Golden Opportunities IIII

Dec 18th, 2016
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  1. >"Hmmm..."
  2. >It was early...
  3. >Very early...
  4. >You didn't know how early, because you had absolutely no idea where the hell your phone went and there wasn't a clock in sight, but you knew that it was early
  5. >Being a high school student--wildly known for their hatred of getting up early-- you had a sixth sense about these kind of things
  6. >So it was early...
  7. >And you were awake...
  8. >Wiiiiiiddddddddeeeee awake
  9. >You were lying on what felt like a bunch of pillows
  10. >There must have been eight blankets on top of you
  11. >You could hear a fire crackling in the background
  12. >If you picked your head up and twisted your neck as far as it would go you could just make out a pile of firewood sitting by the fireplace that was as high as your knee
  13. >...
  14. >Which wasn't safe...
  15. >If the flame managed to jump from the fireplace bad things could happen...
  16. >But FUCK fire safety
  17. >Fuck it hard!
  18. >You had bigger problems at the moment...
  19. >Twilight, dead to the world, sighed into your ear as she nuzzled herself closer to you
  20. >...
  21. >Now...
  22. >This wasn't the first time that you had waken up to something... different
  23. >You were known to sleepwalk from time to time, so there was a chance each time that you closed your eyes to sleep you'd wake up in your bathtub or outside next to your dad's shed or any number of weird places
  24. >Hell, one time you woke up on the neighbor's roof!
  25. >But this...?
  26. >This was...
  27. >This was different…
  28. >REALLY different...
  29. >You twitched as someone sighed in your ear
  30. >A hand slowly slid down your side to rest on top of your hip
  31. >That wasn’t Twilight
  32. >Twilight couldn’t sigh into your ear from the position she was in
  33. >No...
  34. >There wasn't just one person pressed up against you, there were two
  36. >Two women...
  37. >Sunset and Twi...
  38. >Sunset and Twi had, for whatever reason, snuggled up on either side of you sometime in the middle of the night
  39. >You were lying on your side
  40. >One of your arms was draped over Twi's middle
  41. >Twilight was hugging your other arm against her chest, resisting any attempt that you made in trying to pull it away
  42. >Her head was tucked up underneath your chin and her nose was buried in your neck
  43. >She was your little spoon, while Sunset had taken it upon herself to be your snuggler
  44. >The girl had pressed her warm, beautiful body against your back
  45. >Your head rested under her chin, and one of her arms was wrapped around your belly, holding you firmly in place
  46. >Both of the girls were quietly breathing
  47. >Their body language--from what you could see with your limited mobility anyways-- was relaxed and peaceful
  48. >Hair, both purple and bacon-colored, could be seen at the fringes of your vision
  49. >You were also pretty sure that Sunset was drooling because your hair felt a little wet...
  50. >Twilight mumbled nonsensically in her sleep
  51. >She shifted her weight, rubbing your arm against her breasts before sighing and laying still once more
  52. >You could feel her nipples through her undershirt, slightly hardened from either the cold that still stubbornly clung to the room despite the fire and the blankets or the stimulation that your arm was providing
  53. >...
  54. >Wew…
  55. >Wew, wew, wew...
  56. >You had absolutely no idea how long you had just been lying there, frozen, as those two beautiful women used you like a body pillow…
  57. >It was probably a long time…
  58. >It FELT like a long time...
  59. >For what must have been the tenth time in as many minutes, you pinched yourself
  61. >Just like the last ten times, you felt pain
  62. >...
  63. >You couldn't feel in a dream
  64. >That meant that this isn't a dream
  65. >...
  66. >This was real life
  67. >This was happening
  68. >...
  69. >Somehow...
  70. >You were so flabbergasted by the position you found yourself in you couldn't even freak out
  71. >You just laid there, listening to unfamiliar sounds that girls made when they slept, wide-eyed and confused
  72. >...You might have been focusing most of your energies on not getting a boner too
  73. >Because that would be bad…
  74. >Twilight having your arm was bad enough--if she woke up and realized that your arm was in between her boobs at this moment you were positive that you’d get an earful at the very least-- but if you went and got hard the shit would hit a whole different type of fan
  75. >Probably...
