Celestia Gets Braces [/kinder/] [One-shot]

Oct 17th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. >In this land of little ponies, you had found that there is one individual that seems to actually be intelligent.
  2. >Well compared to most other ponies anyway.
  3. >This individual has over one thousand years of experience.
  4. >That makes her, like, level 1000.
  5. >Her name is Princess Celestia.
  6. >The ruler of the ponies.
  7. >You figure someone who had been around as long as she had been ought to know a thing or two.
  8. >Things like, how to not fall off the hecking swing set at Day Court Recess.
  9. >Or, if you do fall off the swingset, use your wings to stop yourself before you land with your muzzle in the dirt.
  10. >But, you figured wrong. Because that's exactly what just happened in front of you.
  11. >Be Ambassador Anonymous, occasional Court Recess monitor and unofficial royal comforter.
  12. >Don't be fooled by the name, you are the only human in Equestria.
  13. >Celestia just named you 'Ambassador' so she would have to keep explaining why there is a monkey in the royal castle.
  14. >You typically act as an advisor/comforter to the Princess.
  15. >You had no actual experience in politics back when you were on earth, but most ponies didn't have two brain cells to rub together so it didn't really make a difference to them.
  16. >Typically, you just cheesed it and everything was fine.
  17. >You also give the Princess hugs when things got too stressful or when she was upset.
  18. >You find that ponies loved receiving hugs.
  19. >You like giving them, so it works in everyone's favor.
  20. >And speaking of hugs and affection, you better get over to where the whole Royal Playground was gathering around the Princess.
  21. >Celestia would no doubt be in dire need of some after that fall.
  22. >You make your way through the mulched playground and get to the swingset area.
  23. >Celestia had been playing on the yellow swing set, the biggest among the three sets.
  24. >She had fallen from the very apex of one of her swings and landed face first on the ground.
  25. >No doubt there would be some damage.
  26. >You push your way through the crowd where the Princess was laying belly down on the ground with all four of her hooves splayed in each direction.
  27. >Tears had just started rolling down her face which was covered in moist mulch.
  28. >The sight was enough to break your heart.
  29. "Ah jeez, Princess."
  30. >You go to the Princess and get her to her feet.
  31. >Then you wrap your arms around her. She lays her head on your shoulder.
  32. "Are you okay?"
  33. >You felt her shake her head and let out a sob.
  34. >You pull her a bit tighter against yourself for a moment and release her.
  35. "I'm so sorry, Celestia. What hurts?"
  36. >She opens her mouth to reveal something that makes your heart sink.
  37. >Most of her teeth have chipped, broken, or completely fallen from her mouth.
  38. >You hear multiple gasps all around you and hear the sounds of multiple bodies hitting the ground.
  39. >Glancing around, it would appear that all of the guards ponies have fainted from the sight of Celestia's destroyed teeth.
  40. >"M-my teeth..." she whispers in a muffled voice.
  41. >She hiccups a couple of times before she starts crying.
  42. >"My teheheeeeth..." she sobs out.
  43. >You sit her on her haunches and wrap your arms around her again.
  44. "There there Celly. We can get your teeth fixed."
  45. >"H-how? I've had these teeth for over one thousand years..."
  46. "We're going to have to go to the dentist office."
  47. >She starts sobbing even harder.
  48. >"I don't want to go to the dentist!" she whines.
  49. >You don't want this to turn to a tantrum. Better think quickly.
  50. "Celly, we have to go to the dentist. You can't go back to court with mangled teeth, what would your subjects think?"
  51. >"But I hate the dentist!"
  52. >You know that can't be true. Celestia loves all of her subjects.
  53. "That's not true. The dentist just wants to help you. The same way you just want to help your ponies by moving the sun. It's just a job."
  54. >Her cries become softer and eventually there are just small amounts of tears leaking out.
  55. >Good. She's calming down. Better get to the dentist so she can get back to day court as soon as possible
  56. ~*~
  57. >That was nearly two hours ago.
  58. >You had to walk to the dentist because every time a pony would see Celestia's teeth, they would completely faint.
  59. >Including the royal carriage fliers.
  60. >But that wasn't the main reason it was taking so long to get to the dentist.
  61. >The main reason was because every ten minutes, Celestia would change her mind and try to go back and it would take another twenty minutes to convince her to go to the dentist again.
