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Aug 29th, 2017
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  1. I decided to publicly address my concerns because it started to become clear to me after a few SoKasts that the way the SoK accepted criticism wasn't really too benign most certain instances.
  2. I think this solely began with Fred's entry into the Sons Of Kojima, txt cheered for him, we all did when he came on a livestream to debate someone in the dsp community, it was far back but that livestream is the only reason why Fred was invited into SoK originally because it began with Hollywood Kojima inviting all of us into a call well before Fred's time.
  3. However when the “presidency” changed hands because Fuchs did this as a shakedown tactic to flush out TheKingOfDivas, at the time it was then that the group changed for the worse. Anything that was about the Sons of Kojima then resulted in you being hunted down, clowned and recorded. The latter part is ironic because at first Fred claimed he was solemnly against wiretapping calls then the excuse turned into “this stuff just falls in my lap.”
  5. More people in the group back then wanted to talk about games so the paradigm started to shift more about the SoKast, behind the scenes if anyone expressed dismay about Fred he was always this mischievous schemer in direct messages, asking me the most for advice and at this point I know why. Fred’s egoism sort of turns this method of getting advice off and he figure he does what he wants because of the SoKast’s popularity when it’s really just benefitting off another gamer’s drama. The funny part is funny doesn’t know how the fuck to be a normal, civil human being because he mostly asked me for advice in these situations.
  7. Anyway to make a long story short I think I made a Twitlonger because I just got fed up with my head being filled up about “friends been talking shit to me as well which may or may be true, but ironically they have a problem with Fred so how do we remove this problem. Cut this cancer off from the Sons of Kojima” when a lot of these issues was pandering to some issue that started with people simply not liking him. I’m not surprised nowadays he’s even more of a “blame game” individual because like I said he couldn’t take advice then and the morale is little pretty low considering how many people left the group in union.
  8. After I was ousted there was a bunch of conspiracies, a lot of them I largely ignored because I knew it was going to be speculation. However we made a gaming group, invited some SOK members and eventually back and forth kicked up again due to Carson Miles being a mole for both groups, and the starting point was Carson not being able to take his girlfriend being insulted by another SOK member we invited at the time.
  10. Despite multitudes of fallouts Fred sure did weaponize any calls that Carson had on the event, and apparently Nomad is a walking book of evidence when I’m sure that’s all Fred uses him for. These people in my opinion are expendable puppets, people who meet Fred’s quota that does things and favors for them like puppets. I doubt he actually thinks they’re his real friends if Fred wanted to extort Moogle for information about our gaming group because he was buttmad that I splintered off, and thought we had something on him at the time.
  12. Fred is riddled with paranoia and hypocrisy, always watching over his back for the next person or group that’s clearly outspoken over his ass. He did stick up for me at times but if his behavior now wasn’t riddled with any truth then he wouldn’t have thrown so many people under a bus for his own mutual benefit. He might be radio silent now but he clearly will do anything to preserve his image in the anti-DSP community which is why people just think SoK are just these useless, waste of space viewwhores now because of their rebuttals and petty vendettas that lead to them becoming clowned.
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