  76. >Maybe...
  77. >...
  78. >What the FUCK were you even doing here?!
  79. >What happened when you were asleep?!
  80. >Why didn't you wake up?!
  81. >Why was the fire still going?!
  83. >A shaky sigh escaped your lips as you looked down at Twilight
  84. >Just like you, she was covered from head to toe in blankets
  85. >The only thing that you could honestly see on her was the top of her head and parts of her face
  86. >”Hmm…”
  87. >Twi’s blankets gently rose and fell with each breath that she took
  88. >Whenever she moved, her knees gently tapped against yours
  89. >Her grip on your arm would also relax and tense every few moments, as if she were expecting you to try to pull away from her at any moment
  90. >...
  91. >At least she seemed comfortable now and not cold like she was last night...
  92. >You shifted your legs, trying your hardest not to accidently kick one of the other girls
  94. >You didn't want to wake them up
  95. >Not yet...
  96. >You still had to figure out what the heck you were going to do when they opened their eyes...
  97. >A very particular sound escaped your throat when you finally realized that, eventually, the girls were going to wake up
  98. >It was the same kind of sound that a hobo made when he found himself with a winning lottery ticket
  99. >There was joy in the noise, along with a little confusion and disbelief
  100. >What the hell was going to happen?
  101. >Were they going to open their eyes, smile and whisper their good mornings?
  102. >Or were they going to start freaking out?
  103. >You honestly had no idea
  104. >You’ve never slept with a girl before
  105. >...And no, your mom doesn’t count, and nor should she
  106. >Twi shifted again, finally pressing as much of her body against yours as physically possible
  107. >She was a perfect fit it seemed
  108. >From the top of her head to the tips of her toes she fit along the contours of your body
  109. >You didn’t want to sound like a weirdo or a freak or a loser, but you MIGHT say it was almost like she was MADE to snuggle up against you
  110. >...
  111. >Which, now that you’ve thought it aloud, actually sounds creepy…
  112. >Really creepy
  113. >...
  114. >Don’t get a boner...
  115. >Twilight let out another happy sigh, her lips brushing against your adam’s apple
  116. >You made your hobo noise again, your toes curling
  117. >Why...?
  118. >What were you doing here?
  119. >Did the girls pull you off of the couch?
  120. >If they did, why the heck were they cuddling you?
  121. >...
  122. >Did they like you?
  123. >Was this some trick?
  124. >This was some weird trick, wasn’t it?
  125. >Or maybe a conspiracy!
  126. >Yeah, it could have been something like that!
  127. >...
  128. >Why did it feel like you wanted to cry...?
  129. >Your free hand began to wander on its own as you wrestled with these questions
  130. >It slowly slid up Twilight's back
  131. >Up the gentle curves of her body, up the muscles in her upper back, up her neck
  132. >Twilight let out a sleepy giggle, nuzzling you with a little more force as your hand found its way to her head
  134. >You froze, waiting until she had once again gone still before you began to run your fingers through her hair
  135. >...
  136. >Guys did that to girls they slept with, right?
  137. >They ran their fingers through the girl's hair a-and gave them a kiss on the cheek?
  138. >Yep…
  139. >You were PRETTY sure that was what they did...
  140. >At least in movies…
  141. >Your touches were careful and light
  142. >You didn't want to yank on her hair and wake her up
  143. >You also wanted to be able to yank your hand away if her eyes opened suddenly...
  144. >W-Wew...
  145. >Sweet Christ above was your heart beating fast...
  146. >Still though, even though it felt like you were on the verge of having a panic attack, you continued playing with your b-bed buddy's hair
  147. >After about a minute of this Twilight sighed again
  148. >Relaxing slightly, you couldn't help but sigh as well
  149. >Twi's hair was silky smooth, tickling your fingers each time you made your way up the back of her head
  150. >It felt… nice doing this
  151. >And not just because you liked the feeling of her hair...
  152. >With each stroke you began to grow more comfortable
  153. >Your touches started to get a little more firm and confident
  154. >You teased her scalp, gently raking it with your fingertips
  155. >You also began to rub strands of her hair between your pointer finger and thumb
  156. >God was her hair soft...
