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Mar 4th, 2016
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  1. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I can start by saying I'm glad to see people still do care for this place.
  2. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I do believe you all do, by the way.
  3. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] I'm glad you care to do this, too.
  4. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] *nods*
  5. [AlesuBunny] Amber Ramsay: [Talk] We do.
  6. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] Always
  7. [Wolfcat] Jacklin Halenner: [Talk] me too..... im one of the founders.. i can't see it die.... i care
  8. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] ..?
  9. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Ok, so... I have hosted this server for many years.
  10. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] you need to play more :) I haven't seen jackie or that crazy spider girl around in ages.
  11. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] *shushes*
  12. [Wolfcat] Jacklin Halenner: [Talk] lol
  13. [Wolfcat] Jacklin Halenner: [Talk] yeah... i know... lol
  14. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I don't do it because I'm interested in the power, in fact, you all should know that I've offered the server to multiple other people several times.
  15. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] The person that was just banned is one of those.
  16. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] :(
  17. [Wolfcat] Jacklin Halenner: [Talk] i actually found lots more good stuff i can continue on with both jackie and crazy spiderette.. lol
  18. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Shhhh!
  19. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] shush while your brother is talking, geez jackie.
  20. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] My point is the reason I am here is -exactly- the same as the reason you're here. I -hate- the idea of this community dying.
  21. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I hate what this community has become, because I've seen what it once was. It was fun, it was laughter, it was hanging out with friends night after night.
  22. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I log into this place any more, and it's just fights. It's people accusing other people of shit that -verifiably- never even happened.
  23. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] And yet, people are still all bent out of shape, and hate on each other for it. And it tears this place to shreds.
  24. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I log in and people are upset that some nuance of mechanics isn't just right.
  25. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I log in and people are sitting in corners AFKing, or log out because their one buddy isn't on.
  26. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] This is not community, and it's not RP.
  27. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I need to start out this conversation being very clear about one point above everything else. I -love- this place, it's my home, you all are my family. Some are literal blood family even, and this shit is tearing even that apart.
  28. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Blood family aside, I care about each of you just as if you were my family, or else I wouldn't have spent the time building this place in an -attempt- to make it fun for you, and give -us- a place to hang out together.
  29. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] But back to my point...
  30. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I'm on my way out the door.
  31. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] This place is -not- fun. It's -not- enjoyable. And lately, it's not family either.
  32. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Now before anyone jumps to conclusions about whether or not I'm backing up Matt's ban, I need to say first, I made this decision -before- he was banned.
  33. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I informed Ree that I am permanently leaving the server about four or five days ago. So this has nearly nothing to do with Matt.
  34. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] But what's going on there is just proof of the sheer toxicity that is present in this community.
  35. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] One way, or another. Matt's ban justified, or unjustified. This place has become -toxic.- And that's not new, it's been that way.
  36. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Now I know for a fact that there are technical aspects of this server that will die a slow and painful death without proper maintenance. So while I -am- just a player here any more...
  37. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] ... my leaving this place -is- akin to pretty much everyone here getting banned in the long run. The server will go down.
  38. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Because I -desperately- hate how this is playing out, I'm going to tell you all how to get me back on board with this place again. I'm going to lay it out plainly.
  39. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I have busted my ass for this place. I have put nearly the last decade of my life into this place. I -hate- seeing all the work I have done, and a lot of you all as well, used against yourselves just to fuel fights.
  40. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] So I am going to give you all an opportunity to win me back, and here's what I need....
  41. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] And I'm not talking to the DM team here, and I'm not talking to the players. There is no DM team. There are no players. There's no fucking spoon.... wait sorry, that's a different movie.
  42. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] What we have here is a role-play community. There are differences in personality, there are differences in opinion, and none of that matters.
  43. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Get.
  44. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Along.
  45. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] This place needs to ... BECOME IN CHARACTER.
  46. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] No more just sitting around doing jack shit. No more half-assed characters. Get -invested- in your character, it's -your- story.
  47. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] No more telling other people what their characters should and should not be doing.
  48. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] It's -their- character. It's -their- story. Don't even -comment- about other characters, unless it's IN CHARACTER.
  49. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Again I'm not talking to the DM team to make rules, though it may be a good idea, I'm talking to -everyone-. You want to make this place alive again and make it worth my while to be here, BE IN CHARACTER and for the sake of all that is good and holy, DROP THE OOC.
  50. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] There has been too much harrassing. There has been too much complaining. Too much "You should do it this way." Just stay in character.
  51. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Do what your character would do, and let others do the same, and then ... here's an idea for the ultimate server rule: Have fun.
  52. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Stop getting so caught up in details about every little nitpicky thing that it's causes fights.
  53. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Understand and accept that not everyone here wants the same thing you do. I'm talking to everyone, on every side of any argument. People want different things, LET THEM.
  54. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] You all need to also act like a community, instead of a bunch of couples.
  55. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I am -avidly- opposed to the restriction of couples RP on this server. Avidly, I believe that is critical to proper RP.
  56. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] What I am opposed to is OOCly coupling so that the only RP that's important to your character is RP with your character's significant other (SO from now on)
  57. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] This false belief that the only RP worth RPing is RP with a SO because that's who's important to your character, therefore that's all that should be important to you, is -extremely- destructive.
  58. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] You need to be -seeking out- RP with others, no matter who, no matter how, any way you can. Find ways to make it happen.
  59. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Keep in mind though that by "RP" I mean "being in character with."
