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  1. Last updated 5/22
  3. Unironically the first update of the year for this pastebin. Every guild is believed dead except Bully, Vidya and Motivated. Remaining guilds have tons of slots used up by people who quit that are just kept for their trophies, so all /vg/ guilds have space that can be made for you if the leader wants to.
  5. If your guild has disappeared from the list of active guilds, reply to OP saying so and I'll get you back in.
  7. Guilds are in order of listing date. If you can't find one of these guilds in the guild search, then they have been set to private/hidden to avoid random normie join requests and you need to ask in the thread. Giving a (You) to the OP will let guild leaders find you fairly easily just by looking at the top of the thread.
  9. You really shouldn't make any more guilds. If you do, though, post here and I'll add you when I get a chance.
  11. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  12. List of Guilds
  13. >NA West
  14. Vidya, Bully
  16. >NA East
  17. Motivated
  19. >EU
  20. No known active guilds
  22. >OCE
  23. No known active guilds
  25. >SA
  26. No known active guilds
  28. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  29. Guild Descriptions/Notes/Place to put the shilling. If a guild was announced with a message then it's been put here, otherwise your guild probably isn't here since the assumption is just "comfy gameplay with /ms2g/"
  31. >NA West
  32. Bully: "Laid back, no-requirements guild with all raids on farm. Ask for an invite if you play west, even casually. Guild discord is available but entirely optional. Guild also plays several mobage with a focus on Granblue Fantasy, Girls Frontline and Azur Lane."
  34. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  35. Fallen Guilds
  37. 5/22 Cull:
  38. EU: Comfy, Fug, No Fun Allowed
  39. OCE: Certified Traps
  40. SA: ATSM Squad
  41. NA EAST: Take It Easy, Yotsuba [Alt retirement home]
  43. Bad Touch: "Bad Touch disbanded. When it comes to socializing in crowds, I guess I just don't have the touch. This is BuffHardback on US West. Catch you Westfriends around." - >>231877335
  45. Europoor: Dead EU guild, everyone flew off to other guilds. Sitting at 1/30 and the leader has disappeared last time it was checked.
  47. 100 Rads Bar: "It is with a heavy heart that I announce that the guild 100 Rads Bar, of NA East, is being retired. Although the guild was short-lived, that brief time was filled much happiness, laughter, and comfy. Never before have I seen a group of people from this site display such a lack of faggotry, it makes me feel proud to have been at the head of this guild. I wish it didn't have to go down this way, but as with all things, time, and Nexon, have taken their toll, bringing the once bustling guild to its end. Thank you to the people that stuck with the guild for this long, and I wish you all good luck and success on your future maple endeavors. You can remove the guild from the OP now." - >>235688296
  49. Mother Base: "I asked before but you must've missed it. You can remove Mother Base from the OP. Mother Base is gone. Sunken to the bottom of the sea, and every night I'm reminded of the comrades we've lost. The anons we've lost. It won't stop hurting. Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
  51. I'm not big on goodbyes so could another anon make sure it gets passed along if he misses it again. Otherwise? Later friendos catch you around" - >>235842415
  53. Kaiju: Died. Had accusations of filling world chat and other debauchery, but still tried to make a hardcore NAWest guild.
  54. SendLewds: Confirmed dead and merged with another /ms2g/ guild.
  55. Holding Hands: RP guild. Active players moved to other guilds
  56. Tomodachi: Majority of Active players moved to other guilds
  58. [Massive 12/8 removal list. These guilds were formerly MIA, but are now assumed dead]
  59. CuteBoys: leader went missing, and only 2 or 3 anons from this guild are still playing
  60. Neets: Assumed dead after missing for a while
  61. rtards: Assumed dead after missing for a while
  62. Little Girl Club: Assumed dead after missing for a while
  63. Blue Whale: Assumed dead after missing for a while
  64. Omega Sector: Assumed dead after missing for a while
  65. Pantireido: Assumed dead after missing for a while
  66. Berserk: Leader quit without passing leadership. Everyone else that was active left the guild according to a few remaining anons.
  67. All-Out!!!: Assumed dead after missing for a while
  68. Syrup: Assumed dead after missing for a while
  70. NaCl [Hibernating/Temp. Dead]: "Hey guys. <NaCl> OCE leader here.
  71. The other leader ruined his hand and can't play anymore, and I'm pretty burned out too. The guild is dead, but it still exists. Maybe to be revived if this game gets more interesting in the future." - >>238549880
  73. 12/28:
  74. Yotsuba [Alt Retirement Home]:
  75. "Yotsuba is now a /vg/ guild for alts... I will still fort for the guild the next week if anyone is interest in having their alts join for personal buff access or whatever. I'm going to keep the guild application public. However, send me an PM and tell me who to add." - >>239196083
  77. DumbNEETs:
  78. "Guy that made DumbNEETs here
  79. Due to Yotsuba hosting alts now, there's not much of a point of my guild being listed on the pastebin anymore. I'm going to secretly keep it, but every other guild is better off joined at this point." - >>239218851
  81. 11/29:
  82. Imperial Guard, Prinny Squad:
  83. Guilds have been MIA for a long period, and a number of their members merged into Bully. Guilds are assumed dead.
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