  157. >It took a few minutes, but eventually you started to enjoy the position you were in
  158. >Like really enjoyed
  159. >And not even in the sexual way
  160. >It was just nice to have someone pressed up against you...
  161. >Someone that trusted you so much that they were comfortable sleeping right next to you…
  162. >It made you feel wanted, liked
  163. >Maybe even loved...?
  164. >You exhaled, closing your eyes and nuzzling the top of Twilight's head
  165. >She immediately nuzzled back and, to your surprise, she began to move her head toward your hand, giving you more hair to run your fingers through
  166. >You did just that; happily and with a heart full of emotion
  168. >For some reason or another, tears began to form out of the corners of your eyes, but you ignored them
  169. >There was no reason to cry...
  170. >You had two beautiful women pressed up against you...
  171. >Two women that WANTED to be pressed up against you…
  172. >There was no good reason to cry
  173. >You should be happy
  174. >HAPPY!
  175. >You don't know how long you laid there, listening to the sounds that Twilight made
  176. >The girl continued to lean back and back and back
  177. >Her beautiful, sleeping face was soon revealed to you
  178. >Her mouth was partially opened, you could see a bead of drool making its way down her chin
  179. >The hair on the top of her head was a little messy from all of the nuzzling that she had been doing and there was an imprint of your shirt collar across her face
  180. >...
  181. >God was she beautiful...
  182. >Your hand left her head and found its way to her cheek
  183. >You ran your fingers along it, marveling at how soft and smooth her skin was
  184. >Twi's lips twitched in what could have been a smile, and she leaned into your touch once more
  185. >You found yourself smiling even as you blinked away tears, cupping the girl's cheek and leaning forward
  186. >Maybe just a little kiss on the cheek...
  187. >Not a long one, just a peck...
  188. >She wouldn't even notic--
  189. >"Whatcha doin', Nonny?”
  190. >You frozen, your lips puckered, as someone whispered into your ear
  191. >Someone that sounded AWFULLY like Sunset...
  192. >...
  193. >Oh shit...
  194. >Your eyes widened as Sunset's grip around your stomach tightened
  195. >You hadn't noticed, but the top of your head was no longer resting under her chin
  196. >She had picked her head up...
  197. >She had picked her head up and her face was now uncomfortably close to yours...
  198. >Double shit...
  199. >The girl nuzzled the side of your face, chuckling quietly as she did so
  200. >"Are you trying to steal kisses, Nonny?" she cooed
  201. >You stiffened
  202. "N-No! I w-was um, I thought I s-saw something o-on her face w-was looking for i-it," you quickly blurted out
  203. >Sunset chuckled again, her other hand making its way up your side
  205. >"Really? You were just looking for something?" she teased
  206. >You jumped when you felt her fingertip slid along your neck
  207. >Ohfuckingshityou'reinforitnow!
  208. >Because you were the unluckiest son of a bitch that ever walked this earth, Twilight picked that moment to stir
  209. >She yawned, her eyes slowly opening
  210. >...
  211. >And your lips was an inch from her face
  212. >Yourlipswereabouttotouchhercheek!
  213. >A blush exploded across your face as Twilight, blinking tiredly, looked up at you and instantly smiled
  214. >Holyfuckingshitwasshethecutestgirlinthewholeworld!
  215. >"Good morning, Anon," she whispered
  216. "I w-wasn't stealing k-kisses, I promise!" you responded. "I w-wasn't! I’m n-not a kissing b-burglar!"
  217. >The fire crackled in the background as you all sat there for a few moments in silence
  218. >Sunset chuckled, and you couldn't help but flinch when she went ahead and kissed your cheek
  219. >"I wish I knew who was cuter out of the two of you," she proclaimed
  221. >You liked Sunset's kitchen
  222. >Pots and pans hung on hooks next to the stove
  223. >A spice rack sat next to the sink
  224. >The chairs and table that sat next to the big, fancy window in the room looked comfortable and well-made
  225. >It was homey, small; nothing like that hulking monstrosity that you had back at home
  226. >In fact, as you looked around, you couldn’t help be reminded of your dad’s kitchen...
