Demon Realm Guide Book

Oct 16th, 2018
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  2. ===Guide Book Entry===
  3. This is an iconic fruit of the [[Demon Realm|Demon Realms!]] It's a familiar pink colored heart-shaped fruit. The fruit is juicy, and of a pink color, almost like a gemstone. The skin is so thin that it's transparent, and the inside is packed with soft, fluffy, milk white colored flesh. The sweet, sticky juice that drips out contains [[demonic energy]] which induces hunger, not only in [[human]]s and [[Monster Girls|monsters]], but even beasts. It's enough to cause drooling. After tasting the juicy flesh, a succulent sweetness spreads throughout the inside of the mouth. Yet, it isn't rich-tasting, and one could probably eat it as much as one wanted. Furthermore, it's rich in nutritional value and demonic energy, and it also has the effect of magical energy and fatigue recovery.
  5. Most people that have eaten this fruit are taken with its charms, and they end up becoming addicted to it. Especially in the case of human women. They end up becoming half-dependent on it, and will seek out the fruit, literally becoming “prisoners” of the fruit. This is the first origin of the name “prisoner fruit”.
  7. Also, the prisoner fruit has a powerful aesthetic effect, causing women who eat it to appear more attractive. In the case of monsters, even though they're beautiful or cute, and have devilish good looks to begin with, it makes them stand out even more. Not only does the aesthetic effect impact looks, it also affects everything such as gestures, behavior, scent, atmosphere, etc. It builds them up so they can seize a man's heart, ignite his passion, and make a “prisoner” of him. When their beloved man is attracted to their own body and able to pleasantly enjoy it, it causes the monsters to experience joy and ecstasy, so as far as they're concerned, the prisoner fruit is a wonderful thing. It's delicious, and it pleases their husbands. For that reason, it's been widely popular as a standard dessert among the monsters since olden times.
  9. Also, in the case of a human woman eating it, the effects are even higher. Due to the aesthetic effect, they'll grow remarkably cuter and more beautiful. Those who notice the effect, or those who have already become a prisoner of the fruit will keep eating many prisoner fruits to taste the devilish fruit more, and become more beautiful. Meanwhile, their behavior will change to be pleasing and attractive to men. Their gestures will tempt men, and make them feel carnal desire. Their body odor will change into a sweet fragrance that men will want to constantly imbibe, and finally their mind will become full of desire and lewd thoughts like a monster.
  11. The preparations needed for a woman to make a “prisoner” of a man are thus taken care of. Once she's become a lewd, beautiful, and wonderful woman like a monster in this way, ultimately, though still barely human, she'll attack a man like a monster and have sex with him. Once she takes in his [[spirit energy]], all of the demonic energy from the prisoner fruit that was stored in her body until then will blossom, and she'll be able to transform into a “[[Succubus]]”, a being that exists for the sake of “imprisoning” a man's body and heart.
  13. In the case of a human man eating it, it makes him more attractive, and makes the aroma of his spirit energy more preferable to monsters. A monster that becomes a “prisoner” of a human man will end up attacking the man and copulating with him, rushing to make him her husband. In this way, prisoner fruit has the effect of raising a man or woman's ability to “imprison” the opposite sex. This is the second source of the name “prisoner fruit”.
  15. In Demon Realms, the fruit is found everywhere, and it grows by itself in every kind of Demon Realm. For that reason, it's the most commonly harvested and most commonly eaten fruit in the Demon Realms. Many chefs and pâtissiers are passionate about deliciously cooking the profound prisoner fruit, and it is used to make everything from sweets such as “prisoner cake”, “prisoner parfait”, etc. to alcoholic drinks such as “prisoner wine".
