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  1. [7:38 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: also - they've started using more smartbombing bs' in their camps to fuck the ceptors
  2. [7:38 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: you sure you weere insta-warp? Cuz if so that's literally impossible and you should petition it
  3. [7:39 AM] [FCON] Harcourt Ormand: 1.85s align
  4. [7:39 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: i'd petition that, there's no way
  5. [7:39 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: unless they live next to the fucking server, even then it's SOO HARD to point you
  6. [7:39 AM] [FCON] Harcourt Ormand: It happened
  7. [7:40 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: then petition it as server lag or something
  8. [7:40 AM] [FCON] Harcourt Ormand: I may. I lost my +5 pod
  9. [7:40 AM] [FCON] Shizoku Tian: Also it's fun that people complain to you John about us doing "nothing" but yet k have to beg for every fleet to get at least a few numbers in all channels
  10. ๐Ÿ‘1
  11. [7:40 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: ^
  12. [7:41 AM] [FCON] Shizoku Tian: Also guys...believe me were just as frustrated as you are.
  13. [7:41 AM] [FCON] Shizoku Tian: It's not like we don't see the problems...were trying...but it's a head against wall situatiob
  14. [7:42 AM] [FCON] Shizoku Tian: It's kinda funny that we finally have so many active fcs agaib
  15. [7:42 AM] [UMINE] Lana Vyvorant: Never the less! we need to show our line members that we are winining we are progressing in this war!  and we need to start forming a plan for retaking the qe system!
  16. [7:42 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: Do something. Take out a caracal fleet, a jackdaw fleet, clear the gate camps
  17. [7:42 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: Even if it's just form up, undock for 10-15 minutes try an kill something and dock back up
  18. [7:42 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: try to bait
  19. [7:42 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: Go for a roam even
  20. [7:42 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: caracals,
  21. [7:43 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: if anythign comes up you can self destruct and be back in 4-gb in no time
  22. [7:43 AM] [UMINE] Lana Vyvorant: well with 11 bombers and our friends 20 man loki fleet, TRI dropped a 30 man mach fleet with fax backup
  23. [7:43 AM] [UMINE] Lana Vyvorant: baited indeed!
  24. [7:45 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: We're not winning this war. If we were, we would have more than 30 in fleets. We are failing faster than tri.
  25. [7:46 AM] [FCON] Shizoku Tian: The problem is people don't get fozziesov
  26. [7:46 AM] [FCON] Shizoku Tian: And get mad over every lost sov structure
  27. [7:46 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: I'm not going to carry on in this discussion because i'm going to hurt people's feeligns
  28. [7:46 AM] [FCON] Shizoku Tian: Or are mad when we not form
  29. [7:46 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: There's a very clear reason we're not winning this war
  30. [7:46 AM] [FCON] Shizoku Tian: Or are mad when we form and lose
  31. [7:47 AM] [FCON] Shizoku Tian: Enlighten me in a pm nour(edited)
  32. [7:47 AM] [UMINE] Lana Vyvorant: have a coaltion meeting then or with all of the leaders get the plan into there heads and make them explain to the line members!
  33. [7:47 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Nour say it please. Or pm it.
  34. [7:48 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Need an honest discussion about this.
  35. [7:48 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: I don't really give a fuck if you hurt my feelings if it changes the course of this war. I imagine others feel the same
  36. [7:49 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: Tri has more experienced pvpers, better doctrines, better FCs, and more dedicated line members. They are more cohesive, and their primary focus is combat which is not true for the majority of our alliances
  37. [7:50 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: And on what Lana said, we try to explain it to line members but many of them will never understand
  38. [7:50 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: I still have people who think PL is doing a full invasion of our space
  39. [7:51 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: And to be honest, another big issue is that we spend more time arguing than we do planning and coordinating
  40. [7:53 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Honestly, some FCs aren't active, some don't have experience, some only show up for CTAs, some don't really care that much. There's a whole host of reasons. Members are ultimately so fatigued that they don't join. This war isn't fun for anyone and we can't keep doing this. We will drop from fatigue before tri.
