Mirror, mirror.

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  1. >You’d been here in Ponyville for about a week.
  2. >The initial hubbub caused by your arrival still hadn’t quite died down, but after a visit from three princesses, a stint in a small cell, and interrogations and interviews, you’d been deemed “safe, but under surveillance.”
  3. >That amount of princesses in one place was a little weird, but no weirder than the talking colourful horses.
  4. >You’d been given a small shack to yourself, and had slowly been filling it with the necessities.
  5. >Because of your status as a ‘visiting alien’, you had a weird sort of diplomatic immunity, and had been given an allowance you were permitted to spend. If you spent over it, you were shit outta luck.
  6. >It wasn’t proving to be too much of a problem, though.
  7. >You’d gotten a sofa, some chairs, table, food. The house had all the amenities you’d come to expect from these ponies, and you were out buying toiletries.
  8. >Toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, and you needed a mirror. For some reason the house didn’t have any mirrors at all. Even stranger, all the mirrors you’d seen had curtains on them. You kind of assumed ponies were sensitive about seeing themselves do their business. You knew some people who couldn’t handle it, but everywhere? It was a little off-putting.
  9. >It wasn’t really going to be a problem, but the mirrors in the shop were in a separate room all by themselves labeled “Mirrors”, and literally every single one had drawn curtains.
  10. >Also, the door to the room was locked, and you had to get the shopkeeper to open it for you. He stayed with you while you were browsing the entire time, then locked the door when you were done.
  11. >It was really kind of fucked up.
  12. >Was there some kind of taboo about mirrors here? Like showing the soles of your shoes in some countries? Was it rude?
  13. >Whatever.
  14. >You brought it all home, hung the mirror up in your bathroom over the sink, and made dinner.
  16. >You were expecting the princess of friendship, Twilight Sparkle, to come by for a brief visit sometime tonight. She was going to make sure to come by every single day to ensure you weren’t a danger to the ponies in town, and to make sure that you were making every effort to make friends while you were here.
  17. >She insisted it was important for “everypony to have a friend”, and she likely hoped to be one of yours.
  18. >She also could barely stand not being able to research you constantly.
  19. >Quite a scientist, that one. It made you wonder why she was a magical fairy tale princess if she loved the scientific method that much.
  20. >Sure enough, later that night, shortly after dark, the princess herself showed up, swooping in and rapping on your door.
  21. >You let her in, and poured her a cup of tea.
  22. >You’d quickly learned how much these ponies enjoyed their tea time. You could swear they were British. You enjoyed tea as much as the next guy, but these ponies took it further than you were used to.
  23. >You chatted amiably for a while, you telling her stories about home and answering questions, and she asking you about what ponies you’d met today, and how things were going.
  24. >You didn’t bring up the mirrors, but when it was nearly time for her to go, she excused herself to go to the “mares room”.
  25. >As soon as she stepped inside your bathroom, she shrieked!
  26. >”Ahhhh! Anon! What is this?!” She screeched.
  27. >You jumped to your feet and scrambled into the bathroom, looking for some sort of animal scrabbling about in the tub, or a snake having come up out of the toilet or something. Instead, Twilight was pressed up against a corner, her hoof pointing at the mirror, which you had left uncovered.
  29. “What is what, Princess?” You asked, confusion plain on your face.
  30. >She looked at you in fear, then confusion herself, then understanding.
  31. >She gingerly scooted out of the bathroom, pushing you backward, herding you out of the bathroom.
  32. She locked the door from the inside, then pushed a chair under the door handle, jiggling it to make sure it was solidly in place.
  33. >Once she was satisfied it was securely stuck under there, she sighed in relief, and pulled you away from the bathroom door.
  34. “Princess, what on earth-?” You began, but she cut you off.
  35. >”Okay, Anon, I understand you’re from another world, so I will forgive you for almost getting me killed.” Twilight began.
  36. >Your eyes bugged out of your head.
  37. “The fuck? Killed? By what?” You splutter.
  38. >The look on Twilight’s face shut you up. She was dead fucking serious. This was the face she’d had on when she had restrained you upon first arriving here, and when she found out you were an omnivore. This was the face of a mare who could kill you if you made a single wrong move.
  39. >You shut up right quick.
  40. >”Equestria is a land of rules, Anon. A lot of those rules are in place for very good reasons. One of those is that a house with a mirror in it must keep that mirror covered when not in use, and especially at night.” She explained.
  41. >You nod, confused, but listening.
  42. >”If a mirror is left uncovered and alone, some ‘thing’ will come out of it. During the day, it’s not dangerous, and it cannot leave the building it’s in.” Her eyes turn steely and she looks you directly in yours. “At NIGHT, it is VERY dangerous, and if it is seen by anypony, it will kill them, or take them.”