  62. >It was almost perfect timing every time as well.
  63. >Like right now!
  64. >You have your hand on her withers, trying to comfort her as you walk.
  65. >You can practically see the dentist office in the distance.
  66. >But Celestia decides now would be a good time for another one of her breakdowns.
  67. >She suddenly halts and sits on her haunches.
  68. >Only this time, her eyes are brimming with tears again.
  69. "Tia, what's wrong? Does your mouth hurt?"
  70. >She nods.
  71. "I'm sure it does hurt, sweetheart. Listen, if we don't get to the dentist it will just get worse and start hurting more."
  72. >She lets out a shuddering breath while looking to the ground.
  73. >"I don't want to go to the dentist office..."
  74. >This is only the hundredth time or so you've done this.
  75. >But, in your time in pony land, you've learned that patience pays off.
  76. "Why not sweetie?" you coo.
  77. >"B-because... Because... I'm afraid of the dentist. They're really scary! With t-their old magazines, a-and sinister devices-"
  78. "Sh sh sshhhhh... I understand." you say.
  79. >You again wrap your arms around her in a comforting gesture.
  80. >You really like hugging Celestia, because of how big she is.
  81. >She's like a big warm stuffed bear. So comfy.
  82. "I know it's scary, but it's just something you have to be a big filly about," you say nuzzling her a bit.
  83. >Ponies like nuzzles and you could see why.
  84. "I'll be there for you, Tia. I promise. And before you know it, this whole thing will be a distant memory!"
  85. >Gradually, she returns your affections.
  86. >She leans into your embrace, placing her head on your shoulder and wrapping her wings around you.
  87. >Another perk of hugging an alicorn — her big wings.
  88. >"Okay... But can we just stay here for a bit?"
  89. >'Here' is kind of in the middle of the street.
  90. >But you don't care. She's the princess, she can do what she wants.
  91. >And you were pretty comfy like this.
  92. "Alright, Celly. We can stay here for a moment," you say as you run a hand through her ethereal hair.
  93. >And so you two stay like that for a while.
  94. >Celestia nuzzles your face for a bit for comfort and you resort to giving her ear scratches.
  95. >But soon — too soon in both of your opinions — it was time to get out of the street and get to the dentist office.
  96. ~*~
  97. >You are hit by the scent of clove oil as you walk into the little waiting room for the dentist office.
  98. >Every one of these places seem to be exactly the same.
  99. >Tacky chairs line the walls and form small groups in the center of the room.
  100. >There is a play set in the corner of the room. On your world they would be intended for children but you can see a couple of stallions over there playing with the wooden beads on wires.
  101. >On a small table in the center there are assorted magazines for... well you aren't sure who would read those here. No one has enough of an attention span for that.
  102. >The floor is this really ugly black carpeting that seems to squish when you step on it.
  103. >And finally, there is the desk that sits behind a glass barrier at the far corner of the room.
  104. >Behind the desk is a light blue unicorn with a ice colored mane.
  105. >She strongly resembles toothpaste.
  106. >You walk to the desk with the Princess in tow. She has her head low and her whole body seems to sag.
  107. >The poor thing.
  108. >It really kills you to see her in such a depressed state. You like seeing her smile.
  109. >You resolve to make her smile the biggest smile she's ever had after this.
  110. >But right now, she is here to get her teeth fixed so it doesn't get worse.
  111. >You both approach the desk and you remember something critical.
  112. "Uh, Celestia, try not to say anything right now, okay? We don't know how the dentist is going to react to this," you whisper to her.
  113. >They are being PAID to fix ponies teeth. They better know not to faint.
  114. >In ponyland you really never know.
  115. >She nods in agreement.
  116. >The pony behind the desk notices your approach and seems aghast to have a Princess in her office.
  117. >"P-Princess?! W-w-what are you doing here?" Her ears fold against her head. "I-I-I d-didn't do anything w-w-wrong did I?"
  118. >She looks like she is going to empty her bladder all over the floor of her office.
  119. >You decide to take the initiative.
  120. "Uh, no you aren't in trouble. The Princess here had a bit of an accident during recess. She needs her teeth fixed."
  121. >The pony seems to relax when you tell her she isn't in trouble but goes right back to being afraid when she hears the last bit.
  122. >"R-Royal teeth?! F-f-f-fix?!" she seems to go pale at the thought.
  123. >Oh god. She's about to pass out!
