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Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. [16:43:10] PokeArt2004❤: Hey micoy
  2. [16:43:17] MicoyTancinco12: y-yes ms becca?
  3. [16:43:23] PokeArt2004❤: I wanna ask you stuff about the rp
  4. [16:43:30] MicoyTancinco12: oh sure
  5. [16:43:34] MicoyTancinco12: sure thing
  6. [16:43:59] PokeArt2004❤: You've told me how Italy would react to Ling being a villain
  7. [16:44:08] MicoyTancinco12: yeah?
  8. [16:44:10] PokeArt2004❤: How would your other roles react?
  9. [16:44:35] MicoyTancinco12: well, japan is on the side of greed right?
  10. [16:44:45] PokeArt2004❤: Ig so?
  11. [16:45:11] MicoyTancinco12: So..i was thinking that after ling had turned on everyone...
  12. [16:45:25] MicoyTancinco12: Japan can try and get his revenge against ling?
  13. [16:45:32] MicoyTancinco12: *revenge for killing him?
  14. [16:45:46] PokeArt2004❤: That could work
  15. [16:46:58] MicoyTancinco12: Germany could be idk..the neutral one?
  16. [16:47:07] MicoyTancinco12: Or..
  17. [16:47:33] MicoyTancinco12: He should die
  18. [16:47:41] PokeArt2004❤: I mean
  19. [16:47:49] PokeArt2004❤: They all die basically
  20. [16:47:52] PokeArt2004❤: So...
  21. [16:48:00] MicoyTancinco12: No no no, he should die first before everyone else
  22. [16:48:04] PokeArt2004❤: And wdym neutral?
  23. [16:48:25] PokeArt2004❤: There's not reallt sides this time around
  24. [16:48:42] PokeArt2004❤: It's pretty much Ling v everyone
  25. [16:48:57] MicoyTancinco12: Here's the scenario ms becca i'm thinking :
  26. [16:49:06] MicoyTancinco12: Germany could try talking things out with ling
  27. [16:49:16] MicoyTancinco12: On like the first day
  28. [16:49:34] MicoyTancinco12: And then :
  29. [16:49:53] MicoyTancinco12: Germany tries to say something impactful then Ling kills him with randomness on the spot
  30. [16:50:02] PokeArt2004❤: K
  31. [16:50:23] MicoyTancinco12: And then, would you want everyone to know right away or no one?
  32. [16:50:40] PokeArt2004❤: Wdym know?
  33. [16:50:50] MicoyTancinco12: That germany is dead?
  34. [16:51:14] PokeArt2004❤: Um, I'd assume they'd know pretty quickly
  35. [16:51:20] PokeArt2004❤: They might even be there
  36. [16:51:32] MicoyTancinco12: okay
  37. [16:51:44] MicoyTancinco12: So him dying via what ling did
  38. [16:51:53] MicoyTancinco12: Should turn lebig and walla against him
  39. [16:52:14] MicoyTancinco12: Because they're unsure if they see him as good and then sees this
  40. [16:53:18] PokeArt2004❤: Again, I asked how they would react to him being a villain
  41. [16:53:44] MicoyTancinco12: And don't worry, i'm getting to there now, sorry for the filler, but i need to explain this
  42. [16:54:23] MicoyTancinco12: So, now, walla sees him as not ideal for an emperor to be like that and wants to take his spot for him
  43. [16:54:53] MicoyTancinco12: And lebig would be displeased and fire ling on the spot, and he sees lan fan trying to accomplice him, and she gets fired too
  44. [16:55:36] MicoyTancinco12: sorry for the long explanation, but i'm assuming you wanted reasons for this so..
  45. [16:55:56] MicoyTancinco12: what do you think?
  46. [16:56:09] PokeArt2004❤: I'm kinda asking for verbal and emotional reaction...
  47. [16:56:54] MicoyTancinco12: but..that is..
  48. [16:57:00] MicoyTancinco12: you mean like this :
  49. [16:57:22] MicoyTancinco12: Walla : I don't believe it. Ling Yao, the emperor i knew i could trust, could do something like this?
  50. [16:58:00] MicoyTancinco12: Lebig : This is unacceptable! An emperor should be helping, not hurting people!!
  51. [16:58:10] MicoyTancinco12: Walla get sad, Lebig gets pissed
  52. [16:58:13] MicoyTancinco12: Better?
  53. [16:58:27] PokeArt2004❤: What about Germany and Japan?
  54. [16:59:03] MicoyTancinco12: Germany : Look ling, we're all trying to be sane here, you realize what you are doing?
