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  1. 00:57:19asciilifeform:anyone knows the story of a man called Anatoliy Golitsyn?
  2. 00:57:30mircea_popescu:are you aware the only reason the us army is not completely exterminated to the last man currently is that the chinese do not WANT to ?
  3. 00:57:45asciilifeform:he escaped from ussr and became chums with the famous james jesus angleton.
  4. 00:58:03mircea_popescu:guy that escaped to britain ?
  5. 00:58:04mircea_popescu:ya ok.
  6. 00:58:10asciilifeform:and he believed (and, afaik, still does, seems to be alive) that the ussr faked its death.
  7. 00:58:20asciilifeform:that it's sitting and waiting somewhere.
  8. 00:59:03KRS|Gotyawallet:thanks..gonna do some reading up on all that..i must say, some interesting times we are in.
  9. 00:59:03asciilifeform:he whispered in angleton's ear, and to anyone else who'd listen, that the collapse was a sham.
  10. 00:59:50asciilifeform:another guy, Nosenko, defected soon after, and told CIA that G was full of shit
  11. 00:59:51KRS|Gotyawallet:I'm sorry mircea_popescu, when you say "this" did you mean bitcoin or the situation with Iran and all that.
  12. 00:59:58jurov:what a fancy way to explain velvet revolution
  13. 01:00:04asciilifeform:whereupon angleton had N starved in a dungeon for a few years
  14. 01:00:09asciilifeform:so he'd 'confess'
  15. 01:00:41mircea_popescu:KRS|Gotyawallet in the food stamps context ? the stealing of people's money by the usg.
  16. 01:00:56KRS|Gotyawallet:ah ok.
  17. 01:01:09mircea_popescu:asciilifeform hard angle to sell for all the people that were offered to buy still workjing nuclear subs.
  18. 01:01:18asciilifeform:that came later.
  19. 01:01:22asciilifeform:after A was fired.
  20. 01:01:24mircea_popescu:so did it or didn't it ?
  21. 01:01:29KRS|Gotyawallet:anyone have word on cyprus? that was big news a while back and I was wondering if bitcoin was of help to them.
  22. 01:01:47asciilifeform:that isn't the point. the point that there are always people at a wake saying the corpse isn't one, until it starts to stink.
  23. 01:01:55mircea_popescu:and after.
  24. 01:02:00asciilifeform:sometimes even after.
  25. 01:02:06mircea_popescu:there are still people who figure germany had a decent shot in ww2.
  26. 01:02:36asciilifeform:there are people (i'm told, in sweden) who believe that nazis still run everything.
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