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  1. Grimoire, or: magick of blood & culinary spells
  3.  Monarch of Gods and Daemons
  4. Whose unholy will has hold over all of us
  7. This Grimoire is the property of Ms. Angelou, a native of the MacGregor-controlled
  8. region. If found, it is to be kept in a locked bookcase so that its sinful contents
  9. will not be inflicted upon another blameless victim. The picture is a self-portrait,
  10. drawn in my youthful years.
  11.   In recent days I've grown restless in my daily occupations. Inspired by stories of
  12. old I've struck out to create a grimoire detailing the practice of blood magick
  13. & culinary spells.
  15. ________________________________________
  17. Day 4529:
  18. The streets are filled with guitar's music, weaver's workers toiling hard to process
  19. textiles of the finer sort. I've found my occupation in the kitchen. The MacGregors
  20. are a kind and hardworking people who are eager to see their citizens grow into
  21. prosperity.
  23. Day 4549 (& updated 4821):
  24.  - cucumbers
  25.  - salmon
  26.  - rice
  27.  - gumbo
  28.  - couscous
  29.  - congee
  30.  - keema
  31.  - bigos
  32.  - cocido
  33.  - chowder
  34.  - pickles
  35.  - yun cheong (dried bird liver sausage)
  36.  - steamed pork with leaves
  38. Day 4614:
  39. The practice of cooking human flesh is no simple matter. I don't know what the best
  40. source would be.
  42. Day 4625:
  43. The spirit of young Lind haunts the mountains. Lacking beeswax, there's little I can
  44. do to rid my would-be home of this spectral curse. Perhaps it was foolish to thrust
  45. myself fully (willingly, indeed) into the hands of a man driven by greed for gold.
  46. That is what the MacGregors called my master Novus Loreis, a greedy man who could not
  47. be trusted. They trusted me, and in turn entrusted me with a stationcar to travel
  48. safely and independently.
  50. Day 4635:
  51. I cannot forget the savages my friend Radnaax Kilmaar has fallen in with. I wonder if
  52. I can help him somehow. I'll light up herbs to guide him away from a people lecherous
  53. and most vile, driving monstrosities of metal that spit foul smelling petrol fumes.
  54. One day they'll be served a swift and violent justice, but I must collect my powers
  55. for deeds far greater indeed.
  57. Day 4679:
  58. Assembling ingredients for a potion. That large town of Klojt had a pleasant variety
  59. for sale. Unfortunately still no rice. Without it I cannot do my cooking.
  61. Day 4684:
  62. We're in some forsaken mountain town. Mr. Loreis is truly a business-minded
  63. gentleman. Without him I would surely be useless. These mountains are full of
  64. creatures. I sense them wandering, craving heard so loudly: wolves and leopards
  65. lurking, skulking in the shadows of their gloomy caves. How dare they encroach upon
  66. our human territory?
  68. Day 4689:
  69. We, Ceti Spring and I, murdered Michael Leventhorp, the greedy leader of this
  70. mountain town. Master Loreis was wronged and attacked by him, and we had no other
  71. choice so we murdered him while Mr. Loreis was out of town. My hands are covered in
  72. blood-- I dare not wash them. It's ill, it's vile, and each deed has its price to be
  73. paid. Success. That is what we aspire to, us murderers of the previous masters of
  74. this dragon's nest.
  76. Day 4726:
  77. My interests in the occult have not waned, but I've had little opportunity to explore
  78. the magick of blood & culinary spells. This is due to my occupation within the
  79. company, organising the kitchen and headquarters, recordkeeping of our storages,
  80. et&. I am currently undergoing a change of apparel, to appear more approachable
  81. towards potential customers.
  83. Day 4841:
  84. We're in preparation of a feast. Dragonloft has grown significantly in recent years.
  85. I'll have them all spellbound: they need but taste of my blood sausage, dried livers
  86. or steamed pork-- For they will feast of Mr. Leventhorp's rotten flesh! The streets
  87. are lined with shops by my magic; visitors step inside Marco's Marvels, the Golden
  88. Dragon inn, and Spectrum Boutique enchanted not by mere force of commerce, but far
  89. more ancient powers of blood magick.
  91. Every success comes at a price; this is the price of blood and rice.
  93. Day 4860:
  94. I suspect Marco of being a homosexual. Naturally, this is accompanied by worries
  95. about his mental and physical health, and the town's economy. Hopefully it won't
  96. frighten the customers, who might preferably see in him something of an endearing
  97. male whose neutered passions form no threat even to helpless females. Homosexuality
  98. continues to be a mystery to me. Men and women have a distinct and separate taste,
  99. but some don't adhere to important social boundaries.
  101. Day 4866:
  102. My latest experiments in the kitchen have led up to the unfortunate result of a
  103. botched spawning; some wolf come crawleth out of the ether. HOW FOUL its ragged
  104. breath-- what sickening creature is THIS? I shall want it bound by magic, lest its
  105. unearthly powers transcend what little grasp I have on the mortal world: NO, let it
  106. feel each lick of my whip and know: each bone picked clean for dinner-time, for no
  107. waste in Ms. Angelou's kitchen.
  109. Day 4926:
  110. My health deteriorates, despite each draught of Ceti's blood mix'd with mountain's
  111. herbs. Ground up a tooth that oughtn't be missed, plucked out an ear's hair right
  112. with my fist, locked up the blood that I oughtn't have kissed. There's been questions
  113. regarding the corpses-- I fear we shall have to bury them soon, lest their
  114. conclusions lead up to the occult's doorstep. (I shan't open!)
  116. Day 4953:
  117. Yesterday's feast a success, but the youth has questions! What, do they doubt the
  118. pristine history of Dragonloft? Why, they are correct, but let them taste of a
  119. sausage... 'tis of Ceti's flesh drawn. INDEED: The hog referred to, my accomplice of
  120. crimes in history past, not swine of the pink flesh (imported, also, through the
  121. trade routes leading down to the city). How civilised our commercial district, you
  122. say, while chewing on Ms. Spring's ag├Ęd flesh!
  124. Day 4957:
  125. Terrible, terrible news--!
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