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  1. Mathew, my love.  I love you.  I love you so much.  I love loving you, and I want you to show me how much you love me too.
  3. I want you to feed me some of that yummy cum, daddy.  Look me in the eyes daddy.  I love you.  Let me swallow that sword of yours until I earn my reward.  I would't suck that dick, Mathew, if that cum didn't taste as good as it does.  I love to tell my friends how yummy your cum tastes, and they all get sooo jealous.  I know they want to taste that salty, salty nut of yours just once.
  5. Oh daddy.  I love that fucking dick, Mathew.  I love everything about this beautiful dick, my love. Please tell me that you've been saving up a big, juicy nut for me.  I want to taste that warm, juicy nut.  Promise me you have a fat, fat nut for me, daddy.  My love.  My love.  Cum inside my mouth.  If you love me, Mathew, you'll cum inside my mouth.
  7. I'll keep my tongue out for you until you coat it with that nut.  Bust that nut for me, daddy.  Feed me all of our babies.  I want you to cum inside my mouth and let me suck out all the nut from your balls, Mathew.
  9. I want to swallow our babies.  Daddy do you want me to swallow our babies?  Can I swallow our babies, my love?I'm going to swallow our babies, daddy.
  10. I'm going to swallow all of our babies, Mathew
  11. Just feed me that fucking nut.  It's going to go straight into my tummy, daddy.
  12. Let your babies swim inside my tummy, daddy.  Let me swallow all of our babies.
  13. Cum inside my mouth daddy.  Cum inside my mouth, Mathew. You're my daddy.  You're my daddy.  You're my daddy and I want to swallow all of your babies.  They're OUR babies daddy, and I'm going to swallow all of them if you let me.  I love you, daddy, just cum inside my mouth and show me you love me too.
  14. Cum inside my mouth, daddy.  Give me all of your babies.  Give me everything that belongs to me.  I love you, Mathew.  Shoot that load into my mouth.  Skull fuck me daddy until you drain that whole sack into my belly.  Daddy, you're my daddy.
  16. Yes daddy.  Yes daddy.  Keep cumming.  Let me taste that cum.  Let me swallow our babies.  Oh daddy, I love that cum.  I love this nut.  Keep cumming daddy.  Nut.  Nut. Nut for me Mathew.  Cum inside me.  Feed me your love.
  18. **and for the rest of the video, just repeat**: "Youre my daddy, Mathew".
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