  124. >You better get in there.
  125. >You glance to your right and see the entrance to the foyer of the dentist's office.
  126. >You step around the Princess at your side and rip the door open and dart over to the mare behind the desk.
  127. "Hey hey hey! No need to overthink it!" you say as you approach.
  128. >Hugs solve everything.
  129. >At least with ponies.
  130. >She is light and small enough for you to be able to pick up.
  131. >You bring her close in your arms. "Just another customer! She just needs her teeth fixed and she can't do that with you out cold."
  132. >You stroke her mane a bit as she nuzzles into your shoulder.
  133. >Christ, she even smells like tooth paste.
  134. >Celestia 'hmphs' behind you.
  135. >Probably jealous about you hugging this little mare.
  136. >She'll get her turn. You just need to prioritize getting her teeth fixed.
  137. >After a short while of holding the mare, you set her down.
  138. >She probably smells like toothpaste because it's all she eats or something.
  139. >You've come here for a reason, and that wasn't for snuggles.
  140. "Now. Are you the doctor around here or is there someone else in charge?" you ask her.
  141. >She seems like she's better now, but not by much.
  142. >"T-This is my office. My name is Colgate."
  143. >This is stronger ground. You can work with this.
  144. "Alright, Colgate. I need you to fix the Princess' teeth without fainting. She can't do her diplomacy and her court if she has no teeth. Do you think you can do that?"
  145. >She nods. Finally!
  146. ~*~
  147. >Colgate leads the both of you to where the pony version of an operating chair.
  148. >She has the princess sit in the chair, and you opt to sit on the floor next to her.
  149. >The chair isn't too high, and at your height you are able to still see the Princess.
  150. >You could tell that she was trying to be brave right now, but her mask was slipping.
  151. >Hopefully she can hold out until Colgate fixes her teeth.
  152. >Speaking of which...
  153. "So Colgate, how are you going to fix her teeth? You don't have any of the cleaning tools that I'd normally see in places like this."
  154. >You had no idea how dentists worked back home, but this didn't seem to be the standard operation. At Least not by earth's standard.
  155. >"Um well, my special talent is dentistry. I don't need any of the special tools that other practices use because I can do it all with my magic."
  156. >You glance at her flank. Her cutie mark is an hourglass. You have no idea how that translates to dentistry but you've seen stranger in ponyland.
  157. >She sits in a wheeled office chair on the opposite side of Celestia.
  158. >The Princess cant like the fact you're both crowding around her but she stays brave nonetheless.
  159. >That makes you proud.
  160. >Colgate leans up to the Princess's face and says, "Well let me take a look here. Say 'Ahhhh', Princess."
  161. >For the first time since you arrived here, Celestia spoke. "Ah."
  162. >Colgate uses her horn to shine light into Celestia's mouth and you could clearly see her paleing at the sight.
  163. >"O-ohh my... W-w-what happened Princess?" she whispered.
  164. >Seeing as Celestia wasn't in a position to speak, you decide to speak for her.
  165. "She fell off the swing at recess. Landed face first in the dirt."
  166. >"O-oh dear. Well it would appear... that we need to magically regrow her teeth..." she grimaced as she got out of Celestia's mouth.
  167. >That doesn't sound too bad. Why did she say it like it was some kind of dark art?
  168. "Soooo...? Is that it?"
  169. >Colgate had tears welling in her eyes.
  170. >"That's not it... After the teeth regrow... T-they won't come in straight and b-braces will be required... I'm so sorry Princess!"
  171. >By the time Colgate was finished speaking, she was crying.
  172. >Braces.
  173. >Celestia won't like that at all.
  174. >And sure enough, when she hears 'braces' come out of the tooth mare's mouth, she gasps and looks at you with teary eyes.
  175. >"N-No... Braces?! A-Anon I thought y-you said everything would be alright..." she says with betrayal in her voice.
  176. >This isn't good. You better mitigate the situation. You aren't sure how you can do it but you have to.
  177. >You move closer to Celestia and grab her hooves with your hands.
  178. "It's okay Celestia. Braces aren't the end of the world. It's just going to straighten your new set of teeth, alright?" you say.
  179. >You massage her hooves with your thumbs in what you hope is a calming gesture.
  180. >To your surprise, Celestia steals herself, closes her eyes and breathes deeply.
  181. >Only a few tears fell down her face.
