I. Introduction

Aug 2nd, 2019
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  1. Seeing as Tobias was still asleep, Siegfried awakens at the crack of dawn, in the early, early morning. His hands slowly part open the wayfinding tome that Adrian'd passed to him. His body aches with yesterday's exhilarating workout, and yet at the exact same time...that only puts him in a prime position to read.
  3. The contents of the book appeared to be 902 pages.
  5. 'The writer, Lady Elisheva, briefly introduces herself: She is a heavenly being from the realm of Atmos, and encourages those that expand their knowledge by studying this tome to not use it for malicious means, but rather to improve the lives of those around them. She writes that while she has the power of divine magic - a near infinite supply of magical power - there is not a simple 'snap of the fingers' miracle to perform feats such as the ones detailed within. All techniques, whether Atmosian origin of otherwise, can be studied and learned by those with the persistence, talent, and the drive to do so. She goes on to touch on her admiration for humanity and their boundless creativity; the hands of an artist, the voice of a singer, the movements of a dancer, all of which are especially applicable when it comes to conjuring glyphs.'
  7. Siegfried, enamored by this description of wayfinding, one he'd never known to be so colorfully cultured, so...apt, so befitting of his own life...he can't help but smile. The creative expression aspect is something appeals to his heart and soul in a way that resonates. The words practically leap off of the page in his excitement.
  9. Maybe he should've gotten into glyphs a long time ago.
  11. Divinity. From the throat of the Gods. Words from the mouth of an angel - able to perform a vast array of feats that could be perceived as miracle. The presentation of this ability as something to be used to improve the lives of others...
  13. Yes.
  15. Adrian had been right about one thing:
  17. Like his father before him, this just fit Siegfried.
  18. (Siegfried)
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