Overworld Recruit

May 24th, 2018
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  1. There are 3 types of armies you can recruit
  3. --
  4. 1: Levy Army
  5. --
  6. You can raise a levy army. To do this, you must use an amount of population between 50-1000 from your available population. The amount of population you spend is also the base strength of this army(A 500 population army has 500 base strength)
  8. --
  9. 2: Elite Army
  10. --
  11. Elite armies only cost 60 population, but the amount of elite armies you can have is capped according to your nation's level
  12. Create an Elite army sheet:
  14. --
  15. 3: Siege army
  16. --
  17. Siege armies cost 200 population and 50,000 gold. Siege armies only have 200 strength, but if you have more siege armies than the nation you attack then all your armies will ignore any fortification penalties that could be applied in battles between you.
  19. --------------
  20. *Elite armies have 400 base strength and are the only type of army that can be upgraded later on.
  21. ** The 1d100 roll you make with this action improves the army's base strength by %. So if you roll 50 the army will be created 50% stronger (Example: A levy army of 400 with a roll of 50 will have 600 strength ).
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