  227. >You couldn’t put your finger on it, but it felt like a stallion had set this room up with a family in mind...
  228. >But that, of course, wasn't true in the slightest
  229. >There was no stay-at-home stallion to cook for you in this house
  230. >There was only you and Sunset
  231. >The only thing that you could make consistently well were peanut butter and sunflower sandwiches, and from what Sunset told you she more burned things than she cooked
  232. >But here the two of you were, hunched over Sunset's stove with pans and cooking utensils in hand, trying to cook breakfast
  234. >...
  235. >You weren't doing very well
  236. >You weren’t doing very well at all
  240. >"Twilight! Open up the window or something!" Sunset barked, trying to fan away the smoke that was all around the room. "I need to find out where the hell that fire alarm is!"
  241. >The kitchen was a mess
  242. >Half-burnt batter and syrup was EVERYWHERE
  243. >One of the pans on the stove was missing a handle
  244. >Another pan was floating in the sink, still on fire even though water was pouring down on top of it
  245. >The toaster had been smashed to pieces, and there was also a butcher knife sticking in the wall for some reason
  246. >...
  247. >And did you mention the smoke?
  248. >Because it was everywhere
  249. >...
  250. >There was a REASON why you didn't cook back at home...
  251. >Coughing, you looked over at her
  252. "Did you turn the stove off?" you asked
  253. >Sunset bristled, her eyes wild and her hair a mess
  254. >"Of course I did! Now go and--"
  255. "Are you sure?"
  256. >"Yes I'm sure!"
  257. >Sunset frowned at you, quickly looking at the stove
  258. >She stared at it for a few moments, her frown deepening
  259. >Looking back over at you, she reached over and turned one of the knobs
  260. >"...There," she grumbled
  261. >Even though you looked just as frazzled and messy as Sunset, you couldn't help but smile
  262. "Okay!" you chirped. "Why don't you try to put out the fire in the sink and find that alarm while I get the windows opened?"
  263. >Sunset grumbled something under her breath that you couldn't quite catch
  265. >Taking that as an okay, you quickly made your way to the windows and began throwing them open, opening the back door for good measure
  266. >While you did that, Sunset FINALLY managed to extinguish the pan fire
  267. >The fire alarm thingy was found also, and its batteries were pulled out, stopping that horrible beeping
  268. >The stove was off, the smoke was starting to leave, nothing was on fire as far as you could see, and the two of you had walked away with only a few minor burns and scrapes
  269. >Which was a HECK of a lot better than what had happened last time you had tried cooking something
  270. >...
  271. >Spike still wouldn't talk about what happened that day...
  272. >"Fucking cooking..." Sunset grumbled, marching toward the table and sitting down, covering her face with her hands
  273. >Nervously looking around the room to see if anything was burning or about to blow up, you made your way over and sat down with her
  274. >This...
  275. >That was going to be hard to explain...
  276. >...
  277. >Hopefully no one called the fire department...
  278. "H-Hey, it's not that bad," you assured, running through fingers through your hair to fix it as best as you could. "Scrambled eggs is a hard dish to make. Anybody could mess it up!"
  279. >Sunset groaned, slamming her forehead against the table
  280. >"The two of us were Celestia's PERSONAL students, Twi. We can do magic that most unicorns couldn't do in their wildest dreams."
  281. >She groaned again, kicking at a table leg
  282. >"Why the hell can't we just make some breakfast?!"
  283. >You opened your mouth to answer
  284. "Well, um..."
  285. >Your brow scrunched up in though as you tried to think of a good reason
  286. >...
  288. >You couldn't think of one...
  289. "Maybe it's just harder than it looks?" you suggested
  290. >Sunset picked her head up and looked at you with a deadpan expression
  291. >You bit your lip, rubbing your arm
  292. "...Maybe Anon will be okay with cereal and milk?"