  17. Also, monster merchants will cheaply distribute it even in the human world. Previously, the entire [[Sabbath]] organization performed a statistical survey concerning the reasons for the monsterization of human women, and according to that, out of all the foods of the Demon Realm, it seems that prisoner fruit is most often responsible for changing human women into succubi.<ref name="mgr1">{{cite web|url=|url-access=registration|title=Prisoner Fruit||access-date=25 February 2017}}</ref><ref name="wg2">{{cite book|author=Kenkou Cross|title=Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II|url=|pages=36-37|chapter=Prisoner Fruit|author-link=Kenkou Cross}}</ref>
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  22. | header = ''World Guide I: Fallen Maidens'', "[[Monster_Girl_Encyclopedia_World_Guide_I:_Fallen_Maidens#CASE_11:_Food|CASE 11: Food]]"<ref>{{cite web|url=|url-access=registration|title=Monsterization Case File: CASE:11 Food||access-date=25 February 2017}}</ref>
  24. | image1 = FM_Case11_1.png
  25. | caption1 = '''(1)''' The soft yielding flesh of the "[[Prisoner Fruit]]" is sweet, delicious, and drips sweet smelling juices to tempt the palate of women while the flavour entrances.
  27. | image2 = FM_Case11_2.png
  28. | caption2 = '''(2)''' Just one bite is enough for the fruit to captivate. From this point on this inn keeper's daughter is going to change in a big way.
  30. | image3 = FM_Case11_3.png
  31. | caption3 = '''(3)''' Having continued to eat the "prisoner fruit" she has entered the second stage. Her smile and mannerisms have become bright and cheerful making her the inn's poster girl
  33. | image4 = FM_Case11_4.png
  34. | caption4 = '''(4)''' Still eating the "prisoner fruit" she finally enters the third stage. Her smile has become completely enchanting and she captivates even the most chivalrous men as the inn's idol. She begins to act like a monster girl enticing men with the way she acts; no man can resist the lusts she incites
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  37. ==''World Guide II'', "Tricoromille Advertisment"==
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  40. [[File:Prisonerfruitad.jpg|thumb|right|300px]]
  41. Hello! It's '''"Tricoromille"''', a sweets shop specializing in prisoner fruit! Everyone, have you been able to successfully seize the heart of the boy you like? If it's still just a one-sided crush, then let's transform to be more cute and perverted with prisoner fruit and imprison the bodies and hearts of the boys we love
  43. Tricoromille is a long-cherished establishment, but this time, we're also opening a new branch store in the “Demon Realm Nation of Lescatie”! Even in Lescatie, we'd like to really show you the appeal of prisoner fruit, so please do drop by! During our grand opening, believe it or not, the noble daughter of the Demon Lord, “Lady Druella” will be present at our store as the manager of the day!
  45. Please come on that day to check out Lady Druella. Her body will be ready to burst from our uniform<br />
  46. Also, along with opening our new store, Tricoromille Lescatie Branch, we'll be recruiting comrades to work with us♪
  48. *'''Age doesn't matter!'''<br />
  49. It doesn't matter whether you're a 10 year old [[Alice]], or a 1000 year old [[Baphomet]] ♥
  51. * '''Customer takeout is OK!!'''<br />
  52. We've also established an inn with soft beds next-door!<br />
  53. Please enjoy yourselves a lot there with the male customer you like
  55. * '''Those who work for us long enough will be presented with a store uniform!'''<br />
  56. Our store's uniform is a high quality product made from arachne thread, and dyed using prisoner fruit ♥
  58. Our lovely uniforms soaked in prisoner fruit demonic energy will bring out your charm, and make your husband's eyes be glued to your body! Please enjoy yourself with your husband ♥
  60. '''・To Male Customers'''<br />
  61. The heart-shaped “prisoner broaches” that are fastened at the front of the uniform and the hair clip indicate whether a staff member is married or unmarried. Those wearing pink-colored ones are girls who may have a husband, or may already have their heart set on someone in particular, and those with green-colored ones are free. You can also take out girls with green-colored broaches, so if there's a girl that strikes your fancy, please feel free to call her out ♥. Additionally, we're sorry, but returns aren't allowed no matter what ♥<ref name="mgr1"/><ref>{{cite book|author=Kenkou Cross|title=Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II|url=|pages=37-36|chapter=Prisoner Fruit|author-link=Kenkou Cross}}</ref>
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  66. ===Guide Book Entry===
  67. One of the fruits of the [[demon realm]]. It has a black exterior covered in a thin skin. After peeling it, there's an additional thick, soft, reddish-black skin, and syrupy white pulp is packed inside of that.
