fluttertatas (quickpost, big tiddies, fluttertease) WIP????

Feb 9th, 2018
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  1. >something something happens
  2. >Anon ends up realizing how big her tatas are/seeing them directly
  3. >they both end up flustered
  4. >she catches him looking at her a lot more than usual
  5. >still flustered and doesn't know what to do
  6. >asks rarara/the other girls for advices
  7. >ends up not to sure about what to do, but realizes that her tatas have way more power than she could've imagined
  8. >and realizes that Anon may end up even more embarrassed than she is
  9. >she proceeds by slowly, but surely showing him more and more
  10. >takes a liking to the exhibitionism part, even more so when she realizes how good it feels to tease someone else for once and not being teased instead
  12. >she defeats her shyness thanks to how horny it makes her feel
  13. >she started out rather tame, simply pressing her twins together whenever she saw you looking her way or even jumping up and down or pivoting left and right when she was sure no-one else but you were looking, grinning as she watched your eyes follow her mounds like a puppy would a steak
  14. >and every little acts she would give you would end the same way, with you realizing she was watching and you turning away as fast as you can
  15. >and she'd feel it every single time, this exhilarating warmth filling her chest as her heartrate would accelerate, thumping and thumping and then skipping a beat as your eyes would meet
  16. >and then the butterflies that would come whenever you turned away, visibly flustered by her little display
  17. >she used to hate them, they were big, cumbersome, heavy, she have had to change bras (and sometimes the rest of her wardrobe too!) at least three times these last few years, hell, even her last gala dress wouldn't fit her anymore!
  18. >but now?
  19. >she felt pride, she was proud to have them, they allowed her to have some sort of power on someone
  20. >she's not a bully, she barely even tease her friends, ever, and she never thought she'd enjoy doing something like this
  21. >and yet here she was, able to turn you into a stuttering mess, not unlike the way she is whenever she's the one ending up under the spotlight
  22. >for the first time, she's the one on top, she's in control
  23. >and she loves every last seconds of it
  24. >so much that she ends up wanting more
  25. >especially since you yourself ended up catching up on her little game
  26. >so you redoubled your efforts in trying not to look at her
  27. >and of course, it only ended up making it frustrating for her
  28. >she wanted more, and you were doing everything you could to give her even less!
  29. >so she decides to up her game
  31. >but once again, slowly
  32. >this is still Fluttershy after all
  33. >she wants you to look, and what better way to do that than to talk to you?
  34. >of course you knew each other by now, but you weren't what you'd call good friends, just the average male/female class relationship
  35. >and so, the conversations started out as... awkward, to say the least
  36. >not that the words were important anyway, all she wanted was for you to look at her, so discussing the weather or whatever aired on tv the day before was more than enough
  37. >even if they often ended up one sided, with her grinning as you averted your gaze and found a way out, sometimes excusing yourself to the toilet or telling her that you need to get somewhere or talk to someone
  38. >anything would do, really, anything but having to stay right there, in front of her
  39. >sure, it was hot out, but why would she feel the need to wear a top so... revealing!
  40. >how could you NOT look at it?
  41. >and once again, she found exactly what she wanted
  42. >and she quickly learned how to coax more and more from you
  43. >simply leaning down to scratch at her knee or to pick up something from a desk was enough to make your eyes bulge out as she exposed more and more cleavage
  44. >she would also cross her arms, and you'd be able to see the plump flesh giving way and marrying the shape of her arms as her limbs would slightly push the soft mounds up
  45. >other times, she would hook a finger at her cleavage and pull on the fabric, complaining about the temperature and flashing you her bra at the same time
  46. >and soon enough, she didn't even need to do any of it for you to look away from her
  47. >she just needed to come up to you, say hi, and smile as she used a hand to pull that wild strand of hair that always ended up in front of her eyes back and behind her ear
  48. >just the sight of her mischievous smile and that playful glint in her eyes was enough to flash your mind with all kinds of images your mind can't seem to shake
  50. >and so your gaze would instantly drop, sometimes before you can even say hi back to her, and find the two perfect looking globes of flesh
  51. >and just like that, she'd win again, your neck rolling at near straining speed as the rest of your body slowly followed to turn your back on her
  52. >and sometimes, she'd giggle
  53. >everytime she did, you'd spend a good ten minutes wondering and pondering as to why she giggled
  54. >was it at you? was she making fun of you?
  55. >there's no way she would, her voice is just way too soft and gentle
  57. >and as always, she'd enjoy all the little things you did greatly
  58. >and as always, she'd end up wanting more
  59. >and even through the teasing, you both ended up sharing good conversations, and you somehow grew closer, said conversations soon turning to more personal things, like what you did last weekend or how are her critters
  60. >but this closeness ended up giving her even more tools to play with
  61. >and maybe the most dangerous of all; skin contact
  63. >and so, one fateful day, you find yourself sitting at your schooldesk, phone in hand, shitposting on some mongolian image hosting service while on lunch break
  64. >the class was rather quiet save for the muffled conversations of the couple of groups that decided to stay in class too
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