  55. [16:59:15] MicoyTancinco12: Germany speaks in a deep and hurt tone here
  57. [17:00:15] MicoyTancinco12: Japan is full on turning on ling here
  58. [17:00:21] MicoyTancinco12: how about that?
  59. [17:00:35] PokeArt2004❤: K
  60. [17:00:52] PokeArt2004❤: What would Italy be doing in all that?
  61. [17:03:08] PokeArt2004❤: Cause I'm betting Italy would be a bit more familiar with Ling's odd new behavior before the others since Italy is always with Ling
  62. [17:03:22] MicoyTancinco12: Italy : Ling....This is not the man i want to see...Somewhere deep there is a friend i know...You're not the real ling...The real ling is in there! And i will save him!
  63. [17:03:37] MicoyTancinco12: how about that..?
  64. [17:04:05] MicoyTancinco12: you want something a bit more interesting..?
  65. [17:04:53] MicoyTancinco12: Italy : Guys please! Ling meant no harm! He's only trying to help you!
  66. [17:05:13] MicoyTancinco12: Ed : Oh Yeah, By doing crazy crap like that?! Make up your mind italy!!
  67. [17:05:35] MicoyTancinco12: Italy : No No No Ed! Ling is only doing these things on earnest, right?
  68. [17:05:58] MicoyTancinco12: Which do you like more, the first or the second one?
  69. [17:06:26] PokeArt2004❤: Ling (evil): Who said anything about being earnest?
  70. [17:06:45] MicoyTancinco12: Um
  71. [17:06:47] MicoyTancinco12: Ms becca
  72. [17:06:52] PokeArt2004❤: Hm?
  73. [17:06:59] MicoyTancinco12: What i was trying to go for is..
  74. [17:07:34] MicoyTancinco12: Ling could trick italy into thinking he's doing all these things as a good thing, but really not
  75. [17:08:10] PokeArt2004❤: I find that really hard to do
  76. [17:08:11] MicoyTancinco12: Italy could be blinded by ling, thinking he's still a good friend, and everyone is just joking and not making sense
  77. [17:08:25] MicoyTancinco12: And then, ling could turn on italy
  78. [17:09:17] PokeArt2004❤: Again, with the things he's going to do, I find it hard to trick him into thinking it's good
  79. [17:09:30] MicoyTancinco12: What are the things he's going to do?
  80. [17:10:22] PokeArt2004❤: He's basically going to start randomizing Xing, aka destroying peace and a lot of other things
  81. [17:10:34] MicoyTancinco12: Um...
  82. [17:11:09] MicoyTancinco12: He would think that he's going to renovate xing
  83. [17:11:25] MicoyTancinco12: Like, make it even more better somehow than it already is
  84. [17:12:00] MicoyTancinco12: Italy : NO! NO! It's fine Guys! Ling is just rebuilding xing from the ground up and making it even better! You can trust me right? Why can't you trust him?
  85. [17:12:13] PokeArt2004❤: All while Ling is acting weird? Like emotionless?
  86. [17:12:17] MicoyTancinco12: Yeah
  87. [17:12:34] MicoyTancinco12: You know, italy's not exactly the smartest, always still seeing good
  88. [17:12:52] PokeArt2004❤: Wow, Italy has to be pretty damn stupid, even if it is Italy
  89. [17:13:27] MicoyTancinco12: Erm...yeah, Why not? Let's make italy even stupider
  90. [17:13:41] MicoyTancinco12: Or...l
  91. [17:13:45] MicoyTancinco12: *OR....
  92. [17:14:03] MicoyTancinco12: Ling could hypnotize him, brainwash him even, using his randomness
  93. [17:14:47] PokeArt2004❤: Then would something undo the hypnosis?
  94. [17:15:27] MicoyTancinco12: Yeah, like say a specific sound effect or something
  95. [17:15:37] MicoyTancinco12: Or a codeword : Pasta
  96. [17:16:14] MicoyTancinco12: what do you think?
  97. [17:16:34] MicoyTancinco12: i'm only trying to make my characters more interesting ms becca...
  98. [17:18:08] MicoyTancinco12: i think ms becca has ignored me...
  99. [17:18:23] PokeArt2004❤: Ok makes sense
  100. [17:18:47] MicoyTancinco12: so thats basically the plotline..right?
