Be the Change You Want to See in the World (Part 7)

Nov 2nd, 2013
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  1. “What are you talking about, Vinyl?” he asked, concern in his voice.
  2. You chicken out.
  4. “Never mind, it’s awkward,” you say.
  6. “I won’t tell anyone,” Skyline reassures.
  8. Your heart is pounding in your damn throat now, “I have feelings for you Skyline.”
  10. “Oh?” he asks, a smile creeping across his face.
  12. “Yeah...” you say, “but not just that, it’s more. I have no idea if this is at all socially acceptable to mention, but I’m in heat.”
  14. Skyline completes his smile, “Vinyl, I don’t care if you feel awkward, what you are saying takes a ton of courage. If it makes you feel better, I kinda liked you from the moment I first saw you. Although, it is usually the guy who must confess to the girl.”
  16. “Sorry,” you shift nervously.
  18. “Don’t be! You’re still getting used to this,” he says, walking around the table to nuzzle you. You raise a hoof and touch the side of his face, drawing him to face you. You can’t help it anymore, you move in, locking lips. He was amazing. He hugs you back, his strong muscles wrapping around you. You felt safe and loved in his arms. You didn’t give a shit that you used to be a guy, because right now, you were female, and it wasn’t so bad.
  20. The two of you nuzzle into each other, his soft fur rubbing against yours. The pegasus lifted you in his forelegs and rose from the ground. Literally the definition of sweeping you off your feet, or hooves, rather. He floated up the stairs, each beat of his wings matching your heart. He reaches the top, and places you on his bed.
  22. You look down at yourself. You are really going to do this. Flicking your blue tail aside, you spread your hind legs.
  24. “You want to?” Skyline asks hopefully.
  26. “Hell yeah,” you smirk.
  28. Skyline’s cock is beginning to grow, each circulation of blood expanding it. Soon, it is at an incredible size. At first you think it’s unnaturally massive, but then you realize this wasn’t a human cock, so of course it was different.
  30. He maneuvers the flat tipped penis towards you, standing on his hind legs. You expect it to feel cold, but his body temperature matches yours, and it feels like the two of you were the same. He plunges his member into your depths, forcing you to gasp in surprise as you lose your female virginity. You couldn’t think of a good way to describe it, but it was like having a hole that needed to be filled, and a dick wasn’t doing it. It was like an itch that needed scratching. You grind your hindquarters slightly into Skyline.
  32. “Want more?” he asks.
  34. Now, his thrusts are picking up speed as your vagina produces fluid. It lubricates you, allowing him to move in and out in a steady, satisfying rhythm. His warmth inside you feels so natural, and you can’t help but occasionally letting out a gasp as he trusts.
  36. You can feel sweat pour from Skyline. You decide to help him out.
  38. “Let’s switch,” you say. Skyline nods and lays on the bed. You jump up and straddle him, then lay your pussy over his dick. You become wet again from another orgasm as he penetrates you further. You raise yourself up and down, up and down. Suddenly, he jolts and his hips buck. You feel like screaming as a warm and comfortable sensation builds in you as Skyline empties himself into you.
  40. It seemed the itch was finally scratched. The two of you lay there in the afterglow. His dick seems to be getting softer, until it fully slides out of you and retreats into it’s fur sheath between his legs. You tip over on your back, white and clear fluids crawling from your genitals. That was incredible. You look over at Skyline, and he looks right back, both of you grinning stupidly.
  42. The two of you embrace again. He makes you feel cozy and safe, of course, but now you realize something; you want to be with him. Fuck being a human, you may have had years of experience walking on two legs, but these few days have been kind to you. You snuggle up against Skyline, his wings covering you comfortably. He is already fast asleep. Know what? Forget going home right now, you just want to be with your lover. You close your eyes and pass out.
  44. ***
  46. You awake, now in the middle of the woods. What? It’s still night, and the moonlight is casting blue light through the trees, as though shadows versus light had been inverted. It was quiet, with the exception of a small breeze rustling the leaves. It felt slightly cool, but your fur prevented any uncomfortable feelings you would have had. Yup, you were a pony in your dreams now too.
  48. Suddenly, it sounds like the leaves are moving stronger in one area. You spin and look to see a tall figure, another pony, emerge. It’s difficult to make out in the darkness, but you can clearly see both a horn and wings. There is only one pony that comes to mind.
  50. “Twilight?” you call out.
  52. The pony continues forward, stepping fully into the moonlight. No wonder it was difficult to make out, the pony was a deep blue, like the nights sky. A black crown adorned her head, and extravagant silver horseshoes covered her hooves. Everything about her screamed “Ruler.”
  54. “Celestia?” you call out this time.
  56. “No, young one, I am not my sister,” the pony chuckles with an incredibly smooth, feminine voice. You glance at her flank and see a cutie mark of a crescent moon.
  58. “Then who are you?” you ask, hoping you aren’t breaking any protocols you need to.
  60. “I am Princess Luna, pony.”
  62. “Why are you here?” you ask.
  64. “As Princess of the night I possess the ability to walk in the dreams of other ponies. I can tell you are finally getting adjusted to this life, and my sister and I decided it was time for you to understand.”
  66. “Understand what?” you inquire.
  68. Your vision brightens, and you find yourself looking over a vast expanse of territory, with settlements dotting the landscape, some larger than others. It’s like you are a flying camera, sweeping over the world.
  70. “We were a culture that spanned all of our world,” Luna said.
  72. Your vision picked up speed, flying over villages, towns cities, and kingdoms. There were ponies, gryphons, and many other species you couldn’t identify.
  74. “It was a great civilization.”
  76. Your vision brightened again, and reformed into ponies crowding open air markets, buying food and going about their daily lives. Your vision flashed again, and you were in another settlement. This one was much nicer, with ponies trotting along cobblestone streets, giving the impression of pure wealth.
  78. “But like all great civilizations, there came a sudden and dire turn of events.”
  80. Your vision flashed to a bird’s eye view of a mountainside city. It looked exactly like the capital of “Canterlot” from the books you read. Suddenly, lines of flame streaked across the sky. You couldn’t quite see where they landed, but there would be a loud crash, and smoke would pour from behind clusters of buildings.
  82. “We all died,” Luna said.
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