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  1. __`Rules for the Discord and/or Twitch Rolls:`__ :notepad_spiral:
  3. > » No __`back to back`__ wins.
  4. > » No more than __`two item wins`__ per event. Chests, free bets, etc. do not apply.
  5. > » No __`holding of items`__, meaning if the Discord winner isn't present to collect and trade for the item they won, they will be __**`REROLLED`**__.
  6. > » You have approximately __`30 seconds`__ to __`respond`__ and __`trade`__ the drop party host for your item. Any longer and the host has the right to__**`REROLL`**__ you.
  7. > » During larger drop parties, you must __`respond`__ to your Discord PM's or you will be __**`REROLLED`**__.
  8. > » Any __`unwanted spam`__ or __`disrespect`__ towards the host or anyone else during the drop party will **NOT** be tolerated and you will be punished. __**`REROLL/MUTE/BAN`**__. :ban~1:
  10. Enjoy your stay at King of Stakes! :kingofstakes:
  11. :glhf:
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