  101. [17:19:51] PokeArt2004❤: And everyone would be yelling at Ling and stuff like repeat those things you said and Ling would literally be like I don't give a damn but say it fancier
  102. [17:20:25] MicoyTancinco12: I was thinking he could address these feelings individually, but yeah
  103. [17:20:50] MicoyTancinco12: and italy would be just nodding along the way, like a hapless servant right?
  104. [17:21:06] PokeArt2004❤: I mean by this point he doesn't even care about any of them or their feelings
  105. [17:21:10] PokeArt2004❤: And ig so?
  106. [17:21:33] MicoyTancinco12: yeah, he's being an emotionless asshole at this point
  107. [17:22:20] MicoyTancinco12: even lan fan would try to reason out but then?
  108. [17:23:03] PokeArt2004❤: I feel like Lan Fan would betray him secretly if she can't reason with him
  109. [17:23:37] MicoyTancinco12: because that would be a really dramatic conversation there, it'd be interesting to see, right?
  110. [17:23:45] PokeArt2004❤: Yes
  111. [17:24:10] MicoyTancinco12: and what else could happen ms becca?
  112. [17:25:21] PokeArt2004❤: I mean I was wondering how Italy would feel about seeing Ling slowly change more and more as the days go by and he just continues to get less and less like himself
  113. [17:26:02] MicoyTancinco12: Italy could be like...breaking more and more out of his continuing trance?
  114. [17:26:27] MicoyTancinco12: He would still continue acting as a slave per se to him, but his inner thoughts are screaming :
  116. [17:27:26] MicoyTancinco12: what about that ms becca?
  117. [17:28:40] PokeArt2004❤: And you know... I think Lan Fan would be smart enough to tell what Ling is actually doing and she would not approve of Italy being fine with it so I bet she would break him out of the trance perhaps?
  118. [17:29:03] MicoyTancinco12: EXACTLY ms becca
  119. [17:29:13] MicoyTancinco12: I want lan fan to break him out
  120. [17:29:37] PokeArt2004❤: And then what would they do after?
  121. [17:30:00] MicoyTancinco12: you still want italy to be the one to go back in time to undo everything right?
  122. [17:30:11] PokeArt2004❤: Yes
  123. [17:31:00] MicoyTancinco12: lets see..time machine right..?
  124. [17:31:05] PokeArt2004❤: No
  125. [17:31:24] PokeArt2004❤: I imagined a portal
  126. [17:31:32] MicoyTancinco12: Oh
  127. [17:31:39] MicoyTancinco12: Ms becca, remember the allies portal?
  128. [17:32:34] MicoyTancinco12: or do you want another rando to be like, Hey, let's build a time machine! :D
  129. [17:33:21] PokeArt2004❤: I mean randomness can create anything so I imagined it creates a time traveling portal
  130. [17:33:37] • PokeArt2004❤ came up with something
  131. [17:33:41] MicoyTancinco12: o-o hm?
  132. [17:34:34] PokeArt2004❤: So after basically Ling turns on everyone, everyone runs the hell away from him but he doesn't let Italy run away
  133. [17:35:18] PokeArt2004❤: So he tries to get Italy to cooperate with him but obviously Italy refuses
  134. [17:35:53] MicoyTancinco12: Yeah
  135. [17:35:55] PokeArt2004❤: So he'll seal Italy inside the vortex of randomness inside him :D
  136. [17:36:47] MicoyTancinco12: Ooooh
  137. [17:36:52] MicoyTancinco12: Thats a good idea
  138. [17:37:53] MicoyTancinco12: And everyone would be worried..or no?
  139. [17:38:03] PokeArt2004❤: So that technically means Italy will be inside Ling, so somehow Italy will learn of what really happened to Ling and that deep inside... Ling wants to be his normal self again, and has tried tons and tons of ways but as it turns put: THERE IS NO WAY TO REVERT HIM TO NORMAL
  140. [17:38:29] PokeArt2004❤: *out
  141. [17:38:46] MicoyTancinco12: Ooooo
  142. [17:38:52] MicoyTancinco12: Again, really interesting
  143. [17:39:49] PokeArt2004❤: So when the day comes for when everyone is gonna go fight Ling... Ling will release Italy
  144. [17:40:09] MicoyTancinco12: Ah
  145. [17:40:21] MicoyTancinco12: would they know italy di-
  146. [17:40:35] MicoyTancinco12: oh...they're gonna assume he died because he got sucked in
  147. [17:40:48] PokeArt2004❤: And then big battle and he pretty much kills everyone and Italy is the last to die
  148. [17:41:12] MicoyTancinco12: Ooooh
  149. [17:41:28] PokeArt2004❤: But before Italy dies... Italy will use what he learned while being inside Ling to talk some sense into him, and it kinda works
  150. [17:41:56] MicoyTancinco12: Oooh
  151. [17:42:02] PokeArt2004❤: It doesn't make him able to feel emotion again but it does make some of the inner Ling come out
  152. [17:42:23] PokeArt2004❤: But by the time that happens... Italy is pretty muxh dying
  153. [17:42:27] PokeArt2004❤: *much
  154. [17:42:46] MicoyTancinco12: Yeah
  155. [17:42:54] MicoyTancinco12: Thatd be hella sad
  156. [17:43:23] PokeArt2004❤: And Italy will die seeing that his best friend is still in there
  157. [17:43:33] MicoyTancinco12: But like..coming out still?
