Leave Your Problems to Suzuya! [Typeset]

Nov 28th, 2015
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  1. Leave Your Problems to Suzuya translation
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  4. Credits to:
  5. SBCさん (RAW)
  6. scottic33 (Chinese Translation)
  7. 檸檬夜未眠 (Chinese Proofreading)
  9. >Start Exercise!
  10. >Stay in formation!
  11. >Understood!
  13. >They're pushing the attack here!
  14. >Turning to Starboard!
  16. >How are things going?
  17. >Hm--it seems like Kumano's condition isn't too great.
  18. >Taking down the target!
  19. >Kumano!
  21. >3 o-clock!
  22. >Oh dea....
  23. >Exercise is Suspended!
  25. >What a drubbing that was...
  26. >That's an expression a lady really shouldn't show.
  27. >But I've gotten the feeling that Kumano's condition has been a little off for a while. | When you're not just dozing off, | you're all frantic, like you've forgotten something.
  28. >To be honest...
  29. >Tomorrow will be my first time attending a banquet with high society...
  30. >High society?!
  31. >To think that I would ever hear that phrase used in my life...[Ladies are scary]
  32. >Mmhm. After all, I, too, am from what is considered to be a renowned house.
  34. >On the contrary, I'm more surprised that you've never been to that wine and crumpet shit before.
  35. >I joined the Navy because I hate that kind of thing.
  36. >A runaway maiden?!
  37. >Is it really that detestable? You can eat all ya like, y'know.
  38. >B-because...
  39. >It's really embarrassing! [To talk to males!]
  40. >A pure maiden has shown up!
  42. >Someone who has a lot of experience with males like Suzuya wouldn't understand!
  43. >Could you not use words that make me seem like a slut?!
  44. >Speaking of which, Kumano, don't you get along with the Admiral fine?
  45. >That's true.
  46. >But the Admiral, he's, how should I say this...
  47. >More of a father figure?
  48. >[I brought back some souvenirs--]
  49. >I can't disagree with that!
  50. >But in that case things will be much easier.
  51. >[Leave it to Suzuya!]
  52. >I'll go find a stud for you to practice with.
  53. >[When you say practice...]
  55. >30m inutes later
  56. >Ja jaaaaan--! How s it!
  57. >[Isn't that just Mogami?]
  58. >Come on Mogami, say some masculine things.
  59. >Eh?! Aren't you asking for a bit much?
  60. >A...Ay, yo the name's Mogami, you just below me, lookin fo a crew and a friend to stand behind me, yo! (note: intended to be as cringy as it sounds. A bit of wordplay I missed. Mogami means "the highest," in the next phrase she calls Kumano "最下," the lowest.
  61. >All over the place!!
  62. >I'm not doin' it!
  63. >She got mad!
  64. >No matter how you look at it, I can't use Mogami to innoculate myself.
  65. >Hold on, lemme add a little more makeup.
  67. >Perfect!
  68. >Who in god's name is that?! Did you change her whole body type?
  69. >I'm Mogami~
  70. >Please don't be!
  71. >Are you used to guys now?
  72. >Like hell!
  73. >In the end, after multiple approaches, nothing worked.
  74. >Eh, Kumano, just do your best!
  76. >Banquet hall
  77. >Eh...
  78. >I feel completely out of place...
  79. >Since the naval district was basically a girl's school
  80. >I have no idea what to talk about at this time...
  82. >Right, I'll just make use of the topics I usually discuss with the Admiral as reference.
  83. >Let me see...
  84. >Ah, Kumano. It's a tough job nurturing idols. It seems as if they've recently expanded territory to encompass school idols.
  85. >Idols?
  86. >Ah, I figured I'd go hunt down some monsters, but I ended up running late. Here, have some fresh meat.
  87. >Monsters?
  88. >I ran into a big fight with a bunch fo people.
  89. >Ninjas sure are strong. Some gorilla belted me too...
  90. >[A gorilla?!]
  92. >I can't use that at all--!
  93. >More importantly, what kind of supernatural being is the Admiral supposed to be?
  94. > that we've come this far, I don't care any more! | If I have nothing to talk about, I'll give them something to talk about! | Target spotted, blow 'em out of the water!
  95. >Point being,
  96. >Leaving everybody speechless will be this bourgeoise banquet's
  97. >S-rank perfect victory!
  98. >Watch me!
  100. >Kitchen
  101. >Bring plate #5 to table 5!
  102. >Comin' right up!
