(Mar 2017) "alvaroshi" (By bluesnooze0w0)

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  1. (Mar 2017) "alvaroshi" (By bluesnooze0w0)
  3. Drawing gift that the user bluesnooze0w0 made me on March 4, 2017 and it is about Alvaroshi drawn so jokingly and not very seriously and looks more like a horse and dinosaur than a real Yoshi, I have to clarify that this is a joke drawing, since Alvaroshi's skin color is not light blue/cyan, as well as his boots and the five spikes on his head (which are three being Yoshi), as well as three spikes on his tail already that as I said he never uses that in his original design and it is true that his characteristic red bandanna is missing although it is true that he retains elements such as his golden crown (although with jewels embedded in it), as well as his Para-Yoshi wings, and the saddle/mount so typical of all Yoshis, there is not much to highlight except that the drawing was made by hand by the use of two materials as they look the same drawing that served to detail and review it at the same time as it looks. XD
  5. It is the first time that my character is drawn in a so humorous and weird way at the same time and it is understood, I know that all the drawings in which it appears is always a yoshi as such, but it is never wrong to see this hilarious touch that very few sometimes they see each other. ^w^
  7. The corresponding and respective credits to the artist who made the drawing belongs to bluesnooze0w0, I hope you like this joke drawing very much. :3
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