  41. [7:55 AM] [FCON] Harcourt Ormand: I'd like to hear what Nour has to say.
  42. [7:55 AM] [UMINE] Lana Vyvorant: me too!
  43. [7:55 AM] [FCON] Harcourt Ormand: I probably won't agree with it but, I    still want to hear it.
  44. [7:56 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: Agreed we should be working through issues and saying what we have to say
  45. [7:56 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: Not a time to worry about peoples feelings
  46. [7:56 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: Not a time to get upset at what others think too
  47. [7:57 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: @[FCON] Nour Samy i'd like to hear your opninion too :smile:
  48. [7:57 AM] [FCON] Harcourt Ormand: I'll admit my participation in this had been piss poor but, I have a lot going on right now. I'm going through therapy for a depression that almost took my family from me and it is taking a lot of work. It's hard to FC when you have no faith in yourself.
  49. [7:57 AM] [UMINE] Lana Vyvorant: @[ORB] John Baylin  i agree with you there! i feelt quit alone when trying to get a t2 FC to help out and form a good plan for the REB raitaru and u were the only one even responding but yeah!
  50. [7:58 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: Another issue is that there's no ustz skyteam
  51. [7:58 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: Makes it very hard to get good FCs promoted
  52. [7:59 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: The only reason this war has dragged on so long, why our morale is in the trash and theirs is fairing much better
  53. [7:59 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: is sheer utter stupidity from members of this team
  54. [7:59 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: Every time there was success, it was subsequently thrown away, literlaly within a day or two
  55. [7:59 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: Consistnatnly and reliably
  56. [8:00 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: That's why people don't fleet up with most FCs anymore, that's why they ignore pings, that's why they don't care anymore
  57. [8:00 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: Because a decent chunk of them realize how stupid some of the shit that has happened is
  58. [8:00 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: And they just can't be bothered to dedicate anymore of their time to more of the same
  59. [8:01 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: This coalition is dead and dying from pure stupidity
  60. [8:01 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: That's it.
  61. [8:01 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: And it's been happening since before this war with Tri.
  62. [8:02 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: That's my take on it, and i'm not going to argue about it or on it. Because like them, i simply don't care anymore.
  63. [8:05 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: I'm going to run what fleets I can till it's over, whichever way it is. Hopefully we win somehow
  64. [8:18 AM] [UMINE] Lana Vyvorant: @here frt is forming for a tackled super! Anyone knows anything about this?
  65. [8:19 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: Apparently it's in brave space
  66. [8:20 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: 36N
  67. [8:21 AM] [UMINE] Lana Vyvorant: Is it ours or should we try and help?
  68. [8:22 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: Probably not ours but brave is blue so it might be good to show up anyway
  69. [8:23 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: Corms clear tackle well
  70. [8:24 AM] [UMINE] Lana Vyvorant: Its not a super its 2 fax from test tackled by snyff
  71. [8:24 AM] [UMINE] Lana Vyvorant: Snuff
  72. [8:30 AM] [FCON] Harcourt Ormand: Nour, everytime you point a finger at someone else you point 4 back at yourself.
  73. [8:32 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Nour I agree stupid things are done. Look at why. We have very little direction from skyteam imo. We have very new FCs and even the T2 FCs like me have never been in a war before. We have no clear strategy and no clear organisation. Look at how tri attack our space strategically around their own timers. We have no one organising this. We are allowing ourselves to be test and drf bitches because they only show up under their terms and we just accept it.
  74. [8:32 AM] [FCON] Harcourt Ormand: Well said John
  75. [8:32 AM] [FCON] Harcourt Ormand: I 100% agree
  76. [8:32 AM] [SERIN] Mace Window: Well shit i was going form for FR46 timer but i will not have time to form get there and shot it and back before i gtg out with wife for a little
  77. [8:32 AM] [FCON] Ryac Sampaio: As much as i hate to say it, i agree with John
  78. [8:33 AM] [UMINE] Lana Vyvorant: I agree aswell
  79. [8:33 AM] [FCON] Ryac Sampaio: Even if he is a northerner
  80. [8:33 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Damn southerners.