  60. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] That does NOT mean that you should always have your character invite someone to a social outing, if it is something they would not do, for example.
  61. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I mean find ways, seek out ways, stop AFKing, get involved, and go BE IN CHARACTER around other characters, whenever possible. Even if it happens to be an IC cold shoulder. You -never- know what's going to happen.
  62. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Too many people here are bumps on a log until someone shows up with RP.
  63. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Problem is SOMEONE has to show up with RP. That means YOU.
  64. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Start doing it, and this place will become -wonderful- again. So long as things stay in character.
  65. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Stop being distracted all the time.
  66. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I know just about everyone multitasks. I know, because whether or not you think you have mastery of the art of multitasking, you DO NOT.
  67. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Have enough respect for yourself and the ones you are RPing with to focus on your RP.
  68. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Sure, there are distractions. But at -least- announce that you're distracted and apologize, or afk briefly, and return your full attention when you can.
  69. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] So many people just don't believe me that this is one of the main murderers of this server. Believe me. This is killing our server.
  70. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] And it's not new. But it's time to take responsibility for your own characters and -own- them. Be them, fully, and let them live.
  71. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Now because I am giving you all a chance to avoid the coming "ban" of this server dying a death without me here, there's another thing I must insist on.
  72. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Matt is to get this same opportunity that all of you are getting. Matt needs to be unbanned.
  73. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I understand why Matt was banned. In fact, Matt should have been. But you guys are getting this chance, he will too.
  74. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Matt has put a ton of time and effort into this server as well, and he at least deserves the same second chance you all are getting.
  75. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I'm not admin, I technically have no right to be making this demand. But if Matt doesn't get the second chance, I will not come back.
  76. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Now -that- said... I will be the one to personally ban him if he doesn't get his act together too.
  77. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I said a second chance, not a get out of jail free card.
  78. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] Calan dear you're not the admin. You can't do that. :)
  79. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I'm afraid I can hack the server, Yendys. ;)
  80. [Collin Willis] DM Collin : [Talk] Calan wins.
  81. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] DAMN.
  82. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] (oops caps sorry. Shushing.)
  83. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] For those of us unaware of the situation, maybe slightly more light on whole Matt situation? (now or after rant)
  84. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Matt does not get to skirt anything I've been saying here any more than the rest of the community.
  85. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] If Matt chooses to sit in the corner and not participate, that's not your RP call that's -his-.
  86. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] My connection is hiccupping a little, I hope it doesn't kick me
  87. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] I'm going to save a log of this to forums, so even if it does you're okay.
  88. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] However, I feel inclined to point out, that does not give him or any of you the right to flat out ignore other RP in the area. That's disruptive. In my non-admin opinion.
  89. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] What did I miss? My connection is being difficult
  90. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Did you get my very last?
  91. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] Nada, if you got that last 'however, i feel inclined' message.
  92. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] yes I got that one, thanky
  93. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Then you missed nothing.
  94. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] You mean OOC ignoring, yes calan?
  95. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Yes, because that is NOT being IN CHARACTER. It's being OOC.
  96. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] ICly ignoring is in character, and fine, as long as you emote that is what it taking place. You just can't OOCly give the silent treatment.
  97. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] IC and OOC crossing lines is a plague.
  98. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] And it goes both ways. People RP stuff because they have an OOC goal. That's bad. People go OOC because they have an IC goal. In my eyes, both of these is -cheating- in this "game."
  99. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] You have OOC goals, then when someone thwarts you ICly because they were in character, then -YOU- were thwarted. And you get upset because someone was RPing. Not ok.
  100. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] RPing again is defined as "being in character.
  101. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] "*
  102. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I'm going to close my "rant" portion by saying this....
  103. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] The sickness that's on the server now -cannot- be cured by the DM team, or by the players, but only by a conscious effort of this community as a -whole- to make being in character what this palce is about.
  104. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] In reality, it's about more than that. It's about us being friends, and family even. But RP is the glue that this place -is- and it's why we are here. Or it should be.
  105. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Each and every one of you, DM and player alike because there is no spoon, needs to have being in character as the focus of what you are -doing- here.
  106. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Otherwise, don't log in. If you're logging in to check faces, then log out because you're buddy isn't on, that's not being here to be in character, that's being here -just- for that one buddy.
  107. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I hope you all can understand why I see that as a form of -cheating- here.
  108. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I'm getting back to specifics when I was trying to close.
  109. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Ok, I'm done. I've said my thing. Unless this community decides to change what this place is about, do expect me to be on my way out the door.
  110. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] I have a thing to say, one moment
  111. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] Alright sorry, I was sending somebody a message.
  112. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] A lot of what calan said is stuff that (he didn't know) we discussed as a dm team last night
  113. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] We stated a lot of the same goals, and I even said "our ultimate goal is to make the server somewhere calan will want to come back to"
  114. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Hopefully more than just me.
  115. [Collin Willis] DM Collin : [Talk] Thats what i said
  116. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] So I think it's apparent that we're sort of independantly on the same page here. I really think that means we're on the right page.
  117. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] Yeah, somebody else...yep.
  118. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] eveeryone will want to come back to!
  119. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] c:
  120. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] yes, definitely. Including people we haven't even met yet.
  121. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] My problem here Yendys is that this is not a DM team issue. It's a community-wide issue.
  122. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] .. which includes but is not limited to the DM team.
