ah...! ...Ah... *sob*...
  412. Hozumi Shizuku: Ahh, after all this time, I finally understand.
  413. Hozumi Shizuku: I understand the meaning of your last words.
  415. ???: Yes, here is today's payment.
  416. Hozumi Shizuku: Thanks. Later.
  417. ???: What about the next assignment? Are you not interested in more?
  418. Hozumi Shizuku: ...What...
  419. Hozumi Shizuku: What exactly are you doing with my power?
  420. ???: What did you say? We had an agreement that you wouldn't ask questions.
  421. ???: Well, at least you're one of our partners...
  422. Hozumi Shizuku: It's fine if you can't tell me.
  423. ???: ...Why's that?
  424. Hozumi Shizuku: Because I won't be in contact with you any longer...
  425. ???: What? Do you no longer have a motive to do this?
  426. Hozumi Shizuku: ...Something like that.
  427. Hozumi Shizuku: I... am terminating my involvement with you.
  429. Hozumi Shizuku: Fuunii, I wonder if I'll ever find my own "place where I belong".
  430. Hozumi Shizuku: Just like you found your "place where you belong" with me...
  431. Hozumi Shizuku: I wonder if I can stay here...
  433. ---------------------
  435. Hozumi Shizuku: I'm... home...
  436. Hozumi Shizuku: (Nobody... is here...? ...I guess they must have gone out...)
  438. Hozumi Shizuku: (...They are not home yet...)
  440. Hozumi Shizuku: Their dishes are arranged neatly in the cupboard.
  441. Hozumi Shizuku: Large flat plates. Small deep plates. There are five of each type placed with care.
  443. Hozumi Shizuku: There are five toothbrushes next to the bathroom sink, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
  445. Hozumi Shizuku: There are five people in a picture on top of a cabinet.
  447. Hozumi Shizuku: In the entrance, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom.
  448. Hozumi Shizuku: The proof of the bonds that these five people have formed over time is everywhere. This house is overflowing with care.
  449. Hozumi Shizuku: "I'm home." "Welcome back." I will reply without hesitation, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
  451. ???: ...! ...! ...? ...!!
  452. Hozumi Shizuku: ...!
  453. Hozumi Shizuku: Maybe they are back.
  455. Tsuruno: Oh, yeees! We'll be eating meat after such a long time!
  456. Yachiyo: You didn't know? I guess you didn't ask.
  457. Yachiyo: It's a special treat just for today, understand?
  458. Tsuruno: Yeees!
  459. Sana: Heheh... Tsuruno-san behaves like a kid...!
  460. Tsuruno: Ah! Now, why would you think that?!
  461. Tsuruno: You must think I'm stupid!
  462. Sana: Eh?!
  463. Iroha: Hey, Tsuruno-chan...!
  464. Felicia: Well, we just think you're really stupid.
  465. Tsuruno: What was that?!
  466. Tsuruno: I've got the best grades in my class, you know!
  467. Felicia: You're still kinda stupid.
  468. Felicia: Like your mental age is kinda low.
  469. Tsuruno: Huuuuh?!
  470. Tsuruno: Someone who's 5 years younger than me can't be saying that!
  471. Yachiyo: Enough!
  472. Yachiyo: You fight like this every single time we go out!
  473. Yachiyo: Jeez... These childish quarrels are so exhausting.
  474. Yachiyo: Don't you agree?
  475. Iroha: Eh?! Ahhh! Ahahah...
  477. ???: ...! ...! ...? ...!!
  478. Hozumi Shizuku: ...
  480. Hozumi Shizuku: They're not rejecting me, but...
  481. Hozumi Shizuku: I see now. The "place where they belong" is not my own. Just like I thought.
  482. Hozumi Shizuku: Five dishes, five toothbrushes, five slippers. If that number increases to six, it's going to start feeling a little cramped in here.