  81. [8:33 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: Something I've been saying awhile in command chat, we can not just be sitting back and waiting. If we don't start planning attacks with allies we will lose(edited)
  82. [8:33 AM] [FCON] Harcourt Ormand: Fucking Yankee
  83. [8:33 AM] [FCON] Harcourt Ormand: lol
  84. [8:33 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: I said i'm not going to argue, and I won't. Believe what you want.
  85. [8:34 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: I'm out for a few hours o7
  86. [8:34 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: @[Vit.C] Mogila17121988 would be interested to hear what you think too
  87. [8:35 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Agreed mogs input would be good
  88. [8:36 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: okay then, like what else do y'all need? i mean i point at a target and it takes me full blown 2h to even find someone to form for it
  89. [8:36 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: Make us feel like if we take a objective it isn't going to be squandered and that there's an actual long term plan in place
  90. [8:37 AM] [ORB] Levnil Oriki: Has anyone seen more of a longer strategic goal passed out besides "weather it"?(edited)
  91. [8:37 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: No and it will not work
  92. [8:38 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: I know for a fact that "weather it" will not last us past the end of the year
  93. [8:39 AM] [ORB] Levnil Oriki: From an alliance leader's perspective, I'd call that optimistic too, and my dudes have somehow been getting stuck in harder than most
  94. [8:39 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: hey we've tried to start multiple campaigns which all have been going to do shit
  95. [8:39 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: since it took us multiple hours to even find fc's for timers
  96. [8:40 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: Weather it would have worked if people hadn't needleslly fed on multiple occasions. Every time thier morale is shattered by blue balls, a dunk, or a win for us, it gets thrown away
  97. [8:40 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: Weathering it was working, does work, but somehow the most basic of things always failed in this team. Do. Not. Feed.
  98. [8:40 AM] [FCON] Gendo-sama Ikari: @[FCON] Nokin Niam its not about that; one of the most thing I hate and my corp mates rage about it its: we everytime form to help allies with timers, in catch like in the north; but when we need them they never come; thats what my corp mate saw thats what fcon line member feel; 1st thing on the "to do list" its to fix this
  99. [8:40 AM] [FCON] Gendo-sama Ikari: then the campgates
  100. [8:40 AM] [FCON] Gendo-sama Ikari: and only later attack and defence
  101. [8:41 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: I'll tell it to you straight, allies generally don't show up because of the level of performance regularly exhibited. They literlaly can not be fucked to care most of the time because whatever progress they help make gets obliterated. Fix that, and then your issue will fix itself.
  102. [8:41 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: but people were talking about strategy here, i mean you all know our plan. Get detorid back, burn Insmother
  103. [8:42 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: Yes but allies do come, for some reason people don't see that
  104. [8:42 AM] [FCON] Nour Samy: Going to be late for my bus, will readb ack later o7
  105. [8:42 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: The problem is. Every time they don't come we feed hard
  106. [8:43 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: And allies then feel like there is no point because they will have to babysit us all year
  107. [8:43 AM] [FCON] Spookzor 4-Eyes: its simple leadership needs to adress moral and attempt to fix it
  108. [8:43 AM] [FCON] Spookzor 4-Eyes: or otherwise soon they will not have an alliance/coalition to lead
  109. [8:45 AM] [FCON] Gendo-sama Ikari: its not about fed, please, ppl allready forgot fucking titan lost last day but they still remember that we did not hit the structures in IAS when we had odds and timers, ppl will not forget about yesterday armor timer when nobody show up; I really dont who what fcon line members do you listen about what they feel or what they think about war/alliance/stuff
  110. [8:45 AM] [FCON] Gendo-sama Ikari: my corpmates for example give a fuck about some fights lost or titan lost
  111. [8:45 AM] [FCON] Gendo-sama Ikari: they care IAS stuff
  112. [8:45 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: Gendo, it's not about us
  113. [8:46 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: It's about allies
  114. [8:46 AM] [FCON] Spookzor 4-Eyes: Its also about us
  115. [8:46 AM] [FCON] Gendo-sama Ikari: allias care about our titan lost?