  182. >She's being so strong!
  183. >You are going to make her smile so hard after this.
  184. "I had braces when I was a kid! They aren't too bad, you'll get used to them after a while."
  185. >Celestia nods her head and wipes her tears with a wing. "When do we begin, Colgate?" she asks.
  186. ~*~
  187. >You are so very proud of Celestia.
  188. >She did not cry at all while Colgate magically regrew her teeth.
  189. >All Colgate had to do was hold a spell for a few minutes and new teeth slowly emerged, pushing the shattered pair out from underneath.
  190. >Completely painless, thanks to a magical numbing spell.
  191. >The teeth were clearly very crooked, which is why she needs braces.
  192. >Back when you had your braces put in, you had sat in a chair for what was probably around 30 minutes while the orthodontist drilled away at your teeth. You even had a tube stuck in your mouth that held it open.
  193. >Celestia's procedure was similar, but was easier with magic. You knew she definitely was uncomfortable for most of it, though.
  194. >The whole procedure took about 20 minutes.
  195. >And through it all, you held Celestia's hoof from the side, cheering her on the whole way.
  196. >A few times you thought she would give up and try to escape, but then she looked you in the eye while you rubbed her hoof a bit and she would settle back down.
  197. >Celestia walked into the dentistry office with a set of shattered teeth and broken spirits, and walked out with a new set of teeth, braces and a feeling of relief that she could put this past her.
  198. >You will make good on the promise you made to yourself. Before the day is done, Celestia will have a smile on her face from ear to ear.
  199. >You'd learned a thing or two from Ponk back when you still lived in Ponyville.
  200. >She was your mentor afterall.
  201. >You'll need some time to get to Ponyville and make something with Pinkie.
  202. >You are currently walking Celestia back to her castle with your hands rested on her withers.
  203. >She is definitely still feeling down, even if she can put this behind her.
  204. >That won't do.
  205. "Hold on a second, Celly," you say to get her attention.
  206. >She stops moving and looks at you.
  207. >You are again stopped in the center of the street, but again you do not care.
  208. >"Yes, Anonymous?" Celestia asks. Then she notices the affectionate look in your eye. "I-is there something wrong?"
  209. "Quite the contrary my big pony. I just wanted to tell you how proud you made me back there. You might be a big pony on the outside but I know the little filly in you was quaking in her golden hoof guards. But despite that, you put your strong face on and didn't give up."
  210. >The princess was probably used to getting praise from every direction but nevertheless there was a hint of red on her cheeks.
  211. >"Well thank you, Anonymous. It means a lot to me that you think tha-"
  212. "No, I really mean it, Princess. Most other ponies would have just outright refused to do anything about their teeth and would have to be strapped down to get it fixed. It just goes to show why you're the best."
  213. >You close the distance between yourself and her by wrapping your arms around her barrel.
  214. "It's also why you're my favorite."
  215. >"Favorite...? Oh! You mean favorite princess! Honestly, I didn't take you as someone who indulged in that gossip, Anonymous. When my little ponies started rating us royalty after Luna's return and Cadence's ascension I-"
  216. "Oh no, you aren't just my favorite princess, princess. You're my favorite /pony/."
  217. >You hug her a little tighter and bury your head in the Royal Chest Fluff which is luckily uninhibited by her fancy peytral that she typically wears.
  218. >Her eyes widen a bit and you see her mouth start to quiver into a smile "R-Really? You mean it Anonymous? F-Favorite pony? Out of all the mares and stallions out there you chose me?" she whispers.
  219. >It was a start but it wasn't enough. She needed more affection!
  220. >You back up a bit so you can start stitching that spot behind her ears you know she loves so much.
  221. "Mhm. The one and only BEST pony in all of Equestria."
  222. >"Oh-ho-o-oooh~ you know how I love it when you scratch there," she shivers.
  223. >She allows you to pamper her for a little bit longer before she remembers that other ponies exist and you are standing in the middle of the street.
  224. >"Anonymous... Anon stop, people are staring."
  225. >You couldn't care less. Let them watch you praise the sun. She deserves it.
  226. >Despite herself, Celestia is openly showcaseing her braces by grinning, but she still needed something to push her over the edge...
  227. >A lightbulb goes off in your head. You comply with her wish and back off a bit.
  228. >She looks relieved. "Thank you Anonymous. I appreciate your compliments but- EEP!"