  123. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] The DM team(well charity wasn't there, so I assume she's with us!) is pretty dedicated to trying to make this place fun again. Yes, I know calan. I'm getting to that, shush
  124. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] well the DM team is a start
  125. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] and yes im with you
  126. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] we started with the dm team because we needed to fix the issues there before we could try to spread those fixes to the rest of the community
  127. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] i had trillian offlinne so i missed the meeting
  128. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] I think we made a lot of progress last night, I feel really hopeful about things, if people can keep everything we discussed in mind.
  129. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I'd like to address that when I can.
  130. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] sure calan, you can talk
  131. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I respect the idea of fixing these issues within the DM team. It's great, should happen. But if the boat is sinking, you can't stop it from the bridge. The hull needs to be repaired. The hull in this case is, frankly, the foundations of -why- we are here.
  132. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] All of us, DM team and players and the spoon alike.
  133. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] there is no spoon
  134. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] There's no point in the pot calling the kettle black when it's pitch dark itself.
  135. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] My point here is again talking to -everyone- here.
  136. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] You can't criticize if you're guilty of the same crime yourself.
  137. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] YOU all need to fix this.
  138. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Oh, you can. I'm guilty of a lot of this shit too. I'm distracted. But you better believe I'm going to still call it out.
  139. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] It's a problem.
  140. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] We as a whole need to make an effort not just the dms, if we as the players arent doing all we can then what are the dms efforts doing if there are no players?? Thats why we need to work ytogether
  141. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] Most of us are guilty of one or two of the things you mentioned, it doesn't mean we can't work on them.
  142. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] It is.
  143. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] *Together
  144. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] And yes veilya, that's exactly it :)
  145. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] ( I think yendys was using a royal 'you', not calling you a hypocrite, Calan )
  146. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] (I was)
  147. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] I said we started with the dms, not we would end weith the dms.
  148. [Collin Willis] DM Collin : [Talk] with*
  149. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Yes, Veilya, exactly. This needs to be a foundational, community effort to get this place back in character and out of the OOC crap that's been dragging us down.
  150. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] thank you my spelling chcker
  151. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Everyone needs to take responsiblity for their own RP and their own characters. That's the part of this story that's -yours- and no one can touch.
  152. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] Is there anything we can do as dms or server staff to help you get started with that goal?
  153. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] If it's a half-assed attempt, well, that's all this place is ever going to have any hope of being.
  154. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] I knwo it can be daunting to go from 0 to 100
  155. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] we can't support you all the way, but we might be able to help you figure out how to get started
  156. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] I was talking with someone about promotion on forums for this place.. perhaps when we do this fix up we can bring in some fresh face to make it livele like it used to be
  157. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] Or as players. I'm a player as much as I'm a dm.
  158. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] *lively*
  159. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] I think that's a great idea Veilya
  160. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] We were talking a lot about that last night too, Veilya. :)
  161. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] to be fair some people aren't as good at RP as others. credit dhould be given for trying
  162. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] Some people are also better at different types of RP than others. yeah.
  163. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] "That PC plot you made up for yourself isn't good enough. BANNED." <-- wut no that's silly
  164. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] It's sort of like everybody shows up to the party, and they all want to drink beer, but nobody wants to bring the beer.
  165. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] I have to say though.. Ive run around this castle opened doors and walked around it and not found a soul even when there are three or four people on..
  166. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] Someone's gotta bring the beer, or nobody's getting drunk that night.
  167. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] yeah, it can be hard. Something that's totally okay to do is to message someone else on the who's on list and say "hey, I'm up for rp, want to meet up somewhere?"
  168. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] they might say "sure, it's lunchtime, let's meet "randomly" in the great hall"
  169. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] i miss "Running into people" why did we take away the locations on people?
  170. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] Well one of things that jumps out at me as an issue of why people log in and idle around, or even ignore other characters/players is mostly due to lack of knowlege on how to make any rp situation work. Not everyone is able to do in character smalltalk every day of the week.
  171. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] That's when it's OK to ask if anything's going on. That's just cooperative welcoming to RP, it's not OOC jumping etc.
  172. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] people were using them to metagame
  173. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] oh you mean they would come and wreck up the place?
  174. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Vuk, you don't need to. Just ask "What would Vuk do?" then emote it.
  175. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] do we really care about metagamers. if locations would help rp isnt that more importatn
  176. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] i agree
  177. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] i mean meta is wrong
  178. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] I do not have issue with it. I do not log on unless I have intention to make fun for myself.
  179. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] Something that I find helps when I have a hard time getting started is I think up something that happened to my character while I was offline
  180. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] But I noticed some people might struggle with it.
  181. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] but you could only see location when in party
  182. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Let me tell you something about why party locations were removed.
  183. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] like maybe they ran into a very rude student who spilled pumpkin juice all down their shirt
  184. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] then bam, I have a RP hook with whoever I run into
  185. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] It wasn't because people were metagaming where people were. That wasn't the issue. What was getting metagamed was "Oooo look, Sierra is alone with Kris Marner again. They're probably having teh cyb0rz."
  186. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] let me brb very quickly :) I drank a biiiig cup of tea right bnefore the meeting started
  187. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Things were being assumed -all the time- from party location, true or not. And worse, it was assumed "They are together, so they are in RP, I won't bother them." <--- THAT is metagaming.
  188. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] Yeah honestly if i didnt want someone to know where i was id leave party
  189. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] yeah
  190. [kazin1313] Trin Brinson: [Talk] then you get the ooo did you see they both left party
  191. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] That gets metagamed too. The fact that you left, especially along with another person, gets metagamed. Even if it's not on purpose, it was happening, and rampant.