  116. [8:46 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: We cannot fight TRI alone, it's as simple as that
  117. [8:46 AM] [FCON] Gendo-sama Ikari: come on ALex
  118. [8:46 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: And allies are fucking furious about our losses
  119. [8:46 AM] [FCON] Spookzor 4-Eyes: Dont give a shit
  120. [8:47 AM] [FCON] Spookzor 4-Eyes: drf en test are just using us
  121. [8:47 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: Well, not really, they were helping us a lot
  122. [8:47 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: But now they see us like we saw army
  123. [8:48 AM] [ORB] Levnil Oriki: It is mostly definitely about our own numbers too. We've collective been ground down to 50% of what  we could undock a month ago
  124. [8:48 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: I don't see them helping us at all, not as a coalition
  125. [8:49 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: I've had more support from them for alliance ops than the coalition has had from them in the last two weeks
  126. [8:49 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: I don't really understand famid
  127. [8:50 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: Who is them and who is coalition
  128. [8:50 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: We're well below 50%. Honestly, I feel like DRF TEST pets.
  129. [8:50 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: We are
  130. [8:50 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Marvellous.
  131. [8:50 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: We cannot fight TRI alone
  132. [8:50 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: Our survival is solely on drf and test shoulders
  133. [8:50 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: And we have done a terrible job keeping them willing to help us
  134. [8:51 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Unless we make progress by the new year we won't be here to fight.
  135. [8:51 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: I see very little support from them tbh
  136. [8:51 AM] [FCON] Spookzor 4-Eyes: I am about done with all this bs
  137. [8:52 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Personally I think direction is majorly lacking. Weather it, take back Detorid and burn insmosther are not objectives. They are not strategies. They are not well thought through. This is the issue.
  138. [8:52 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Or one of them.
  139. [8:53 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: Yo johnny boy
  140. [8:54 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: If you can be in my meeting in 6 hours , I'm hoping I can fix all these issues
  141. [8:54 AM] [FCON] Kacion Orison: Our only course of action ti win right now is to take their staging out
  142. ๐Ÿค˜1
  143. [8:54 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: I have a plan for that kacion
  144. [8:54 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: Its not going to be easy but its possible
  145. [8:55 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: We can't without Allies help. Unless you are about to tell me that Allies are involved, it's not worth the time to discuss
  146. [8:55 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Unless you have a magic card that no one knows about eve
  147. [8:55 AM] [UMINE] Lana Vyvorant: We cant even move or jump a fleet gate to gate in our staging system without lossing.. we need to sort that our give our line members that victory and u might get more people and as regi says also if we go all out on there staging and win yeah
  148. [8:55 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: I can't speak to allies directly
  149. [8:55 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: But I need to speak with all of you first before have
  150. [8:55 AM] [FCON] Shizoku Tian: Guy they have a staging fort 2 systems away from ias and after that one another one 2 systems away...if we magically can find a way to hit them ourself be my guest to tell me how
  151. [8:56 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: I'd hold the meeting now but I'm working
  152. [8:56 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: Ive been thinking long and hard since this war started
  153. [8:56 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: And its entirely possible with our numbers
  154. [8:56 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: @[FCON] Alex Turdean Test, in the last two weeks I see them helping fubar alone more than pfed, and that's just on two ops
  155. [8:57 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: Maybe that's just a tz issue for me though
  156. [8:57 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Reggie. No offence but it's not just that simple. They will have three timers and a week's notice to defend it.
  157. [8:57 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Our numbers are shit
  158. [8:57 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: We can't pull 100 man CTAs
  159. [8:57 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: That's really, really bad.
  160. [8:58 AM] [FCON] Shizoku Tian: That's not true those had 200-220 in the cta yesterday
  161. [8:58 AM] [ORB] Levnil Oriki: We hit IAS, sure. Form everyone, because we have brought enough people to make TRI/PL/etc stand down, and we can at least try to again. Then we hit the rest of the damn fortizars too. Does it matter how many forts they have? They all have to be removed anyway.