  69. The pointed end of the fruit protected by a double-layered skin gives off a pungent, sweet aroma that attracts women, whether human or monster. When they see this fruit, it makes them want to shove the whole thing in their mouth, skin and all.
  71. The first layer of skin can be peeled normally by hand, but not the elastic second layer of skin, which is packed tightly full of pulp. As for the second layer of skin, when one takes it inside the mouth, licking and sucking it to provide adequate stimulation, the pulp inside expands, and rapidly swells bigger along with the skin. Eventually, the syrupy white pulp will be released inside the mouth from the tip. While licking and sucking the thick skin, a faintly sweet translucent fluid starts to trickle out. This alone is enough to amuse the one doing the eating.
  72. [[File:Lickingfruit2.jpg|left|thumb|300px|Licking fruit in use by an [[imp]] and an [[alice]]<ref name="wg2">{{cite book|author=Kenkou Cross|title=Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II|url=|pages=39-40|chapter=Licking Fruit|author-link=Kenkou Cross}}</ref>]]
  73. Additionally, the syrupy pulp inside has a flavor so sweet, and creamy it's enough to make the tongue melt away. Not just the tongue, it's probably even enough to make even the mind melt away.
  75. However, while licking and sucking the fruit, if one bites it, or provides excessively strong stimulation, it will burst and discharge, sending the contents flying. Because of this, those who aren't used to eating it often end up having their face and body covered in white sticky goo.
  77. It's a fruit that's especially popular as a treat for younger monster children, and monster mothers often give them to their children because it provides practice for the future. Actively eating it is also recommended by [[Sabbath]]. Monster children love this sweet fruit, but eventually they lose interest, and stop eating it. It's not that as a monster grows older the fruit itself stops tasting good to them, but a monster will eventually find a husband. They only have one mouth, and they're busy licking and sucking their beloved man's cock, which is so delicious the fruit pales in comparison, so they just lose interest in licking the fruit.
  79. In the human world, this fruit is pretty valuable, but sometimes peddlers, etc. sell bunches of them. The fruit tempts women, and stirs their instinct, and if a human woman lays eyes on it, she'll suddenly buy a whole bunch. This fruit full of demonic mana lets the women who obtain it instinctively understand to take it in their mouth, and taste the pulp. Once a woman has been charmed by the taste, the peculiar, pungent aroma will get stuck in her brain, and she won't be able to get it off her mind. Once that happens, she'll end up persistently seeking the odor, and the sweet pulp. She'll be tempted to buy whole bunches, and then she'll suck the hell out of each and every fruit. However, even after eating all the fruit, her desire for the odor and flavor won't subside. Even if she wants the fruit, since it's pretty valuable, she won't easily be able to get her hands on it, and the woman's syrupy sweet desire will grow higher day by day.
  81. By the time she reaches the limit of what she can endure, she'll start to sense an odor that is just as delicious as the odor of the fruit, if not more so. And then, she'll suck on the source of that odor, a human man's lower body, and become engrossed in sipping mana.
  83. After absorbing mana in this way, the demonic mana that had accumulated in her body from the fruit will blossom at once, and she'll end up changing into a [[succubus]]. Women monstered by this fruit will have a strong preference to orally service their husband and swallow his semen, compared to other monsters.
  85. The white fruit inside is sweet and delicious to human men, and incubi as well, but the juice secreted by the thick skin tastes extremely bitter to them, so they can't make the pulp shoot out by licking and sucking it. For that reason, in the case of a man eating this fruit, it's recommended to be fed mouth to mouth by a woman who made it shoot, or eat some that already shot out raw, or cooked. Furthermore, even among men, those with the nature to change into an [[alp]] are exceptions, and the juice that comes out of the thick skin supposedly also tastes sweet to them.<ref name="wg2"/><ref>{{cite web|url=|url-access=registration|title=Licking Fruit||access-date=25 February 2017}}</ref>
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  89. ===Guide Book Entry===
  90. Also called “Demon Realm Grapes”. A [[demon realm]] fruit that grows in clusters. It's characterized by its peculiar appearance with half-transparent jelly-like skin full of red liquid on the inside.