  158. [17:44:45] MicoyTancinco12: Ms becca, imagine some dialogue, what would he say?
  159. [17:45:21] PokeArt2004❤: So Ling will actually be devastated and after a bit, maybe a couple days, he'll bring Italy back to life
  160. [17:45:39] MicoyTancinco12: Yeah
  161. [17:46:36] PokeArt2004❤: And when Italy comes back he will see Ling is a bit of a mess, but not himself still cause he was only sad about Italy dying and literally still felt nothing about killing everyone else
  162. [17:46:56] MicoyTancinco12: Ouch, minimal emotion but..still counts right?
  163. [17:47:04] PokeArt2004❤: Yeah
  164. [17:48:03] PokeArt2004❤: And since everyone is dead, Ling and Italy will have plenty of time to talk together and somehow they come up with the only possible way to revert him to normal
  165. [17:48:25] MicoyTancinco12: it's like that other angle ms becca in a way, right?
  166. [17:50:01] PokeArt2004❤: And that is just making sure he never becomes like this in the first place, traveling back in time to make sure he never uses all the orbs
  167. [17:50:10] MicoyTancinco12: :D
  168. [17:51:05] PokeArt2004❤: So Ling will send Italy back in time and it will work
  169. [17:51:32] MicoyTancinco12: Hooray, and then, xing will be back to normal, right?
  170. [17:52:42] PokeArt2004❤: Italy will come back to the present and it will seem the same but then everything starts getting warped normal and the evil-but-not-so-evil Ling starts ceasing to exist so Italy will say goodbye to him
  171. [17:53:03] MicoyTancinco12: :D
  172. [17:53:07] MicoyTancinco12: Wait
  173. [17:53:09] PokeArt2004❤: And then everything is warped completely normal and everything is normal :D
  174. [17:53:14] MicoyTancinco12: Wait
  175. [17:53:16] MicoyTancinco12: Wait
  176. [17:53:19] PokeArt2004❤: Hm?
  177. [17:53:21] MicoyTancinco12: What happens to ling from there?
  178. [17:54:21] PokeArt2004❤: Again, that version of him ceases to exist and reappears as his normal self when everything is warped
  179. [17:54:41] MicoyTancinco12: Ah he comes back as a normal self, got it
  180. [17:54:51] MicoyTancinco12: But then, what would the aftermath be?
  181. [17:55:23] PokeArt2004❤: The aftermath is the fact Italy remembers everything that happened
  182. [17:55:37] PokeArt2004❤: And the fact that it was the random room who caused it all
  183. [17:55:48] MicoyTancinco12: Ooooh
  184. [17:55:51] MicoyTancinco12: And then..
  185. [17:55:52] MicoyTancinco12: AND THEN
  186. [17:56:03] MicoyTancinco12: Random room being evil arc begins?
  187. [17:56:09] PokeArt2004❤: And the random room will still be trying to get Ling to use the orbs
  188. [17:56:21] MicoyTancinco12: Oooooh
  189. [17:56:34] PokeArt2004❤: And Italy knows something needs to be done about the room
  190. [17:56:48] MicoyTancinco12: Yeah, and he'll ask greed for help, right?
  191. [17:56:48] PokeArt2004❤: But what...?
  192. [17:56:52] PokeArt2004❤: And boom
  193. [17:56:55] PokeArt2004❤: Next arc
  194. [17:57:06] MicoyTancinco12: Aha
  195. [17:57:12] MicoyTancinco12: I knew you'd do a leadup :)
  196. [17:57:33] PokeArt2004❤: We shall delve into the random room's backstory in that arc
  197. [17:57:58] MicoyTancinco12: :D
  198. [17:58:01] MicoyTancinco12: Yaaaaay
  199. [17:58:42] PokeArt2004❤: And we shall discover that the random room is not actually evil
  200. [17:59:01] PokeArt2004❤: That it simply wants to be like everyone else
  201. [17:59:22] MicoyTancinco12: But..?
