Haegeum chapter 20

Apr 12th, 2018
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  1. Haegeum Chapter 20
  2. App.base TL not that accurate
  4. Chapter start Fmc calling MC "Teacher time to tutor me" comes down please While the Mother ask the nanny IF her other daughter called her the Nanny tells her No! She didn't received any phone called.While Fmc keeps on calling the MC while her Mother worries about her elder daughter saying She does not even called her too. Finally the MC appears saying Yes coming down now.Fmc looks at him and Mc looks at her too but she suddenly turned around leaving MC wondering what she wants. Mother tells Fmc hey did I tell you if your calling him just say Oppa but if His teaching you call him teacher.Fmc ask him saying can I just call you "Oppa" the next time?. Mother here it saying Teacher
  6. Fmc tell him Teacher today please not so difficult I haven't even remember any word I memorized last time Mc looks at her and feels something odd so he think I feel this day something bad will happen to me IF I am alone WITH her MC keep on staring on Fmc and He think again Its seems like she totally forgotten it. Mc check IF fmc is doing well on her study and tells her Good! so today lets go to the next page.Fmc goes "oh yeah I pass" MC looks at her much closer thinking Yes finally we can now go back being like that before. Looking at Yoon Jae for an instant I think its only her sexual behavior I need to end this I feel sorry for my GF SoYeon my life is perfect I don't need to do that again No more. The nanny served them a drinks MC explain to the Nanny what happen last time and they forgive each other IDk kinda suck TL their. Mother ask nanny to assist her to go out and meet the driver.
  8. Yoon Jae Fmc looks at MC He looks at her saying Now now you should study. Read the word once and read it aloud Fmc blabber nonsense that confuse Mc saying "What?" Fmc looks at him with that cute eyes and say "I'm horny" and lift her dress revealing her pussy and say Wanna go to your room? Dont you hear me? and Fmc goes near him and say "Mr.Kim lets go inside"  She kiss him He kiss back MC kinda nervous and look at the surrounding.
  10. An old man appear and ask where is Mr.Kim why the nanny is the one assisting madam is he sleeping? Nanny say "Sorry for the trouble"
  12. [Back to them] Fmc Yoon Jae  grabs his "D" but MC stops her and looks both side but Fmc reveal her breast to him MC thinks We cant do it here but his hands want to touch her breast tremendously. The driver pick the car key ready to leave
  14. [Back to Them] Fmc ready to release Mc "D" but He keeps thinking "I cannot" his "D" finally reveal "Ah this temptation" Fmc looks on something Mc looks at her thinking "We cannot be seen"  Old man notice something caught his eyes While the two Old ladies busy talking about foods Old man keeps on staring on the two inside the house Old man driver suddenly looks at the Madam. While Fmc Yoon Jae doing a fellatio Mc ask her What if someone sees us? Fmc while holding his "D" say its alright they took a long way they will come back later
  15. Fmc stand and drags him Mc think "Its only natural for the body to remember the feeling but now its becomes a habit" Old man see them.
  17. TBC
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