Chapter 1 - Stage 4-B

Nov 25th, 2020
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  1. Opening
  3. Fortune: These were the action guidelines issued when the headquarters were attacked.
  4. "Disperse as much as possible and hide from the iron-bugs"
  5. We are having difficult times, but.. you wont die, right?
  6. Fortune nee-chan has pain in her chest and I cant help it...
  7. Its going to be a series of hardships...
  8. Thats why I want ask the commander.
  10. Dont worry just say it.
  12. Fortune: Thank you.
  13. The communication device I installed last time is large, so there is no problem with the signal detection.
  14. But the radio waves do not reach deep places so blind spots are created.
  15. I wonder if I could install a small communication device in those.
  16. Commander?
  17. Will you accept Fortunes request?
  19. Ending
  21. Fortune: Look, look~ Everyone!
  22. Here! We can install it here.
  23. Griffon: This weight...
  24. Is this going to work?
  25. Fortune: Fu fu, are you underestimating Onee-chans ability?
  26. This will bring more bioloid to the base!
  27. Griffon: No comment...
  28. Fortune: Alright! Ill work fast!
  29. Just wait a little more, it will be over soon.
  30. Lets do our best!
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