(FR) Comic Anon (B)

Nov 17th, 2012
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  1. >I watched Seinfeld last night, blame them
  2. >you are Comic Anon
  3. >you just got finished with a small set, but you felt you did real well
  4. >another comic comes up after you and outperforms you yet again
  5. >Fluttershy is there to cheer you up, though you weren't -that- depressed about it
  6. >bits are bits
  7. >she cops a feel while you're thinking about what went wrong
  8. >you still don't do anything when she starts going to town on your hot monkey dick
  9. >when she mounts it in the usual pony position you finally stand up
  10. >not losing her balance she manages to keep you buried in her floating along infront of you
  11. >Fluttershy's ass looked as if it were glued to your crotch and she was hanging there fluttering her wings to keep upright
  12. >you walk back home still oblivious to your new attachment
  13. >she gets off you when you two finally reach your sidewalk, but you don't even glance back at her as you walk up to your door
  14. >you stop just before opening it
  15. "No Fluttershy, being a bad comedian isn't my fetish either"
  16. >you walk inside and head straight to bed
  17. >before falling asleep you notice your dong hanging out and all wet
  18. >Fucking Pinkie Pie
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