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  1. Xinjiang is China's westernmost province. Home to the Uyghurs, a predominantly Muslim minority. Since the unification of China under Chairman Mao in 1949, the Uyghurs have waged a vicious and costly war against the CCP and the Chinese people that has resulted in thousands of deaths and millions of dollars worth of damage. President Xi, distraught by this destruction created reeducation camps in 2014 to bring education and civility to the region. This counter-terrorism strategy has yielded great results and should serve as a model for de-radicalisation and counter-terrorism around the world.                
  3. China has made excellent progress in the fight against violent extremism and terrorism in Xinjiang, especially compared to similar western efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Were the west imprisons China trains, were the west bombs China teaches and were the west kills China saves. Those brought to reeducation camps learn valuable skills tuition free. These skills allow them to contribute to society and earn themselves and their families an income. Something that many have never before experienced in their lives.
  5. Most importantly these programs seek to promote de-radicalisation in a peaceful and positive manner that contributes to society. Many Uyghurs testify as to the benefits that reeducation has provided them. With one woman telling the global times that “My father, who is influenced by extremism, said that by marrying this man, I can go to heaven,” This man was at the time 55 while she was just 15. Reeducation allowed her to escape this pedophilic nightmare. She now lives in a reeducation center were she trains to provide for herself and her family.
  7. Most importantly China's strategy delivers results. In the 33 months since the opening of reeducation facilities not one citizen has died as a result of terroism. China's efforts to confront terroism should be applauded not decried, for China has mounted the most effective anti terrosim campaign in history and should be applauded for that.
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