Ice King X Finn/Fionna Fic [incomplete]

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  1. "You've cockblocked me for TOO long, Finn!" The Ice King shouted as he advanced on the boy trapped in ice. "None of the princesses want me now!"
  3. Finn struggled, his lone free arm whacking uselessly at the icicles encasing his other three limbs. "Ice King, they never wanted you! You're too creepy!" he yelled back.
  5. The Ice King paused. "Me...? Creepy...?" he asked himself.
  7. "Stop trying to change the subject! The point is you've kept me from finding a suitable wife for far too long, Finn! And that's gonna end now!" Ice King pulled out an old, brassy looking ring as he said this. Finn stared at it for a minute, completely in shock. Then his face turned firetruck red and he began thrashing even more, if that were possible.
  9. "Dude! DUDE! W-w-w-what do you think you're doing? We're both guys! You can't just--"
  11. Ice King interrupted him. "Finn, this isn't just ANY ordinary ring. This is a speciaaal ring. I traded one of my Ice Ninja books to the Magic Man for it. It's called--" (here his eyes became very, very wide and shiny) "--the 'ring of gender changing'."
  13. Finn thought back to the Ice King's fanfiction. He squeaked out a tiny "Oh glob."
  16. Fin cracked the ice in several places in the next few seconds, but with only so much time and one arm, he was unable to free himself in time.
  18. The Ice King stepped back gleefully. Finn felt his body morphing into that of a female's already, blond hair growing out from his scalp at a fantastically quick rate, breasts budding and filling out a shirt that suddenly felt a little too tight for him, his body itself becoming curvier and taller as the ring did it's work. The ice hissed as Finn's body temperature rose to compensate for those changes, dissolving completely on his torso and chest and weakening the icicles trapping his arm and legs, although they didn't break either.
  20. "NOOOOOOOOOoo--" Finn had been screaming while this happened. His--/her/ voice became higher pitched about halfway through. "--ooOOOOOOOOOO...!!"
  22. Fionna now stood there, still partially encased in the ice, wearing Finn's too-short clothing (the shirt rode up uncomfortably high, and the shorts had broken and slid down to the crest of her hips) along with the bunny-hat Ice King had always imagined "her" to wear.
  24. "Fionna!" the Ice King said in a happy tone.
  26. "Ice King, take it off!" Fionna (formerly Finn) shouted angrily.
  29. "No." Ice King replied huffily. "Be quiet, you're ruining my fantasy." Ice covered her again, encasing the one arm she had managed to free and forcing her to bend over a little.
  31. Fionna flinched as Ice King touched her exposed chest. With all that cold and ice, her nipples had stiffened and poked through the thin shirt. The Ice King pawed at them as the trapped girl tried to pull herself free.
  33. "I've never touched a woman's breasts before..." he said, grasping at his beard. "Oh Fionna, you're such a lovely young lady. You might not be a princess but that's okay. An adventuress is fine too." He fondled her perky breasts as Fionna squealed at the vaguely cold sensation and cried for Jake. Abruptly, the Ice King formed another icicle, this one as sharp as any sword, and slit open the shirt to expose Fionna's breasts entirely. She gasped, unable to cover her partial nakedness.
  35. "I-Ice King, you're going too far, stop!" she pleaded at last, worried of what he would do to her. "I'm still Finn, you know..."
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