  229. >That was as far as she got before you practically tackled her to the ground.
  230. >Being gentle as possible of course. You didn't want to damage her after all.
  231. >"Anon! What has gotten into you?!"
  232. >You had — very carefully — pulled a loose feather from her wing during the tussle to the ground and flipped her over so she was on her back with her belly exposed to you.
  233. >You began mercilessly tickling her belly with the feather.
  234. >Her hooves flail in every direction at random.
  235. >"Haha! Hah! Ha! Haha Ha Hehe! Anonymous! He! Heh! HA he! hah! Stop this at once, Anonymous!"
  236. >Despite what she was saying she was bellowing out laughter. There was no way you were going to stop once you heard that adorable laugh.
  237. "Now Celestia! I want you to tell me who is best pony!
  238. >Her body squirms under your ministrations.
  239. >"Hohoh! STOP ANONYMOUS! HAheh hahehe!"
  240. >You start tickling even more furiously.
  241. "What was that? I didn't hear you say who best pony is!"
  242. >Her wings unfold and start flapping.
  243. >"HAH! HeheHEHEHE! CEASE! HEHHeh! Ah!"
  244. >She still didn't seem to get it.
  245. >You use your free hand to remove a hoof guard from a hindleg and begin tickling with your fingers back there.
  246. "Tell me what I want to hear, Tia! Who is best pony?!"
  247. >She starts writhing under your touch, hysterically squealing in laughter now.
  249. >As funny as that would be to witness, she's probably had enough now.
  250. >You pocket the feather and start rubbing her tender belly, instead of tickling.
  251. "Damn straight! Let it be known that Princess Celestia is best pony in all of Equestria!"
  252. >She stops squealing and starts letting out satisfied sighs from the belly rubs.
  253. >Giggles still vibrate her fur occasionally as she gets the last of it out of her system.
  254. >After a few more minutes she settles down enough and you stop rubbing her belly.
  255. >You get to your feet and Celestia puts back on the hoof guard you removed and stands up.
  256. >You note that she is practically beaming now.
  257. >Good.
  258. >But not good enough.
  259. >You had effectively fixed her day, but you wanted to make her completely forget about her fall.
  260. >Celestia does her best to recompose herself, but leans over and nuzzles your cheek.
  261. >"Thank you for that Anonymous. I very much appreciate that you take my happiness so seriously," she whispers to you.
  262. >She releases you from her nuzzles and casts an eye around the street. "Although I wish you hadn't done this in public..."
  263. >You start walking back to the castle again. This time you walk with an arm around her while she wraps a wing around you.
  264. "What about when we were going to the dentist's office? What do you call that?"
  265. >Her ears fold back as she replays the memory in her head. "That was different. I was emotional from having my teeth smashed..."
  266. ~*~
  267. >You are walking through the hallways of the castle now. Day Court Recess was long over and ponies who didn't see the princess smash her teeth were probably wondering where she was.
  268. >In front of the doors to day court, you tap her withers to get her attention.
  269. >Time to let her know what you were going to do.
  270. "Princess, I want to make this day up to you. I hated seeing you sad and crying like that so I'm going to have a surprise waiting for you after your court is done."
  271. >She turns her head to you with her eyebrows raised.
  272. >"That's quite alright Anonymous. You've already made my day much easier than what it started out as. I can't ask you to do that."
  273. >You shake your head and stop. She notices this and stops to turn to you.
  274. "You don't need to ask me, Celestia. I was already planning on doing this the second we walked into the dentist's office, and you can't stop me from making you happy."
  275. >It was her turn to shake her head but she let the matter go.
  276. >"Well, it would appear that we have arrived at court. I will see you afterwards for this surprise, yes?"
  277. >You nod.
  278. >"Very well. I look forward to your surprise, Anonymous."
  279. >And with that she turns and enters day court.
  280. >The doors close, but you don't notice; you are too lost in thought and are blankly staring at nothing.
  281. >Celestia broke her teeth around 8:00 AM today.
  282. >It took 2 hours to get to the dentist.
  283. >Fixing her teeth, getting the braces and leaving the dentist took about 30 minutes.
  284. >It took about half an hour to walk the princess back to the castle and get her to court.
  285. >So that meant it was nearing midday now.
  286. >To confirm this, you glance down at your watch and see that, sure enough, it's 11:06 AM now.
