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  1. [10:11] The heavily armored teenager reaches for his waist, flicking open a black, leather satchel that was tied at the side. His unarmored, left hand scrounges around inside while he makes his way over to the pile of materials on the floor.
  3. Once in front of it, he drops to a knee, gently placing down a generous amount of assorted ingredients.
  4. (Agnimazud Ishwaratu)
  6. [10:11] {Item} You drop Glowing Mushroom x10.
  7. [10:11] {Item} You drop Rope Root x3.
  8. [10:11] {Item} You drop Poppylus x6.
  9. [10:11] {Item} You drop Soothing Reed x1.
  10. [10:11] {Item} You drop Sugarcap Mushroom x3.
  11. [10:11] {Item} You drop Sinka x1.
  12. [10:12] {Item} You drop Cylion x6.
  13. [10:12] {Item} You drop Feather x8.
  14. [10:13] Agnimazud Ishwaratu says, "Hopefully that is helpful."
  15. [10:14] Elizabeth Wayne says, "Mhm, it will be put to good use by someone."
  16. [10:15] Agnimazud Ishwaratu says, "I'm glad."
  17. [10:15] Elizabeth Wayne says, "Mhm. Thank you for your donations by the way. "
  18. [10:15] Agnimazud Ishwaratu says, "You're welcome."
  19. [10:16] Agnimazud Ishwaratu says, "I shall be on my way. Be well."
  20. [10:38] {Item} You picked up Amber..
  21. [10:38] {Item} You picked up Feather..
  22. [10:38] {Item} You picked up Feather..
  23. [10:38] {Item} You picked up Feather..
  24. [10:38] {Item} You picked up Feather..
  25. [11:00] "If you don't have a house with a plot of land it's almost impossible to live on potions alone."
  27. The redhead sighed that even though she dreamed of helping others with her potions she could not even produce her own potions for lack of materials.
  29. "I'm going to negotiate with some people about buying their house for a slightly higher price. Something like 5,000 coins. At the moment I have only 3,300 coins so it will take time for the negotiation to actually take place."
  31. The girl shrugged as she gave a sad laugh. Lydia wondered when she would really become useful to other people. She always needed more and more money and every opportunity she got was thrown away or disappeared before she could do anything.
  33. "You're an alchemist too, right?"
  35. The redhead asks her friend Mai about her profession.
  36. (Lydia)
  38. [11:01] Agnimazud Ishwaratu says, "Hm.."
  39. [11:05] "Five thousand? That's a bit too much..." she said in a low tone, "I'd say for you to wait a little bit."
  41. She patted the redhead's shoulder, as a way to comfort. "--Ah, yes. I am whenever I can, and that is when I have some ingredients lying around in my bag... or when I find one suddenly."
  43. She chuckled lightly; "But I don't think I'm very good as one, there's always something new to learn, some unknown ingredient to find, yadda yadda."
  44. (Hoshizawa Mai)
  46. [11:06] Lydia says, "I've been very focused in recent weeks on studying alchemy but without the right resources I can't improve."
  47. [11:06] Hoshizawa Mai says, "It's hard to, yeah. But you will manage it."
  48. [11:07] Agnimazud picks himself up from the stool after listening in on the two females' conversation for long enough. His unarmored, left hand opens a black, leather satchel strapped to the side of his waist. The jingling of coins clanging against one another can be heard briefly, stopping after a few seconds.
  50. The teen produces a small brown pouch, bulging from the weight of its contents. He takes a few steps toward the redhead, holding the pouch up for her to take. "One thousand coins. The rest is up to you."
  51. (Agnimazud Ishwaratu)
  53. [11:07] {Item} Dropped a bag of 1000 Coins.
  54. [11:07] Lydia asks, "Huh?"
  55. [11:07] Hoshizawa Mai exclaims, "--!"
  56. [11:07] Agnimazud Ishwaratu says, "Take it."
  57. [11:07] Hoshizawa raises her eyebrows in surprise.
  58. (Hoshizawa Mai)
  60. [11:08] Lydia says, "Thank you for your help."
  61. [11:08] Agnimazud Ishwaratu says, "You're welcome."
  62. [11:08] Lydia asks, "But could you explain to me why you gave me this money without even knowing my name?"
  63. [11:09] Agnimazud Ishwaratu says, "If I can help someone in need, I don't see why I wouldn't. It's unlikely many others would in an environment such as this."
  64. [11:10] Hoshizawa Mai says, "That's very sweet of you... If you ever feel like helping someone, pass by the Church."
  65. [11:10] Hoshizawa gave Agnimazud a smile.
  66. (Hoshizawa Mai)
  68. [11:10] Agnimazud Ishwaratu says, "I donated a few ingredients to them not long ago, yes."
  69. [11:11] "I thank you very much. This money will be used for good."
  71. The young red-haired alchemist told the stranger. She was still processing what had just happened at that moment. Lydia looked to Mai for help on how to proceed in this situation.
  72. (Lydia)
  74. [11:12] Hoshi shrugged, but had a smile on her face. She was happy someone was willing to help Lydia, it was good to have such people like the drakanite around.
  76. "Well, make good use of it!" she said plainly, giving her a thumbs up and a wink to the Drakanite.
  77. (Hoshizawa Mai)
  79. [11:14] Lydia exclaims, "I will try my best!"
  80. [11:16] A slight smile forms on his face, just barely visible from beneath the skull-fashioned helm the Drakanite wore. His left hand raised, coming down toward the top of Lydia's head to deliver a few pats before he turned toward the southern exit to the wilderness. "If my donation enables you to help the poorer folks here, all the better. I believe in your endeavors."
  82. With that, he'd start pacing away unless stopped, giving a casual wave of his hand. "I'll be on my way, then, unless you need anything else of me."
  83. (Agnimazud Ishwaratu)
  85. [11:17] Lydia exclaims, "What's your name? You didn't tell us!"
  86. [11:17] Agnimazud Ishwaratu says, "Oh, Agnimazud Ishwaratu. You can just call me Agni, though."
  87. [11:18] Lydia exclaims, "My name is Lydia! Nice to meet you Agni!"
  88. [11:18] Hoshi bowed her head towards Agni, "Thank you very much for your contribution. I will make sure she makes good use of the money."
  90. She looked to Lydia, waiting for her to say farewell to the Drakanite and probably thank him once more.
  92. "--Ah, yes. Name is important," Hoshi was about to forget to ask, but did she really need his name? Maybe it would be important in the near future.
  94. "W-Well, take care Agni - and be safe."
  95. (Hoshizawa Mai)
  97. [11:18] Hoshizawa Mai says, "Hoshizawa."
  98. [11:18] Agnimazud Ishwaratu says, "Nice to meet you both as well. Take care of yourselves."
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