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  1. This very dark chamber lays behind the larger "Battery" section and part of you wishes you hadn't decided to explore this far back.
  3. A line of bars separates your side of the room from a much larger subsection, which is occupied by a few dim-witted looking slaves.
  5. You wince, suddenly perceiving the stench of this room, the floor on the far side littered with human waste. The foul odour blends with a sweeter but even more sickly aroma of arousal and perspiration, and you watch aghast as a couple of the shuffling occupants wander closer, revealing themselves to be shuffling, huge-breasted women who were no doubt once members of the Jadegirl crew.
  7. The area is clearly a holding pen for slaves. Their lack of protest suggests these ones are already too far gone to rescue, having been transformed into human milking cows for some horrific purpose known only to the Enthasan Doctors.
  9. You can see some Sturdy Bars
  10. Queen Silverrain is here.
  12. Queen Silverrain - Scream!
  13. Oh no. It's the Queen!
  15. Stupid, stupid. You've walked right into her clutches! There's no way you will be able to fight an Enthasan this powerful!
  16. Queen Silverrain - Resist her!
  17. "And what do we have here? The fugitive who defeated Doctor Ra?"
  19. You freeze on the spot, stricken by the Queen's commanding gaze.
  21. "Tsk tsk. But I am not Sanuu. I do not think you will find Me as easy to deny, mmm".
  23. " Come here. Let me show you the true meaning of bliss"...
  24. --------------------------------
  25. The Enthasan Queen beckons to you, and your legs respond without protest.
  27. She cups your face in her hands.
  29. "I do not see what the fuss was about. This one is nothing".
  31. She fills your mouth with one of her large nipples. You suck, feeling compelled by an intense need. You know the Queen is manipulating you, but that thought simply evaporates as quickly as it forms.
  33. You swallow. You suckle. The Queen tilts her head, studying you carefully. Her face begins to blur with the room beyond...
  34. --------------------------------
  35. The Queen leans you back, cradling you against her while keeping her teat lodged deep inside your mouth.
  37. You drool her milk, unable to stop feeding. She coos, pressing your face tight against her.
  39. Swiftly, she becomes less interested, her intense expression softening to mild boredom as she begins massaging your expanding breasts, preparing them for your new life.
  41. You can't stop feeding. But then, you soon no longer want to, and a few short minutes later you can't form the concept of what stopping means...
  43. You mumble around the Queen's heavenly, all-consuming nipple.
  45. "Hush".
  47. With that word, you realise dimly that you'll never speak again. The world fragments into shapes and colours, no longer making sense...
  48. --------------------------------
  49. Doctor Ola holds the new cow's head up as she milks its udders in long, delibrate squeezes.
  51. Warm fluid jets out of its distended nipple, filling up the container beneath.
  53. Muuaaau...
  55. "Sshhh". Ola pats the cow on its head, reassuringly.
  57. "And no peeing until you're back in the Barn this time, the dolls can't keep cleaning up after you".
  59. The Enthasan laughs, bipping her charge on the nose, a mixture of affection and authority.
  61. The cow licks Ola's hand, fascinated by the salty texture. So much is fascinating. you're just so happy to be milked again, it makes you wet and hot.
  63. "Enough for now. Let's get you back to the Barn, hmm?"
  65. Ola smiles, releasing your neck.
  66. --------------------------------
  67. The Enthasan slips the new cow's harness back on, locking it up tight.
  69. Uaann...
  71. A few, glassy-eyed protests, but Ola smiles and rubs the cow's sex a few times, making it forget about its bonds.
  73. She leads it back to the Barn with the others, chaining it to the far wall before unclipping the next one and leading it to the milking station.
  75. Back in the barn, the first cow groans, but the Doctor pops a ball of sugar into its drooling mouth and it forgets all about anything but sweetness for a long time...
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