  293. >Sunset's mouth twitched
  294. >Even though she was doing her best to look grumpy, you could see a smile worming its way onto her face
  295. >"If we don't go and burn that too," she mumbled
  296. >You chuckled, leaning across the table and nudging her
  297. "Come on, give us a LITTLE credit," you joked
  298. >Sunset's smile widened a little more
  299. >Blowing a bit of hair from her face she sat back up
  300. >She then looked around at the mess the two of you made
  301. >”...Well, I think--”
  303. >Both you and Sunset jumped
  304. >Your heads snapped toward the window and you both looked outside
  305. >The entire landscape was nothing but snow as far as the eye could see
  306. >The blizzard had gone, leaving this winter wonderland that you all found yourselves in
  307. >From what Sunset had read on her phone, there was two and a half feet of snow on the ground
  308. >That was a lot of snow
  309. >It was so much snow, in fact, that someone called a “governor” had called a state of emergency, telling people to stay in their homes until their local snow removal services had done their jobs
  310. >Not like anyone COULD leave their homes...
  311. >The power was still out, though not the telephone or the gas or the water
  312. >For some reason...
  313. >Even though that terrible wind was gone, the cold was still there
  314. >Last time Sunset had checked her phone it was zero degrees out there, and there were signs that it wasn't going to get warmer anytime soon
  315. >It was bad outside
  316. >Bad with a capital B
  317. >Even when you had magic at your disposal, you would have hesitated stepping hoof outside in something like this
  319. >But out there, amidst the snow, was Anon, all bundled up and with a shovel in his hand
  320. >...Or at least there HAD been a shovel in his hand
  321. >At that moment it was sticking out of a snow pile a few feet away from him
  322. >Anon himself appeared to be lying face-first in the snow, his legs kicking and his arms flapping as he swore and cussed his heart out
  323. >It was an admittedly silly sight
  324. >So silly that you might have started chuckling if you didn't know how cold it was
  325. >Or for the fact that a STALLION was out there in all of that snow SHOVELING IT
  326. "Are you SURE that we should be letting Anon clear your sidewalk?" you quietly asked, feeling your stomach tighten just by looking at him
  327. >"You heard him, Twi," Sunset said with a helpless shrug. "He was going to do it whether we wanted him to or not."
  328. >Even though she was used to how things were here, you could see that Anon being out there didn't sit very well with her
  329. >And it SHOULDN'T!
  330. >No mare worth her cutiemark would want a stallion working out in conditions like this!
  331. >The most a colt should be doing on a day like today was trying to keep warm under the covers with a hot mug of something in his hooves!
  332. >But Anon had been insistent, saying about how the snow would turn into ice in this weather
  333. >If it didn't get shoveled now you'd never be able to shovel it, he said
  334. >He had then found a shovel in Sunset's basement and had gone outside to do all of the work by himself before either of you could properly protest
  335. >All. By. Himself.
  336. >He would have worn just the light jacket that he had brought with him the day before--Celestia forbid-- if not for the fact that Sunset had dragged his butt back into the house to get some proper clothes on
  337. >...
  338. >You didn't like it
  339. >Different world or not, seeing him out there all by himself, didn't sit very well with you
  340. >You wanted to go out there and drag him back inside
  342. >You wanted to strip him out of all of those sweatshirts and jackets and gloves and have him put a blanket around himself and sit by the fire
  343. >He was going to catch a cold out there...
  344. >He was going to get FROSTBITE out there...
  345. >You bit your lip, gripping the edge of the table so hard that you knuckles were white
  346. "We should make him come inside," you said. "He needs to come inside and warm up."
  347. >Sunset said nothing for a moment as she watched Anon struggle to his feet only to take two steps and fall right back down
  348. >"I'll make him come inside in a few minutes," she said, drumming her fingers against the table and standing up. "I SHOULD be able to get him to come inside if he shovels the walkway. Now come on, help me clean up this mess a bit."
  349. >You rose from your seat, following Sunset to the sink
  350. "It's a shame that we couldn't cook anything to warm him up for when he comes back inside," you said regretfully, eyeing the battlefield that was the stove
  351. >"I'm pretty sure that I have some hot chocolate somewhere," Sunset said, wetting a rag and handing it to you. "It might be a little early for cocoa, but at least I can make that and it's warm."
