(RGRE-ish) That one suicide prompt

Jul 6th, 2018
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  1. Prompt:
  2. >One universe, Anon is tormented by ponies until he can't take it anymore and becomes an hero. It's almost on par with picking on Equestria's easiest targets: fat stallions.
  3. >The ponies immediately regret it, never even thinking that the suicide would happen. There isn't even an Equestrian work for "suicide" it's so rare.
  4. >In a second universe, Anon is dropped into Equestria.
  5. >Ironically, it's Rainbow Dash who first meets him.
  6. >Her wariness of the unknown and her desire to be besties with an alien battle. The latter wins narrowly, then grows the more she learns of him.
  7. >Other ponies see Rainbow with the tall biped and assume he must be okay if the usually xenophobic RD is friends with him.
  8. >He's even considered attractive when one mare says it, thus getting her peers to parrot it until it spreads and becomes popular opinion.
  9. >Que Rainbow becoming jealous and staking a claim on him.
  10. >And like that, one decision from one pony alters history dramatically.
  11. >Then in the typical magic accident, the two universes meet.
  12. -----------------------------------
  14. >Twilight trots over to to the street curb and sits down on her rump, heavily.
  15. >Heavy like her heart.
  16. >Or, depending on whether or not you're talking to a mare who never particularly liked Twilight very much to begin with, heavy like a sack of wet potatoes.
  17. >But considering the miserable, slightly stunned look on Twilight's face, even a mare who finds Twilight irritating would hold her tongue out of a sense of basic equine decency.
  18. >Unfortunately, that might not even be a very realistic expectation at this point; basic equine decency seems to be at an all-time low in Ponyville.
  19. >Maybe it was the years of constant danger and the way it gravitated to Ponyville like a moth to flames that gradually wore and ground the average pony's good will down to a rough-edged stub, like a dead tree stump in an long-abandoned front yard.
  20. >Or maybe it was the disconnect that you usually find in out-of-the-way farming villages like Ponyville, where change is slow to reach them on their winding dirt roads, and where ponies turn inward towards the community when they feel threatened.
  21. >Or, as is tragically becoming more and more frequent, when they perceive a threat; even when there's nothing but empty shadows and gusts of wind instead of monsters and beasties.
  22. >Whatever the compounding reasons that lead Ponyville to the state it is today, the ponies of Ponyville showed their true colors.
  23. >And those colors were bright cherry red, and then a dull, coagulating purple.
  24. >Twilight was sure that there were at least a few ponies who were surprised that Anon even bled red like a pony did.
  25. >As far as they were concerned, the idea that Anon was flawed flesh and blood like they were seemed to be at odds with his unearned reputation of a monster.
  26. >A monster like timberwolves, who bled sticky yellow sap and oily, pasty plant matter.
  27. >Not that it mattered any more.
  28. >"Or," thought Twilight, "It mattered even more than ever before."
  29. >An innocent creature was driven to take his life due to the severe mistreatment he received from the town that housed the Princess of Friendship.
  30. >Twilight would find the situation ironic if she cared to think that far ahead; on a day like today, she didn't care to think at all.
  31. >Because her thoughts inevitably ran back to Anon.
  32. >Anon, the human who shared with her stories of his homeland.
  33. >Anon, who always made Twilight laugh every time he got blindsided by how different stallions were treated in this world.
  34. >Anon, who she promised to protect if things ever got too out of hoof.
  35. >Anon, who was now six trots deep under the ground.
  36. >Anon, who made a liar out of Twilight; she wasn't there when he needed her protection the most.
  37. >Not from Ponyville, and not from himself.
  38. >...
  39. >Anon, whose presence somehow brought out the worst of ponies and who made her friends turn into unrecognizable strangers full of hate.
  40. >But then, that wasn't Anon's fault.
  41. >Perhaps they were always that way, and Twilight just didn't see it until they were tested for the first time by the presence of The Other.
  42. >Twilight questioned again if any of this seemingly mattered, because just hours ago, she made contact with another universe.
  43. >A parallel dimension, a world that was identical to her own, except for one very important detail.
  44. >And that detail was Anon.
  45. >In this world, interchangeable with her own, right down to the crotchety old mare down on Sweet Apple Acres and the simmering hostility ready to burst out of the average Ponyville pony.
  46. >Only, the events that transpired in her world never happened in this identical copy.
  47. >Anon - HER Anon - arrived in that land after his...
  48. >What was that word that the Princess had used?
  49. >Sewer size?
  50. >Sonar pies?
  51. >...
  52. >Suicide.
  53. >He arrived after his "suicide" and was met by Rainbow Dash instead of Rarity.
  54. >Rather than running back to town and acting as the spark of suspicion that would later turn into a blaze of open hostility, the pony who met Anon wanted nothing more than to be friends.
  55. >Granted, it was because being friends with an alien was "so awesome", but it was a desire for friendship none the less.
  56. >How brash, hot-headed, borderline xenophobic Rainbow Dash made friends with the creature whose mere presence had whipped Ponyville up into a froth-mouthed frenzy is beyond her.
  57. >But she did what Twilight could never do: she made Anon happy.
  58. >She made him feel welcome, like he was a part of the community.
  59. >Because he WAS part of the community, just like anypony else.
  60. >The same ponies who wanted to send Anon packing in her world would crowd around him in THEIR world.
  61. >Colts and fillies would ask to hear stories from Earth, and well-raised mares would offer to help carry his groceries for him.
  62. >Even Applejack, who had despised Anon with a disturbing passion that Twilight had never seen in her before absolutely adored Anon.
  63. >It was so surreal to see the mare who spearheaded the "get Anon the BUCK out of town" operation leaning against his side, laughing and hoofing him a mug of cider.
  64. >What did this mean for her Equestria?
  65. >For this NEW Equestria?
  66. >Were the ponies there just as capable of blind hatred as her's was, and it was through blind chance and pure circumstances that lead to Anon being accepted and loved?
  67. >Were the ponies here in her world just as capable of love and friendship, and Anon was simply the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time?
  68. >Did love and hate balance on a knife's edge?
  69. >Twilight wasn't sure which idea was more disturbing: that in-equine behaviour could happen at any time unless the circumstances are just right, or that friendship and love were so shallow and fragile that it was the circumstances and not the pony - or the MAN, in this case - that inspired these seemingly deep and iron-wrought feelings.
  70. >Not that she cared to think about such things.
  71. >No, on a day like today, she didn't care to think at all.
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