  287. >It takes 15 minutes to walk to the train station in Canterlot.
  288. >The train takes about an hour and 30 minutes to get to ponyville.
  289. >Acquiring Ponk and baking the biggest cake known to Equine kind could take a while, but with the help of magical horse stoves and the Pinkest Ponk to ever live, you don't figure it would take longer than 3 hours.
  290. >Another train back to ponyville would take another hour and 30 minutes.
  291. >Walking back to the castle would take 15 minutes.
  292. >Leaving the time to be around 5:30 PM.
  293. >Day court concludes at 6:00 PM.
  294. >It was a tight squeeze but you were sure you could make it.
  295. >It would be worth it in the end, to see Celestia smile.
  296. >But all that depended on you actually starting to walk, and not stand in front of the court's doors like an idiot.
  297. >Time to get moving.
  298. >You force your legs to operate and start the walk to the train station.
  299. ~*~
  300. >The train squeels to a halt in front of the ponyville train station.
  301. >You glance at your watch.
  302. >12:35 PM
  303. >The train made very good time, so you find the engineer at the front of the train to give him a tip for the quick ride.
  304. "Nice driving, chief. Here you go, have one on me," you say as you toss him a bit.
  305. >He catches the bit with his magic with an incredulous expression on his face.
  306. >"B-But sir, I don't control the train. I just make it start and stop."
  307. >He gestures to a pair of massive buttons in the cab. One is green with the word 'GO' on it and the other is red with the word 'STOP' on it.
  308. >Huh.
  309. >You knew that.
  310. >Maybe Celestia is putting something in the water to make the population stupid.
  311. >You'll have to ask her about it some time.
  312. >Whatever.
  313. >You exit the train.
  314. >Only to be tackled to the deck by a pink blur.
  315. >"ANON CAME TO TOWN TO VISIT! I WAS RIGHT! ANON IS HERE!" came a high pitched voice from on top of you.
  316. >You find yourself with a Ponko bouncing up and down ontop of your torso.
  317. >She must be happy to see you.
  318. >You manage to get her to stop beating the crap out of your rib cage and wrap your arms around her to give her a squeeze.
  319. "It's been a while, Pinkie," you wheeze out.
  320. >She really knocked the wind out of you.
  321. "How did you know I was coming?"
  322. >She giggles in between your arms.
  323. >"The Pinkie Sense, sillybilly!"
  324. >Of course.
  325. >You pat her back and she lets you stand up.
  326. >"I really missed you, Nonny," she says as she nuzzles your thigh.
  327. "Yeah, I missed you too Pinks. But, Celestia offered me a job and I didn't want to refuse."
  328. >You dust yourself off a bit.
  329. "Speaking of Celestia, I need you to help me with something important."
  330. >"What's it you need help with? Does it have anything to do with that sack of bits on your hip?"
  331. >Astute as always.
  332. "Yep. Now come on, we're wasting daylight. I gotta be back in Canterlot in a few hours and being late isn't an option."
  333. >You step out of the train station with Pinkie and start walking to Sugarcube Corner.
  334. >Seeing all of the houses and the small businesses and smelling the fresh country air really brought you back to when you first got here.
  335. >You were homeless for a year.
  336. >Ponies were so scared of you that you couldn't walk down the street without everyone locking themselves in their houses.
  337. >Yeah maybe you didn't really miss it all that much.
  338. >They eventually got used to seeing you, and working for Celestia really helped, but still.
  339. >You glance over at Pinkie.
  340. >She may have been the ringleader of ignorance but after ponies started to accept you, the two of you became really tight.
  341. >She taught you everything you know. From baking to cheering people up, she was your mentor for all of it.
  342. >You ruffle her crazy pink hair a little bit before you enter the bakery.
  343. >Time to make some freaking cake.
  344. ~*~
  345. >You and Pinkie had performed a miracle.
  346. >You are standing in Celestia's bedroom with what is probably the biggest banana cake in Equestrian history.
  347. >The thing literally has a 5 foot diameter.
  348. >At the top of the cake is celestia's cutiemark made out of icing.
  349. >It had cost you about 150 bits and 3 hours of intense baking but you had managed it.
  350. >There was no way you would be able to get this thing back to Canterlot on foot, so you asked Princess Celestia's personal student, Twilight Sparkle, to teleport it to Celestia's room.