  43. “Take them, where?” You ask.
  44. >Twilight looks you in the eye, and her gaze goes to the bathroom door pointedly.
  46. “Huh. Seriously? That’s awfully frightening.” You said.
  47. >”It’s not just frightening, Anon, it’s dangerous!” Twilight shouts. “In fact, I really think you should come home with me for the night.”
  48. “But why? Can’t I just wait for the sun to come up? It’s locked in there, right?” You said, pointing at the bathroom door.
  49. >Twilight rolls her eyes, but starts moving to the door.
  50. >”Look, Anon, I’m a magical prodigy, okay? Protégé to Princess Celestia herself, and newest Alicorn in Equestria. Princess CELESTIA keeps her mirrors covered. Notice I said ‘something’ comes out?” Twilight says, emphasizing the word pointedly.
  51. >You nod yes. You noticed.
  52. >”Researchers for centuries have tried to study it, and almost all of them disappeared, died, or stopped trying.” Twilight said, stamping a hoof. “The only reason we even know they come out during the day is because a blind professor by the name of Second Sight tested a theory that it reacts to being seen, coming out of mirrors as they do.”
  53. “That’s awfully clever.” You say, nodding.
  54. >”That’s what he thought as well. They don’t come out when a pony is looking directly into the mirror because they don’t like being seen, so he left it open during the day, and waited, recording his voice into a sound crystal, explaining what he heard.”
  55. “And?” You urge.
  56. >”I’m getting there! We have a recording that’s mostly blank, just regular checks by the professor every five minutes. After several hours, he says he heard something. He describes a creature that must be significantly smaller than a pony due to the weight of the steps it takes, and the feeling of it’s breath.”
  57. “Oh shit.” You said.
  58. >Twilight nods. “Nothing happens for some time, and he even describes it touching him. Sadly, while he sat in the locked room, waiting for it to leave, it never did. He knew night was coming, but once he stood up, it suddenly ends, and he was never seen again.”
  60. “So, all that was found was this crystal recorder thing?” You ask, with a crooked grin on your face.
  61. >Twilight nods, her face grim.
  62. “And no one thinks the blind pony got attacked by anything else? Like somebody, er… somepony sneaking into his house?” You said.
  63. >Twilight gives you a look, like she couldn’t believe anyone could be this stupid.
  64. >”No, Anon. We’ve had years to pore over this most recent foray into studying whatever it is behind the mirror, and we thought of that exact eventuality. Now, I don’t want to discuss this any longer with your mirror uncovered at night. I’m leaving, and I highly suggest you come with me! Please!” Twilight said, urgency in her voice.
  65. “Fine, fine. I’ll come if it’ll make you feel better.” You agree, sighing.
  66. >Twilight pushes you out the door, giving backward looks at your bathroom until you were out of the building and on your way.
  67. “Ah shit, I forgot my toothbrush, just a sec.” You say, making to move back to your house.
  68. >”ANON NO!” Twilight yells.
  69. >You laugh and turn back around, slapping your knee as you chuckle at Twilight’s reaction, your mirth dying as you see the anger on her face.
  70. “It was supposed to be a joke.” You said, at least a little contrite.
  71. >”Well it wasn’t funny!” Twilight said, snubbing you as she walked back to her castle.
  72. “Sorry, I just don’t know how seriously to take all this. At first I thought it was a joke. Nothing bad comes out of our mirrors back home.” You explained.
  73. >”So you decide to just dismiss our concerns?” Twilight said.
  74. “I thought you were just embarrassed to watch yourselves do the business.” You said.
  75. >”No. It is a very real concern, and one that even Celestia herself takes seriously, so I suggest you do so as well.” Twilight said.
  76. >You enter the castle and Twilight leads you to the room you’d stayed in during your first couple days.
  78. >”Now, sleep well Anon. I’ll come with you tomorrow to check your house during the day, but the thing returns to the mirror during the day. You know sometimes when you swear you saw something out of the corner of your eye, but then you look and it’s gone?” She said.
  79. “Yeah, phantoms.” You answer.
  80. >”That’s the thing. During the day it’s gone, because it fled into the mirror. During the night, it doesn’t go away, it moves from place to place instead, waiting for you to let down your guard, hiding in the darkness. The creak of a board, the ‘settling’ of the house? That’s the thing moving about.” She explained.
  81. >”If you hear something, then that’s the thing moving about.” She said.
  82. “Wait, that would mean it always comes out.” You say.
  83. >Twilight nods. “It does, but the mirror is where it takes ponies, and if it can’t take them through the mirror, you’re safe.”