  192. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] ( Though technically stuff like that STILL happens, it's easy to bring it IC. When I see two people sitting close together, instead of walking my nervous character away, I can EMOTE *Hesitantly glances over the pair, looking for signs that they're busy*)
  193. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] does it really matter? be voyeurs then who cares
  194. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] The point is, it should be okay to reach out to people for RP, and if possible IC people should be welcomed into it. Part of my fear is that people will take away from this an "iron boots" approach to staying IC, and just create more tension.
  195. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] back
  196. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] But that's obviously not what's being aimed for here. I personally want IC to be my goal and guiding light, and to get better at reaching it.
  197. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] I thought it encouraged "run ins" i remember when people wanted to hang out theyd always congregate at the EH and it wasnt EH at all it was fun
  198. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] It should be okay to reach out, but also, if rejected "My character is busy, sorry" needs to NOT be taken as an OOC snub or a :( ... it is just a fact at the moment. Perhaps hte next time it will be a "Yes, let's do lunch"
  199. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] How's this...
  200. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] I agree with what Ree said
  201. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] and also what Veilya said, that can happen, go for it!
  202. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] You all want party locations back, next time I'm in the mood to do an update, sure, if that's what the server admin asks for (you'll have to convince them, not me).
  203. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] whos the admin
  204. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] Myself and ree.
  205. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] But you all need to understand that ASSUMPTIONS about who is with who, and acting on those assumptions, is -cheating-
  206. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Here.
  207. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] is stupid
  208. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] ( You can't help what thoughts your brain creates, but just don't bring those assumptions IC because that's meta, and don't gossip about it OOC, because that's also Meta? )
  209. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] Well we could try it and three strikes your out? if it brings "cheating" then take it away again
  210. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Until then, party locations are not required to be in character or to find/create RP. If you all decide it helps, like I said, it's your server.
  211. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] It's possible. Player base has changed since then, and hopefully will continue to change for the better.
  212. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] I want to say something again, just for people to be thinking about.
  213. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] You all need to decide some things about server standards, because I think some better spelled out standards for RP are needed. You already know my opinions.
  214. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Do any of us know how to remove it, that's the bigger question... Calan is not so much being a "THIS IS MINE" as in stating truthfully "HE IS THE ONLY SCRIPTOR WHO CAN KEEP US RUNNING"
  215. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] One of the main themes we were talking about in the dm meeting yesterday was that we want this to be a fresh start, a new beginning for this community.
  216. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] That means we need to leave our baggage at the door.
  217. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] It's like having one surgeon in teh apocalypse.
  218. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] Thats the thing
  219. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] Why is there only a dm meeting.. i think we need community meetings too
  220. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] My standards are pretty simple. "What would Liss do? I'll type that." And "Someone typed that, I'm going to assume that's what that character actually would have done."
  221. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] thats why dm meeting is opened at the end
  222. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] like a day or time when we get together and talk about this stuff
  223. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] That's Sundays, yeah
  224. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] That includes everyone. Us, people who aren't here, even Matt if he chooses to come back. We'd be making this a fresh start, no old grudges allowed.
  225. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] That sounds nice
  226. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] we usually start the dm meeting at 8 server time on sunday
  227. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] That is what the DM open meetings have been for. In hopes of gathering data and ideas. :) Not everything CAN be changed or done due to mechanics etc, but we do like hearing
  228. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] players never show up to dm meeting when its opened though. we need less apathy
  229. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] DMs need meeting time for things which are story related. Players shoudl not know what's about to happen, story-wise. After DM meetings, the DMs -always- open the meetings for a full player and DM meeting, everyone's invited.
  230. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] yes, definitely. And no double standards or any of that.
  231. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] we finish anytime from around 9 server time to quite late, then open to the community.
  232. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Yes, less apathy. That's one of my main points here. Please, start caring about your own characters enough to be in character with them fully.
  233. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] As Jesse says, "If you haven't cried with your character, you're not trying hard enough" ;)
  234. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] YES.
  235. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] I'd like to challenge everybody here to log in in the next few days, in character, and find rp with somebody you don't normally rp with(or maybe een never have)
  236. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] I always attend dm meetings when I am about as a player! Fun to hear what people have to say and good way to give imput and ideas.
  237. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Or maybe you lost your tear ducts in an accident!
  238. [AlesuBunny] Amber Ramsay: [Talk] I'm bawling usually before Amber is....
  239. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] I miss getting emotional over my girls
  240. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] As long as you're not crying every day. >.> Be healthy.
  241. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] ^
  242. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] even if that means checking the who's on list and asking them if they're up for something
  243. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] I have cried with Roo lots of times, haha.
  244. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] One more thing about RP...
  245. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] This is vital, people, vital.
  246. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] You are -not- your character, please. If you think this is nitpicky, you will understand once you hit the "RP Zone" exactly what I'm talking about.
  247. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Your character is your character, you are their author. -Being- your character is... unhealthy.
  248. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] x_x yup
  249. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] Please do not eat only apples, kelsy. It's bad for you.
  250. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] However lettting them rent a little space in yoru head can be fun. :D
  251. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] It's also crossing the IC and OOC line, and causes -all- kinds of issues.
  252. [kazin1313] Trin Brinson: [Talk] that kinda the point... if i wanted to be me I would stay home lol
  253. [AlesuBunny] Amber Ramsay: [Talk] Yuuup.