  352. >You took the rag
  353. >Leaning over, you also grabbed the knife stuck in the wall
  354. >It came out cleanly with a single tug, and Sunset took it without a word, putting it in the sink and grabbing a rag herself
  355. "Well, at least it's SOMETHING," you proclaimed, walking over to the counter and starting to wipe the soot and grease from it
  356. >Sunset walked over to the stove, a small smile on her face
  357. >"Maybe we should try to warm him up in another way?" she suggested, slapping her rag onto the top of the stove and rolling back her sleeves
  358. >You frowned
  359. "Another way? What other way?"
  360. >Your friend raised an eyebrow
  361. >She then wiggled her hips in a provocative manner
  362. >...
  364. >Ohhhhh...
  365. >Sunset's smile widened when a look of realization came across your face
  366. >...Along with a blush
  367. >"You know, I woke up to him running his fingers through your hair," she told you. "I swear to Luna I was about it have a heart attack it was so cute."
  368. >You nodded, looking down at the counter
  369. “Y-Yeah, I know,” you muttered
  370. >And you did
  371. >You remembered vividly waking up in Anon's arms
  372. >You had felt him running his fingers through your hair
  373. >You also felt his warm, soft body against yours, you smelled his scent, and you had listened to his heartbeat as you laid there with your eyes closed
  374. >It had been wonderful
  375. >Indescribable
  376. >You had never been more well-rested, or as happy to wake up as you have been this morning
  377. >Your blush deepened just a hair when you remembered looking up into Anon's face
  378. >His eyes had been wide with surprise and shock, and his face had been as red as a tomato
  379. >He looked, for all of the world, like a colt with his hoof in a cookie jar
  380. >Except instead of trying to get cookies h-he had been trying to...
  381. >You cleared your throat
  382. "Y-Yes, it was really cute, w-wasn't it?" you asked
  383. >Sunset nodded, walking over to the sink and wringing out the soot and grime on her rag and then washing it with out cold, COLD water
  384. >"I told you Twi: the hard part was getting him to cuddle us, and now that we've done that we're in the clear for anything else that we want to do," she said confidently
  385. >You nodded, looking down at your rag
  386. >Quietly, you let what your friend had just said sink in
  387. >...
  388. >You could do ANYTHING...
  389. >Anything with a stallion that put your comfort and safety above his own...
  390. >A stallion that didn't make your stomach knot up in fear whenever you talked to him…
  391. >A stallion that mares would happily kill for...
  392. >You leaned against the counter, using it to support yourself so that you didn't fall over
  393. "Anything..." you muttered, looking over at your friend
  395. >Sunset was, of course, looking back at you with a smile
  396. >You looked down at your feet for a few moments, chewing on your lip
  397. >You then looked back up at her
  398. "Sunset? Do you have any ideas about how w-we could ‘warm’ Anon?" you asked
  399. >Your friend's smile widened
  400. >"I think I do, Twi..."
  402. >You didn't like snow
  403. >That was a pretty weird thing for a high school student to say, in all honesty
  404. >Why wouldn't you like snow?
  405. >Snow was pretty
  406. >You could make snowmen out of them
  407. >You could write your name in it using piss
  408. >If there was enough snow you wouldn't have to go to school for the day
  409. >Snow was the BEST thing in the world for a high schooler, right?
  411. >If there was snow it was cold outside
  412. >You didn't like cold
  413. >Also, if there was snow you had to shovel the shit
  414. >As someone who has had to shovel his long ass driveway since he was eight years old, you were confident in saying that you didn't very much care for the activity
  415. >In fact, one might correctly state that you COULDN'T FUCKING STAND IT!
  416. >You didn't care about the snow days
  417. >You didn't really care about snowy Christmas mornings and you sure as shit didn't care about snowmen
  418. >FUCK the snow
  419. >FUCK a winter wonderland
  420. >FUCK the cold
  421. >And bah humbug
  422. "Goddamn, piece of shit... can't walk five feet without falling over..."
  423. >You carefully climbed back to your feet after falling for the THOUSANDTH time since you walked out of here, brushing the snow from your jacket and your face with a gloved hand
  425. >The snow was already melting on your cheeks and jaw, making your skin sting
  426. >Fucking snow...
