Backgrounds of Fate: The Story Teller

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  1. >You look up to the moon through a window with hope as it raises far above the horizon and into the sky.
  2. >The stars begin to become visible as the sky fades from orange, to purpler then black.
  3. >With the rise of the moon comes the rise of the corners of your mouth.
  4. >You're smiling wider than you have in a long time.
  5. >Your breath ends up fogging the glass but you don't bother wiping it away as you lie back down against your saddlebags with a content sigh.
  6. >You vision is now dominated by a large warehouse filled sparsely with desperate ponies huddled in groups around barrels of burning kindling.
  7. >All of which have their own baggage whether it be physical...
  8. >You spot a teenage colt and holding a filly herself was cradling a picture of a mare and stallion in black uniforms.
  9. >...or not.
  10. >A group of foals runs past you chasing after a ball made of scrap.
  11. >You shudder and let out a breath, visible in the cold air.
  12. >Being this close to the Frozen North, it didn't matter what time of the year it was.
  13. >Not even the pegasi could keep out the cold.
  14. >As if on queue you start to shiver, a reminder that you should probably be around a barrel yourself but you don't mind too terribly much.
  15. >You had a cloak that would do as a blanket.
  16. >And you'd be leaving soon.
  17. >All of you would be leaving soon.
  18. >You'd be leaving behind all of your problems.
  19. >You'd be leaving behind hardship, persecution, complacency and fear.
  20. >You'd be leaving behind Equestria,
  21. >Which is exactly what all of you are waiting for.
  22. >You are all being smuggled past royalist forces and into lands controlled by the Reich.
  23. >You pat around the saddle bags you're lying against until you find and retrieve a journal from the side pouch.
  24. >You take a pencil tucked behind your ear and begin scribbling down inside of the journal.
  25. >'Night 22.'
  26. >'No close calls, no patrols or anything of the sort. Just us, this warehouse and time but thats all about to change. Pathfinder came by this afternoon and told us a storm was moving in from the north. Perfect cover to smuggle us into the next town which just so happens to be controlled by the Reich.He says w'll be led out in groups of a dozen or so which makes about three. I'm not too worried about it because judging by the way he was ogling me I'll probably be in that first group. All we have to do now it wait. But I don't now if I can. I have so many stories to tell.'
  27. >You put away the little book just in time to hear rusty hinges which make you smile.
  28. >It's time.
  29. >You stand up but instead of hearing Pathfinders deep baritone voice you hear one you were dreading instead.
  30. >"Equestrian Royal Guard! Nopony move!"
  31. >There were a few gasps and even a scream.
  32. >A few ponies started to run but the unicorns with the guard made quick work of the runners.
  33. >But not you though.
  34. >You had stayed away from the group for a reason.
  35. >The spot you chose was away from the light of the fires and in the shadows.
  36. >It was also near a hole in the wall that you could get out through.
  37. >And you were lucky.
  38. >Any other mare couldn't fit through that hole but you could because you were on the small side.
  39. >While everypony was dealing with the initial shook of the situation you pushed your saddlebags through the hole with one swift motion.
  40. >With another you were out in to the cold and snow.
  41. >Around you other warehouses sat under the moonlight.
  42. >You threw on your cloak and saddlebags before checking your surroundings.
  43. >You see a group of royals at the far end of the warehouse you just left but none on the other side.
  44. >There were pegasi in the air that might cause a problem but you were sure that you would be fine as long as you kept to the walls and shadows.
  45. >You made your way away from the royals and towards another empty warehouse as quickly and quietly as possible.
  46. >From there you went to another to shipping crate, to snow filled drainage ditch and finally the fence that surrounded the property.
  47. >Bypassing that was easy enough.
  48. >You slid straight under a gap in the fence and pranced around giddily about how easily you made i-
  49. >"YOU THERE, STOP!"
  50. >In your panic you slipped in the snow.
  51. >You see a pegasus guard speeding towards you in the air.
  52. >Shit shit shit.
  53. >Letting out a surprised little whinny, you scramble to your hooves as fast as you can.
  54. >You take off galloping in a random direction.
  55. >You don't know where you're heading but fate has guided you this far.
  56. >So long as you continue to believe, fate will continue to do so.
  57. >"Stop! There's nowhere for you to run!"
  58. >You laugh to yourself
  59. >There are no barriers or other guards to stop you.
  60. >There is only you, the wind, empty space, snow and fate at your side.
  61. >"Little mare please think about this! You will only get yourself killed! Nothing lies ahead except for the Frozen North! You can't navigate during the storm! Surely this Manos isn't worth your life!"
  62. >You knew that turning around was a death sentence since you were a "Manos Sympathizer."
  63. >It would be a sad, honorless way to die.
  64. >That doesn't matter.
  65. >Fate is at your side.
  66. >More importantly you are a story teller.
  67. >You need to get to the Reich to tell your story.
  68. >You need to get there to tell the stories of all the ponies who didn't last on the trip
  69. >You need to tell the story of your friends who were found out by royalists and never heard from again.
  70. >You had to.
  71. >If your stone tablet cutie mark said anything to you, it was that fate wouldn't let your story and the ones you carry end with you.
  72. >All you need to do is believe and fate will guide you.
  73. >With that you continue on into the snow, your cloak blowing in the icy wind.
  76. >You are Ice Breaker.
  77. >A Black Hand and a father.
  78. >You and your family fled to the Reich weeks ago while it was still easy to do so.
  79. >Right now from where you're standing you consider yourself lucky.
  80. >You and your squad were sent on patrol after a particularly nasty storm let up and you ended up stumbling across a mare frozen in the snowy wastes.
  81. >Black mane, pale blue coat and a stone tablet cutie mark.
  82. >You snap photo with your camera and put it in your saddlepacks while Lickity Split calls in the find.
  83. >
  84. >It's sad really.
  85. >The only possessions found on the little mare was an empty match box and a notebook it seems she was trying to burn.
  86. >From what you could tell by the paged that weren't ripped apart she really wanted to tell her story and that of other ponies when she got to the Reich.
  87. >Now the only thing ponies will know of this mare is her tragedy.
  88. >You look back towards the crystal spire flying red banners in the distance.
  89. >If only this mare knew how close she actually got to where she belonged.
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