  162. [8:58 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: @[ORB] John Baylin could you please elaborate on how our leadership could be improved
  163. [8:59 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: i wonder why telling the tacticians a strategic target is not our job?
  164. [9:02 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: I feel there is no clear strategy. Weather it is not working for anyone. Members or FCs. I've not seen one, simple goal. Forgive me for quoting old things we know but objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable and have a set time frame. I've seen nothing that is specific, nothing that is measurable and nothing with a time frame put on it.
  166. Our objectives are 'hit detorid and burn insmother'. There is nothing specific, nothing to be able to measure our success against and no time limit on that.
  168. The brutal fact is, we can't just 'weather' this war. Our members are on the whole not here for PvP. They are not here to fight every day and they are not here to understand the strategy we are using. They are here to gain isk, have fun in small groups and think primarily about themselves.
  170. Look at things like death clones, people who can't fly interceptors, people who can't even choose their own travel ammo even though it's the same damn ammo we've used for months now.
  171. [9:03 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Our strategy is poor, our members are losing isk and when you tell us 'we can afford to lose that' we'll some alliances can't afford to. We are not all as well padded as fcon at all. Some of us already have no srp and some have very little if they do.
  172. [9:04 AM] [UMINE] Lana Vyvorant: I agree on that! ^^^
  173. [9:05 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: Definitely agree with John
  174. [9:05 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: At the beginning of this war we decided that we would burn out before tri and would have to go on the offensive to beat them
  175. [9:05 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: No idea why that changed
  176. [9:06 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: I don't know if the FC team always had a different idea but that's what we discussed in command chat
  177. [9:07 AM] [FCON] Ryac Sampaio: .One thing I definitely do agree on (as well as the above from John) is what someone else said about the lack of action when we've formed ... I've lost count how many times we've formed 1,000 man fleets without allies which have made PL and TRI stand down, and then we've done nothing with it ... I've said it numerous times in Command Comms too, about us not wasting those opportunities ... When we have 500 Battleships and 100 Dreadnoughts formed up let's use them! ... Drop on TRI's staging Fortizar, go round and RF a load of there Azbels whatever, just do something!
  178. [9:07 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: okay now, how about this: Burn fucking detorid into the ground till end of the week!
  179. [9:07 AM] [FCON] Ryac Sampaio: When we get opportunities like that, we shouldn't waste them
  180. [9:07 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: go do what ever you can to accomplish that with t1 cruisers
  181. [9:07 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: go
  182. [9:07 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: @[FCON] Nokin Niam what strategic advange do we get from burning sov kn detorid?
  183. [9:08 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: my goal is to have every ihub in detorid and insmother burned and downed within the next two weeks
  184. [9:08 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: Why?
  185. [9:08 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: @[MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille if you haven't known already TRI are still using jumpbridges etc
  186. [9:08 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: We operate without jbs they can too
  187. [9:08 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: when we can kill their ihubs they don't have those anymore
  188. [9:09 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: ofc
  189. [9:09 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: but it'll make it more tedious
  190. [9:09 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: We need to hit the citadels if we're going on the offensive
  191. [9:09 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: ofc
  192. [9:10 AM] [UMINE] Lana Vyvorant: Its not all about going on the offensive me need to start showing that we wont allow pl sit or anchor shit alongside with tri in our home systems its cancer that our line member se and ask what are we doing about it
  193. [9:11 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: @[UMINE] Lana Vyvorant then gimme things we can actually execute on them?
  194. [9:12 AM] [FCON] Gendo-sama Ikari: @[FCON] Nokin Niam if we want to hit JB hitting ihub its not the 1st solution; look at them, they first hit JB then sov, if u want to take jb down u should aloud yolo dreads to hit jb when TRI its most offline; authorize 10 yolo dreads to hit the 4 or 5 JB they have in detorid; during evetime 02.00 and 04.00 no fucking TRI care about that; why we jsut dont drop 2 dreds x JB and hitt them; if we lose them "amen"; send ppl to camp, pay ppl to camp; I would like to recieve 80% of srp instead of 100% but been paid to camp TRI renter system; and sort of things like this
  195. [9:12 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: There is nothing we can do about PL without a full cap fleet from allies
  196. [9:13 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: We have set goals
  197. [9:13 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: But we failed them all
  198. ๐Ÿ‘‰1
  199. [9:16 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: We simply do not have the capability to take on TRI alone so we rely on our allies, I have explained this many times. I wish it had sunk in and we had made a better effort to make them want to help us
  200. [9:16 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: John budy
  201. [9:16 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: We will do it
  202. [9:17 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: @[ARZ] Sir Reggie i'd really like to know your plan...
