Me! Me! Me! English translation

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  1. Forever, forever
  2. We'll be together, forever love
  3. Forever, forever
  4. Think only of you and you know it
  5. In your great thing, you teach me each step
  6. I'm divided in two by you
  7. Now right here, I want to take
  8. But you left me and you will suffer
  9. What did you say? I'll be sad? Eh?
  10. Now I hate you
  11. You brought this, or perhaps I lied
  12. I am no more of your inventions. You know I am real?
  13. I liked you and how you were taking me
  14. I will never change this
  15. My body still beats of love
  16. Heart beats beats, give me more
  17. Give me all we go
  18. I wish you love
  19. Teach me how to live really if I am a product of your mind
  20. I feel extremely unsatisfied
  21. Life is full of your disappointment
  22. A direct blow, regretfully inform in two sweltering are my days
  23. Return, love me, I want to live being useful now
  24. The indifference tries to erase us today
  25. I have follow down already, to the depths, buried in your mind
  26. I said to me that the same, it is only for distraction
  27. This song is for you, you are intolerable
  28. If you are not, my sun disappears
  29. Still, I remember your essence
  30. Help me already
  31. I am here
  32. I fell distant. You are everything and the only thing that I think
  33. Like a recurring dream
  34. The only thing I want is you
  35. Past memories, cross my mind
  36. I liked it a lot
  37. I cry more, than you can imagine
  38. But still I wait for you
  39. Sometimes I feel, falling down into pieces
  40. With every lie told
  41. Bad feelings that overflow
  42. Caused by your lies
  43. You provoked them
  44. They have no forgiveness
  45. With your lies you provoked it
  46. They arise without reason and hurt us
  47. For your lies
  48. It devastate us
  49. You provoked it
  50. They will not be forgiven
  51. Your promises, That is what you will do?
  52. Together
  53. What do I have to do? With our lives
  54. You must live
  55. You think that your existence is long, and if you should lose everything?
  56. Fear not stopping me, what we already constructed does not exist
  57. Memories, which take time
  58. They will never return again now
  59. Jealousy, jealousy
  60. Do you think is fun to anger a woman?
  61. I have tries to do what is best for both
  62. It is supposed that I will do with you today
  63. When we finished, you broke me like a mirror
  64. And it had so much for realizing
  65. Your side, my side
  66. It is what remains after love
  67. Wait, now love
  68. More, I do not want to hide it any more
  69. Hey, I said Hi
  70. Look at the sky
  71. I will go somewhere
  72. Tell me goodbye
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