  254. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] lol ive done that apples thing but not cause i was on the computer lol
  255. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I write Liss, I am not Liss. I experience Liss in a deeper way than even a character in a book. But I am -not- Liss.
  256. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] >.>
  257. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] I can't eat apples unless they're sliced, I have a $300 strip of wire behind my little teeth.
  258. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I see through her eyes, I experience her emotions, I feel her pain and anger and love, but they are hers and not mine.
  259. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] i remember havinf that
  260. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] i peel them with a knife
  261. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] This means when someone pisses her off... it's -her- that's mad, and not me.
  262. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Likewise when someone gets her off... nevermind.
  263. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] ...
  264. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] XD
  265. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] haha
  266. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] Oh god.
  267. [kazin1313] Trin Brinson: [Talk] Awkward
  268. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] No but seriously, I'm not her and she's not me and this is sooooo vital that there be that proper separation so that your character can act in character without someone harming YOU when they harm the character.
  269. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] Sometimes it's impossible to avoid a bit of emotional connection to the RP, especially where specific triggers are involved. On some occasions this can add -so- much to the experience, but on others it can be really difficult to handle. What do you suggest in those cases?
  270. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] separate yourself from the situation and take a break.
  271. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] People will harm your character because sometimes that's -exactly- what's in character for them to do, and they need to be able to do that without a huge OOC drama-fest.
  272. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] like i could have come back around years ago but i chose not to i came back when it was healthy
  273. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] The actress who PLAYS Umbridge got HATE Mail... THAT'S what we MUST avoid here.
  274. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Emotional connection is the hope of the RP... like I said, I feel Liss's emotions deeply. In fact, hers are stronger than my own.
  275. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] Well one of ways we tend to instruct people to separate themselves and their character is to work on accepting the fact that each and every character of some note has begining, existance and end. And that end no matter if nice, sudden, bad or whatever is matter of casual "will happen.
  276. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] If it gets overwhelming, which ... Liss has become overwhelming at times, take a break if needed. I've had to before.
  277. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] Accepting it, helps put char away from your own psyche. Since it does not like supporting possible emotional issues.
  278. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] that's when it can help to have multiple characters
  279. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Yes exactly, Vuk.
  280. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] x_x Yeah, I tend to view my characters as my (jokingly-dubbed) children.
  281. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] if Michael is very upset and you don't want to get in that headspace, log in on Cori.
  282. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Yes, exactly, Yendys.
  283. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] ^ What yendy said.
  284. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I -strongly- suggest alts for just this reason.
  285. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] I just can't RP long-term depression and alienation. I'd like to think that doesn't make me a bad RPer, that simple fact. I still want to be IC and aim for that as my goal.
  286. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] also Elizabeth is cool
  287. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] But make sure they are different, you dont want to just be playing the same person in a different body.
  288. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] yes, I'm starting to see the light on the multiple characters thing definitely.
  289. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] liz is sam's platonic soulmate, such diamonds
  290. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] Mind you, this is from someone who ran 24/7 long larp events with hundred plus people in semi combat situation. Accepting your 5+ years (rl) char died because bandits decided you have a fat purse and you did not give it up willingly is merely part of experience.
  291. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] its peoples choice though
  292. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] if they want only one char thats fine
  293. [AlesuBunny] Amber Ramsay: [Talk] Hate to leave in the middle of everything, but I'm exhausted and will bow out now. I'll apperciate a log on the forums whenever it's possible to post it. <3 you guys.
  294. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Yes, it's a suggestion. If you can handle only one, and don't need more, then by all means. I do strongly suggest alts.
  295. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] See ya, Alesu.
  296. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] Bye! Thanks for getting on.
  297. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] Nightys, thanks for joining us
  298. [AlesuBunny] Amber Ramsay: [Talk] I try alts... Amber kicks them out of my head, though.
  299. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Thanks Alesu.
  300. [AlesuBunny] Amber Ramsay: [Talk] -.-
  301. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] all that combat training
  302. [kazin1313] Trin Brinson: [Talk] Gnight
  303. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] don't you regret letting her do that?
  304. [Wolfcat] Jacklin Halenner: [Talk] Goodnight
  305. [AlesuBunny] Amber Ramsay: [Talk] Yuuuup. Thanks for having me, folks. Love you all. Byeeeee!
  306. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Who here has felt the "RP Zone?"
  307. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] Meee
  308. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] Define "RP Zone"
  309. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] Me.
  310. [Collin Willis] DM Collin : [Talk] eeeM
  311. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] definitely, I think.
  312. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] the what/
  313. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] It's when you're so in your character's head, that you barely even realize you're at a computer. You are seeing what they see, as if it's real. Better than a holodeck.
  314. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Or dreaming about them! I love that.
  315. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] <.< see previous statements XD
  316. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] cant say ive ever done that
  317. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] oh, then yes.
  318. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] Once I had a dream that I'm sure was one of sam's dreams.
  319. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] i love getting the dreams, theyre fantastic
  320. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] That was a little weird.
  321. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Once you get to that point with RP, nothing else, ever, will match it.
  322. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] Try actually roleplaying same character for 7 days straight full on. Its awesome, yet terrifying.
  323. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] It's like cocaine. >.>
  324. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] I want to do that so bad, but haven't done Larping.
  325. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Like you'd know what cocaine was like.
  326. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] He's done flour.
  327. [Collin Willis] DM Collin : [Talk] ouch
  328. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] LOL
  329. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] i stayed up and would shower at 1am on the dot just to get a second wind.