  92. The red fluid is condensed [[Demonic Energy]] sucked up from the ground. First of all, Demonic energy collects in the first fruit at the top of the cluster, and, as if filtered from there, the demonic energy liquid drops to the lower fruit while becoming even more condensed. In this way, the lower the fruit is, the less fluid there is inside, but it becomes that much more concentrated. The taste also grows thicker and more delicious. The upper fruits are cheap, and sold in large amounts, but the lower the fruit is, the more the taste and price increases. Especially the heart-shaped fruits at the very bottom, which are the most scarcely produced. These fruits are top quality products with demonic energy condensed to the limit.
  94. The red liquid inside is like mellow wine, and it's mixed with a perfect balance of sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and astringency. If one puts the entire fruit with its half-transparent skin in the mouth and bites it, the skin will burst and the liquid will spill out, filling the mouth with a thick taste, causing those who eat it to become pleasantly intoxicated. This pleasant feeling of intoxication is most suitable for freeing one's mind from excessive thoughts, allowing one to fill their heart with only love and affection for the lover across from them. It's popular to eat one before sex.
  96. Especially in the case of the feeling of intoxication induced by eating the lowest fruit. One becomes unable to see anything but their self and their beloved partner. It makes one feel as if they're the only two people in the world. “Demon Realm Wine” made from this fruit also doesn't cause bad drunkenness, and it's most suitable as a “precoital aperitif” that always induces a pleasant intoxication, plus it has a thick taste, so it's popular. The highest grade Demon Realm wine made from the lowest heart-shaped fruit in particular can rival the thick flavor and aroma of the highest grade wine fermented for thousands of years, even when freshly made. If fermented, this wine becomes even more delicious, and it's a product that makes wine lovers drool, whether [[Human|human]] or [[Monster Girls|monster]].
  98. Also, even the dew that drops from the lowest fruit is an exquisite product full of nutrition. The demonic energy contained in dew concentrated to the utmost limit is enough to cause the place where it drops to become a field of flowers. This fruit is in high demand, and it is harvested to a certain degree, so this is actually pretty much impossible, but if the dew were to continue dropping in one place, it is said that if you were to plant a seed of “[[Alraune]]” or “[[Mandragora]]” there, it would grow into an individual with enough power to rival the highest rank monsters such as “[[Dragon]]” and “[[Baphomet]]”.
  100. Additionally, if human women eat this fruit, if it's one of the upper fruits, it only causes the effect of intoxication, but in the case of the lower fruit, the influence of condensed Demonic energy will cause them to change into a [[Succubus]] while intoxicated just from eating one.<ref>{{cite book|author=Kenkou Cross|title=Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II|url=|pages=41|chapter=Intoxication Fruit|author-link=Kenkou Cross}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|url-access=registration|title=Intoxication Fruit||access-date=25 February 2017}}</ref>
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  104. ===Guide Book Entry===
  105. [[Demon Realm]] fruit that always ripens as a pair, consisting of a small blue fruit and a large red fruit. The trees themselves are rare plants that have genders, the male tree and female tree will always sprout at the same time from side-by-side locations and extend upwards, intertwining with each other. When the tips of their branches intertwine, skipping the flowering stage, blue fruits from the male tree and red fruits from the female tree ripen as a pair.
  107. What's even rarer for this plant, is that the seeds still haven't been produced at the fruit bearing stage, perhaps because the flowering stage has been skipped. The two ripened fruits that are side-by-side, will cling closely together just as the two trees became intertwined and grew together. Eventually the red fruit will engulf the blue fruit, as if swallowing it. The blue fruit will sink into the red fruit as if drowning and then they become one. After that, the two fruits ultimately completely become one, blue flesh covered by red flesh to make one fruit. At this stage, the process is akin to pollination in other plants and seeds are produced. They intertwine and grow together, eventually becoming one, and making a child. Its form is said to reveal the ideal form of humans and monsters.
