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  2. Cost: 1m; Mins: Melee 3, Essence 2; Type: Simple (Speed 3)
  3. Keywords: Combo-OK, Mirror (Void Sheath Technique)
  4. Duration: Indefinite
  5. Prerequisite Charms: None
  6. This Charm banishes that weapon to Elsewhere. The Solar can then draw the weapon directly from Elsewhere later, using a miscellaneous action. The Charm ends when he does so. If he cancels the Essence committed to this Charm while the weapon is Elsewhere, the weapon falls to the ground at his side. This Charm can banish only objects (including artifacts) deliberately created as melee weapons. At Essence 4+ the Solar may banish up to her (Essence x 2) to Elsewhere. In addition, the Solar can hold out her hand and call to the Essence of one of her weapons. If the desired weapon is within (Essence x 10) yards this Charm draws the weapon through Elsewhere into her grasp for 1 mote as a reflexive action. She must own the weapon she calls.
  10. Cost: —; Mins: War 3, Essence 2; Type: Permanent
  11. Keywords: Mirror (Ever-Ready Killer’s Tools)
  12. Duration: Permanent
  13. Prerequisite Charms: None
  14. There is no such thing as an unprepared Solar warrior. Effortlessly changing tactics to suit the shifting battlefield, the Lawgiver easily keeps pace with the desperate stratagems of his opponents. The Solar may reflexively change which weapon he has readied without the need of a miscellaneous Draw/Ready Weapon action. For example, the Lawgiver could hurl a readied throwing knife into one opponent, reflexively ready his bow, shoot a second opponent, and then switch to a slashing sword to finish off a third opponent, all in the span of a single flurry. Each shift per action after the first costs one mote.
  16. New Abyssal Charm: Ever-Ready Killer’s Tools. This Charm is identical to its Solar counterpart, save that when drawing weapons banished by Void Sheath Technique the Abyssal may choose to forgeo paying the 1 mote cost beyond the first by drawing his weapons from the body of a mortal Extra, killing them outright as their weapon is formed from their exploding body.
  20. Cost: 6m, (+1m), 1wp; Mins: Melee 4, Essence 3; Type: Simple
  21. Keywords: Combo-OK, Holy, Obvious, Mirror (Resplendent Shadow Blade)
  22. Duration: One scene
  23. Prerequisite Charms: Summoning the Loyal Steel
  24. The Essence of the Lawgiver manifests in a gleaming weapon of the sun. This manifested weapon glows with a golden brilliance and inflicts aggravated damage against creatures of darkness and sheds sunlight as bright as a torch. The weapon's traits are equivalent to a Perfect quality Mundane melee weapon which also applies the Orichalcum magical material bonus. For one mote, the Solar may change this weapon to another melee weapon as a Draw/Ready Weapon action.
  28. Cost: 6m+, (+1m), 1wp; Mins: Melee 4, Essence 3; Type: Simple
  29. Keywords: Combo-OK, Emotion,  Obvious, Mirror (Glorious Solar Saber)
  30. Duration: One scene
  31. Prerequisite Charms: Void Sheath Technique
  32. The Abyssal conjures a weapon formed of Essence-hardened shadows adorned or intertwined with corpse-elements. This Charm is identical to its Solar counterpart, save that Resplendent Shadow Blade applies the Soulsteel magical material bonus rather than Orichalcum and is not Holy but instead imposes an Emotion effect of despair or horror whenever it inflicts any damage, draining one Willpower unless the target spends motes equal to the Abyssal’s Essence rating. Mortal extras who somehow survive being hit with this weapon drop prone and curl up in a fetal position for the rest of the scene, too spiritually broken even to defend themselves.
  34. In addition, if the Abyssal has learned Ever-Ready Killer’s Tools she may change the weapon created by Resplendent Shadow Blade in a similar manner to drawing weapons from Void Sheath Technique, killing a mortal Extra to negate the one mote surcharge.
  38. Cost: 1m; Mins: Resistance 3, Essence 3; Type: Simple (Speed 3)
  39. Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
  40. Duration: Indefinite
  41. Prerequisite Charms: None
  42. Armor worn in countless battles becomes a part of the Solar’s spirit. It is always on hand when its master calls. The Solar first dons a suit of armor that she owns and has worn in battle. This Charm banishes that armor to Elsewhere. The Solar can gird herself in that armor directly from Elsewhere. Doing so is instanteous, as the armor appears automatically on her body. If she cancels the Essence committed to this Charm while the armor is fully or partially Elsewhere, any donned pieces return Elsewhere, and then, the entire suit appears within arm’s reach. This Charm applies to body armor and shields, but not other worn items.