  202. [18:00:20] PokeArt2004❤: It wants to be capable of feeling emotion, making real friends, moving around, breathing, it basically wants to be like everyone else
  203. [18:00:29] MicoyTancinco12: :')
  204. [18:00:37] PokeArt2004❤: It wants to be... Normal
  205. [18:00:58] PokeArt2004❤: But as it turned out: THERE WAS NO WAY FOR IT TO BE NORMAL
  206. [18:01:06] MicoyTancinco12: Poor room...
  207. [18:01:35] PokeArt2004❤: thus it decided to make the world its own norm
  208. [18:01:49] PokeArt2004❤: HMMMM
  209. [18:01:53] PokeArt2004❤: SOUNDS FAMILIAR
  210. [18:02:05] MicoyTancinco12: INDEED
  211. [18:02:31] PokeArt2004❤: And people didn't like when it tried to do that so they sealed it away
  212. [18:03:41] MicoyTancinco12: yeah
  213. [18:03:50] MicoyTancinco12: and now, it's stuck in this here mansion
  214. [18:04:43] PokeArt2004❤: But what I wonder is... How would they help the room? And how would Italy come to an understanding with it after what it did to Ling?
  215. [18:05:11] MicoyTancinco12: Hmm...
  216. [18:05:17] MicoyTancinco12: Do you want to know what i think?
  217. [18:05:23] PokeArt2004❤: Hm?
  218. [18:05:55] MicoyTancinco12: They could take it out and remove it so that everyone could see it
  219. [18:05:58] MicoyTancinco12: BUT..BUT....
  220. [18:06:12] MicoyTancinco12: They would like label it as a tourist attraction
  221. [18:06:27] PokeArt2004❤: ...
  222. [18:06:34] MicoyTancinco12: And thus people will-
  223. [18:06:38] PokeArt2004❤: Idt the room would like that
  224. [18:06:42] PokeArt2004❤: But go on
  225. [18:07:17] MicoyTancinco12: And thus the room could see that people have changed and want to feel emotion for it
  226. [18:07:33] MicoyTancinco12: The people would love it, embrace it, try to go there everyday
  227. [18:07:55] MicoyTancinco12: Hell, do you want me to even create a character ms becca?
  228. [18:08:08] MicoyTancinco12: Like say....A homeless orphan?
  229. [18:08:22] PokeArt2004❤: Again, the room would still want to be like them... But it can't, how would that be solved?
  230. [18:08:45] MicoyTancinco12: You said the room wanted to feel emotion right?
  231. [18:08:55] MicoyTancinco12: As part of wanting to be like them?
  232. [18:09:07] PokeArt2004❤: Yeah, it basically wants to be human
  233. [18:09:29] MicoyTancinco12: Well, here's a step up :
  234. [18:09:53] MicoyTancinco12: Take in the form of a human, maybe present the core of the random room and take it as a human form or something
  235. [18:09:56] MicoyTancinco12: *extract
  236. [18:10:13] PokeArt2004❤: ?
  237. [18:10:19] PokeArt2004❤: Wdym?
  238. [18:10:55] MicoyTancinco12: Everything has a core element right? For example, Humans need the heart to breathe, etc.?
  239. [18:11:06] PokeArt2004❤: Ig so
  240. [18:11:48] MicoyTancinco12: The random room has a core deep inside it, powered up by ling and the other gods (i wonder who), that allows it to function, got all that?
  241. [18:12:03] PokeArt2004❤: Ig so
  242. [18:12:45] MicoyTancinco12: So maybe...the random room can create a human form, they extract the core, put it inside the form
  243. [18:12:56] MicoyTancinco12: And they basically demonstrate everything that a human does
  244. [18:13:14] MicoyTancinco12: what do you think?
  245. [18:13:44] PokeArt2004❤: I kinda like it but there's a few things that the poor random room can't do
  246. [18:14:12] MicoyTancinco12: what is it?
  247. [18:15:05] PokeArt2004❤: In the past, the random room could move around freely without needing to be inside anything, however, overtime it got so big that it has to have something to contain it otherwise randomness spreads all over the world
  248. [18:15:43] PokeArt2004❤: And it can't contain itself with a container it created
  249. [18:16:01] MicoyTancinco12: it'll basically have trouble whats contained inside of it?