  108. :'''An addendum by [[the Wandering Monster Scholar]]:''' We can certainly say that the way the female (red fruit) consumes the male (blue fruit) appears exactly the same as monsters and human men.
  109. The blue fruit is very sour and the red fruit has a strong sweet flavor, but when the two completely become one, the resulting fruit is just right, an exquisite mixture of refreshing sourness and mild sweetness. If only concerned about the taste, one could just put both fruits in the mouth at the same time, but a more popular and delicious way to eat them for couples is to have the monster put the red fruit in her mouth, while having the man put the blue fruit in his mouth, then kiss while intertwining tongues, moving the fruits from mouth to mouth along with saliva, while eating them slowly.
  111. If a man only eats the blue fruit and a woman only eats the red fruit respectively, then the eaten fruits will seek one another from inside the bodies of the two people. Naturally, a man and woman who have eaten it will seek one another, intertwine and seek to be joined. For example, if walking together, they would unconsciously hold hands and by the time they realized it, they'd be walking with their arms linked. If they moved their faces close together, they'd kiss and thrust their tongue inside their partner's mouth, then even their two tongues would become intertwined. If they had sex in this state and joined their lower bodies together, they would experience stronger pleasure and a greater sense of fulfillment at being joined. Even after the deed was done, neither one of them would try to separate, they'd try to stay joined together the whole time until the effect of the fruit wore off. Since it has this sort of effect, it's highly popular with monsters that can't be upfront with men and monsters that aren't so good at being affectionate.
  113. Also, even in the case of human men and women, it has the same effect. Sometimes it also circulates among humans as “love potion” or “fruit of love”. Human women that have personally experienced the effects of the fruit will be overjoyed to find themselves naturally getting comfortable with being aggressive and when they hold hands with the man they like, or kiss, the feeling of fulfillment ends up getting burnt into their brain forever, never disappearing. When they go to taste it again, they'll probably end up actively using the couple's fruit.
  115. While continuing to use it in this manner, even if they become a man's lover and have sex with him, women who've become prisoners of the fruit's [[demonic energy]] will end up still feeling unsatisfied with joining using the human body. They'll start to feel that they want a stronger and deeper connection with their beloved man and that they want to become one with him, even if they have to become a monster. Once it reaches this stage, the demonic energy accumulated inside the body from all the fruit they kept eating until then, will accept the woman's desire and activate, changing her into a [[succubus]], that which exists for the sake of joining a woman's body with a man's body.<ref>{{cite book|author=Kenkou Cross|title=Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II|url=|pages=42-43|chapter=Couple's Fruit|author-link=Kenkou Cross}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|url-access=registration|title=Couple's Fruit||access-date=25 February 2017}}</ref>
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  119. ===Guide Book Entry===
  121. A rare fruit that can only be collected in [[Pandemonium]], the holy land of the [[Fallen God]]'s faith where “[[Dark Priest|dark priest]]s” and “[[angel]]s” live. It's covered in a blue, beautiful skin. Since fallen angels have blue skin, and the fruit appears to be shaped like a tear, they are also called “fallen angel tears”.
  122. (According to a [[Dark Angel|dark angel]] acquaintance of mine, they're not tears of sadness, and they're supposed to be the tears of joy at having fallen.)
  123. [[File:Corruption_Fruit2.png|thumb|left|Like the corruption fruit, being covered in and swallowed up by the white sticky stuff packed full of the passion of one's beloved is the wish of all fallen disciples.<ref name="wg2">{{cite book|author=Kenkou Cross|title=Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II|url=|pages=44-45|chapter=Corruption Fruit|author-link=Kenkou Cross}}</ref><ref name="mgr">{{cite web|url=|url-access=registration|title=Corruption Fruit||access-date=25 February 2017}}</ref>]]
  124. The inside of the skin is packed full of white squishy pulp with some springiness that is faintly sweet. The middle of the pulp is densely packed with little black seeds that sweetly melt in the mouth like chocolate. It's fine to eat all of it together, it's fine to divide it and eat each part separately, and it's also fine to use it as an ingredient for making sweets. So it's a very delicious product, even as a mere dessert.
