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  1. <b><size=40><align="center"><u><color="yellow"><b>Dr. Bright's Facility</b></color></u></align></size=40></b>
  3. <size=20><color="red"><b>THIS IS A MODDED SERVER</b></color></size=20>
  4. - <color="blue">NTF</color>/<color="green">CI</color> spawn with randomized weapons.
  5. - There is a chance <color="green">Serpent's Hand</color> will spawn instead of Chaos Insurgency. This is a force that helps SCPs eliminate all other targets.
  6. - Any player may <color="red">votekick</color> another player by typing ".votekick playername" into their user console. The rest of the server will then be prompted to vote.
  7. - <color="red">SCP-914</color> will upgrade weapons in your hand, you don't need to drop them.
  8. - All D-Class will be given a <color="yellow">coin</color> that can be used in SCP-914 on the <color="red">fine</color> for a chance to get a more useful item.
  10. <size=20><b>Rules:</b></size=20>
  11. 1. Do not suicide to avoid playing as a class
  12. 2. No excessive mic spam
  13. 3. Do not intentionally stall the round
  14. 4. Do not camp the nuke room as SCP
  15. 5. No advertising
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