Its All About Stamps!

Nov 4th, 2011
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  1. In adddition to the existing problems of the Nation we have the ongoing Postal crisis. "Going Postal" has become a synonym with someone going berserk but what going postal really should describe is the millions in lost revenue  on the heels of electronic communication (along with fast everything, instant gratification, etc). Our postal system has suffered from our own self centered belief that postal rates are already too high. Looking back to the first postal rates: a letter to the known United States (300 miles) was .01 cent. In 1921 parcel post was .02 per ounce anywhere in the U.S. During the time of this country's development from 1776 until approximately 1863, the postage to send mail ranged from .01 to as much as .25 per ounce. During the time immediately after our Revolutionary war we used currency and pricing based on a number established countries so the coinage and stamps reflected those counties. Starting in 1863 the basic postage was .03 cents per half ounce and each additional half ounce was .03 cents. this remained fixed until reduced by Congress during the WW1. The price did not increase until 1932 and not again until 1952. 1958,1963,1968.1971. In 1974 the price increased to .10 cents and increased every 3 to 4 years until 2011 which brought us to .44 cents for a basic letter of one (1) ounce. What does all this mean? This just points out that the postal rates have not kept pace with the actual cost of mailing a letter or packages. Postal rates cannot be levied unless approved by Congress (who by the way do not pay postage for "official" mailings, these mailings are funded by an annual Tax appropriation) . Congress established the Postal Regulatory Commission in 1970 to regulate postal operations and rates. The Commission is composed of five
  2. Commissioners, each of whom is appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, for a term of six years. It appears that along with the constant public political rhetoric and outpours, our biggest problem in this country has been Congress who we have trusted and entrusted with our very lives for years, The "Modern" Congress has successfully conned us into believing they are working for us through politispeak and innuendo. We as voters need to pursue the idea of rotating the Congressional membership as regularly as we change the President and to look at them with as critical an eye.
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