11. The News

Nov 11th, 2018
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  1. “Sensei! I’m here!” Your front door slams loudly and despite the sudden loud interruption, you find yourself smiling a little.
  2. “I’m back here!” You call, talking a moment to pull away from your keyboard and stretch for the first time in several hours. The dull, delicate pitter-patter of soft dainty feet quickly gets louder; it’s only been a few months since the young one has been your journalist’s assistant, but for better or worse it feels like it’s been much longer.
  4. Your study door swings open and a tiny little Ratatoskr scurries up to you; her striped red and orange fur and bright ginger hair are a mess, with bits of snapped twig and brown autumn leaf snagged all over. Her little satchel is stuffed with various scrolls and scraps of paper but her pale, freckled face is aglow with excitement.
  5. “I’m here!” She repeats, grinning at you with innocent joy. You sigh heavily.
  6. “Anything good this time Mina?”
  7. “I saw some ducks at the pond, and I saw some clouds, and a Harpy sang a song for me, and I saw some great big Hellhounds chasing a boy in the park, And I saw…” You put a firm, yet gentle hand on her head before she gets too carried away. She can go on for hours and based on your experience, you’d prefer not to sit there uncomfortably while she tells you every minute detail of her day in no specific order.
  9. “How about I get the brush before your report?”
  10. “Okay Sensei!” Mina wastes no time in hopping up in your lap, scattering leaves and twigs all over the floor. You learned very early on to keep a brush close by when the little one returns from her outings. She may only be nine years old, but her independence in some areas has consistently surprised you. Unfortunately personal hygiene while out in the field is not one of these areas.
  12. The young squirrel starts babbling again as you take the brush to her shoulder-length orange hair.
  13. “Did you know Hellhound feet can turn the grass black if they run really fast? These Hellhounds were running really fast!” You keep your free hand softly nestled between Mina’s twitchy little ears while you brush to keep knots from hurting too much as you smooth them out. Brushing is a long daily chore, but you have become accustomed to it in the time she has been working for you. It’s quite easy to zone out while restoring the Ratatoskr’s hair to its usual soft velvety silkiness.
  15. It certainly wasn’t your first, second or even third choice to take on an assistant, let alone one so young and… happy. You’ve been a journalist for decades and have become quite jaded over the years. Well, had become jaded. Since Mina has been here you’ve felt more enthusiasm and lightness than you have in a long time. Part of you is a little disappointed in yourself as you once felt enthusiasm and lightness wer weaknesses, but at least it’s different from the old usual salty melancholy.
  17. Mina suddenly stops her happy chatter and whimpers as you gently stroke her fuzzy, stubby ears by hand to get all the debris out.
  18. “Uuuuuu, Sensei! That tickles!”
  19. “Mmm.” You feel the little one squirm in your lap as you continue to massage the backs and tips of her ears with your thumbs.
  20. “Sensei… please!”
  21. “Okay.” You grudgingly stop. “Tail?”
  22. “Yes, yes!” Mina squeals with glee and hops off your lap in an instant. She skips eagerly over to the couch across the room, big poofy tail swishing behind her throwing leaves and twigs everywhere.
  24. You sigh heavily again. Sweeping is a major pain, but somehow it’s become worth it. You get up from your desk chair, brushing detritus off yourself, and follow the little squirrel and sit down on the comfy gray couch. You barely have time to settle in before Mina hops up on you, stretching all the way across your lap with her butt and tail directly under your face.
  25. “Tail, tail, tail!” She chants, waving her little butt and flicking her fluffy bright red and fiery orange tail at you.
  27. Wordlessly, you start to brush. The young Ratatoskr coos happily with every stroke, finally starting to relax. She is too enamored now to talk very much, but she is by no means quiet. She hums a little tune, interrupted by soft whimpers and whines every time you drag the brush through her thick velvety tail. Your other hand rests in the small of her back barely above her firm little rear to keep her still; even so the hyperactive little thing still squirms and wriggles contentedly as her tail regains its beautiful luster and shine.
  29. After many, many minutes of slow, methodical brushing, you finally stop and sweep the remainder of Mina’s debris off of yourself, her and the couch and onto the floor.
  31. You’ll attend to it later.
  33. “You okay down there?” Mina has her face buried in a pillow and you decide not to mention that her squirming had slowly turned into soft humping towards the end of your ministrations.
  34. “Yssh...” she moans into the pillow. She definitely seems happier now that her hair and tail are all clean, but most of what she’s feeling is likely very distracting.
  35. “Looks like your clothes are dirty too. How about we get those off, hmmm?”
  36. “!!!” the little Ratatoskr’s squeak is barely audible through the pillow, but her ears and tail perk up instantly at this familiar invitation. Carefully, you lift the hem of Mina’s fur lined sweater-dress she usually wears and she obediently lifts herself in the right places to allow you to remove it completely, hips swaying all the while.
  38. You swallow at the lump rising in your throat; Mina’s almost luminescently pale little body shines up at you, begging for all sorts of things. Her slender arms, legs and torso are sparsely dotted with little red freckles just like her face.
  39. “You’re gonna have to turn over if you want the good stuff Mina.” Trembling a little, the young squirrel lets the pillow go and rolls over in your lap. Her stomach and flat, barely budding chest are just as freckly as the rest of her and her blush is so intense she might be mistaken for a cherry. You do your best to hide your own emotions here; your assistant’s soft, round belly rises and falls in time with her heavy breathing and her puffy pink nipples have just started to stiffen.