  203. [9:17 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: and please type it out
  204. [9:17 AM] [FCON] Gendo-sama Ikari: I have to go now so tag "everyone" so I can see it to xD
  205. [9:26 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: I'm at work still
  206. [9:31 AM] [ORB] Levnil Oriki: Fine by us. Type it up gradually, then lump it all in here when you're ready
  208. [9:47 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: Watch me :p
  209. [9:47 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: Meeting will be recorded and posted here along with a tldr
  210. [9:48 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: Everyone will be free to input their voice regardless
  211. [9:48 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Dude. It's not doable. I'm sorry but you can't expect to come up with a cheap master plan.
  212. [9:48 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: Never said it'll be cheap
  213. [9:49 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: well then it cant be done
  214. [9:49 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: reggie we barely have the isk to buy fucking ships
  215. [9:49 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: No one has isk reggie
  216. [9:49 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: everyone is running out of isk
  217. [9:49 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: Also never said its gonna cost a lot
  218. [9:49 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: let him voice his plans
  219. [9:49 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: and then we can see further
  220. [9:50 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: also could y'all please stop being so fucking negative?
  221. [9:50 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Well since he earlier said he'd been planning with higher ups I would think that one of sky team know the plan?
  222. [9:50 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: @Fleet Commander meeting in the FC hangar on mumble. I will be on shortly
  223. [9:50 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: nokin
  224. [9:50 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Stop being blinded. You do not go on comms daily with members and hear the shit they are feeling.
  225. [9:50 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: how can we stop being negative mate?
  226. [9:50 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: our allies have fucked off
  227. [9:50 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: we are running out of isk
  228. [9:51 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: we have perma camp in QE-
  229. [9:51 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: our renters are getting fed up
  230. [9:51 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: our line members are getting even more fed up
  231. [9:51 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: and weve been told the war could last till spring
  232. [9:51 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: That is not going to hapoeb
  233. [9:51 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: We will die well before that
  234. [9:51 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: OK i'm fucking sick and tired of the only thing in this channel being a shit ton of fucking negativity with no solutions
  235. [9:51 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: it's hard but i know people can push through it, negativity has something soemthing to do with mentality not with facts right now
  236. [9:52 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: MENTALITY
  237. [9:52 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: So here's a new rule: Stop bitching about how things are IF YOU DONT HAVE A PLAN TO FIX THEM.
  238. [9:52 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: Thank you
  239. [9:52 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: We are all well aware of the issues at hand.
  240. [9:52 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: well what are the sky team doing to solv this and end it?
  241. [9:52 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: Bitching about them over and over and over does not solve the problem.
  242. [9:52 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: we are getting no fucking answers
  243. [9:52 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: @[SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor i can tell you we are trying to figure things
  244. [9:53 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: So unless you have an idea for how to handle it, stop whining like babies and use those heads of yours to figure it out.
  245. [9:53 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: but we cant make shit happen from now to now +1 sec
  246. [9:53 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: @Fleet Commander please stop guys. get in FC hangar on fcon mumble please :heart:
  247. [9:53 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: I've got 10min
  248. [9:53 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: We have been suggesting ideas
  249. [9:53 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: We're being told to kill ihjbs instead
  250. [9:54 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: @[SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor  we always give you guys all the answers to the questions you ask
  251. [9:54 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: @[MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille your ideas have been heard
  252. [9:54 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: They all get heard, doesn't mean they are possible
  253. [9:54 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: we just could execute plans in direction Citadel
  254. [9:54 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: @๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ you mind joining us?