  351. >When you explained what Celestia had gone through, she understood.
  352. >After that, you had to sprint to the station to make the 4 o' clock train and barely made it in time.
  353. >But now, all of the effort you've gone through will be worth it.
  354. >The Baltimare Oriole on Celestia's bird clock chirps out.
  355. >It's 6:00 PM.
  356. >You dash out the door. Maybe you can catch Celestia leaving as day court is dismissed.
  357. >You run for a good two minutes before slowing when you finally reach the courtroom.
  358. >By now, all of the ponies in the court would be gone except Celestia who was probably reviewing with her assistant.
  359. >The guards nod at you and magically augment the door handles, pulling the door open.
  360. >Walking in, you freeze as you hear something that makes your heart drop.
  361. >There's a gentle sobbing coming from the end of the room.
  362. >Celestia is laying on her side, hooves curled against her body, wings covering her face, tears escaping at the side of her face and staining the cushion she was on.
  363. >W-What's this crying business?! What happened to the mare who was practically glowing when you last saw her?!
  364. >The princess doesn't notice you enter, she only moves her wings from her face when the doors behind you shut.
  365. >Before you is a pitiful sight.
  366. >Bloodshot eyes.
  367. >Runny nose.
  368. >Mouth curled into a frown with braces on display.
  369. >Ears folded against her head, mane disheveled, tear stains on her cheeks and trembling hooves.
  370. >It's clear she has been crying for a while.
  371. >Her eye's train on you.
  372. >"A-*hick*-Anonymous...?" she says.
  373. >This is unbelievable!
  374. >All of that effort of making her happy before court.
  375. >The tickling! The snuggles!
  376. >How could this happen?
  377. "Celestia? What happened? Why are you crying?"
  378. >She covers her face again with her wings.
  379. >"I-I don't w-want to talk about it..." she says.
  380. >You advance on her position on the throne.
  381. >She flinches when you place a hand on her trembling withers.
  382. >"Go away," she whispers.
  383. >Not a chance.
  384. "No way princess. I'm not leaving you like this."
  385. >You pull her into your grasp.
  386. >Finding that she is surprisingly light and easy to maneuver, you pick her up and sit down on the cushion, then place her in your lap.
  387. >You wrap your arms around her barrel while her hooves find their way around your back.
  388. >You rest her head on your shoulder and you bury your face in her mane.
  389. >Reluctantly, she wraps her wings around your back alongside her hooves.
  390. >There you stay for what is probably about 10 minutes of silence in each other's presence.
  391. >Celestia's crying eventually simmers down and she stops at some point and she squeezes you a bit in her grip.
  392. >Then you remember the massive cake that is sitting in Celestia's room and how you don't want it to spoil.
  393. >Celestia would probably appreciate a bit of cake at the moment.
  394. >But as of right now you need answers.
  395. "Princess?"
  396. >"Hmm?"
  397. "How come you were crying?"
  398. >"... Day court was going so well. But then some bully showed up a-and called me... called me names. Said I was a M-metal mouth and called me 'train tracks'. It was b-bad, Anon. I had to cancel day court halfway through."
  399. >That meant she was crying for atleast 3 hours.
  400. >The thought of it makes your heart ache.
  401. "You know those things aren't true right? Whatever she said doesn't matter. Who cares what she said. She's just being a meanie."
  402. >"I know... but I had been receiving so many compliments about my braces up until that point that I started to... believe that my braces might actually look good."
  403. >She sighs.
  404. >"But then s-she came along and stamped that all out..."
  405. >Oh that's what this is about.
  406. "Celestia, your braces are incredibly cute. Anyone who would tell you otherwise is just trying to get under your skin.
  407. >She blushes a bit.
  408. >"Y-You think so, Anon?"
  409. "Oh yeah, definitely. I love it." To punctuate this, you boop her right on her — now dry — nose. "Adorable."
  410. >She breaks into a fit of giggles.
  411. >There's a smile.
  412. >She giggles for a couple of minutes then nuzzles your cheek.
  413. >"Thank you," she whispers in your ear.
  414. >Then she gets off of your lap and stretches her legs.
  415. >"I do believe I am ready to retire for the evening. Come along, Anonymous."
  416. >Her whole demeanor has changed. She has a bit of a grin on her lips, her cheeks are still a tinge red, and her tail wags slightly.