  126. But of course, what a [[Monster Girls|monster]] would be concerned about is the effect. Monsters are creatures that live by feeding on men's [[Spirit energy|spirit energy]]. For that reason, they can absorb spirit energy in various other places besides their vagina. Even so, this fruit is used to dramatically increase spirit energy absorption through the “skin”, which is normally not very efficient for obtaining spirit energy compared to their vagina and mouth. Pleasure, joy, and ecstasy when having their body showered with semen is raised, and they're able to thoroughly absorb their beloved husband's spirit energy in their body without wasting it. Since the adherents of the faith of the Fallen God love getting bukkaked by their husband and getting stained with milky white stuff, they are greatly pleased with the effect. Besides that, it's also fruit that's popular with monster wives who think, “I don't want to waste even a single drop of my husband's semen!”
  128. Additionally, the black seeds in the center of this fruit of corruption are likened with the dark angels and the clergy of the Fallen God's religion who wear black clothes, and the white flesh is likened with the desire and semen that men direct towards them. Those monster women receive their beloved husband's desire with their entire body. We can truly say that being covered in sticky white semen is the ideal form for adherents of the Fallen God's religion.
  130. Also, if an [[incubus]] or a [[human]] man eats it, it will raise his ability to produce spirit energy and semen, so if couple's eat it together, it's a pleasant fruit for monsters that makes it so a monster can be enthralled by having her husband ejaculate semen on her until her entire body becomes pure white.
  132. Also, this fruit has another effect. The adherents of the Fallen God who are already thoroughly corrupted can hardly even tell, but when a human eats this fruit, just as the name “corruption” would suggest, it causes the heart to swell up with lust and obscene desires. The effect will even cause a little girl with no sexual knowledge to have lust and take an interest in sex, giving her obscene fantasies. A little girl won't be able to bear it, and and she'll masturbate for the first time in her life that night. She'll be guided by the pleasure and orgasms all night long. Once the desire for pleasure takes root, it will never subside, and will only increase day by day, and the ability to control desire will also be lost. While still retaining human values, they'll be distressed by it. Sometimes they'll even feel self-hatred for being an obscene person.
  134. However, at that time, their nose will be sensitive enough to sniff out the scent of the “corruption” that was accumulated due to the fruit. In the case of a man a dark priest or dark angel will appear before him and have sex with him with their lewd body. The voice of the “fallen god” will echo directly in the mind of a female, guiding her to become a “dark priest”. They'll awaken as a fallen disciple after being taught the following: Passion, carnal desire, and lust. Letting the overflowing sweet desires dwell in one's body is never wrong. The act of earnestly lashing out at the opposite sex with all of those desires as affection, and being stuck by them is a just and wonderful thing.<ref name="wg2"/><ref name="mgr"/>
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  138. ===Guide Book Entry===
  139. [[File:Wrapping Veggie Lizard.png|thumb|200px|left|In this way, the potency of the core of the wrapping vegetable is enough to make a stark naked exhibitionist out of any monster.<ref name="wg2">{{cite book|author=Kenkou Cross|title=Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II|url=|pages=46|chapter=Wrapping Vegetable|author-link=Kenkou Cross}}</ref><ref name="mgr">{{cite web|url=|url-access=registration|title=Wrapping Vegetable||access-date=25 February 2017}}</ref>]]
  140. A [[Demon Realm]] vegetable with numerous overlapping flower petal-like leaves wrapping a spherical central core. There is a propensity for demonic energy to accumulate in the middle part. The central core will take on a red glow due to concentrated demonic energy. The juicy, and somewhat thick leaves are crisp tasting, and it's delicious to eat even raw as salad. Aside from that, cooking it will increase the sweetness and tastiness, so stir-fry is also recommended. Additionally, the core is moist and squishy, unlike the crisp leaves. It feels chewy like a gummy when eaten, with all the taste and sweetness of the vegetable concentrated inside, so one can enjoy an extremely thick taste that is closer to that of fruit or candy than a vegetable.