  255. [9:55 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: I'm nto at home right now
  256. [9:55 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: not*
  257. [9:55 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: but playing diablo?
  258. [9:55 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: :smile:
  259. [9:56 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: ok well once you guys figure out how we are gonna win the war before we loose most of our member base and renters lemme know. because i dont see how it can be done.
  260. [10:00 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: that's probably my roomate tbh
  261. [10:00 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: i'm at my gf's
  262. [10:00 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: okay
  263. [10:02 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Lord Jenny. Afk for a month and then quite happy to come back and slap people around? I've tried figuring it out and been told it won't work. Honestly it's not my job to figure it out. It's yours.
  264. [10:03 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: afk?
  265. [10:03 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: says who?
  266. [10:03 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Jenny you stopped and took a break and then come back as if nothing has happened.
  267. [10:04 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: You mean the break I stopped because sergon begged me to come back? Where I came back and ran 50 fleets that month to save yall's asses from CO2 fucking everyone over in US/AU TZ's?
  268. [10:05 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: It helped. I don't disagree. But what does that say about our position.
  269. [10:06 AM] [SERIN] Mace Window: Can i say everyone here talking over the past 12 hours is a little bitch and then we can move on and stop talking shit about each other :smiley:
  270. [10:06 AM] [FCON] Shizoku Tian: ^
  271. [10:09 AM] [MGRGY] Famid Al-Caille: If we ignore these issues we will die
  272. [10:10 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: @everyone apparently FRT is forming for a refinery of ours?
  273. [10:11 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: So, since I have the ABSURDLY most pessimistic motherfuckers in my meeting, forget it.
  274. [10:11 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: Forget i had a plan
  275. [10:11 AM] [FCON] Shizoku Tian: Well if dumbed more time than is Healthy into this latly just to be told again and again that were doing nothing, and since my boss noticed me being unhappy about this ill just not touch my phone during work hours anymore
  276. [10:12 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: In XGH
  277. [10:12 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: I quit the FC team
  278. [10:12 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Dude. Killing dreads with Tristans is not a plan.
  279. [10:12 AM] [FCON] Shizoku Tian: Reggie massage nokin/me/alex your plan pls
  280. [10:12 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: You can do it yourselves.
  281. [10:12 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: I've literally just been told the plan. We cannot kill everything with a fucking Tristan.
  282. [10:12 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: I never said anything about tristans
  283. [10:12 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: At ALL
  284. [10:13 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: he expects people to spend RL money to buy ships
  285. [10:13 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: also never said that
  286. [10:13 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: Anyways
  287. [10:13 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: Since you like to put words in my mouth
  288. [10:13 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: revoke my roles
  289. [10:13 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: now.
  290. [10:13 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: Im done with this discord
  291. [10:13 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: im done with the pessimism
  292. [10:13 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: this is a fucking game
  293. [10:13 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: Im not here to fucking bitch and whine all day, im here to have fun.
  294. [10:14 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: I've been told 'kill dreads with tristans', 'our pilots are better subcap pilots'
  295. [10:14 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: I've been told 'kill dreads with tristans', 'our pilots are better subcap pilots'
  296. [10:15 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: never said kill dreads with tristans
  297. [10:15 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: i said its possible and its been proven.
  298. [10:15 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: i was also not allowed to finish my sentence on that thought 4 times.
  299. [10:15 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: so
  300. [10:15 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: Fuck it
  301. [10:15 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: do it yourselves
  302. [10:15 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: you cant even listen to jenny and listen to my plan so
  303. [10:15 AM] [ARZ] Sir Reggie: shrug
  304. [10:15 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: @[ARZ] Sir Reggie#9076 take a break right now please
  305. [10:15 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: RIP
  306. [10:15 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: he left
  307. [10:16 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: thanks guys
  308. [10:16 AM] [FCON] Shizoku Tian: Wow guys...I mean might not be the solution. ...but that was pathetic(edited)
  309. [10:16 AM] ๐ŸƒJoker ๐Ÿƒ: Great work
  310. [10:16 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: I'm done.
  311. [10:17 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: I'm stepping down.