  484. Hozumi Shizuku: ...So pardon my intrusion.
  486. Hozumi Shizuku: And goodbye.
  488. ---------------------
  490. Yachiyo: I wonder if we bought too much. We already had a cake.
  491. Tsuruno: Is that sooo...! I can eat it, if you want?
  492. Yachiyo: It's not for you, it's for Shizuku-chan.
  493. Yachiyo: Did you know about that?
  494. Tsuruno: I did know about that.
  495. Sana: Ah, I...! I'd like to... take care of the decorations...!
  496. Tsuruno: Niiice! Yes! It'll be the strongest welcome party!
  497. Felicia: Only an elementary school student could get excited over that.
  498. Sana: Um...!
  499. Tsuruno: Heeey! A party is a party!
  500. Yachiyo: Ah. Hey, Iroha.
  501. Yachiyo: Those new dishes over there.
  502. Yachiyo: Make sure you leave them somewhere where Tsuruno can't break them, okay?
  503. Iroha: Ah, okay!
  504. Tsuruno: "Okay", you say! I won't break anything!
  505. Iroha: Ahahah...
  506. Iroha: We have hide them anyway... They're a gift, you know.
  507. Sana: I did my best to wrap them up...
  508. Yachiyo: Well, you could leave them in my room's closet?
  509. Iroha: Yes! I don't think she'll see them there!
  510. Iroha: Okay...!
  511. Iroha: Shall we finish making dinner while Shizuku-chan is out?
  512. Sana: Yup...! We should...!
  513. Yachiyo: Tsuruno, Felicia, you help out, too.
  514. Tsuruno: Alright! Let's get things readyyy!
  515. Felicia: *sigh*, I have no choice.
  517. Tsuruno: Riiight, then let's get starteeed...
  518. Tsuruno: Why does this all look so tasty...!
  519. Felicia: I'm gonna die of hunger...
  520. Yachiyo: We can't start until the party girl arrives.
  521. Sana: Yes, I agree...! (*growl~...*)
  522. Sana: (*gasp...!*)
  523. Tsuruno: ... Hey~!
  524. Sana: U-Um...
  525. Iroha: J-Just a little longer! Let's wait a little longer! Okay?
  526. Yachiyo: ...Yes, but... it's late, right...
  527. Iroha: Yep...
  528. Yachiyo: (Somehow... I feel like that girl is in constant danger.)
  529. Yachiyo: (Like she'll disappear the moment you take your eyes off her...)
  530. Yachiyo: ...Well, perhaps she is not coming back...
  531. Sana: ...Eh?
  532. Felicia: ...
  533. Yachiyo: To be honest, I should have seen it coming...
  534. Iroha: But... Shizuku-chan... Why...
  536. ---------------------
  538. ???: Sorry for this being so sudden. Yes, here is today's payment.
  539. Hozumi Shizuku: ...Thanks.
  540. ???: Later.
  541. Hozumi Shizuku: The next...!
  542. Hozumi Shizuku: The next... assignment...?
  543. ???: ...I thought you no longer had a motive to do this?
  544. Hozumi Shizuku: ...
  545. Hozumi Shizuku: Their picture was complete... with 5 people there...
  546. Hozumi Shizuku: It's like I thought... I have to continue.
  547. Hozumi Shizuku: Both this work, and searching for "the place where I belong".
  548. ???: What does that even mean? Do you happen to write poetry or something? ...Well, so be it.
  549. ???: We greatly appreciate your continued service.
  550. Hozumi Shizuku: ...
  551. ???: Unfortunately, we haven't decided what the next assignment will be.
  552. ???: When the time comes, I will contact you again.
  553. Hozumi Shizuku: I understand.
  554. ???: Well, later.
  556. Hozumi Shizuku: Yachiyo-san, I am sorry.
  557. Hozumi Shizuku: My actions will end up causing a disaster.
  558. Hozumi Shizuku: Yet I'm not prepared to take responsibility for them.
  559. Hozumi Shizuku: Even now I keep walking on unstable ground, all on my own.
  560. Hozumi Shizuku: So I'm not prepared.
  562. Hozumi Shizuku: I wonder if I'll find it someday... My solid ground, "my place where I belong".
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