  84. >You didn’t quite know what to make of that. It sounded like superstitious nonsense to you.
  85. >You’d known about pseudohallucinations for a while after you’d gotten older, and so far they’d proven to be nothing more than that.
  86. >”I’m going to bed, Anon. Don’t worry about your house, we’ll get it all fixed up tomorrow.” Twilight said, and left.
  87. >You lie there for a while, your mind whirling with thoughts about this nonsense, wondering if there was something to it after all. It /was/ a magical land of talking horses, flying princesses, and dragons. Even if Spike was a super lame dragon.
  88. >After a while, your curiosity got the better of you, and you pull yourself out of bed, heading to the nearest bathroom. You remembered the mirror in there, and you thought you’d check it out. After all, if Twilight thought shutting the door was enough, then you could just shut the door and she wouldn’t have to worry. No ‘pony’ would get hurt, and you could look at the mirror as much as you liked. Maybe the pony version of Bloody Mary was cute?
  90. >Anon made his way through the dark castle, the occasional shimmer from moonlight reflecting through the crystalline structure.
  91. >He arrived at the bathroom, made his way inside and shut the door, then reached out to the wall where he knew the mirror was.
  92. >Nothing.
  93. >He fumbled about, but could only find the small hook where the mirror was supposed to be.
  94. >Oh my god. Seriously, princess?
  95. >She was good at reading you though. Sure, your curiosity could potentially get you killed, but that was your prerogative wasn’t it?
  96. >You sigh, then turn to go, and jump in alarm at the dark shape in the doorway.
  97. “Gah-hah! What the fuck?! Get the fuck away from me!” You yell.
  98. >Twilight’s horn lights up, and she stomps in, scowling.
  99. >”You were going to open the blinds on the mirror, weren’t you?” Twilight said accusingly.
  100. “No!” You retort without thinking.
  101. >”Yes you were! You wouldn’t be sighing at the blank spot on the wall if all you needed to do was use the bathroom! I told you not to go looking for your own safety, but I knew you’d let your curiosity get the better of you!” She rants, turning in a small circle. “And in MY castle no less, immediately after my warning! That’s twice in one night you’ve almost gotten me killed, Anon.” She looks at you with hurt clear on her face.
  102. >Geeze, you really fucked up. She’s scared, worried, and more than a little mad.
  103. “Princess… I-“ You start.
  104. >”Go home, Anon.” Twilight says.
  105. “…what?” You say, looking at her.
  106. >”Go home.” She says again, looking at you.
  107. “What, now?!” You ask, not sure if you heard right.
  108. >”You have willingly put myself and Spike in danger in addition to yourself. If I had not had the foresight to remove the mirrors, we would all have been killed, taken, or worse. If you were a pony, I would have you arrested for attempted ponyslaughter.”
  110. “It’s the middle of the night!” You say incredulously.
  111. “Yes it is.” Twilight says, her eyes narrowed menacingly. She moved closer to you, looking up at you with her brows furrowed. “And guess who left their mirror at home uncovered? You’ll either learn a lesson, or I won’t see you again. This is not a joke. Good luck Anon.” Twilight turned away, fluffed her wings, and left the room, walking back to her quarters.
  112. >You really fuck up there.
  113. >She’s super serious about this whole thing.
  114. >’Attempted ponyslaughter’. Hoo-ee. That’s damn serious. She really wasn’t kidding.
  115. >You get your things, and as you make your way out of the castle, you turn around to look and receive a bit of a start as you see a dark shape down the hall watching you go.
  116. >Twilight’s horn lights up and opens the castle door for you, then slams it behind you as you leave, narrowly missing your ass.
  117. >You trudge home in the dark. Ponyville was mostly empty at this time except for a couple revelers, a drunk pony lying on a bench with bottles all around her, and that klutzy grey flyer whirling about in the air.
  118. >You see your house in the distance, out of range of the lamps that light up the rest of the town, and you feel a chill up your back as you get nearer.
  119. >The seriousness with which Twilight takes this whole thing had really gotten to you.
  120. >Sure, magic was everywhere in this place, so it would only make sense that there’s bad magic too, right?
  121. >Dangerous magic, monsters, maybe even zombies?
  122. >Some of that would be kinda neat, but having slenderman be real? That’d be pretty fucked up.
  123. >Images of all the horror monsters you knew started flashing through your mind the closer you got, and by the time you were about a dozen feet away, you’d gotten yourself pretty worked up.
  125. >You see something move out of the corner of your eye and you whirl toward it, Twilight’s talk about pseudohallucinations coming back full-force.
  126. >A single bearded pony trots by on the dirt path, a silly grin on his face as he carries a box to wherever it was he was going.
  127. >You breathe out a long sigh of relief, and turn back toward your house.