  312. [10:17 AM] [SERIN] Mace Window: Can i say everyone here talking over the past 12 hours is a little bitch and then we can move on and stop talking shit about each other :smiley:
  313. [10:17 AM] [SERIN] Mace Window: Again i say
  314. [10:19 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: @Skyteam formally, I'm stepping down. Thanks for the opportunities. Some of you are really great guys. Maybe I've not got the stamina, maybe I've not got the mindset, maybe it's something else.
  315. [10:19 AM] [FCON] Arthas Menethyl: Don't
  316. [10:19 AM] [FCON] Arthas Menethyl: You're a good man
  317. [10:19 AM] [FCON] Arthas Menethyl: Take a break, but stay
  318. [10:19 AM] [SERIN] Mace Window: Weed
  319. [10:19 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Nope. Not enjoying it. Don't see us going anywhere.
  320. [10:20 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Thanks guys and I look forward to joining you fleets.
  321. [10:21 AM] [FCON] Arthas Menethyl: Get a good night sleep brother, dont make hasty decisions. A good night always helps
  322. [10:21 AM] [FCON] Kacion Orison: @[ORB] John Baylin you are also one of the reasons this war still lasts
  323. [10:21 AM] [FCON] Kacion Orison: Without you it would be over already
  324. [10:21 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: It's been thought about for a few weeks. It's not hasty.
  325. [10:21 AM] [FCON] Nokin Niam: like without you we'd lost 4 weeks ago
  326. [10:22 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: I'm sorry. I can't do this.
  327. [10:23 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: I'm exhausted. I'm frustrated. I'm upset. This isn't a game anymore and I hate it. I can't afford to do anything and we can't get a clear or concise plan on anything.
  328. [10:23 AM] [FCON] Arthas Menethyl: It's been tough cause you've been eating shit. This channels drama is unnecessary, be above, know your worth and take a break if needed. You're a really good guy and I think you'd be making the wrong decision. Take some time and it'll all get better dude :)
  329. [10:24 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: I took a week off. It's done. Decision made.
  330. [10:24 AM] [SERIN] Mace Window: You need you wake off?
  331. [10:24 AM] [SERIN] Mace Window: Well just do it man its ok
  332. [10:24 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: kacion you are right
  333. [10:25 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: but
  334. [10:25 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: john can not burn himself anymore than he has
  335. [10:25 AM] [SERIN] Mace Window: :eggplant:
  336. [10:25 AM] [SERIN] TorrinDeCaptor: @[ORB] John Baylin  been a pleasure being FC'd by you
  337. [10:26 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: Cheers guys. Have fun. Hope you get stuff sorted.
  338. [10:26 AM] [SERIN] Mace Window: o7
  339. [10:26 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: I'll be on as many fleets as I can.
  340. [10:26 AM] [ORB] John Baylin: o7
  341. [10:33 AM] [FCON] mmorenor: It's funny: you can' fight with tristans so take some cormorants, be smart...
  342. [10:36 AM] [SERIN] Mace Window: Looks like tri is moving a big fleet atm
  343. [10:37 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: Yeah they are gonna kill the anathor in XGH
  344. [10:39 AM] [SERIN] Mace Window: ooo
  345. [10:58 AM] [FCON] Ryac Sampaio: We not gonna try and defend it?
  346. [11:02 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: 300 man TRI and FRT fleet and we had no notice
  347. [11:02 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: aint gonna happen
  348. [11:05 AM] [FCON] mmorenor: Guys, let's face it, we can't take this shit over. We need a plan or leaderships instructions.
  349. [11:06 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: We know
  350. [11:06 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: Plan will be formulated by the end of the weekend
  351. [11:14 AM] [FCON] mmorenor: Personally i don want to see line members without a plan with clear objetives. In my opinion we have to retreat and plan an evac. We can't follow the same Branch curse. Sorry to say this, but facts are facts.
  352. [11:14 AM] [FCON] Ryac Sampaio: Are FRTRI dropping their own refineries?
  353. [11:17 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: they are
  354. [11:17 AM] [FCON] Alex Turdean: many
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