  417. >Fantastic. Now to show her that cake and she'll be over the moon.
  418. ~*~
  419. >You and Celestia stand in front of a pair of french doors with Celestia's cutiemark embroidered on them. Two guards stand on either side.
  420. >The royal bedchambers.
  421. >You have to think about how to proceed.
  422. >Should you just outright show Celestia the cake? Or should you try to get her to close her eyes and surprise her.
  423. >...
  424. >Nah, she'd probably just smell the cake.
  425. >She has a pony nose afterall.
  426. >Screw it. You'll just have to cheese it.
  427. "Head on in, Princess. Your surprise is waiting for you in there."
  428. >She perks up a bit more.
  429. >"Oh yes! I forgot about that. I was wondering what you had in store for me."
  430. >She opens the door with her magic and starts walking in. You wait, leaning against the wall outside the door.
  431. >3
  432. >2
  433. >1
  434. >"EEEEEEEEEEEE!" comes a squeal from the bedroom.
  435. >The guards jump from the sudden noise.
  436. >You prod the door open more and enter, one of the guards peaks in from behind you.
  437. >"Princess? Is everything okay..." he trails off at what to you is a glorious sight.
  438. >Celestia, sitting on her once immaculate bed, is desperately shoveling cake into her mow.
  439. >She looks like she couldn't be happier.
  440. >Cake is one of her favorite things after all.
  441. >Bananas are a close second.
  442. >Combining the two, well, that's just asking for a belly aching princess.
  443. >Even now, you could tell she had no intention of stopping until every last crumb of the treat was gone.
  444. >You don't have the heart to try and stop her, so you just take a seat on the floor next to the bed and watch her work at it.
  445. >Besides, the image of Celestia holding an overstuffed belly with cake smeared at the edge of her mouth sounds too cute to pass up.
  446. >She'll be alright.
  447. >After a few minutes, the guard returns to his post and shuts the door behind him.
  448. >Celestia doesn't waste time and stuffs down the massive cake in what was probably a record time.
  449. >Pretty soon she lets out a very unladylike burp and lays down on her back with a satisfied smile on her face.
  450. >Frosting too.
  451. >Then she remembers you exist and scans the room to find you sitting with your legs crossed on the floor.
  452. >"Oh... Anonymous, did you want some too?" she asks with regret in her voice.
  453. >You chuckle and shake your head.
  454. "Nah. That cake was all yours. I made it for /you/ after all. Went all the way to ponyville to bake it and brought it back. Just for you."
  455. >Her smile somehow gets even larger.
  456. >"You did all that for me?"
  457. "Yep. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat." You gesture to her. "That smile is worth it."
  458. >She thinks for a moment, then her horn lights up and she magics all of the crumbs and frosting from her face and bed.
  459. >Then she looks at you and grabs you up in her magic as well.
  460. "Uh, Celestia?"
  461. >She moves over a bit, lays you on your back in the warm spot she was in, then lays down on top of you, hooves on either of your shoulders.
  462. >Then she starts licking the heck out of your face.
  463. >"Thank you!"
  464. >*lick*
  465. >"Thank you!"
  466. >*lick*
  467. >"Thank you!"
  468. >*lick*
  469. >And on she goes like that.
  470. >Until she stops for a moment, and thinks about something.
  471. >Then she comes to a conclusion and lowers her head again.
  472. >You brace for another lick to the face, but instead you hear her whisper.
  473. >"Thank you..."
  474. >And you feel her lips on your cheek.
  475. >*smooch*
  476. >You let off a small gasp and she moves to your other cheek.
  477. >"Thank you..."
  478. >*smooch*
  479. >She pulls back to gauge your reaction.
  480. >You stare into each other's eyes.
  481. >At this point you are blushing up a storm, and Celestia isn't fairing any better.
  482. >Time to take the initiative.
  483. >You put your hand behind her head, and your noses gently connect.
  484. >After a moment of staring at each other with half lidded eyes, you lock lips with her.
  485. >Even though there's no fancy tongue work involved, the kiss is very powerful.
  486. >A bit of banana cake must have been stuck in her braces because you can taste it.
  487. >You're in pure bliss right now and you wish it would never end, even if you were just brushing lips together.
  488. >But eventually you have to part to breathe.
  489. >A wet smack fills the room as you separate from her.
  490. "You're welcome."
  492. ~END~
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