  142. This vegetable has a cosmetic effect on the skin. It activates women's skin, making it possible to maintain skin more beautiful and charming than normal so that men will want to suck on it. This effect brings out the various charms of white skin, brown skin, healthy skin, etc. The look and feel of the skin becomes smooth and soft, such that it will be pleasing for one's husband to touch. This vegetable is recommended for all monsters that are highly beauty conscious who want to burn their naked body into their beloved husband's eyes, or get their husband to touch their skin more.
  144. Since there's a mass of demonic energy in the center, one can get a greater cosmetic effect from the inner leaves than the outer leaves. Of course, the central core, which is a mass of demonic energy, would have the most potent effect, but the effect is so potent that it over-activates the skin, resulting in extreme burning and itchiness. And then, it becomes unbearable to wear anything on the body that touches the bare skin due to the burning and itching. [[Monsters]] will throw off their clothing, make their fur or scales disappear with demonic energy and get stark naked. However, that alone isn't enough to relieve the body's burning and itching.
  146. While experiencing joy and arousal from showing off their own nudity to their beloved husband and being seen, they'll press their own bare skin against their husband's skin and rub to give him a good taste and ease the burning and itching. And then, to press their skin even more closely together and make up for the energy lost by their body due to the skin's activation, they'll join together and have sex. Essentially, they try to wrap themselves in their husband's body to make up for the lost clothing.
  148. It seems the wrapping vegetable has something like magical energy that makes those eating the outer leaves feel somewhat unsatisfied, and then they feel like eating more of the inner leaves. There is no end to the number of monsters who eat the core unintentionally and get stark naked after continuing to eat more and more of the inner leaves while knowing they'll have to throw off their clothes. In this way, the potency of the core of the wrapping vegetable is enough to make a stark naked exhibitionist out of any monster.<ref name="wg2"/><ref name="mgr"/>
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  152. ===Guide Book Entry===
  154. One of the [[demon realm]] vegetables, also known as “demon realm potatoes”. They are familiarly known by a corrupted version of that name, “demon realm taters”. These vegetables are similar in shape to the “potatoes” that exist in the [[human]] world, but they have a reddish tinge due to the influence of demonic energy. As one would expect from a demon realm food, they're a bit sweeter compared to potatoes. It's an all-purpose vegetable that can be eaten after being cooked in a variety of ways including simmering, roasting, and boiling.
  156. The most notable characteristic of these vegetables is that when they grow, they absorb the magical energy around them. Due to the energy absorbed, they may even grow massive, and change in taste, shape, and color. Anyway, the changes that occur due to the environment are remarkable. If we were to minutely classify them, as of the present, there are said to be hundreds or even thousands of varieties of intimacy vegetables, and they continue to increase in number even now. When cultivating intimacy vegetables, their nature is of course influenced by the location where they are being raised, as well as the demonic energy contained in the soil, water, and fertilizer. Additionally, in the case of cultivation by a man and his [[monster]] wife, the wife's monster race and individual peculiarities will also influence the produce. What has the biggest impact of all is the couple's love life including kinks, and the methods and frequency of having sex day after day. In other words, intimacy vegetables are crops that mainly receive a powerful influence from the magical energy that is released during sex by the couple cultivating them. We could probably even say they're the crystallization of a couple's love.
  158. Given the nature of these vegetables, they're not just grown by farmers. It seems there are typical families who also grow them in the garden and look forward to seeing what sort of intimacy vegetables will be produced.
  160. Additionally, farmers, and households involved in cultivating these vegetables can devote themselves to cultivar improvement while at the same time enjoying their sex life by trying out foods and drugs with varying effects. Everything about these crops varies considerably depending on the land of production and the producers. Since who produced it is extremely important, there are an extremely large number of crops that are sold using the producer's name like a brand.
