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GAT Test Result 2012

yampire Apr 16th, 2012 855 Never
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  1. GAt Test Result 2012
  2. Check all the GAT Test result 2012 of year 2012. Check GAT Test Result 8th January 2012, GAT result 8th April 2012, GAT result 8th July and GAT result of 7th October 2012. For the announcement day of these GAT General test follow the link.
  3. http://www.booknstuff.com/competitive-exams/gat-competitive-exams/results-gat-competitive-exams/gat-general-test-results-2012
  4. There are total of 5 GAT General Test held by NTS (National Testing Service) in year 2012. GAT Test result is required for the admissions in universities programs and different HEC Scholarship Schemes. The Students having minimum of 16 years education can appear in GAT General Test. GAT General Test Result is valid for two year. For GAT Test result 2012 log on to booknstuff.com we will inform you about the GAT Results 2012.
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