  44. In addition, the Solar may use Hauberk-Lightening Gesture to don other armor she has not banished to Elsewhere as a Speed 3 Simple action.
  48. Cost: 1m; Mins: Resistance 3, Essence 3;
  49. Type: Simple (Speed 3)
  50. Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious, Mirror (Hauberk-Lightening Gesture)
  51. Duration: Indefinite
  52. Prerequisite Charms: None
  53. The deathknight dismisses armor Elsewhere until he has need of it again, that it might not sin against Oblivion by existing. Unlike its Solar counterpart, an Abyssal can use the corpse of any mortal Extra she has slain during the scene to Banish her armor, negating the 1 mote cost.
  57. Cost: 8m, (+1wp); Mins: Resistance 4, Essence 3;
  58. Type: Simple (Speed 3)
  59. Keywords: Obvious, Mirror
  60. Duration: One scene
  61. Prerequisite Charms: Hauberk-Lightening Gesture
  62. The Solar armors herself in the blazing glory of the Unconquered Sun. This Charm creates a suit of golden body armor from the Solar’s anima. The character can design the armor to suit his personal aesthetic and mood—it can be sleek, imposing, ornate or simple. Regardless of aesthetic, it is always unmistakably medium or heavy armor, and it always glows with a golden light resembling an 8-10 mote Solar anima display. This light is bright enough to read by in a three-yard radius. Characters can only use this Charm if they are not already wearing body armor or a warstrider. It creates armor with 10L/10B soak, 5 Hardness, and has no mobility or fatigue penalty. The character is instantly fully armored. Creatures of Darkness cannot reduce the soak of this armor by non-magical means, such as Piercing.
  64. For one additional Willpower, if the character is not carrying a shield, he can create a glowing shield that gives a +2 cover DV bonus against hand-to-hand attacks and a +2 cover DV bonus against ranged attacks. This shield is always unmistakably a shield and bears the sunburst emblem of the Unconquered Sun. This Charm can also create a long flowing cape of gleaming light or gold in place of a shield, which moves of its own volition to entangle and deflect attacks. Although this effect allows the Solar to use two-handed weapons, the cape offers only +1 cover DV against hand-to-hand attacks and +1 cover DV bonus against ranged attacks. The cape's protection is not cumulative with other cover, including conventional shields.
  68. Cost: 8m, (+1wp); Mins: Resistance 4, Essence 3;
  69. Type: Simple (Speed 3)
  70. Keywords: Obvious, Mirror (Glorious Solar Plate)
  71. Duration: One scene
  72. Prerequisite Charms: Void-Banished Mail
  73. The Abyssal shapes Essence into powerful armor. Depending on preference, he might grow an exoskeleton of articulated bone that tears out through his skin, he might extrude and freeze blood from every orifice into a scarlet carapace, or he might summon “normal” armor out of darkness itself. Unlike its Solar Mirror, this Charm allows the Abyssal to treat Ghosts and Spirits native to Creation as materialized to his touch, and neither can reduce the soak of this armor by non-magical means, such as Piercing. Abyssals sometimes call the bone armor the Ivory Blossom Carapace, while the blood-wrought panoply is Crimson Petal Armor.
  77. Cost: (+4m) Mins: Resistance 5, Essence 4;
  78. Type: Permanent
  79. Keywords: Obvious
  80. Duration: Permanent
  81. Prerequisite Charms: Inauspicious Inner Aegis
  82. This charm permanently enhances its prerequisite. For an additional four motes, when using Inauspicious Inner Aegis the Abyssal's armor grows a number of writhing maws, hideous fanged mouths, or black empty jewels devoid of light adorn the Abyssal's desired armor. When Mortal extras are slain by the Abyssal their bodies are engulfed and devoured by the armor and their entrails reinforce its exterior, adding +1L/+2B to the soak of Inauspicious Inner Aegis, which stacks to a maximum of her Essence. In addition, she gains one additional -4 health level per mortal slain in this fashion, to a maximum number of bonus health levels equal to her Essence. These bonuses are lost when Inauspicious Inner Aegis ends. If those slain leave behind ghosts they automatically gain an unbreakable Intimacy of Fear toward the Abyssal, and treat the armor she summons with Inauspicous Inner Aegis as a Fetter.
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