  250. [18:16:39] PokeArt2004❤: Another thing, it is unable to alter the physical state of the container it is contained in
  251. [18:16:57] MicoyTancinco12: So, his human form would be drastically the same?
  252. [18:17:17] MicoyTancinco12: Oh wait..the container, you mean?
  253. [18:17:50] PokeArt2004❤: Like it can alter the appearance of it but say the container gets damaged, can't alter that fact
  254. [18:18:08] MicoyTancinco12: Ah okay, makes more logical sense
  255. [18:19:53] PokeArt2004❤: Also if they make the random room somewhat human...
  256. [18:19:57] MicoyTancinco12: hm?
  258. [18:20:20] MicoyTancinco12: OOOH
  259. [18:20:24] PokeArt2004❤: Wait ik
  260. [18:20:30] MicoyTancinco12: I was gonna say
  261. [18:20:32] PokeArt2004❤: They'd call it...
  262. [18:20:38] PokeArt2004❤: Randy :)
  263. [18:20:51] MicoyTancinco12: RANDY :D GOOD NAME, MY GOOD WOMAN
  264. [18:21:14] PokeArt2004❤: (It's funny cause that's an actual name)
  265. [18:21:28] PokeArt2004❤: (Hahahaha)
  266. [18:22:09] MicoyTancinco12: YEP
  267. [18:22:17] MicoyTancinco12: I WAS GONNA SAY haha
  268. [18:22:29] PokeArt2004❤: Sooo... Anything more to discuss?
  269. [18:22:38] MicoyTancinco12: Hmm...
  270. [18:22:52] MicoyTancinco12: You mentioned greed disciplining tai..
  271. [18:23:02] MicoyTancinco12: How would we work back those guys in the story?
  272. [18:24:42] PokeArt2004❤: Well Tai would gain the respect of Italy because of the role he plays when Ling is a villain :D
  273. [18:25:00] MicoyTancinco12: :D
  274. [18:25:06] MicoyTancinco12: YEP, I WAS WONDERING WHEN
  275. [18:25:46] PokeArt2004❤: Anything else to discuss?
  276. [18:26:01] MicoyTancinco12: hmm...thats pretty much it
  277. [18:26:05] MicoyTancinco12: aside from one thing
  278. [18:26:08] PokeArt2004❤: Hm?
  279. [18:26:21] MicoyTancinco12: WHEN DO WE RETURN TO RPING....? ;-;
  280. [18:26:33] PokeArt2004❤: I HOPE SOON... ;-;
  281. [18:26:45] MicoyTancinco12: PLEASE BE SOON...PLEAAAASEEEE...?
  282. [18:27:11] PokeArt2004❤: NOT REALLY IN MY CONTROL RN...
  283. [18:27:24] PokeArt2004❤: BUT YES IT SHOULD BE SOON
  284. [18:27:25] MicoyTancinco12: I KNOW.....
  285. [18:27:29] MicoyTancinco12: YAAAAAY
  286. [18:27:31] PokeArt2004❤: :D
  287. [18:27:37] MicoyTancinco12: because...i miss doing it with you...
  288. [18:27:49] PokeArt2004❤: So uh... I should prob get back to sleep
  289. [18:27:59] PokeArt2004❤: Been up for 5 hours now
  290. [18:28:02] MicoyTancinco12: Yeah, get some rest
  291. [18:28:12] MicoyTancinco12: wouldn't want my ms becca to be sleep deprived ;D
  292. [18:28:23] PokeArt2004❤: And you should sleep soon too
  293. [18:28:31] MicoyTancinco12: It's nighttime here too yes
  294. [18:28:36] MicoyTancinco12: After i eat dinner
  295. [18:28:37] PokeArt2004❤: Sleepy micoys are just as bad as sleepy mes
  296. [18:28:41] PokeArt2004❤: K
  297. [18:28:52] MicoyTancinco12: So...
  298. [18:28:55] PokeArt2004❤: So...
  299. [18:29:01] MicoyTancinco12: Do we call it a night?
  300. [18:29:04] PokeArt2004❤: Ig so
  301. [18:29:16] MicoyTancinco12: Alright
  302. [18:29:22] MicoyTancinco12: Goodnighty night ms becca :D
  303. [18:29:28] PokeArt2004❤: Nighty night micoy :D
  304. [18:29:35] MicoyTancinco12: GO BEYOND!!
  305. [18:29:37] PokeArt2004❤: PLUS ULTRA!!
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