  162. Also, “demon realm tater contests” are periodically held involving many farmers and regular families as well. Couples from all over proudly bring the crystallization of their love, intimacy vegetables. Every time a huge number of intimacy vegetables are gathered when these contests are held, new varieties are discovered. Some are so enormous that you have to look up at them, some are half transparent and can be seen through to the other side, and some are soft and flaky while raw in spite of not having been cooked, etc. It's turned out to be an event where one can enjoy looking and eating.
  164. Furthermore, remarkably, unlike what is seen in other vegetables, these vegetables don't have special effects or contain aphrodisiac compounds. However, since it's eating a crystallization of love that accumulated in the earth, the night after having eaten these, it's become customary for a couple to make love by having hotter, wilder sex than normal in order to return their love to the earth.<ref>{{cite book|author=Kenkou Cross|title=Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II|url=|pages=47|chapter=Intimacy Vegetable|author-link=Kenkou Cross}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|url-access=registration|title=Intimacy Vegetable||access-date=25 February 2017}}</ref>
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  168. ===Guide Book Entry===
  169. Vegetables that only grow inside the waters of [[Demon Realm]] lakes and ponds, etc. They often grow in clusters especially in lakes where [[undine]] live. The part corresponding to the fruit grows inside the water, and only the leaves and stem are visible from the water's surface. They're not floating weeds, yet they don't have roots in the ground. Instead, they're mysterious vegetables that grow using water as a substitute for soil, as if buried in water. One can pull them up from inside the water with the same feeling that one gets when pulling a vegetable up from the ground.
  171. The fruit, stem and leaves of this vegetable are all comprised of a half-transparent, semi-liquid substance that's almost like solidified water given form. It seems that it actually is liquid maintaining its shape through demonic energy after all. When you extract the green-colored leaf part and stem part, the fruit is unable to maintain its shape, and it crumbles, changing into liquid.
  173. This vegetable is extremely peculiar, and the taste has the property of changing like flowing water depending on what ingredients it's eaten with. Every part of it is said to be the perfect accompaniment to various ingredients. The leaf part is the perfect accompaniment for the meat of demon realm beasts, fish, etc., and when eaten together, the flavor of the juicy meat increases, and the rich taste is accentuated. If eaten by itself after the mouth has become greasy from meat, it can refresh the inside of the mouth. The semi-transparent water-colored stem is almost like a fruit, and if eaten together with other fruits or used as an ingredient in confectionery, it accentuates the sweetness to a moderate degree.
  175. The fruit part that crumbles into liquid makes a savory sauce if put on meat. If put on vegetables, it's the perfect dressing for invigorating the taste of the raw ingredients. If put on fruit, it changes form into sweet syrup. In this way, it's an extremely convenient vegetable, but since the flavor changes right away when it is eaten with something else, it's extremely difficult to cook using the taste of the melting vegetable itself in a way that won't interfere with the other ingredients. If one could accomplish this, it would leave no doubt as to one's status as a first-rate culinary master.
  177. The special effect of this vegetable, is to melt the mana and demonic energy that's inside the body of the person who ate it, weakening the resistance to demonic energy from the outside. In other words, it becomes extremely easy for the effects of charm spells using demonic energy or demon realm ingredients that are mixed with demonic energy to kick in. For example, if a monster eats this vegetable, with leaves from the outside of a “[[Wrapping Vegetable]]”, regardless of it being the part of the Wrapping Vegetable that has the thinnest mana, the monster will feel as if she's eaten a core and throw off her clothes on the spot. With this point, we can probably say it is after all, an excellent vegetable as “an accompaniment for demon realm ingredients”.
  179. Also, it is said that when resistance to demonic energy weakens, human women become extremely susceptible to monsterisation. The effect of this vegetable is enough to make a human woman who has eaten it change into a [[succubus]] instantly after taking a single breath of the air of a [[Demon Realm]].<ref>{{cite book|author=Kenkou Cross|title=Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II|url=|pages=48|chapter=Melting Vegetable|author-link=Kenkou Cross}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|url-access=registration|title=Melting Vegetable||access-date=25 February 2017}}</ref>
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