  128. >Something in the window shifts away into the darkness and your sigh of relief catches in your throat.
  129. >Pseudohallucinations, right?
  130. >Right?
  131. >You slowly walk closer to your house, hunched over, trying to see better. You really wish you had a flashlight or lantern or something.
  132. >You get closer to the glass of the window, peering into the darkness. The moon was out, and it was a rather bright night, but indoors there was no light at all. You didn’t leave anything on in your home because you hadn’t expected to come back until the next day.
  133. >You get another pseudohallucination, something seeming to shift in the shadows again.
  134. >You hear wings flapping behind you and you turn as a bird suddenly takes off somewhere behind you in the dark.
  135. >Ah geeze. You’re getting way too worked up. Half of what you’re so worried about is likely in your head, and the other half was caused by Twilight’s fuss about the mirror.
  136. >Surely there wasn’t anything to it, right?
  137. >So far the two sightings of things out of the corner of your eye were an actual pony and a bird.
  138. >You squint as you peer through the window, trying to see better.
  139. >Couch. Coffee table. Actual table. Kitchen appliances. Chair propped against bathroom door.
  140. >Chair propped against bathroom door!
  141. >It was still in place!
  142. >That meant that whatever Twilight was so worried about wasn’t actually happening!
  143. >You chuckle to yourself and open the door, walking inside bravely.
  144. >You still had that ‘horror movie’ itch between your shoulder blades, but that was just your overactive imagination.
  146. >The door swings shut behind you, and your eyes slowly begin to adjust to the thicker darkness of your house. You keep your head down to avoid any of the lower beams, and shuffle your way through the house to the short staircase and your bedroom.
  147. >You shut your bedroom door and kick off your shoes.
  148. >You pull off your coat, toss it onto the floor, then strip off your pants, shirt, and socks, then roll into the too-short bed.
  149. >You curl up and try to get to sleep, a little angry at Twilight for everything she’d said and done.
  150. >Sure, she was a princess and the ruler of this little section of Equestria, but geeze.
  151. >’Attempted ponyslaughter’
  152. >What the fuck, dude?
  153. >Despite being warm and in bed, you can’t quite fall asleep, as your mind is just racing a mile a minute thinking about that little exchange.
  154. >You roll over and blink into the darkness, trying to get yourself in the mood to actually sleep.
  155. >You stare vacantly into the darkness of your room as you try to wind down.
  156. >Pants.
  157. >Socks.
  158. >Coat.
  159. >Shoes.
  160. >Door open a crack.
  161. >…
  162. >Door open a crack?
  163. >You freeze.
  164. >You shut that.
  165. >You specifically remember shutting that.
  166. >Your thought process behind not brushing your teeth was that you were not in the mood to spook yourself any further by tempting pony Bloody Mary.
  167. >You don’t move anything except your eyes, that childlike fear of the boogeyman at night keeping you frozen in bed, not even daring to move the covers up over your head.
  168. >Why was the door cracked open? Did you remember incorrectly? Surely you were just mistaken.
  169. >You were too scared to move, but you didn’t want to look, yet you didn’t want to look away in case it moved further open like in horror movies.
  170. >You weren’t stupid, you knew how this worked. You were going to blink and then suddenly it was going to be closer to you.
  172. >You avoid blinking, but unfortunately for you, it wasn’t going to help this time.
  173. >You watch as the door slowly jerks further open, pushed by something. You can’t quite make out what it is yet, but you feel chills crawl up and down your spine as you realize you had completely fucked up.
  174. >What the fuck it was, it was real, and it was coming into your room, and Twilight was right, she was never going to see you again.
  175. >You finally see what it is, and you’re ashamed to admit that you pissed yourself.
  176. >You couldn’t see the ‘thing’, but you knew it was the one in charge.
  177. >The chair that had been blocking the bathroom was scooting into your room, completely silently, inch by horrible inch it scooted into your room, pushing your shoes to the side, bunching up your coat, and coming to a rest above your pants, with nobody in it.
  178. >It turned to face you in the dark, still silent, and you started shaking uncontrollably, fear taking complete hold of you.
  179. >Your eyes burned, leaking tears as you tried valiantly to hold them open, knowing that the moment you blinked, that would be the end.
  180. >The chair just sat there, empty and mocking.
  181. >You could feel your eyes drying out, and your body shook, legs twitching. It obviously knew you were there, but you couldn’t fathom what it wanted.
  182. >Finally, it was too much, and you blink.
  183. >The split second before your eyes close, you see a face, directly in front of yours, peering over the edge of the bed.
  184. >The last thing you hear, before your eyes never open again, was a harsh voice whispering; “Bloody Mary”.
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