  103. >Fufufu...infiltration successful.
  104. >I bet Kumano woldn't possibly think that I'd dress as a male and sneak in.
  105. >Won't it be nice to see Kumano's shocked expression?
  107. >Kumano Cha-n!
  108. >Kumano! Kumano!
  109. >Kumasama--!
  110. >Kumanooo (note: literally "Kumanotaso/たそ", don't know what that means)
  111. >What the heck is going on?!
  113. >[Eh....whaaa?!]
  114. >[Super Idol form?!]
  115. >[Why?!]
  116. >[Is she performing?!]
  117. >[Aaeeeeehhhhhh?!]
  118. >Thank you for your support--!!
  119. >Ah, she made her exit.
  120. >Now's not the time for hesitation | I'd better find her.
  122. >Whew....I went a little overboard.
  123. >Kuma--no
  124. >T-this voice...!
  125. >Suzuya?!
  126. >Dass right mane
  127. >Damn though, Kumano, what were you doin up there acting like an idol?
  128. >I was singing and dancing a little and that kind of happened...
  129. >...what exactly happened?
  131. >Speaking of which, why is Suzuya here?
  132. >Well, to be honest, the Admiral...
  133. >Hey--Suzuya
  134. >Ah, Admiral.
  135. >Just now during exercises, Kumano wasn't doing too well. Has something happened? If something is going on, I'd like to ask you to help out Kumano a little.
  136. >[Should I tell the truth...]
  137. >[Mm, if it's the Admiral it should be fine.]
  138. >Is that it? I know the host of that banquet, I can arrange for Suzuya to go in. Let me call him up.
  139. >Ehhhh--?!
  140. >and that's about it.
  141. >What kind of being is this Admiral...
  143. >Well then? How was the banquet?
  144. >Mmm....I felt like it wasn't a bad experience.
  145. >Experience?
  146. >To be honest, in the past I felt that
  147. >In the middle of a drawn-out battle where our military is putting lives on the line, | for me to be drinking and partying out here...
  148. >--that's why I didn't really want to take part in this kind of activity.
  149. >Ahaha....
  150. >In order to leave that kind of environment, I left to be a shipgirl, and yet after a lifetime on the battlefield with nothing before me but the enemy,
  151. >I've lost sight of why i'm even fighting.
  152. >Can't really blame ya for that...after all, we have never had to fight a battle on home soil.
  153. >Even if we know that it's to protect the homeland, we have never truly anything that tangibly linked to home. | All we see is endless ocean--there's no feeling of urgency in that.
  155. >Indeed. But after seeing everyone happily living, loving and laughing their daily lives, | I have a much better grasp of what I'm protecting.
  156. >That's why i feel like this was a good experience.
  157. > that so...well, that's true.
  158. >I sometimes held back to home to see my mother too.
  159. >Oho...that's not bad at all.
  160. >Speaking of which, Kumano, the people who say "My work brings happiness to those around me, | so I have to work harder..."
  161. >Do you know what society calls those people?
  162. >Eh....? What do they call them?
  164. >Wage Slaves <3 (In small text and literally: Corporate Livestock)
  165. >Well there goes the mood!
  166. >Really! Suzuya always ruins the mood when she doesn't take things seriously!
  167. >Sorry!
  168. >But it's nice to see Kumano to be in such high spirits.
  169. >mm, I'm back to normal now.
  170. >Thank you for your concerns.
  171. >Well, since we don't have many chances for this...
  173. >Want to dance a little with me?
  174. >I'd be honored.
  176. [Afterword]
  177. >Leave your Problems to Suzuya! (not)
  178. >In the end she didn't help at all, Kumano resolved it all on her own. Err...ummm...that's right! It's just like the Legend of Zelda! The main character is Link, but the title is about zelda! Just like that!
  179. >To be honest, in the original concept Suzuya would seriously help deal with the problem...but once I started filling in Kumano's lines, it just ended up...
  180. >Anyhow, helping you to solve your problems just by standing by your side--that's what they say friendship's all about!
  181. >Oh by the way, the scene I most wanted to draw was Kumano in a western dress holding a concert. Also, that last handholding.
  182. >Since this SuzuKuma doujin was just the materialization of previous ideas, I'm still thinking really hard on what i should draw next time. Who knows, it might just be a black and white sketch collection or a 4koma.
  183. >No matter hwat, I'm very happy to be able to draw some shipgirl combat scenes.
  184. >Well then, see you in summer!
  185. >[Daddy Leaf Square representative]
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