  41. With little difficulty you slide yourself out from under the panting squirrel, lay yourself out on your stomach beside her, and wait for her to assume the position. Mina’s usual hyper excitement returns as she crawls up by your head, hastily arranges some pillows at the end of the couch, and plops herself down on them with her petite legs spread and her crotch inches from your nose. Another smile sneaks across your face as you stare at her panties. They’re quite tight, pure white with a little acorn design in the middle, and a barely transparent wet spot has formed over her little girl parts.
  43. You can’t hold out any longer, you forcefully lick her puffy pink pussy through her panties, almost moaning with lust as you taste the delicious musky arousal through the thin white fabric.
  44. “S-senseiiii!!” Mina whines as you lick her several more times, each more frantic than the last. You try to keep your wits about you as you hurriedly pull the tiny squirrel’s panties off and toss them aside. After a short, almost surreal moment of admiring the perfection that is her glistening flower, you breathe out heavily on it.
  45. “Hhaahhh…” Mina moans at your hot breath on her sensitive, aching folds. That’s kinda cute, you guess. Wasting no more time, you put your whole mouth around her, gently sucking her pussy and letting her juices fill your senses like a drug. Your tongue darts across her slit like a snake; poking, prodding, rubbing, dipping in and out, pushing against and entering.
  47. Little Mina’s chubby thighs squeeze gently at your head so you reach up and gently take hold of her tiny wrists to reassure her. You need more. To taste more of her juices, to her her moan and coo, to make her squirm and writhe. To bring her to heaven with you.
  49. -- -- -- -- --
  51. It’s so easy to lose track of time like this. Maybe an hour or so later you finally surface from your squirrel assistant’s perfect pussy. Your face and most of her lower half are a mess with your drool and her arousal, and you counted at least four orgasms. Mina props herself up on her shoulders, tail twitching happily and face flushed with joy.
  52. “Sensei, sensei! Are you gonna put it in me now?”
  54. You just wink at her as you start to undo your pants and she squeaks with ecstatic anticipation.
  56. Wordlessly, you toss your pants aside and stand on your knees, showing off your fully erect penis to the little one in front of you. She shivers and gulps, talking a deep excited breath before rolling over, sticking her bare little butt up in the air, and coiling her eternally poofy red tail around your left wrist. She’s so much smaller and younger than you, but she knows exactly what she wants and where she wants it.
  57. “If you insist, Mina.”
  59. With practiced familiarity, you wrap your left hand firmly around the base of Mina’s tail and pull her tiny wrists behind her back with your right. Her little head flops comfortably down in the pillows as you line yourself up; you can just see her beautiful smile and shining, happy eyes as your tip grazes her slit.
  61. Finally, you slide in.
  63. “Hhhhaaaaahnn!!” She cries out, an amazing, incredibly arousing cry.
  64. It’s wonderfully hot and tight inside the young Ratatoskr, you have to grit your teeth to keep it together. Using her wrists and tail to steady yourself, you thrust. In and out, in and out, gently pushing Mina’s face down in the pillows. You can’t help but marvel at how big you are compared to her again; as many times as you’ve seen it it just doesn’t seem right that such a big thing could fit into a girl so tiny. Your pace quickens instinctively. The wet slaps of your crotch and her butt combined with her increasingly loud and lusty cries only make you want to fuck her harder.
  66. You feel as though you’ve been on edge for ages, even though it’s only been a few minutes. Mina has cum again and again, the way her pussy clenches down so hard around your cock and forces her juices out around your base is too much, but you can still hold on. She has really let go now too, she is moaning and whining at the top of her lungs, using the pillows to muffle herself. She’s been wriggling around on you too; that natural, instinctive hyperactivity is just perfect when you’re fucking her like this, though you do have to hold her down so firmly to keep her from getting too wild. She’s so small that she probably couldn’t do much to you, but you definitely don’t want her to hurt herself.
  68. Damn kid, how did she make it so easy to care about her so much?
  70. With that thought on your mind, you cum; blasting load after load into Mina’s tiny little womb. This elicits a full-on erotically orgasmic sream from her, as well as another violent orgasm. Waves of intense pleasure assault you as well, there’s nothing quite as perfect as letting yourself loose deep inside your young assistant.
  72. It takes you a bit to come to your senses, you unclench your hands from Mina’s wrists and tail, and slowly slide yourself out of her. You take extra special care to support her butt as you do so that no seed spills out, per her request when you first started this with her. Once you are free of her glowing pussy, you reach behind you to the table beside the couch and pick up the dido that’s been lying there. Gently, you insert the dildo into Mina and buckle its crotch harness around her soft thighs and petite waist, all to keep your seed tightly sealed in the little one’s womb.
  74. Finally able to let her haunches down, you take a deep breath of satisfaction. She instinctively stretches out with her eyes half-closed and a look of pure bliss on her face. She’ll be out of it for a few hours still; naked, tousled, soaked in sweat and arousal, content to bask in the glory of your love with a womb full of hot sticky cum. You give her a gentle pat on the head before going back to your desk chair and sitting down. The work comes so much easier after times like this; despite your early misgivings having Mina around is truly a delight.
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