List of things to test vs. Marth

Feb 5th, 2016
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  1. Actionable items to test vs. Marth:
  2. 1. Strings at TR:
  3. 1a. Dash forward (long) -> WD back
  4. Variations: a. -> charge needle, a. -> WD back -> charge
  5. After doing longer dash forwards and seeing that they react, make sure to do short dash forward next time to test their response. You can plan to attack that response next time
  6. 1b. Dash forward (short) -> dash back (long)
  7. Variations: b. > long dash forward (can enter run) (-> WD back), b. -> short forward dash, b. -> WD forward
  8. when doing running variant can shield sometimes
  9. when doing short forward dash variant should watch closely when they move forward; if they don’t cross a certain point play it safe or be ready for them to WD dtilt out of that
  10. 1c. Short dash back -> long dash forward
  11. Variations: c. -> WD back, c. -> pivot bair
  12. When performed slightly inside Marth TR, make sure to watch how far he is and how he moves. He can pre-empt the bair variation if he’s quick enough to cover/react
  13. 2. If he comes into his TR, observe how deep he goes and also pivot point of DD to determine intent
  14. 2a. Too deep into TR and you can dash attack; if pivot point is farther away, then be careful
  15. 2b. Too far out of TR, you can freely take stage or set up jump, or even bair wall/pivot bair wall if he’s moving out shallowly
  16. 2c. Kevin says: Longer dashes move his point along, long then short dashes also shift his point. Short dashes continuously make it really hard for Marth to fight and also make his threat shallow. Combine with existing theory/idea that the later he is in a dash/the more length he has exercised or can exercise before you reach him, the better idea it is to be more reserved unless you specifically have a read
  17. 3. Hold down/shield vs. DA
  18. 4. WD or dash/run into shield sometimes to scout fsmash, badly spaced dtilts, and weird nairs
  19. 5. Mix up responses to getting hit by dtilt
  20. 6. If I get hit by RC dtilt, recognize that he has more control and be more patient (i.e. no YOLO DA/BG). After all, he had to run a relatively large, uninterrupted distance to get the move out.
  21. 6a. Marth full jumping from farther to circumvent interacting with dash attack/BG = cross him up if you have time, or punish landing/stay close to landing
  22. 7. Being close is fine when you have control (or at least Marth doesn’t have control) OR when Marth isn’t close in a way that allows him to hit without being hit himself (e.g. isn’t mobile when close out of dtilt)
  23. 7a. Jumping when close should only be done as a setup or a read and should usually be transitioned into safe stuff
  24. 8. Avoid shielding in scrambles, if you notice you shield, spotdodge is fine
  25. 8a. The less mobile you are the more susceptible to manipulation or other advantages of Marth
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