  330. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] ahaha ree
  331. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] and avoid sleep
  332. [kazin1313] Trin Brinson: [Talk] i do and it is, lol its the addiction i am here to feed
  333. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] HEALTHY addicts, please!
  334. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] Yeah... that's become too rare for me, I wanna get it back.
  335. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Thankfully it's a positive and good addiction, if it's not abused. Like... food.
  336. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] need my fix, maaan *junkie hands*
  337. [kazin1313] Trin Brinson: [Talk] damn... i am the passed out in the gutter type, i will go
  338. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] Burritos.
  339. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] It's rare for me too any more. We need to get this back.
  340. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] dammnit kelsy now I want a burrito
  341. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] butI don't have beans
  342. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Alright, so... anything else not drug related need to be discussed?
  343. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] my lack of beans
  344. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] and/or burrito
  345. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] Well i mean we are the drug
  346. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] DMT.
  347. [Collin Willis] DM Collin : [Talk] my lack of sanity.
  348. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] we are the drug and this is your trip so make it a good one
  349. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] *Nodnods*
  350. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] Yes get back into fucking gear of roleplay. (mind you I need to go to work in half hour sadly) Make sure to make it a good experience for self and others. And avoid avid metagame. Also attach shackles on Callan and toss him into the dungeons.
  351. [kazin1313] Trin Brinson: [Talk] dont go that road collin my lack of sanity has brought therapists to thier knees... yes plural
  352. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] Remember about the meeting on sunday, if anyone thinks of anything else they need brought up
  353. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] monday :P
  354. [Wolfcat] Jacklin Halenner: [Talk] I did once to answer your question..... I have memories of times when WOHP Jackie and other friends she had and visions and everything that made this world alive with the closest friends of Jackie's to the ones she was hated on or loved like no other.....
  355. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Above and beyond it all... be respectful and kind. We don't have to get along, but we cannot eat eachother alive.
  356. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] agreed soooo much with Ree.
  357. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] So that's my ultimatum, if you're going to call it that. Make this place about RP again. Not mechanics or skill points, not herbology plants, not "she's not being fair"... what...ever. You guys please just get along, and MAKE RP happen.
  358. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] By 'get along' I mean like... always agree.
  359. [kazin1313] Trin Brinson: [Talk] its always had that school like vibe here like everyone sticking to thier own "clicks" and thats fine, except when those click feel ooc
  360. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] and if you're having a problem with somebody don't get with your one friend and complain about them behind their back. That is just so much poison. :\
  361. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] We do have to get along. It doesn't mean there needs to be agreement, but yes, GET ALONG.
  362. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] it ends up with half the server hating the other half
  363. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] let's -not- reenact mean girls here please
  364. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] We need to be willing to compromise with one another when it comes down to that
  365. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] directly, yes, none of that behind backs stuff
  366. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] compromise is important
  367. [Wolfcat] Jacklin Halenner: [Talk] What i gotta say is short because i don't know if you want to hear me rant at all.... because i believe each and everyone of us shout get a chance to rant and hear things ... i want to talk but i just cant talk... it's hard because my family and friendd are getting broken on here... i wish i could talk
  368. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Oh... AND KEEP LOGS PLEASE. So IF things do become an issue that need mediating... the DM team has something other than finger pointing and whispers!!!!!
  369. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] if theres a problem make it known and talk it out we're all adults her
  370. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] *here*
  371. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] Go ahead and talk Jackie!
  372. [Collin Willis] DM Collin : [Talk] With what ree said, there are ways so logs are saved without you having to do anything
  373. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] About logs....
  374. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] jesse, you need to fix kelsy's automatetd log system
  375. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] it's not working
  376. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] YES
  377. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] PLEASE HELP ME
  378. [Collin Willis] DM Collin : [Talk] why didnt kelsy tell me that then >>
  379. [kazin1313] Trin Brinson: [Talk] I screwed up mine somehow too, gotta go back in and see why
  380. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] I tried to fix it but I didn't know enough about it. You guys were having a mean girl moment and not talking to each other at the time!!!
  381. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] But we fixed that, and now you are, so go fix the logs :p
  382. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Jackie/Mike, did you have more to say or are you unable to word how you feel?
  383. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] If someone is going OOC (which is the official "crime" on this server from now on if I'm returning), or they broke some rule, and you want it addressed, if you don't have logs or are not willing to give details, then expect NOTHING to happen.
  384. [Wolfcat] Jacklin Halenner: [Talk] i got lots to say but im just staying quiet...... im not feeling good at all ... but yeah i say something..........
  385. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] ( And if it's going OOC to say <cÌw>//haha you're hilarious - that's not a crime, that's different)
  386. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] You aren't the only person who feels like they're bleeding inside, Jackie/Mike. You're not alone. And we are working together to try and help things.
  387. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] These rooms are -Everywhere- for a reason if you wanna ooc or brb or afk move to one then go back.
  388. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] isnt that why theyre here?
  389. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] Yep.
  390. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] Thank you for that Ree
  391. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] I have a question
  392. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Yes Ratty. I think we're all mature enough to know when it's a brief, silly moment of <cÌw>// gthe dog barfed, brb! etc ... vs. a tell that's "Why does your character hate mine??"
  393. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] or <cÌw>// argh kitty one moment!
  394. [Wolfcat] Jacklin Halenner: [Talk] Leadership, respect, friendship, imagination to where we sometimes we almost forget a server is happening because the story on what matters in imaginary or reality matter... im just say... we all take charge, be friends, communicate a LOT MORE!! working together is the key to keep this going.... yo
  395. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] agreed so much with that. ^
  396. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] <cÌw>//why do pets hate rp?