  427. >Grimacing, you bent down and picked up your shovel
  428. >You were almost done with the sidewalk...
  429. >Just a few more feet you'd be able to go inside, pull off all of your wet clothes, and sit next to the fire in Sunset's living room
  430. "Come on... Just a few more feet. Just a few more..."
  431. >Gripping the shovel in your hands tightly, you attacked the last bit of snow like a man possessed
  432. >Shovel-full by shovel-full you cleared the way so that you and the girls could walk outside if you needed to
  433. >Even though it did its best to resist you, almost making you fall flat on your face more times than you could could, the battle quickly turned into a rout
  434. >You were a god on this battlefield
  435. >All that stood before you were cut down without mercy
  436. >...
  437. >Or at least tossed through the air like they were shovel-fulls of snow...
  438. >When you had finally found yourself near what you thought was the street you drove your shovel into the snow and leaned against it, sweaty and breathing hard
  439. >You hated snow...
  440. >You you hate it so much that you didn’t know what to do with yourself...
  441. >"Nonny!"
  442. >You picked your head up and looked over just as Sunset stepped out of the house
  443. >Unlike you--so bundled up that you probably could have walked safely through an arctic snowstorm-- Sunset was lightly dressed
  444. >She had a thick sweatshirt on, along with a wool cap, a long scarf, a pair of thin gloves, and these cute little boots
  445. >"It looks like you got everything done, huh?" she called, hopping off of the porch and making her way toward you
  446. >Even though she was being careful, she was still doing that skip-hop walk thing that girls liked to do when they got excited, her hair bouncing around her shoulders
  447. >You found yourself smiling at the sight
  448. "Yeah, I got the front walk pretty much finished," you said, pushing off of the shovel and standing up to your full height
  450. >Sunset, stopping just short of you, smiled a cute little smile of hers that always left a warm, tingly feeling in your chest
  451. >"It looks great!" she chirped with a bounce. "Now, why don't you come on back inside and get warmed up a bit? I made some hot cocoa for you to drink!!"
  452. >You perked up
  453. >Cocoa?
  454. >You LOVED cocoa!
  455. >Picking up the shovel, you were about to make your way back toward the house, but after two steps you found yourself stopping
  456. >...
  457. >Maybe cocoa could wait for a little while...
  458. >You might have finished the front but you should probably go back and do some of the backyard too
  459. >Not a lot…
  460. >Just enough so that Sunny here could take her trash back to the alley...
  461. >You tried to look away from Sunset, but the girl leapt forward, cupping your face with her hands and forcing you to look back into her eyes
  462. >"Come on. Let’s get out of this cold, silly," she said, giving you a little tug
  463. >You tried to gently pull your face from her grasp
  464. "Actually, before I go inside I was thinking that maybe I should go around the back and do a bit of shoveling there, too," you said, your gaze drifting toward the side of the house
  465. >Her nose scrunching up cutely, Sunset once again forced you to look at her
  466. >"You've done enough, Anon," she said firmly. "Now come on back inside before you cocoa gets cold."
  467. "But--"
  468. >Sunset leaned forward and booped your nose with her own
  469. >"Butts are for sitting, and we're not sitting out here, mister!" she said, tugging on your face once again, forcing you to take a step forward. "Now get your butt in the house."
  470. >You looked at Sunset for a few moments, a blush creeping down your neck
  471. "...Y-Yes ma'am," you found yourself saying
  472. >Sunset's smile came back to full force
  473. >"Alrighty! Let's go then!" she said, nose-booping you once more before grabbing your free hand and pulling you toward the house
  474. >You allowed yourself to be pulled along, staring at the back of Sunset's head as she began humming to herself
  476. >You then looked down at the hand that she was holding
  477. >...
  478. >Maybe you could have some cocoa first before you came back out and shoveled the back
  479. >It WAS really cold outside...
