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RG4's Guide to RnD

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Jun 29th, 2014
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  1. Research literally is one of the easiest sciences to do next to robotics, simplest in the complexity but important in the grand scheme. Of course this guide lists certain items that help but this user might as well define what I would call the "Blitz Tactic."
  3. This is useful for blob rounds or generally if you wanna upgrade Telescience,Robotics,Genetics and the Med-Bay. Now people would claim this is a shitty way to do or a crutch, but the fact that it works speaks otherwise giving them no room to speak.
  5. So what you want to to do is make 3 Exosuit syringe guns, these gives a variety of research levels including Materials,Biological,Electromagnetic, and Data theory. Materials is usually the most important probably the most worth while, after that provided your the Research Director or they give you the Intellicard which will boost you to Materials 5 so you can begin making Pico manipulators and Super Maters Bins. These are essential as they cut down on material usage for anything and increase the speed for all machines like Cloning,Exosuit fabricators,sleepers, so forth. Now you can actually upgrade the Deconstructive analyzer which a Pico,Advanced scanning module, and how powered micro laser; upgrading these will actually increase the chance at RDing it. Now once you got your machines' material usage down it time to start crackin, now RD a wrench and welding gasmask for engineering 3 then a Exosuit Fabricator board for Engineering 4, for what ever reason Engineering research boost the chances at RDing shit so get it fairly high if your a badass mother fucker. After you RD that you can make an SMES board these grant power manipulation 5 and Engineering 5 granting you level 6's after you finish RDing them, after you reach those decon a Pico and SMB(Super Matter Bine) and you'll get materials 6, no miners need here! Now you're gonna ask "How do I get to materials 7 without the miners here to help me!" need no worry there is an easy way to do this and it's simple, being the Research Director helps you out even more when you know this. The high risk boards in the AI Upload chamber have materials 6 research on them and deconning them will grant you level 7 materials without ever needing mining or nuking precious minerals you desperately need. So after all of that you should have your research levels looking like this: Materials - 7,Engineering - 6, Power Manipulation - 6, Plasma - 1, Blue Space - 1, Biological - 5, Combat - 1, EM - 5, Data Theory - 5, and Illegal 1. Now if you want to upgrade Combat,Plasma, and Bluespace, those are a lot simpler and easier than anything else. Combat can be done by RDing a toolbox,flamethrower, or any weapon on the station, when you hit Combat level 2 you'll gain access to Gygax and Durand boards basically allowing you to hit combat level 5 in two to three board decons. Plasma is useful in the sense you can gain portable chemboards reducing your need to visit chemistry and robotics from crying without acid to make boards. Now to get plasma RD you decon 2 pieces of plasma or a flamethrower and plasma sheet to get to level 3 enough for anyone and doesn't have a use after that really.
  7. But basically there you have it, a simplish guide to actually getting RD levels without being a slow shit head or just plain bad.
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