  397. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] And with the kitty. My kitty loves to crawl on me.
  398. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] What are the terms on the banning process ive always wondered. does the WHOLE team vote. is there a trial? A danger scale? Curiosity kills me
  399. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] We do need to work together and communicate sometimes, that's not the same thing as OOC fighting, in fact it helps prevent it.
  400. [Wolfcat] Jacklin Halenner: [Talk] and as for times IC when harsh things are going on COMMUNICATE OOC..... RESPECT, love the moments IC and friends ... or just the ones you are RPing with at the time in a short amount of communication so the story can go on
  401. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] In some situations, the entire dm team might be consulted. Especially if we're trying to figure out exactly how badly the rules were violated, get feedback, etc.
  402. [Wolfcat] Jacklin Halenner: [Talk] even a wink like ;) that was crazy... or something just to keep it going
  403. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] it's ultimately an admin decision though. Ree, did you have anything to add? I've only been around as admin for 2 bannings.
  404. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] We do not take bannings lightly, never have, never will. We fully realize the magnitude of how banning can impact a person's RL life. That said, it is not a democracy and can't function as one.
  405. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Ultimately, the two of us have the final say.
  406. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] Not for the players i mean for all the dms
  407. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Banning a DM?
  408. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] The same holds true.
  409. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] no i mean dm vote not community vote
  410. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] The DM's do not get hte final word on banning. It's really hard to get a group of 5-8 people to fully agree. :)
  411. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] So someone would never be Unfairly banned?
  412. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] BUT we have them as DM's for a reason. We trust their judgements.
  413. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] That depends on their perspective, doesn't it.
  414. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] Well yes but im talking in general not as one. XD
  415. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Unfortunately, perspective vaires by a wide margin. If there is a car crash with five witnesses, there will be five different versions of the event.
  416. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] I suppose you are correct in that
  417. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] We recently banned a few people because they were logging onto the server just to yell a racist slur. That was a more simple issue than others.
  418. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] They felt that was unjust.
  419. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] We did not agree.
  420. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] Uh?
  421. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] oh right i forgot about that, so two bannings and one mass banning
  422. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] they kept spouting the N word for black people even when asked to stop
  423. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] ... yeah I have -no- sympathy for people who whine and complain about being banned because they think it's funny to spam the server with racial slurs after being asked to stop.
  424. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] Racist slurs? Seems I missed quite a bit XD
  425. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] They felt they had the right to be using the slur, we approached and respectfully asked them not to.. Gave them a warning. They began shouting it. They were banned. They felt that was unjust.
  426. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] I dont think that counts i call those trolls in the garden and i dont LIKE trolls in my garden i dont care how silly they are
  427. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] But the truth holds. What is justified to one, feels not justified to the other. Perspective is a bitch.
  428. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] Every garden needs to be weeded
  429. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] BTW, they weren't banned for using the slur, they were banned for trolling and not listening to the request of the DMs.
  430. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] I cried after that happened. I dislike confrontation. I do not ever ban anyone lightly.
  431. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Yes, ignoring or flat out ignoring a member of hte DM team is a banable offense.
  432. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] bannable? Is that a word?
  433. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] what's the difference between ignoring and flat out ignoring?
  434. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] ;)
  435. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] Oh yes. i know
  436. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Lol
  437. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Not Interacting!
  438. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] i can tell you XD
  439. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] Ignore them or say mhmn
  440. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] I think repeatedly ignoring anybody is pretty offensive. (unless, of course, what's being ignored is -also- offensive)
  441. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] then continue to do it.
  442. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Correct, Veilya.
  443. [kazin1313] Trin Brinson: [Talk] ignoring is them standing still and not saying a work flat out ignoring is them not saying a word walking around
  444. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] If it's an OOC ignoring, correct. IC ignoring, like we said, if emoted. COOL!
  445. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] Maybe "cool" is a little too encouraging. >.> We don't want a server of people who are perfectly IC in their natures of pillar-standing and not interacting ever.
  446. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] And I hope everyone realizes Yendys and I aren't meanies out to bop people on the head! We like to work it out, give many chances! But we do have hard lines that need to be respected.
  447. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] If they choose to ignore IC'ly, that's cool in my book.
  448. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] We wont' end up with a server of them. :)
  449. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] Little Bunny Foo Foo.
  450. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] it's pretty boring to ignore icly :)
  451. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Did that answer your question Veilya or did I run amuk with it?
  452. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] "dont come on and do jack shit"
  453. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] yes
  454. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] So anyway I'm done here unless anyone has anything else for me. And yes I'm still on my way out, and I'm -not- joking about it. I'm literally working to wrap this character up. I'll consider returning if this place becomes about RP again.
  455. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] Ignoring IC... always reminds me of a server I used to play on that had repeating server message "Silent dark clad character who never talks with anyone has been played already. Go make something else"
  456. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] So it might be touchy but i only got short answer on this one.. why was matt banned? was it just negativity?
  457. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] >_> Will Liss return with you?
  458. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] I adore Liss.
  459. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] Me too.
  460. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I never planned on killing her off, if that's what you mean.
  461. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I don't want that for her anyway.
  462. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] Well, you said "wrapping her up." That's easily interpreted that way, such as in a body bag. :p
  463. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] "Wrapping" her up just makes me feel like your'e dropping her, though.