  480. >Your smile came back to your face, and you began to move a little more eagerly toward the house
  481. >Because of the neat little path that you had hewn from the snow, both you and Sunset easily made your way back into the front porch
  482. >"You can lean my shovel against the wall if you want, Nonny," Sunset said stomping her feet against the welcome mat in front of the door
  483. "Okie dokie," you replied, brushing past her and leaned her shovel against the wall
  484. >You were about to turn back to Sunset, only for the girl to leap toward you
  485. >You stumbled backward a few feet as she threw her arms around your neck, thankfully managing to catch yourself before you fell over
  486. >"Thanks for doing all that shoveling, Nonny," she said, rubbing her cheek against yours affectionately. "I really appreciate it. Really."
  487. >Since you were kind of getting used to the surprise hugs, you were sorta ready for this one
  488. >Instead of standing there frozen and blushing like a moron you returned it, wrapping your arms around the cute girl and hugging her back
  489. >You still might have been blushing, but it was a work in process
  490. "It w-wasn't that much shoveling," you insisted, daring to give her a few nuzzles back. "But you're w-welcome."
  491. >Sunset giggled that sweet, musical giggle of hers, her grip around your neck tightening
  492. >Your grip on her, in turn, tightened
  493. >It must have been in the negatives...
  494. >The wind was starting to pick up...
  495. >But, as you stood there, hugging this girl that you had only gotten to know the other day, you didn't feel cold...
  496. >Not at all...
  497. >A content sigh escaped your lips
  498. >You found yourself closing your eyes and leaning into the hug
  499. >Sunset sighed as well, slipping a hand under your hat to play with your hair
  501. >You nuzzled her some more, much to her delight
  502. >Seconds ticked by, then minutes
  503. >Finally, after Sunset had ran her fingers all along her scalp and the two of you had nuzzled so long and hard that your lips had almost touched more than once, Sunset broke the hug
  504. >And, to your surprise, her cheeks were a little red
  505. >"Oops, I told you to hurry up and get inside and here I am keeping you out here because I can't keep my hands to myself," she said, with a shy little giggle
  506. "It's alright," you told her, feeling just a bit lightheaded. "I don't mind. I like hugs. I mean, I like when you hug me..."
  507. >Stop...
  508. >STOP...
  509. >Don't ruin this moment by opening that stupid mouth of yours and babbling
  510. >Your brow furrowed
  511. >Closing your mouth, you placed your hands behind your back and rocked on your heels
  512. "I like hugs. Yep..."
  513. >...
  514. >5/10...
  515. >Sunset smiled
  516. >"Good," she said. "I wouldn't know what to do with myself if a cute guy like you didn't like hugs."
  517. >...
  518. >C-Cute?
  519. >Grabbing your jacket, Sunet leaned toward you and kissed you on the cheek before you could open your mouth and start spewing words again
  520. >While you might have been used to all of the hugging, this cheek-kissing thing was still new to you
  521. >REALLY new...
  522. >You stiffened when you felt her warm, soft lips against your cold, red skin
  523. >You sharply inhaled, getting a nose full of Sunny's scent
  524. >Unlike the quick peck that you were given before, this kiss was lingering
  525. >Sunset held it for one, two, three seconds
  526. >While that may not have seemed like all that much time, to you it may as well have been an eternity
  527. >"Mwah!"
  528. >Even though Sunset was careful to lean away from you slowly, you still almost fell over
  529. >Thankfully, she managed to grab you by the shoulders to keep you from toppling over
  531. >Her face was a little redder than it had been before, you noticed, and her bright blue eyes were almost glowing as she looked back at you
  532. >"See? I just can't keep my hands off you!" she chirped with a grin
  533. >Giving your shoulders a squeeze, she spun around and opened the door
  534. >"Come on, let's get inside and warm ourselves up! It's freezing out here!"
  535. >You stood there for a few moments and watched her disappear into the house
  536. >One of your hands slowly reaches up to touch the cheek that had just been kissed
  537. >The skin felt tingly, but in a good way
  538. >...
  539. >"Anon? Are you coming?"
  540. >...
  541. >Well, no...
  542. >You might be a virgin, but not even you would--
  543. >...
  544. >Wait...
  545. >Different kind of coming...
  546. >DIFFERENT kind of coming...
  547. >Shaking your head, you nodded your head for no one
  548. "Y-Yeah! I'm coming!"
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