  464. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] Also a comment. No offense intended Callan. But leaving to prove a point is more damaging than other ways of approaching it. Still your choice.
  465. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] stay and rp with us!
  466. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] He did not do that.
  467. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I will stay and RP with you all if RP is what's happening here.
  468. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] yay
  469. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] He changed his mind.
  470. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] --- maybe he is more like Liss than he thinks >.>
  471. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] This was NOT an elaborate strategy on his part. He had an MRI just this afternoon. He's too sick to play that bullshit card.
  472. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] He means he'll put her in that stagnant part of live where everythign feels like eat sleep work eatsleep work
  473. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] *life*
  474. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] I am aware it was not planned.
  475. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] I haven't yet. I need to see it first. I'm sorry but my health is awful right now and I can't handle this place being stressful. I'm here to RP with my freinds, so that's the only thing that will bring me back, if that's happening.
  476. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] As for an official banning reason: He was banned for repeated violations of ignoring, blatantly or non-blatantly, members of the DM team. Along with more personal reasons which are... personal. And no, not pety.
  477. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] Health > Game
  478. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] yeah get better!
  479. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] So he wasnt banned for ooc reasons?
  480. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] And while I will always have Trin and Angel to RP with... see my prior statements about buddy RP. It's destructive. Other things -need- to be happening.
  481. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] And we don't mean personal things like we don't ilke his hair. It was personally hurtful things, is what ree means.
  482. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] Ah~
  483. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] His OOC actions were what led to the bannings.
  484. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] Well, medical issues are priority. I wish you best in sorting them and hope they lessen enough for us to see your return. And I am sure we will be able to keep this place open with rp
  485. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] I know I have been accused of many things, which hurt on a personal level. Yes, ignoring -is- OOC.
  486. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] He personally attacked/hurt people. Without getting into specifics, I'm not going to not let that be said.
  487. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] I have even been occused of not taking care of situations which were not told to me to have happened. :/ Yes, srs.
  488. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] And when I asked them to tell me, provide logs, or verbally give me details, that was refused.
  489. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] he never rps either
  490. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] that is not what he was banned for though charity
  491. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] he might think it was, but it wasn't.
  492. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Did that answer your question, Veilya? I still ramble.
  493. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] i dont have that issue with him ana but no he doesnt go to classes or events
  494. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] DIDNT THINK IT WAS BUT ITS WHY I WONT MISS HIM
  495. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Lol caps
  496. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] <cÌw>//shit that wasnt supposed to be caps
  497. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] yes thank you
  498. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] that was much ruder in all caps
  499. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] such rude. Much caps.
  500. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] *Hug*
  501. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] *hug*
  502. [Collin Willis] DM Collin : [Talk] DONT TOUCH MY CALAN!
  503. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] omg guys group hug
  504. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] *group hug calan*
  505. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] i think Ree beat you there Collin
  506. [Collin Willis] DM Collin : [Talk] MY CALAN!
  507. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] hey, what'd they say about fighting!
  508. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Any other questions from any one? :) Please, never feel bad to approach me, or anyone else on the DM team. We do try hard to gather information, listen and address issues as soon as they come up.
  509. [Collin Willis] DM Collin : [Talk] BACK OFF!
  510. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] *hug*
  511. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] KIDS
  512. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] "We're all adults here"!
  513. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] group orgy?
  514. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] ;)
  515. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] Right folks... I just realized what time it is, I need to go get dressed and run to my work. See you later XD
  516. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] then stop punching each other
  517. [Collin Willis] DM Collin : [Talk] CALANS CHEATING ON ME *cries*
  518. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] Charity no.
  519. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] XD
  520. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Take care, Vuk!
  521. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] see you vuk :)
  522. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] Bye vuk
  523. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] theyre not punches theyre love bites
  524. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] Charity yes. But IC only. Liss is far more into that stuff than I am.
  525. [Collin Willis] DM Collin : [Talk] Reminder of the CoMC class tonight!
  526. [Your not so imminent doom] Vuk Lazarovich: [Talk] People wont get attached to electrodes on their own you know!
  527. [kazin1313] Trin Brinson: [Talk] By!
  528. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Is he a nurse??
  529. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] Well we did want to get Liss in some IC activities... :P
  530. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] i thought omc was tomorrow/
  531. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] comc
  532. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] Um I think he's an evil scientist.
  533. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] Honestly.
  534. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Lol
  535. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] i cant go unless my scurvy grass grows faster! AH! XD
  536. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] it is, 5th+ year though. It's for older kids.
  537. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] He was talking about his mom making him do research and now strapping people to electrodes.
  538. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] Evil scientist. I'm calling it.
  539. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] i WILL go to that class
  540. [Charity322] Anastasia McLaren: [Talk] oh good point i dont have any 5th years
  541. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] *hugs everyone* Please fix this place, please.
  542. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] it's our plan, calan
  543. [Collin Willis] DM Collin : [Talk] Topic si subject to change, just keep an eye out...
  544. [bigfoot_and_the_illuminati] Corinne Beckett: [Talk] I hope we can.
  545. [halflingbodygaurd] DM Ratty : [Talk] We'll do our best and more. Stay Determined.
  546. [VeilyaHowl] Veilya Howle: [Talk] Its the farthest iver ever been i shall reach the tippy top lol
  547. [Reebober] Madam Flutterby : [Talk] Try, there is no try. Only do. *Paraphrased*
  548. [Kelen Amana] Necrolissica Crest: [Talk] ... kinda close.
  549. [yendys314] DM Alevina: [Talk] lol.
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